Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 162 | Monster Siege

TL Note: The Charm skill is based on a difference in level, not in stats. MY mistake.

Killing monsters wasn’t Qiu Yiling’s goal. Her main task was to test her Charm skill and experiment with it.

After nearly a hundred trials, she managed to charm a Graveseeker.

The initially rancorous monster calmed down as soon as the spell took effect and walked over to Chu Yiling. Knowing it wouldn’t hurt her, she got off Enlai’s back and began playing with it.

Since the sun was starting to set, Cheng Yang brought them back to the village. Although they were talented, they were only Low-Grade Apprentices.

When they arrived, Cheng Yang took them to train with the Nirvana Feather. They had earned more than enough to make good use of it.

To accommodate them, Cheng Yang gave Liu Wei and Lau Hui’s slots to them since they weren’t there.

Once they had been accommodated, Cheng Yang started brewing potions.

In addition to his usual Health and Mana Recovery potions, Cheng Yang also made Magic Amplification potions. Since it was a High-Grade potion, it required three Energy to make, and the success rate was a measly forty percent.

Fortunately, Cheng Yang had his Panacea Furnace. The extra level to his skills allowed his success rate to increase by twenty percent, increasing the number of potions he could make.

There was another benefit to having his Alchemy skills increase in level that Cheng Yang didn’t know: it would allow him to learn potion recipes one level higher then he should be able to.

Thanks to countless Alchemist soldiers’ efforts, Cheng Yang had an ample supply of Eight Treasures Flowers. Over the last few days, over three hundred were submitted to the Quest Hall.

Although it was enough for Cheng Yang’s purposes, it was a much smaller amount than it seemed. There were around four hundred and fifty Alchemists capable of harvesting the Eight Treasures Flower, so why were so few delivered? The answer was that no one was willing to waste time searching for them. It was one thing to run across one and turn it in for extra money and another to devote an entire day to searching.

Since each Magic Amplification potion only required a single flower, Cheng Yang didn’t mind the “low” numbers.

Every night, Cheng Yang could successfully refine fifty Magic Amplification potions, enough to make a small fortune.

Even a standard Magic Amplification potion would be valuable, but his had twice the effect, making them treasures in their own right.

It would only last five minutes, but that was more than enough time to turn the tide of a battle. Those potions were life-saving tools.

Once Cheng Yang had amassed 160 Magic Amplification potions, he started selling them on the Auction House for three thousand Experience Fragments. In Cheng Yang’s eyes, the potions were worth much less, but since he was the only person selling them, he could profit from other people’s ignorance.

Of course, Cheng Yang was only testing the water. No one knew the purchasing power of an Experience Fragment yet, so there were bound to be price fluctuations for the next few weeks or even months.

Regardless, the potion only cost him forty Experience Fragments to make, so the profit margins on the Magic Amplification potions were even higher than the Stones of Return.

It wouldn’t be long now before he could unlock even higher training speeds!

Once he was finished with that, Cheng Yang began his morning routine. He trained using the Nirvana Feather, listed the new Stone of Return batch on the Auction House, and cleared the Blood-Soaked Cathedral on Nightmare Difficulty.

Then, he visited Joyous River Village to clear the Abandoned Citadel and clean up any monsters he encountered.

Around noon, Cheng Yang was on his way to the Forgotten Grave when he heard a crisp chime from inside his ring.

After a brief moment of surprise, Cheng Yang realized it was his Transmission Mirror.

“Has an invasion started already?” Cheng Yang assumed the worst-case scenario as he answered the call by using his Mana to prod the runes on the mirror.

“My Lord, something strange is happening over here.” Yu Kai’s panicked face appeared in the mirror. “An enormous horde of monster is heading straight for the village! There’s ten thousand at least. I’ve gathered everyone inside the walls, but they won’t be able to hold against that many monsters. Please come quickly!”

“I’ll be there soon.” Cheng Yang answered as Experience Fragments drained into the mirror at an alarming rate. “You have a scouting skill, right? Use that to see if there’s anyone suspicious around the village.”

After storing the mirror in his ring, Cheng Yang rode Enlai to Silkworm Mountain at top speed.

All the way there, a single phrase echoed through his mind: monster siege.

They were a mechanic that shouldn’t be possible yet, but he trusted Yu Kai not to waste his time with rumors. But, what could have caused it?

Cheng Yang had heard of a few ways to attract monsters in his previous life, but none of them would work on a scale like this. Moreover, none of them had appeared in the Cloud City of the past. But, when there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Either the skill or item that caused this was kept a secret in his previous life, or his actions had caused a butterfly effect that created this scenario.

It took Enlai less than five minutes to reach the Northern Bridge. Along the way, a few monsters were blocking their path, but once they crossed, the entire area was silent.

Every monster was single-mindedly charging towards Silkworm Mountain, even ignoring Cheng Yang to do so.

Cheng Yang frowned.

At this rate, far more than ten thousand monsters would assault the walls fo Silkworm Mountain. Depending on how diligently the soldiers there were in hunting monsters, there could be up to a hundred thousand.

It was a terrifying thought.

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