Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 18 | Priest Idol

What a great item! Truly, this was an amazing item for a Mage. Although Mages generally preferred items with Magical Defense over items with Physical defense since no ordinary Mage would be so arrogant as to enter melee range, the life-saving value of Physical Defense can’t be understated. In addition it increased his Mana pool by 14%. Although this was Black Iron equipment it was infinitely close to being Purple Silver quality.

In his last life Cheng Yang had seen some Purple Silver equipment. Without a doubt if a person had a full set of Purple Silver equipment they would be able to take on five or more monsters at the same level. Purple Silver equipment isn’t so easy to get your hands on however and most people had trouble even getting a full set of Green Bronze equipment.

Cheng Yang immediately put on the robes which made him look quite strange. If he had worn this before the apocalypse he would probably have been bullied out of college. Cheng Yang didn’t care though it was hard enough just to survive in the apocalypse so who cares what you wore?

At the same time Liu Hau and the others entered the cathedral when they heard the dying roar of the Boss. When they saw Cheng Yang in a long black robe they couldn’t help but to laugh.

“Is that what the boss dropped?” Liu Hau asked bent over laughing.

Cheng Yang smiled, ignoring them, “Yep, I was pretty lucky and got some nice mage robes.”

Yu Kai looked around, “Yoko, did we clear the instance dungeon?”

“The Boss was the last enemy. We got some pretty good loot this time, three pieces of equipment dropped and two of them were Black Iron quality. In the wilderness you simply can’t find equipment this easily. The next time we clear the instance dungeon we’ll probably only get a single Green Bronze piece of equipment but we’ll still get most of our equipment from here.” Cheng Yang replied.

“We can run the instance dungeon multiple times?” Yu Kai immediately asked.

“Naturally its possible. Although, each person can only enter once per day and each portal can only be used a certain number of times each day. Normal Difficulty instances can only be cleared three times a day but if you clear an instance dungeon of a certain difficulty enough times higher level difficulties will be unlocked and the lower level ones can be cleared more times a day.” Cheng Yang explained, “So don’t worry about trying to clear this instance dungeon again today and just take it easy.”

Yu Kai nodded, he was naturally able to understand the rules of the instance dungeon and concluded that it would be vital to the development of Phoenix Village.

“Okay,” Cheng Yang clapped to get everyone’s attention, “now we’re going to claim the biggest reward of the instance dungeon. At the end of each instance dungeon a chest will spawn after the Boss dies. Since this is the first clear we’ll definitely obtain some good stuff.”

The others had believed that the three pieces of equipment they had already found was the greatest benefit of the instance dungeon and were overjoyed to hear there were even more rewards.

Cheng Yang led them to the pulpit where a wooden chest could be seen. When they opened it they found a six inch white jade statue lying inside.

The white jade was carved into the likeness of an angel. It held a divine staff in its hands and looked incomparably holy.

Cheng Yang gingerly picked up the statue, fearing that it would break.

Priest Idol
Place the statue on a Territory Altar to gain access to the Priest class change statue

It really was the Priest Idol! Although Cheng Yang knew that he would obtain it he dared not get his hopes up. Now that he had obtained this precious item the Village had gained yet another powerful advantage. Having Priests was more than just having more soldiers, they were a guarantee of survival that medicines just couldn’t provide.

Liu Hau and the others didn’t know what the white jade statue was but when Cheng Yang explained it’s use they became ecstatic. Especially Old Lee and Liu Hau, as experienced gamers they understood the value of a healer more than the others.

“So, it seems we’ll have some nurses to take care of us?” Liu Hau smiled.

“What nurses?” Lau Hui asked slapping Liu Hau on the back of the head, “The name of the class is Priest, remember that, Priest!”

Liu Hau was a bit dazed after being suddenly slapped but in an instant thought of Pang Sun who hadn’t performed a class change ceremony yesterday. He suddenly realized that Cheng Yang had probably planned for her to become a priest. After what he implied about Lau Hui’s girlfriend he certainly deserved a slap. “Yep, my bad, the class is definitely called Priest.”

Before Liu Hau’s words could finish the space around them twisted and they returned to Phoenix Village.

The people who hadn’t entered the instance dungeon were anxiously waiting outside the portal. When they saw Cheng Yang’s group return they let out a loud cheer.

The most excited one was Pang Sun who ran up to Lau Hui and hugged him tight. She had been anxious since she was the only woman in the group and was happy to see her boyfriend again.

“You came back safe Hui-er!” Pang Sun draped herself over Lau Hui.

Lau Hui stroked Pang Sun’s hair to comfort her, “Of course I cam back safe and sound, after all we had Yoko with us.” He planted a kiss on her forehead.

“Oh, get a room you two,” Yu Kai complained, “I know your trying to torment your poor single friends.”

“Alright, break it up.” Cheng Yang intervened, “We don’t have much time right now and still need to do a lot today.”

After that Cheng Yang walked over to the Territory Altar and placed the Priest Idol next to it. The statue moved on its own and merged into the altar. When it did the entire area shook as a fifth statue rose from the ground and the other four moved to accommodate it.

A new statue identical to the Priest Idol had joined the original four statues.

“Pang Sun, perform a class change ceremony with the new statue.” Cheng Yang said quickly.

“I can become a Professional now?” Pang sun asked in surprise. After seeing Cheng Yang nod she did a little cheer and ran over to the Priest statue.

While Pang Sun was enveloped by a curtain of light Cheng Yang checked the Priest class change statue’s system panel. It was more or less identical to the other four statues.

The one major difference was that only five people were allowed to gain the Priest class. Although this surprised Cheng Yang it made sense to him. The Priest class was a special one that people in the safe zones had no chance to obtain so it made sense that it would have some kind of restriction.

Another difference was that the Priest statue had six research options instead of five.

  • Divinity Synchronization (Low Grade): Increase healing by 10% | Cost: 100 | Time: 6 hours

Cheng Yang could only stare at the extra research option in confusion. The Priest statue he had heard about in his previous life didn’t have an extra research. After contemplating deeply Cheng Yang could only assume it was a bonus from being the first Priest statue created.

Cheng Yang’s guess wasn’t that far off. The world’s first secondary class change statue created would receive a bonus. The reason he didn’t know about it from his previous life was that a different secondary class change statue held that honor.

Regardless the extra research option would give Phoenix village priests a distinct advantage over others, although it also made it harder to level up the Priest statue. Compared to the benefits of the extra research that small downside didn’t matter at all.

Cheng Yang selected the Angel Tears Lotion research option to increase the Mana of the priests and then went around to the other statues in order to start their third round of research. This time he chose the research options that would increase the damage each class dealt.

After he had finished with that, he used the Territory Altar system panel to peak at Pang Sun’s attributes.

Pang Sun
Phoenix Village Soldier
Class: Priest
Level: Low Grade Apprentice (0%)

Age19Life Span110
Physical Attack1Magic Attack6.5
Physical Defense1Magic Defense1
Attack Speed1Movement Speed2

Innate Abilities

  • Receive 30% more stats in the Magic Attack attribute when you level up
  • All Priest skills have their effectiveness increased by 30%
  • Movement speed is increased by 100%


  • Meditation (Low Grade): Meditate to absorb experience fragments and level up
  • Healing Light (Low Grade): Send a ray of holy light down to heal a target| Heal: 16.9 | Cost: 5 MP | Cast Time: 1 sec | Proficiency: 0%


  • Infinite Knot Pendant: Status symbol of the priest | Used to cast healing spells

Cheng Yang was delighted when he check Pang Sun’s Innate Ability, somehow another S-Rank had appeared on his subordinates. The only explanation he could think of was that maybe a person’s Innate Ability wasn’t determined by when they became a Professional, but rather when they first came into contact with Mana. Thus, when he tested her aptitude her Innate Ability solidified.

Although a Pang Sun’s healing spell was outrageously strong she were entirely unable to attack. This mean that even more then other Professionals, Priests needed to cooperate to survive.

Although they couldn’t attack god’s rules still allowed for Priests to level up. As long as someone they healed killed a monster in the next few minutes they would gain some Experience Fragments too.

After dealing with Pang Sun, Cheng Yang noticed that the number of Experience Fragments Phoenix village owned had increased by more than two hundred. When he took those Experience Fragments into consideration, Cheng Yang had obtained three huge benefits from the first clear of the Blood Soaked Cathedral.

The biggest one was obviously the Priest statue. The second one was the four days worth of Experience Fragments for the territory. The final benefit was the three pieces of equipment they had obtained.

Although it may seem like the equipment was more valuable than the Experience Fragments, this wasn’t the case. Equipment could only strengthen a single person whereas Experience Fragments could be used to strengthen the entire village. The difference between the two was clear.

Finishing up all of his other matters, Cheng Yang returned to his plans to visit Huimin. After all, rescuing the citizens of Huimin was the only way for Phoenix Village to quickly grow its population.

At the moment, it was eight in the morning. Although the others had eaten the five that had entered the instance dungeon hadn’t even had breakfast yet. Before heading to Huimin they would need to take care of their appetites.

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