Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 161 | Training

Since his daughter was a part of his personal guard, Cheng Yang decided to add Chu Qiang as well.

His personal guard now had three members, each of whom had an unusually powerful Innate Ability. Yu Kai and Liu Hau also had the qualifications to join, but Cheng Yang needed them to lead his armies.

“Old Chu, Ling Ling, you are Professionals. As members of my personal guard, the safety of the village rests in your hands. You are the last hope of nearly a hundred thousand people.” Cheng Yang’s grave tone was meant for Chu Qiang. He didn’t expect Chu Yiling to understand the significance of their powers.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Cheng. This village is Ling Ling’s home, so I’ll defend it to my dying breath.”

Cheng Yang trusted Chu Qiang’s words. A man who could give up his life over his mother’s death was a man of great filial piety, and as the old saying goes: filial piety is the first virtue from which all others stem.

It was a little after four in the afternoon, leaving Cheng Yang enough time to instruct the father-daughter duo in the art of combat. With Chu Yiling and Chu Qiang riding Enlai, they left the village.

About seven kilometers away, Cheng Yang found a horde with only a few hundred monsters. Just like earlier, the monsters were Venom-Toothed Grey Wolves.

This was Chu Qiang and Chu Yiling’s first time saw that many monsters, so they were both a bit pale.

Before the monsters could reach them, Cheng Yang used the Sacrificial Blood Cloud skill to boost the duo’s Magic Attack.

The feeling filled Chu Qiang with confidence and made Chu Yiling giggle.

“Try using your skills.” Cheng Yang said. “Chu Qiang, even though you’re a Warrior, don’t blindly rush into the horde. Even though you’ll kill them in one hit, they can do pretty much the same. Take these Health potions and be careful.”

Chu Qiang ran a few feet ahead of the group to meet the monsters head-on.

“Ling Ling, do you need a demonstration on how to use Magic Missile?”

“I already know how.” Chu Yiling declared. “I’m a clever girl, and a fairy explained it to me.”

Cheng Yang saw genuine joy on Chu Yiling’s face at the thought that she would fight monsters. It was a sad thought that the child was so desensitized to this world already. Before the apocalypse, children her age would be living a carefree life, but not they had to fight every day just to survive.

Chu Qiang stood to the side with helpless eyes. This was the best outcome for his daughter, even if it was cruel. The cruelty of this new world was irresistible.

With a sigh, Chu Qiang lifted his sword and prepared to meet the monster’s charge. His movements were clumsy and haphazardous, but his momentum was far beyond that of an ordinary Low-Grade Warrior.

With a mighty swing, Chu Qiang beheaded the first wolf, right before they overwhelmed him. At the same time, Chu Yiling raised her stave and fired a Magic Missile into the horde.

“It looks just like a firework!” Chu Yiling shouted in delight.

Although her aim was terrible, she still hit an unlucky monster, killing it instantly.

Her actions attracted the aggro of a large number of monsters that split from the rest of the group and rushed towards her. Thankfully, she was still riding Enlai, so they weren’t a threat.

Every monster that got close crumbled like a porcelain bowl. In less than five seconds, Enlai turned three dozen monsters into corpses.

Cheng Yang grimaced at Chu Yiling’s poor performance. It was to be expected from her age, but it wasn’t very reassuring.

On the other hand, Chu Qiang was doing quite well. His high defense meant each wolf could only deal a single point of damage, whereas he killed them in two hits. One if he used Lacerate.

Even so, there were too many wolves, and his Health was too low. The anxiety of seeing his Health go down proved too much for the man, so every few seconds, he would drink a Health potion, wasting most of its effects.

‘He’s doing well, considering this is his first fight.’ Cheng Yang thought to himself. ‘If I can get him some good equipment, he’ll be able to fight without fear.”

“Ling Ling, try using the Charm skill on one of these monsters.”

“Can do!” Chu Yiling fired a Magic Missile and then began to exude a calming aura.

A moment later, a ring of smoke puffed out of her stave and enveloped a wolf.

The wolf paused, then fell to the ground. A moment later, it jumped up and charged into Enlai’s waiting jaws.

The skill failed!

While waiting for the skill cooldown to reset, Chu Yiling continued to fire Magic Missiles at the wolves. Since there were far fewer targets, none of them hit anything.

Once the cooldown ended, Chu Yiling tried to Charm a monster again but failed.

Cheng Yang had confirmed that the odds of success weren’t high enough to rely on the skill in a pinch. Unfortunately, the skill used her level instead of her stats to determine success. Otherwise, after using Sacrificial Blood Cloud, there was no way the skill would fail twice.

For the next few minutes, this pattern continued. Only after Cheng Yang saw Chu Qiang drink his last Health potion did he make a move. With two uses of Petal Blizzard, the remaining monsters were turned into mincemeat.

Once the last monster died, Chu Qiang was overcome with a feeling of weakness and collapse onto the group.

“Dad! What’s wrong!” Chu Yiling anxiously jumped off Enlai’s back.

“Don’t worry, Ling Ling. Your father’s just tired and needs a short break.”

Chu Yiling nodded and stuck close to her father while he caught his breath.

“Old Chu, what did you think of the fight?” Cheng Yang asked.

“I felt like my defense wasn’t enough. No matter what I did, they kept biting me all over.” Chu Qiang complained.

“That’s because you weren’t using your shield properly. You treated it like a hammer and kept trying to smash the wolves with it.”

“Ah, I was doing that, wasn’t I.” Chu Qiang said after reflecting for a moment.

Cheng Yang didn’t bother saying anything else. He wasn’t a Warrior, so there was a limit to how much he could help. Perhaps the Imperial Guard members would be able to help him train?

They spent the rest of the day moving from horde to horde, slaughtering every monster they encountered. Thousands lost their lives to Chu Qiang’s blade, and Chu Yiling tried really hard.

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