Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 8 | Gaining Classes

After becoming a Ranger, Yu Kai learned how to use his skills. In order to use them effectively he would still need hours of practice.

Yu Kai then followed Cheng Yang up to the village walls to hunt more monsters.

Although he barely hit anything in the beginning after a dozen or so shots Yu Kai was able to hit the targets a few meters away about 70% of the time. Although it was nothing compared to Cheng Yang who never missed it was a very fast rate of improvement.

The reason Yu Kai was able to fight the monsters at all was due to Cheng Yang giving him the chance to learn skills that millions would kill for during the apocalypse. It didn’t hurt that Yu Kai was a natural-born archer. Even though he had seen it before in his last life Cheng Yang was still shocked by how quickly he learned.

It only took three minutes for the number of Experience Fragments owned by the territory to reach ten again. When it did Cheng Yang brought Lau Hui over to the Summoner statue. According to his memories this class would fit Lau Hui best. Although Summoners weren’t ranged fighters their summoned beasts could be sent to fight in their stead and be re-summoned when they died.

Of course the real reason Cheng Yang chose to perform Lau Hui’s class change ceremony next instead of another Ranger or a Mage was that they were friends. He also wanted to see if Lau Hui’s talent would increase since he only had D-Rank talent in his last life.

A few seconds later Lau Hui was holding a staff. It was similar to the stave used by Cheng Yang but instead of a jewel it was topped by a ring with claws on it.

Lau Hui
Phoenix Village Soldier
Class: Summoner
Level: Low Grade Apprentice (0%)

Age20Life Span110
Physical Attack6.5Magic Attack1
Physical Defense1Magic Defense1
Attack Speed1Movement Speed2

Innate Abilities

  • Summoned creatures have 30% more health
  • Gain 30% more stats in physical attack
  • Movement speed is increased by 100%


  • Meditation (Low Grade): Meditate to absorb experience fragments and level up
  • Summon Wolf (Low Grade): Summons a wolf with stats equal to the summoner | Duration: 10 min | Cost: 10 MP | Cast Time: 45 sec | Proficiency: 0%


  • Wooden Staff: Status symbol of the summoner | No bonuses

Cheng Yang saw Lau Hui’s system panel and cheered inwardly. It looked like his guess had been correct! The sooner you become a Professional, the better your Innate Ability will be!

There was no doubt in Cheng Yang’s mind that his group would be the first wave of people in the world to perform class change ceremonies. If he took his guess to the logical conclusion wasn’t it possible to everyone to get S-Rank innate abilities?

If that was the case Cheng Yang would have to carefully plan who changed to what classes otherwise he might end up wasting their S-Rank potential.

He would have to investigate more after Lau Hui joined the monster slaughter. Not a single monster was capable of even touching the group before Lau Hui joined the battle but when he threw out his wolf summon the fighting below the wall became very fierce. The wolf was the same level as the monsters it and was quickly killed by the group of monsters.

Every time his wolf died Lau Hui would just summon another one to join the fight.

Without a doubt Summoner were the easiest class to master.

Soon Cheng Yang had enough Experience Fragments to let Liu Hau perform his class change ceremony. Cheng Yang naturally would reserve the first opportunities to become Professionals for his friends, even more so if it increased their chances of getting an S-Rank innate ability. As for Boss Lee’s people or the taxi driver they would simply have to wait and hope for the best.

After Liu Hau performed his class change ceremony Cheng Yang let out a sigh of relief to see that Liu Hau still had his S-Rank innate ability.

Liu Hau
Phoenix Village Soldier
Class: Warrior
Level: Low Grade Apprentice (0%)

Age19Life Span110
Physical Attack5Magic Attack1
Physical Defense2Magic Defense1
Attack Speed1.3Movement Speed2.3

Innate Abilities

  • Receive 30% more stats in the Attack Speed attribute when you level up
  • Receive 30% more stats in the Movement Speed attribute when you level up
  • Movement speed is increased by 100%


  • Meditation (Low Grade): Meditate to absorb experience fragments and level up
  • Lacerate (Low Grade): Add magic to your blade making it easier to cut through enemies | Damage: 5 | Cost: 2 MP | Cast Time: 3 sec | Proficiency: 0%


  • Iron Sword: Status symbol of the warrior | Damage: 4
  • Wooden Shield: A wooden shield | Can block physical attacks

Liu Hau’s innate ability would make him a natural assassin when the subclass became available. Catching up to the opponent and dealing several powerful strikes. No one would be more capable than Liu Hau.

Although Liu Hau looked like a meatball, since everyone’s abilities were standardized when they performed a class change ceremony he would still be faster than most Olympic sprinters.

Cheng Yang felt giddy since when they measured the number of S-Rank innate abilities in his previous life there had been less than 500 and he now had four! At that time the remaining population was about five hundred million meaning the percent of people with S-Rank abilities was less than a hundred thousandth of a percent.

A village having people with S-Rank abilities wasn’t just good for their battle capabilities but their growth as well. Being stronger earlier meant you could hunt more monsters to gain more Experience Fragments to level up the village faster. S-Rank warriors would also have faster personal growth due to their faster hunting and would gain a steady advantage over others.

Cheng Yang suppressed the excitement in his heart and began to re-plan his strategic objectives. In the past Cheng Yang had considered becoming the Lord of multiple territories and now that goal didn’t seem out of reach.

While the others fought monsters from the walls Liu Hau could only stand awkwardly to the side. Despite his great potential if he were to fight a group of monsters now he would only become a corpse. Cheng Yang didn’t want to endanger Liu Hau before he could grow.

The next person Cheng Yang allowed to become a Professional was Pang Sun, Lau Hui’s girlfriend. Compared to the others, Pang Sun had a closer connection to Cheng Yang and naturally was the first choice.

Cheng Yang had no memories of Pang Sun from his last life and thus didn’t know what class was ideal for her. Luckily there was a perk Lords could use from the Territory Altar system panel to tell which class a person’s Innate Ability was suited for.

Cheng Yang took Pang Sun to the Territory Altar promising to tell the curious Lau Hui what her talent was when he got back.

Cheng Yang had waited until the territory had twenty Experience Fragments this time so that he could find out Pang Sun’s potential. He then paid ten Experience Fragments causing a stream of energy to enter Pang Sun’s body glowing in a shape on her forehead.

It was an angel pattern. Seeing this Cheng Yang froze. This indicated that her best match wasn’t a standard class. The symbol would be a magician’s hat for a Mage, a sword for a Warrior, a bow for a Ranger and a wolf for the Summoner. None of these matched the symbol Cheng Yang now saw.

Although it was not one of the default classes Cheng Yang was familiar with the hidden class this symbol represented. It was by far the most useful class: the Priest.

There weren’t many people who had an innate ability that affected priest abilities so Cheng Yang was ecstatic to find one. Right now sadly there was no way to allow Pang Sun to perform a class change ceremony to become a priest.

“I suppose I’ll have to find a priest statue as soon as possible.” Cheng Yang thought. Priest statues were rare rewards in instance dungeons but Cheng Yang wasn’t worried. Now that the apocalypse had happened he should be able to find that instance dungeon from his memories and if he remembered correctly there was a chance for the Priest statue to come from that dungeon.

Cheng Yang didn’t want to waste Pang Sun’s talent so he forbid her from performing a class change ceremony now. After a short explanation she obediently went back to the fence to stand next to Lau Hui.

After Pang Sun left Cheng Yang called over Boss Lee.

Although he had seen Cheng Yang display clear favoritism he didn’t complain. If he’d been in Cheng Yang’s position he would have done the same. Even if Cheng Yang never allowed him the chance to become a Professional, on what grounds could he complain? Cheng Yang was still allowing him to live here in safety.

“Mr. Cheng, what class do you think I’m suitable for?” Boss Lee said rubbing his hands.

“Mr. Lee, let me perform a small test and then you will know.” Cheng Yang said, “Remember that after you become a Professional you must follow my orders without fail.”

“Mr. Cheng you can rest easy. So long as your orders do not violate basic human ethics I can follow any rules you set, I am not an ungrateful man. Also, from now on you don’t need to be so formal, just call be Old Lee, not Mr. Lee.”

Cheng Yang nodded, “Don’t worry Old Lee, I could not bring myself to do anything heinous, now, on to the test.”

Cheng Yang paid another ten Experience Fragments and a glowing sword appeared on Old Lee’s forehead.

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Cheers for translating this.

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I wish you the best with this series and I’ll stick with you the whole way through!

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