Novel Announcement: Star Chart’s Edge

Name: Star Chart’s Edge

Author: Dark Circles

Synopsis: An interplanetary spaceship began a journey fraught with crisis and uncertainty one thousand years ago, burdened with humanities hopes and dreams…. An ordinary woman followed that journey, experiencing a baptism of friendship, kinship and passion that allowed him to understand human nature through death and separation.

TL Note: While I do enjoy Doomsday Lord its what amounts to the fast food of literature. This story, however, I consider to be on the same level as Throne of Magical Arcana or Kingdom’s Bloodline. Just reading the pure MTL chapters was enough to make my blood boil.

While this novel has some fantasy style elements I would classify it under “hard scifi”. Some of the major elements of the story focus around mech combat so people who like modern military novels or mechs in general will love this. Its also not a brainless slog of “robot shoot robot”.

If there’s one word I would use to describe why this novel is so amazing it would be “anticipation”. Most trashy LN spoon feed you combat and dialogue but those that stand out have a masterful use of anticipation. I really hope everyone will enjoy this.

I’ll be translating this novel at a much slower pace since I spend roughly twenty hours per chapter on it. So it may not get released more than twice a month lol


2 replies on “Novel Announcement: Star Chart’s Edge”

>Just reading the pure MTL chapters was enough to make my blood boil.
Where can I find the raws for this?


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