Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 18 | Cleric Idol

What a great item! It covered his weaknesses and reinforced his strengths. Moreover, it was designated as a Cloak which meant he could wear it over traditional armor once he got some. Equipment didn’t have particularly strict slots. The only real restriction was that you couldn’t equip more than one item with the same designation. There were some exceptions such as the One-Handed designation that allowed you to equip two, but they were rare. Most equipment for the arms and legs came as a set.

Compared to the Green Bronze equipment he had, the Corrupted High Priests Robes provided twice as many Attribute points. The next step up, Purple Silver equipment would provide double that of Black Iron equipment and also provide a Skill. In his previous life, Chéng Yáng had seen some Purple Silver equipment, but only from afar. Without a doubt if a person had a full set of Purple Silver equipment they would be able to take on dozen or more opponents at the same level. Unfortunately, Purple Silver equipment was exceedingly rare. Even the leaders of strong factions would only have a piece or two.

Chéng Yáng pulled on the robes, then walked out of the cathedral. When he did, the others in the group gave him a strange look while suppressing their laughter. If he had dared to wear this around before the apocalypse he probably would have been severely bullied.

“Is that what the boss dropped?” Liú Hào while holding his mouth.

“Yep, I was pretty lucky and got some nice magic robes.” Chéng Yáng replied while ignoring his antics.

“Does this mean we’ve cleared the dungeon?” Yú Kǎi asked.

“That’s right.” Chéng Yáng confirmed. “Now that the boss is dead, we’ll be able to leave.”

“Will we be able to run it again?” Lǐ Wànshān asked. It was clear that he was hoping to obtain some equipment for him and his former employees.

“Of course. Although, a person can only run the Instance Dungeon once, a total of three teams can use it each day. Right now only the Normal Difficulty is available, but after we meet the conditions, we’ll unlock a higher difficulty level and additional Normal Difficulty runs. It’s too dangerous for the others to run the dungeon on their own, especially without having experienced it once before, so for today we’ll leave it alone.”

Lǐ Wànshān nodded. If his employees went in on their own some of them would probably die. Not to mention the boss Chéng Yáng had warned them about, even the mini-bosses might be more than they could handle. It was safer to wait.

“Okay.” Chéng Yáng clapped to get everyone’s attention, “I came out to let you know the boss was dead, but we still need to grab the final loot. An instance dungeon is considered finished if you kill the boss, but to fully clear it you need to kill every enemy. Since we have, that means a chest will spawn in the boss room containing a special item. I waited to grab it so that you would know where to look when you clear the dungeon on your own later.”

Once the others heard that there would be more loot, the instantly perked up. Just the three pieces of equipment they’d already gotten were impressive so they were looking forwards to seeing what the so-called “special item” was.

Chéng Yáng led them into the cathedral and over to the pulpit where a small wooden chest could be seen. When they opened it they found a small white jade statue lying inside.

The white jade was carved into the likeness of an angel. It had its armed stretched out towards the sky as if to embrace the sun. It looked incomparably holy.

Chéng Yáng gingerly picked up the statue, as if he were afraid it would break.

Cleric Idol
Can be sacrificed at a Territory Altar to built a Cleric Class Statue.

It really was the Cleric Idol! Although Chéng Yáng was almost certain that it would drop, he couldn’t guarantee it. The value of a healer was beyond imagination. Factions without one might raise a talent all the way to the High-Grade level only for them to die from a rather minor wound. All of that investment lost because they didn’t have a source of quick healing.

The others didn’t know what the white jade statue was but once Chéng Yáng explained its function they became ecstatic. Especially Lǐ Wànshān and Liú Hào, who, as experienced gamers, properly understood the value of a healer.

“Seems we’ll have some wet nurses to take care of us in the future.” Liú Hào snickered.

“What nurses?” Niú Bīng asked, slapping Liú Hào on the back of the head, “The name of the class is Cleric, remember that. Cleric!”

Liú Hào dazed by his friends sudden actions until he realized the implications of his words. He’d realized that since Chéng Yáng had already know about the Instance Dungeon, he probably also knew about the Cleric Class. It would explain why he hadn’t let Páng Shān perform a Transcendence Ceremony yesterday. She must have have the talent to be a Cleric! That was Niú Bīng’s girlfriend he was making lewd jokes about, no wonder he caught a slap.

“Haha, my bad, my bad.” Liú Hào apologized with a sheepish expression. “The class is definitely called Cleric.”

Right as Liú Hào finished, Chéng Yáng willed them back to Phoenix Village. With that same disorienting flash, the group found themselves back in the Settlement.

The others in the Settlement who hadn’t gotten the chance to enter the Instance Dungeon were anxiously waiting by the portal. When they saw that everyone had returned safely, they let out a loud cheer.

The most excited person was Páng Shān who ran up to Niú Bīng and hugged him tight. As the only woman in the Settlement, and the only non-Player, being surrounded by men she didn’t know had filled her with anxiety. Niú Bīng had already become the rock in her heart after the earthquake and she was happy that nothing had happened to him.

“Niú Bīng! You came back safe!” Pang Sun draped herself over Niú Bīng as she spoke.

“Of course I came back safe and sound.” Niú Bīng stroked her hair to comfort her and planted a kiss on her forehead. “How could I bear to leave you all alone.”

“Oh, get a room you two.” Yú Kǎi lampooned. “You’re tormenting your poor single friend over here!”

“Alright, break it up.” Chéng Yáng interjected, “We have a lot to do today and we’re wasting time.”

He walked over to the Territory Altar and placed the Cleric Idol on top of it. The beautiful white jade statue melted as it merged with the Territory Altar.

A moment later, the entire area shook as a fifth Class Statue rose out of the ground and the other four moved over to accommodate it. This new statue looked identical to the Cleric Idol, except that it was made of stone instead of white jade.

“Páng Shān, its time for you to become a Player.” Chéng Yáng said quickly.

“Really?” Páng Shān asked in surprise. After seeing Chéng Yáng nod she did a little cheer, then ran over to the Cleric Class Statue.

While Pang Sun was performing her Transcendence Ceremony, Chéng Yáng opened the Cleric Class Statue’s system pane.

It was more or less identical to the other four statues, but with two major differences. The first was that only five people could register as Clerics. This wasn’t surprising to Chéng Yáng. As a Hidden Class, Clerics had a significantly higher stat total than the four main Classes so it made sense that there where limits on the number a Settlement could have.

The other, more interesting difference, was that the Cleric Class Statue had an extra Research option!

Divinity Synchronization
Healing comes from the divine, so by integrating the divine into your own body, you can increase the amount you can heal

Cost: 100Time: 6 hours
25% Healing increase for registered Clerics

Chéng Yáng could only stare at the extra research option in confusion. The Cleric Class Statue from his memories didn’t have such an option. In fact, he’d never heard of a Class Statue with seven Research options. Much less one that increased a Hidden Attribute.

After some contemplation, he concluded that it must be a reward for being the first Settlement to obtain a Cleric Class Statue. It must have been kept a secret by whichever factions had obtained them in his previous life.

The truth wasn’t that far off. It was actually a reward for being the first Settlement to have a Class Statue for any Hidden Class. In his previous life, the lucky Settlement to receive that bonus had indeed kept it a secret lest others become overly covetous.

Regardless of the reason, Chéng Yáng was happy to see Phoenix Village gain an additional advantage. Although this would make the Cleric Class Statue harder to level up, especially since Hidden Class Research cost twice as much as normal, the benefits far outweighed the cost.

After some consideration, Chéng Yáng selected the Research option that would increase his Cleric’s Mana instead of the extra option. The Clerics from his memories were usually more limited by how many people they could heal rather than how much they could heal a single person.

Once he was done, he used the Citizens tab to peak at Páng Shān’s system pane.

Páng Shān
Phoenix Village Citizen
Class: Cleric
Level: Low-Grade Apprentice (0%)

Age19Life Span110
Physical Attack1Magic Attack13
Physical Defense1Magic Defense1
Attack Speed2Movement Speed2.2

Innate Abilities

  • Receive 30% more stats in the Magic Attack attribute when you level up
  • Cleric Skills effectiveness is increased by 30%
  • Movement Speed is increased by 10%


Prayer (Core Skill)
Raise your arms to the sky in praise while kneeling to recover and advance

Healing Light (Low-Grade)
Send down a ray of holy light to heal a single target.

Healing: 33.8Cost: 5 Mana
Range: 30 mCooldown: 9.84 sec
Proficiency: 0%

Chéng Yáng was delighted when he checked Páng Shān’s Innate Ability, somehow another S-Rank had appeared! He silently adjusted his guess as to how the rank of an Innate Ability was determined. Maybe it wasn’t the time it took to become a Player, but rather the time it took to make contact with magic? Thus, when he tested her aptitude her Innate Ability solidified. That could explain why some people who become Players later still had high rank Innate Abilities. There was probably still some aspect related to how fast each person’s talent decayed, but Chéng Yáng thought his new theory was pretty credible.

Although a Páng Shān’s Healing Light Skill was outrageously strong, to the point that a single cast could bring someone back from the brink of death, she had basically no offensive capabilities. They didn’t even receive starter equipment! Even more so than other Players, Clerics relied on cooperation to survive.

While he was there, Chéng Yáng checked the Phoenix Village Soul Fragment balance. After considering the hundred Soul Fragments he’d spent on the Cleric Class Statue Research, Chéng Yáng calculated that his foray into the Blood Soaked Cathedral had generated a profit of about 115 Soul Fragments for the Settlement. owned had increased by more than two hundred.

Now that he had settled the gains from his detour, Chéng Yáng returned to his plan to visit Huìmín. After all, rescuing the citizens of Huìmín was the only way for Phoenix Village to quickly register new Citizens.

It was currently 8:00 AM. The other Citizens had already eaten and those who had the responsibility of farming the monsters that were attacking the wall were hard at work. The only thing left to take care of before leaving was to deal with the appetites of the five people that had cleared the Instance Dungeon.

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