Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 159 | Lack of Talent

Cheng Yang wandered around the safe zone, looking for Xiao Zheng. He wasn’t going to approach him yet, but Cheng Yang wanted to know where he was.

It was inconvenient to meet with him now since there were doubtlessly spied tailing his every move and reporting it back to Yuan Jianzhe. Even if there weren’t, Enlai wasn’t subtle, so Yuan Jianzhe would find out about any big moves he made.

Unfortunately, Cheng Yang couldn’t find Xiao Zheng and was forced to give up.

After leaving the safe zone, Cheng Yang glanced back through the curtain of light and sighed. Would Xiao Zheng still treat him well on this life despite them becoming strangers?

His next objective for the day was to clear the Sky God Island instance dungeon on Nightmare Difficulty. He already earned the first clear reward for the Sky God Island, so this was just to do his daily run. The other reason was that there was a small chance of obtaining a drop at the end on the same level as the first clear reward.

It was an incredibly small chance, but it was still worth trying. For reference, there were around ten thousand confirmed drops in his past life. Although the real number was probably double, it was far too unlikely.

On his way to Silkworm Mountain, Cheng Yang cleared The Forgotten Grave on Hard, and after clearing the Sky God Island instance, he made a trip to Joyous River Village. Instead of going straight there, Cheng Yang stopped by Phoenix Village.

“Old Lee, the class change statues leveled up recently, so why aren’t all the slots filled?” Cheng Yang had checked the Territory Altar system pane when he got back and saw that there were still hundreds of slots open. So, he went to find Old Lee, who had been in charge of recruitment.

“I’m sorry, my Lord, but there was a problem.” Old Lee said. “Once the Barracks was full, I stopped allowing people to perform class change ceremonies because you hadn’t given me instruction on how to handle the construction of Adventurer groups. I didn’t dare to make the decision in private since it involved hundreds of people and tens of thousands of Experience Fragments.”

Cheng Yang was slightly stunned. He’d forgotten to let Old Lee know about his plans.

“In that case, go and gather the generals. There are some things you’ll need to work together on.


On the other side, arrange for his Vice-Captain to come over since he won’t be back for a while.”

When he was done, Cheng Yang seriously considered finding a few secretaries. He was becoming far too forgetful lately.

His first thought was to turn Liu Wei into his secretary, but was she fit for the job? As a member of his personal guard, it seemed too wasteful. Her skills were combat-oriented, so maybe he could hire a civilian to be his secretary?

His ideal choice would be someone like Old Lee. He was loyal, confident, and a hard worker. Unfortunately, Old Lee was too useful in his current position and couldn’t become Cheng Yang’s secretary.

If he couldn’t find a competent secretary, Cheng Yang needed someone who could take over the administrative portions of his Lord positions. He had managed to handle everything well so far, but it was getting harder to control.

There was a woman in his memories with exceptional administrative abilities, but she wouldn’t arrive in the Cloud City area until the gods saved her. At that time, the safe zone would be too chaotic to track her down.

For now, Cheng Yang would have to put the issue on the back burner. Unless the right person was available, there was no use wasting time thinking about it.

Then, Cheng Yang cleared the Soaked Blood Cathedral on Nightmare Difficulty. With Enlai’s help, the instance wasn’t difficult in the slightest.

When he returned to the real world, Cheng Yang was fiddling with a pair of Purple Silver boots that increased Movement Speed. It was a great piece of equipment, but it didn’t suit him. However, since the Imperial Gaurd didn’t need to move quickly, it was even less suitable.

For now, Cheng Yang decided to switch from his Green-Bronze boots, increasing his Movement Speed by three. Although he was still slower than Liu Hau, he’d reached a milestone similar to the one for Physical Defense.

Usually, even if an attack didn’t draw blood, it would deal full damage as long as it hit. When someone’s Movement Speed was more than twenty-five times that of their enemy, it became possible to dodge an enemy attack. This meant that as long as the attack didn’t hit them directly, they wouldn’t take damage.

Cheng Yang had never experienced dodging an attack before, so he was eager to try it out.

On his own, Cheng Yang left Phoenix Village to find a Low-Grade monster to test his new abilities.

Not far from the walls, Cheng Yang found a Venom-Fanged Grey Wolf. He hadn’t taken monsters like this one seriously in weeks.

When the wolf noticed Cheng Yang, it growled at him, then charged forwards. Its jaws opened up to bit down on Cheng Yang’s neck.

To a civilian, the wolf might seem terrifying, but in Cheng Yang’s eyes, it was moving far too slowly to be a threat. Suddenly, Cheng Yang saw threads reach out from the wolf’s body, aimed at him. It was the trajectory of the attack and, in a sense, a visual representation of his hitbox.

It was a wonderful feeling!

Cheng Yang watched as the threads shifted and responded when he swayed back and forth. Then, he felt a sharp pain as his throat was bitten through.

He’d been so immersed in what he was doing that he forgot to dodge. Fortunately, the wolf was too weak to do any actual damage.

With a grimace, Cheng Yang forced open the wolf’s jaws with his hands and tossed the monster like a sack of flour over his head.

Undeterred, the wolf climbed onto its feet and attacked again.

Once again, Cheng Yang watched the threads of the wolf’s attack draw near. This time, he tried to move out of the way.

“Fuck!” When the wolf glanced his shoulder, Cheng Yang knew he had failed to dodge because the thread turned red.

Twenty-five times, the opponent’s speed was only the bare minimum requirement to dodge an attack, so Cheng Yang couldn’t guarantee that he could.

For the next half hour, Cheng Yang allowed the wolf to attack him continuously until he finally dodged an attack. It filled him with a feeling of satisfaction.

After another half hour, Cheng Yang improved to the point that he could dodge one in three attacks.

At this point, the wolf was in a sorry state. Cheng Yang’s fists didn’t deal much damage, but it was still too much for a Low-Grade monster to handle for a full hour. Thus, once he was done training, Cheng Yang ended the wolf’s pathetic life.

With a happy smile, Cheng Yang returned to Phoenix Village, completely forgetting his original intention to visit Joyous River Village.

At this point, Cheng Yang remembered the father-daughter duo he’d saved and the promise he made with Chu Yiling.

Now that there were open slots, he could allow the duo to perform their class change ceremonies. Now that he had some free time, it was the perfect opportunity.

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3 replies on “Doomsday Lord Ch. 159 | Lack of Talent”

Ok 25 times the speed of something to be able to dodge. That doesn’t seem right at all. If you are 25 times faster than something you shouldn’t even have to worry about it.

Maybe it is supposed to be 25 point more than the attacker.


Yeah, the numbers get big very fast. I had to triple check that one but I kinda get the author’s intentions since the speed necessary to dodge goes down as the numbers get bigger.
I’m going to look at Cheng Yang’s Movement Speed near the end and see if it ever gets big enough to justify 25 times. If it doesn’t ill change it cause its probably a translation error or miscommunication.


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