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Doomsday Lord Ch. 67 | Exchange

“I can agree to your first condition but the second is out of the question.” Cheng Yang countered, unwilling to give the manager the initiative, “Most of the potions I make will be used to satisfy my own needs, you can buy the leftovers. Moreover, I can only give you some of the Mana Recovery Potions and Health Recovery Potions I refine.”

The manager’s eyes filled with crocodile tears. “That’s far too little, what about just fifty percent?”

“I can’t do fifty percent but I’m feeling generous so I’ll sell you twenty percent of what I make every day.” Cheng Yang smiled mockingly. In a seller’s market what room did this manager have to negotiate?

The boss almost started to really cry. Twenty percent was still six potions but compared to the thirty he made a day that was far too little!

“You know,” Cheng Yang said, throwing the manager a carrot now that he had used the stick, “If I’m in a good mood I’ll give you a few more potions that day. Of course, if you want to pay more I can agree to give you more right now.”

The manager saw Cheng Yang’s wicked smile and sighed. He’d always thought of himself as a sly person but he’d been dancing on Cheng Yang’s palm this whole time.

Even though he had realized this what could the manager do? Cheng Yang already knew how valuable his potions were so if he didn’t buy them someones else would.

The dejected manager conjured a contract and allowed Cheng Yang to sign it. As a contract made using gods rules, the terms were inviolable. If either party were to violate the agreement, they would be killed by god.

Of course, before signing, Cheng Yang forced the manager to add a time period of one year to the contract. He planned to live for a long time and didn’t want to be tied to such an insignificant NPC forever.

As for how Cheng Yang was going to deliver the potions, the manager was able to provide him with a time saving solution. Since there was an Alchemy Tower in Phoenix Village Cheng Yang could just deliver the potions to that manager. She would then be able to deliver them to the manager in the Cloud City safe zone.

When the manager signed the contract, Cheng Yang was able to learn his name: Zhao Yi.

Seeing his name, Cheng Yang wanted to vomit. No wonder this guy was so greedy, he should have been named Zhao Yi instead.

TL Note: The manager’s real name literally translates as “To surpass one hundred million” and the manager’s suggested name literally translates as “One hundred million trillion”

“Mr. Zhao, I have a question.” Cheng Yang tucked his copy of the contract inside a bag, “Since you were able to tell how valuable my potions were, the manager for the Alchemy Tower in my territory should have as well, right? Why didn’t she offer to buy them from me?”

“That’s because your territory is still a village. The shop managers in villages do not have the authority to purchase good from residents of this realm. To compensate, god granted them the ability to bestow Professions. Not only that, but god also directly controls what they sell so sometimes really special items can appear in their stores!”

Zhao Yi was nearly drooling with jealousy when he talked about the territory shop managers. However, unless the manager had the power to fight god there was nothing he could do to change his station.

“Now, Mr. Cheng, if you wouldn’t mind giving me today’s potions…” Zhao Yi reminded politely.

Cheng Yang smiled and handed the manager six potions. “Twenty percent, as agreed.”

Zhao Yi sighed. When saw Cheng Yang refining potions he had planned to obtain all thirty of them. Who knew it was going to turn out like this?

With a flick of Zhao Yi’s finger, he transferred the payment to Cheng Yang.

When Cheng Yang checked the transfer he was overjoyed. The manager had sent him 180 Experience Fragments instead of 120! He had forgotten that everything was more expensive in the safe zones.

“If you raise the price a little, I’ll sell you the rest of the potions I made today.” Cheng Yang said, waving a potions in front of Zhao Yi’s face.

Zhao Yi nearly started to cry again. “Forty Experience Fragments each is the highest I can go.”

For Cheng Yang, thirteen times the original price was very satisfying. Although he felt bad about forcing the manager into a corner like this, what use did an NPC have for money?

When Zhao Yi bought the remaining potions he was fairly happy but didn’t dare to show it. If he wasn’t able to keep a poker face that demon Cheng Yang would try and raise the price again. Although he was a crafty merchant, in front of Cheng Yang he was more like a piggy bank.

Even so, he wasn’t a complete moron. Although he told Cheng Yang that certain instance dungeons would restrict potion use, the reality was that all Hell Difficulty instances would. Since the Hell Difficulty instances were the most cost efficient, Cheng Yang’s potions would likely be worth far more than what Zhao Yi paid.

As the two were finalizing their business deal, footsteps could be heard outside the shop. Eight people entered the shop but not a single one of the people Cheng yang wanted to find was among them.

Standing in front was a middle aged man that looked to be about forty. A Warrior’s sword was hanging at his waist, in striking contract to his commander’s uniform. This was Yuan Jianzhe, commander of the People’s Liberation Army of Cloud City and the highest authority in the safe zone.

“Commander, this is the NPC who issued the quest.” Sita Fu pointed at Cheng Yang from behind Yuan Jianzhe.

At this point, Cheng Yang was able to confirm that his plan had worked. Since he had operated out of one of the shops, the military thought he was an NPC.

Yuan Jianzhe walked up to Cheng Yang, standing just a foot away. “Tell me, why did you want us to find those people?”

“Does that mean you found them?” Cheng Yang ignored the commanders question.

“I have but I will ask you again. Why did you want us to find those people? If you plan to harm them I’m afraid I can’t give them to you.” Yuan Jianzhe was unphased by Cheng Yang’s rude attitude.

Cheng Yang felt this performance was rather dry. He knew the commander had strong morals as compared to most people but he knew what Yuan Jianzhe would become. Although he would never sacrifice a large number of civilians for his own benefit, when tens of civilians were dying every day why would he care about a mere half dozen. Especially when he had something to gain. If he were able to get his hands on the necklace Cheng Yang had shown Sita Fu his position as the leader of Cloud City would be more secure.

Still, Cheng Yang humored him. “Rest assured, no harm will come to those people.”

Sure enough, after hearing Cheng Yang’s promise, Yuan Jianzhe was satisfied. If he were truly worried about those people’s safety he wouldn’t have agreed so easily.

Yuan Jianzhe turned towards Sita Fu, “Bring them in.”

“Yes sir.” Sita Fu opened the door to the shop and six people were escorted in by a group of soldiers.

The people Cheng Yang had been looking for glanced around nervously. They had no idea what fate had in store for them.

When they entered the Alchemy Tower, three of them let out yelps of joy when they saw Ma Tao behind Cheng Yang.

“Little Ma?”


Those three people tried to run over to Ma Tao but were held back by the soldiers. Until Yuan Jianzhe allowed it, those soldiers wouldn’t allow Cheng Yang or Ma Tao near the people they had gathered.

“Mom, dad, Little Bell, don’t worry.” Ma Tao said, tearing up.

It would seem that the three people Ma Tao was looking for were the right ones, but what about the others? Cheng Yang glanced behind Yuan Jianzhe to check for the people he was looking for. Zhou Jie was standing with a somber expression and next to him was a relatively handsome twenty four year old woman, Wang Lu.

Behind those two was a young woman that, even when covered in grime, was still quite beautiful. Although she seemed weak, her eyes were like those of a vicious beast.

“These were the people you’re looking for?” Yuan Jianzhe scowled at Ma Tao.

Yuan Jianzhe had already been suspicious about Sita Fu’s claim that these people were NPCs but now he was certain they weren’t. What kind of NPC would have family members on Earth?

“They are. Thank you for being so efficient.” Cheng Yang smiled, “I only really wanted those three in the back, the other’s are my servant’s family. Since you have found them, here is your promised rewards.” Cheng Yang handed Yuan Jianzhe two pieces of Green Bronze equipment and the Black Iron necklace.

Cheng Yang wasn’t afraid of the soldiers in front of him but he still didn’t want to have to fight his way out of the city was six ordinary people.

Before receiving the necklace, Yuan Jianzhe had planned to detain Cheng Yang. However, he knew what the unexpected necklace implied. Cheng Yang was asking him to forget everything that had happened today. Although he wanted to question Cheng Yang, he didn’t want to touch the bottom line of someone who had so much equipment.

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