Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 13 | The War in Cloud City

“Training?” Many people were filled with questions hearing this familiar and fresh word.

“That’s right, training.” Cheng Yang repeated, “Although this world is like a game it is not an exact copy. In this game you do not automatically gain experience. You must absorb it using the Meditation skill. However, god put a limit on the amount of time you can spend absorbing Experience Fragments. Every person can only practice for four hours each day, any more would have no effect. You must make sure not to waste these four hours or you will fall behind. At present you can absorb the energies of the world on your own or absorb ten Experience Fragments every hour to double the results. The choice to do this is yours. Of course, the more Experience Fragments you have when you use Meditation the faster you will absorb them. If you have one hundred Experience Fragments your training speed will quadruple.”

Cheng Yang did not suggest that they donate their Experience Fragments to the territory. Each fragment was gained through blood and tears so to ask for them was inappropriate when he could give them nothing in return. For now he would just rely on the passive increase when monsters were killed within one kilometer.

“In addition, when you use the Meditation skill in one of the newly built meditation halls the efficiency of your training will increase by thirteen percent. Each meditation hall can be used by a maximum of five people. ” Cheng Yang explained.

No one had a problem with that, after all in a period of upheaval its nice just to have a roof over your head, how can you be picky? The only exception was Pang Sun who claimed a single meditation hall for herself. She was the only girl here and refused to sleep next to a bunch of older men. She said she would only share when other women came to the village.

“Yoko, we’re Professionals and can fight monster, but what about the people in the city?” Yu Kai suddenly asked.

Cheng Yang looked towards Cloud City, “Naturally there are class change statues in the city as well… but I’m afraid no one has had the chance to use them yet.”

Just as Cheng Yang said, Cloud City was still in a paralyzed state.

When facing the monsters that appeared out of thin air the citizens of Cloud City could only obediently be slaughtered. Even if you were a former athlete or martial arts champion in front of these monsters those skills were useless.

Of course, humanity wasn’t completely defenseless. Although god had forbidden electronics, guns and rocket launchers still worked.

Cloud City only had an armed police force so they didn’t have high munition weapons like RPGs and was limited to mostly rifles and pistols. Although the police were militarized it wasn’t to such an extent that they would have access to anything better.

The Cloud City government was extremely efficient and was able to assemble the majority of the police force in just half an hour. Originally they were preparing to calm the public and provide emergency assistance but their plans were disrupted by the sudden appearance of monsters.

Nearly ten monsters spawned in the ruins of the town hall where the police were gathered, attacking them immediately.

It was a terrifying situation and the police immediately fired on the attackers. However, after expending an entire clip from their pistols, they found that the monsters were still alive and advancing. Of course they didn’t hit every shot but at least three or four did. How were these creatures unaffected?

The monsters didn’t give up the opening caused by their shock and started to wantonly kill the police.

Ultimately due to the numbers the police won the battle. They found that it took up to fifteen bullets.

Why were they so tenacious? The police didn’t know yet that these monsters operated under game rules and most guns did less than three points of damage. Even a high power sniper rifle would only deal around six points of damage. Monsters were not easily killed by guns.

They would need to study the monsters in detail to find out the exact numbers and with a fresh batch respawning every few minutes they would have no lack of test subjects. When the next wave reached them, the police immediately opened fire.

The police quickly identified a critical problem, they were burning through their ammunition to quickly! They could probably kill a few more waves of monster but what if they keep coming?

The police were now faced with a choice: find a place to hide or go to the Public Security Bureau and dig their ammunition stores out of the rubble.

There was no telling how difficult the latter would be without machinery so the top brass quickly made the decision to hide and develop a better plan when they were safe.

Fortunately although the earthquake destroyed all of the buildings they were not razed to the ground leaving several intact rooms and first story areas. Most of the police hid in an underground parking lot leaving a few near the entrance to guard against monsters.

In fact this parking lot had more than just the police. A large number of people had chosen to hide here. Although everyone knew that hiding was not entirely safe it was still better than being out in the open. At least by hiding you could live a bit longer.

If they can just hold on until a rescue force arrived they would have a chance to survive this. At this time the national military held the weight of everyone’s hopes.

At this time the safe zone in the city center was surrounded by monsters. Although they couldn’t get in they made it so human’s couldn’t either.

Cheng Yang knew from his previous life that the government would find the safe zone tomorrow morning and the military would use their arsenal to break through the monsters the day after. Only then would people be able to become Professionals.

It wasn’t just Cloud City, most major cities would be recaptured within two or three days of the apocalypse.

That would be the beginning of a new era!

Cheng Yang spent ten minutes organizing which people would go on the expedition and which would stay to defend the village.

Old Lee wanted to bring all of his employees to visit the city but Cheng Yang firmly refused. A large group would attract the attention of monsters and they wouldn’t be able to fight effectively as they had not trained for large group combat. The safest number to bring was ten people. It was enough people that even if monsters appeared they could defend themselves or escape.

Moreover, Cheng Yang never intended to visit Cloud City since it would be impossible right now.

If he promised to visit Cloud City he would only let those he brought down. In the end, Cheng Yang chose to bring twelve people, three of each class.

The group of twelve people left the village. Scouting in the front were the Summoners wolves followed by the Warriors in the front. The Rangers and Mages formed a semi-circle in the back and the Summoners were in the middle.

Everyone present was one of Old Lee’s employees. It wasn’t that Cheng Yang preferred to bring them but rather their desire to save their families was too strong and Cheng Yang was unable to bring his friends.

Cheng Yang walked at the very front of the team since there was nothing that could threaten him at this point in the apocalypse. After all, he had 40 HP, a 2 defense and a 4 in movement speed. There wasn’t a single threat he couldn’t escape.

The group chose to follow the highway back to the city. Although the terrain had changed a lot it was mostly vertical. It was quite easy to follow the road that looked as if it had been blasted apart by a missile.

The road could still be considered pretty good but Cheng Yang knew that huge trees would begin to grow all over the planet in a month making roads created before the apocalypse useless.

After walking two hundred meters the group rushed towards a rat-man that had popped out of the brush.

Cheng Yang started the battle by nailing its head with a Magic Missile. Cheng Yang didn’t kill it in one hit but the rest of the ranged attackers followed up sending three arrows and two more magic missiles into its body.

Although one attack missed the rat-man fell straight to the ground, bursting into light particles.

While they were filled with pride from their instantaneous victory a sharp hiss could be heard as a silk thread flew towards Cheng Yang.

“Hell-Spinner Spider!” Cheng Yang cried out in surprise, he knew this sound well. With his left hand he grabbed the silk and with his right threw a Magic Missile into the trees by the side of the road.

“Pfft…” Cheng Yang’s attack caused a sink sized spider to fall from the tree. Everyone gasped in surprise seeing that it had attached a piece of silk the thickness of a finger to Cheng Yang’s arm.

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