Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 160 | Bloodline

Cheng Yang found the father-daughter duo lounging around his Mediation Hall. Once he explained the reason for his visit, Chu Yiling jumped up excitedly. Now that she had changed into clean and tidy clothes, she looked like a lovely little princess.

“Uncle, you said I could become a Mage like you, right?” Chu Yiling asked as Cheng Yang led them to the class change statues. “Is it true that I can be as powerful as you in the future?”

“You will. Maybe you’ll even be better than me.” Cheng Yang promised, unwilling to let her enthusiasm die, “Can you stop calling me uncle? I’m not that old.”

“But…” Chu Yiling tilted her head. “I feel like you should be called uncle!”

Cheng Yang sighed. There was no point in arguing with a child.

When they reached the class change statues, Chu Yiling went first.

Chu Yiling
Phoenix Village Soldier
Class: Mage
Level: Low-Grade Apprentice (0%)

Age7Life Span110
Physical Attack1Magic Attack12.4
Physical Defense2Magic Defense2
Attack Speed1Movement Speed3

Innate Abilities

  • Receive 20% more stats in the Magic Attack attribute when you level up
  • Enchantress: Gain the Charm skill allowing you to dominate the minds of monsters
  • Movement speed is increased by 200%


  • Meditation (Low-Grade): Meditate to absorb experience fragments and level up
  • Magic Missile (Low-Grade): Attack targets within thirty meters with a ball of condensed magic power | Damage: 12.4 | Cost: 5 Mana | Cast Time: 1 sec | Proficiency: 0%
  • Charm (Unique): Force a monster at the same level as you or lower to become your slave. The chance of success is relative to the difference in the Magic Defense attribute. The slave cannot use skills or consumables. | Cost: 10 Mana | Cooldown: 10 sec | Proficiency: 0%


  • Wooden Stave: Status symbol of the mage | No bonuses

When Cheng Yang saw Chu Yiling’s system pane, it was like watching a pie fall into one’s hands.

Although her Innate Ability was technically D-Rank, she was a particular case. Her Enchantress Innate Ability couldn’t be ranked with the same system as ordinary ones.

Relatively speaking, Charm wasn’t a powerful skill. The potion restriction severely limited their usefulness as a long term ally.

The other drawback was the, presumably, low chance of success. Charming monsters a level lower might not be difficult, but if you can’t even reliably Charm a monster at the same level, the skill would be nearly useless.

In general, the skill would be less useful than a stat buff.

However, Cheng Yang had an idea that might give the skill more utility. It needed to be paired with an Enchanter Profession skill, Crystal Bead Creation.

Crystal Beads seal monsters inside of themselves. Then, during a battle, the bead can be shattered, releasing the monster in an enraged state. So, if someone had ten thousand Crystal Beads, they could instantly summon an army of ten thousand monsters.

There were three major downsides to using the Crystal Beads. They were consumables, and the released monsters would instantly die after an hour. Only monsters at your level could be sealed, and the monsters wouldn’t recognize the user as an ally.

If Chu Yiling combined her Charm skill with Crystal Beads, she could bring out the best in both. As long as the Charm skill’s success rate wasn’t too low, Chu Yiling would become a strategic asset.

Cheng Yang also wondered if the skill could be used against Boss monsters? If it could, Charm would be truly overpowered.

He also wondered what it would be like is Liu Wei had the skill along with her other abilities. She could Charm a monster with a 100% chance of success then use it as a meat shield while killing the rest. How amazing would that be?

Of course, that was just wishful thinking. How unreasonable would it be if Liu Wei received so many rare Innate Abilities?

Since Chu Yiling was so powerful, Cheng Yang decided to make her a part of his personal guard. Although it might sound comical to have a seven-year-old guard a college student, her strength didn’t depend on her age.

Cheng Yang allowed Chu Qiang to perform his class change ceremony after Chu Yiling. After seeing Chu Yiling’s system pane, Cheng Yang had no hopes for Chu Qiang to have anything useful. However, he underestimated how much the heavens looked out for the pitiful father-daughter duo.

Chu Qiang
Phoenix Village Soldier
Class: Warrior
Level: Low-Grade Apprentice (0%)

Age37Life Span110
Physical Attack16.2Magic Attack1
Physical Defense4.9Magic Defense2
Attack Speed1Movement Speed3

Innate Abilities

  • Receive 30% more stats in the Physical Attack attribute when you level up
  • Bloodline: You hold the blood of the magically created Bear Beastmen in your body
  • Movement speed is increased by 200%


  • Bear Beastmen (Low-Grade): Add 20% to the Physical Attack and Physical Defense growth coefficients


  • Meditation (Low Grade): Meditate to absorb experience fragments and level up
  • Lacerate (Low Grade): Add magic to your blade making it easier to cut through enemies | Damage: 5 | Cost: 2 MP | Cast Time: 3 sec | Proficiency: 0%


  • Iron Sword: Status symbol of the warrior | Damage: 4
  • Wooden Shield: A wooden shield | Can block physical attacks

Chu Qiang turned out to have a Bloodlines, which surprised Cheng Yang.

There were hundreds of different Bloodlines in Cheng Yang’s past life. Innate Abilities granted most of them, but some instance dungeons provided items to change or strengthen a person’s bloodline.

Bloodlines were often a mixed bag: they would increase some things but decrease others. These bloodlines were considered rather bad but were better than not having one generally.

Chu Qiang’s Beastmen bloodline was an A-Rank Bloodline thanks to its 40% overall increase to his growth coefficients without any downsides.

A person’s growth coefficients came into play once they reached the Scholar levels. When they did, their stats would no longer double when they leveled up but grow depending on their subclass. They would also obtain a certain number of Free Attributes to assign as they pleased.

The bonus to the growth factor would even apply during the Apprentice levels where everyone had a 100% growth coefficient in every stat, meaning Chu Qiling essentially had an SS-Rank Innate Ability.

Without a doubt, Chu Qiling would become one of the pillars of Phoenix Village.

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Ugh. I hate this forced stuff… He got softer, saved two rando’s, then they just so happen to be better than s class talent? The thing that’s meant to be like, ultra, ultra ultra rare?


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