Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 151 | Finding the Door

“Young miss, what’s your name?” After Cheng Yang left, Wei Yun breathed out a sigh of relief. So long as Cheng Yang was around, an invisible pressure weighed down on him. It was only after watching him destroy Captain Zhou that he truly understood how little bargaining power he had.

“My name is Jie Zhengqing, Mr. Wei. I hope we can work well together in the future.” Jie Zhengqing’s speech was a little stiff since Wei Yun used to be her boss.

“No need to be so formal.” Wei Yun said with a tinge of bitterness. “My time as a leader is over. If you still think highly of me, just call me Old Wei. Since you have some sway with that irrational man, please take care of me in the future.

“Old Wei, don’t worry about Cheng Yang. He’s unreasonable and unruly, but from what Brother Lau told me, he takes care of his own.”

“Speaking of which, do you know where Cheng Yang will be taking us? You should know how hard it is to find a place monsters avoid, so why is he forcing us to abandon the settlement? Isn’t it too much of a waste?” Wei Yun asked.

“Don’t worry about that.” Jie Zhengqing said with a smile. “This place is a landfill compared to the village Cheng Yang controls outside of town. As long as we have the resources, we can build walls, buildings, and even a grocery store. We’ll be completely safe from monsters, and the village is the source of our powers.”

Wei Yun was stunned. How could Cheng Yang have a village outside Yicheng? There was nothing but dense forest for miles, so how did he build it? More importantly, how did he obtain such absurd powers from a mere village? How did it have a grocery store? Wasn’t it meaningless without farms?

At that time, one of the faction leaders cut in: “That village sounds like something out of a medieval sims game.”

“Yeah, that’s basically what it is.” Jie Zhengqing confirmed. “And our powers are like classes from an MMO.”

“If that’s the case, then we really are saved!” The faction leader cheered. “No wonder Cheng Yang was so strong!”

Wei Yun didn’t know anything about video games, but he was very good at reading the mood. Since the faction leader and Jie Zhengqing were so confident, he could abandon the settlement without worry.

“Ah! Old Wei, what should I do with the prisoners? Cheng Yang told me to deal with them, but I’m not sure what he meant. Should we kill them?”

Wei Yun looked over at the captured rebels, and a dark cloud passed over his face. On the inside, however, he was cheering. This was his chance to regain lost power by becoming an advisor.

“It seems Miss Jie is still new to governance. Cheng Yang was probably testing your resolve, so naturally, you must kill them all, and quickly.” Wei Yun explained. “You should go even further if you want to impress him. Root out Captain Zhou’s friends and allies. You don’t have to kill them, but at the very least, they need to be suppressed. The best way to do that would be to screen everyone from his faction. If Miss Jie is unwilling to do it yourself, this old one needs but an order.”

At first, Jie Zhengqing was hesitant to agree. Killing the people that tried to attack her was fine, but she felt that even killing those that were related was a bit much. However, when she thought about Captain Zhou’s treachery and how Cheng Yang handled it, she couldn’t bring herself to say no.

Even though she hated his guts, Jie Zhengqing respected the way Cheng Yang handled the situation. Moreover, she needed to make sure not to get on his bad side, so Wei Yun’s suggestion seemed to be a good one.

“In that case, I will leave this to you, Old Wei. Kill anyone that you feel must die.” Jie Zhengqing’s decision was resolute, and Wei Yun was happy for the opportunity to prove himself useful.

By the time Cheng Yang and Lau Hui returned to the settlement, Wei Yun had finished purging those close to Captain Zhou.

Then, Cheng Yang led the three hundred people selected by Wei Yu to the outskirts of Yicheng, and then to Copper Tomb Village. He could have taken more people, but this was already stretching his limits since he was the only useful person in a fight.

More than an hour later, the slow procession arrived at its destination.

Everything regarding the territory had been explained during the trip by Lau Hui and Jie Zhengqing, so the process following their arrival went smoothly.

Wei Yun’s closest aids, alongside Jie Zhengqing’s family, had their aptitudes tested then were allowed to perform class change ceremonies.

A few people, like Wei Yun, had the necessary Experience Fragments to pay for themselves. Everyone else needed at least a partial loan from Cheng Yang.

After the initial eighty slots were filled, Cheng Yang left Lau Hui behind to protect the rest. Then, he called Enlai, and they teleported to Phoenix Village.

When he arrived, Cheng Yang wired the necessary Experience Fragments to level up Copper Tomb Village to Lau Hui. Then he left the village since it was only seven in the evening.

His overall goal was to visit Sky God Island and obtain the Nightmare Difficulty First Clear. Although he couldn’t be certain, Cheng Yang had a hunch the reward would be a unique Warrior subclass.

However, before that, Cheng Yang had someone he needed to visit. So, he directed Enlai towards the Cloud City safe zone.

When Cheng Yang rode Enlai directly through the barrier meant to keep monsters out, there was a great deal of confusion and panic.

“How did a monster get inside?”

Most people were too shocked to move.

“Someone help!”

A significant minority ran for their lives.

“Calm down, as long as we handle this together, it won’t be a problem.”

Those who were Professionals did neither. They hastily pulled out their weapons and surrounded the white tiger.

“Back off!” Cheng Yang shouted so loudly that any nearby civilians felt their eardrums rattle. It was only at this point that anyone noticed the person on the “monster’s” back.

“How did you get a monster through the barrier?” A person that seemed to be the leader of the gathered combatants asked in a voice dripping with malice.

“Only ignorant eyes like yours could see a monster.” cheng Yang growled. “If Little White were a monster, you would already be dead.”

Cheng Yang couldn’t be bothered to waste any more time on people that weak, so he directed Enlai to move towards the city center. As long as he made enough of a ruckus, Yuan Jianzhe would come out eventually.

“You stop right there!” Although the person from before seemed to be filled with a heroic spirit, Enlai’s aura prevented them from taking a single step forwards.

Cheng Yang’s guess was spot on. He didn’t even reach the center of the city before an organized militia stopped him. At the forefront was Yuan Jianzhe.

Yuan Jianzhe’s face looked calm, but his entire body was filled with visible tension and rage. How could he not be in a bad mood when his worst enemy burst into his house without knocking?

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