Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 163 | Fierce Battle

The closer Cheng Yang got to Silkworm Mountain, the denser the groups of incoming monsters were. Fortunately, Enlai was fast enough to move past them unhindered.

Eight hundred meters away from the village, High-Grade monsters could be seen everywhere.

At that time, Yu Kai called him again.

“My Lord, I found someone! There’s a person about a kilometer south of the village hiding in a tree. My Demonic Watcher hasn’t been noticed, but there’s no way for me to get there.”

“I’m almost there, so just keep watching the suspect while we clear out these monsters.”

After hanging up, Cheng Yang ordered Enlai to rush through the horde. It didn’t matter what tried to attack them, Enlai tore them apart with a single swipe of his massive paws.

Moments later, Enlai jumped over the walls of Silkworm Mountain. The outer wall was only five meters tall, so it was barely a barrier to the white tiger.

Silkworm Mountain was in chaos. Every soldiers was rushing across the walls like a mass of termites.

The walls stopped most of the monsters, but to certain species and High-Grade monsters, the walls were the same as flat ground. As a result, even the Warriors were engaged in fierce battles.

Low-Grade monsters that managed to scale the wall were killed instantly. The buffs applied by the class change statues combined with an equipment advantage allowed even ordinary soldiers to beat them in single combat easily.

Standard-Grade monsters were harder but only required a few soldiers working together or at elite at the same level as the monster.

When a High-Grade monster appeared, death would follow. They could kill a soldier in two hits and had the skills necessary to set up a combo. Unless the team fighting it had perfect coordination, it was hard to prevent someone from dying.

Every time a High-Grade monster climbed over the walls, Yu Kai rushed over to act as a tank. Unfortunately, there were too many monsters. Sometimes Yu Kai would arrive only to find several of his soldiers had already died.

Cheng Yang’s arrival was like a shot of adrenaline in the arm.

“The Lord has arrived! We’re saved!” When they saw him, every soldier gave their all, convinced that if they could hold on even a little longer, their lives could be saved.

A mighty roar swept across the walls as Warrior and Mages alike doubled their efforts.

Their hopes weren’t entirely unfounded. When he arrived, Cheng Yang saved a soldier that was desperately struggling against a Standard-Grade monster by killing it and the High-Grade monster that jumped onto the wall after the first monster died.

After that, Cheng Yang and Enlai began circling the walls. Enlai moved clockwise, and Cheng Yang moved counter-clockwise. Everywhere they moved, monsters died in droves.

With the High-Grade monsters taken care of, the walls finally showed their worth. No matter how many monsters battered it, the walls didn’t break. Unlike living creatures, structures didn’t take mandatory minimum damage, so unless an attack dealt more than ten damage, it wouldn’t even leave a scratch.

Only a few monsters in every hundred could decrease the walls Health, so destroyed it was a futile effort even with their numbers.

As he traveled around the wall, Cheng Yang used Petal Blizzard to kill the nearby monsters. If any survived, he would leave them to the nearby soldiers before moving on.

A few minutes into his first loop, he finally fought on the same wall segment as Yu Kai.

“How bad was it before I got here?” Cheng Yang asked. “I’ve seen too many corpses.”

“It was pretty bad.” Yu Kai admitted. “There are at least a hundred casualties, and even with you here, we can’t prevent more from happening.”

Yu Kai sadly fired an arrow into the seemingly endless sea of monsters.

“If the fight keeps going, everyone is going to get worn out, casualties will increase, and we’ll have to retreat to the first ring of walls or risk holes appearing in our formation.”

“Go to the Alchemy Tower.” Cheng Yang ordered him, “Use the money I lent you for training to buy as many Health and Mana Recovery potions as you can. Don’t forget a Spacial Ring to help you transport them.”

Yu Kai left as soon as Cheng Yang finished speaking. He had ordered his soldiers to do the same thing at the start of the battle, but there weren’t enough potions to last. Now that he had authorization, he could use Cheng Yang’s personal funds to supplement the soldiers’ supplies.

Cheng Yang continued fighting after Yu Kai left. It wouldn’t matter how many potions his friend brought back if the soldiers were all dead. As such, he focused on minimizing any damage to personnel.

One after another, Cheng Yang endlessly fired his skills into the monster hordes. Petal Blizzard cleared out large numbers of weaker monsters, and Icicle Blast was used to one-shot High-Grade ones. Although he had other skills as well, they weren’t nearly as useful in this situation.

“Thank you, my Lord.” Cheng Yang didn’t know how many times he heard that phrase. Everywhere he went, he saved at least one person from the clutches of death.

He didn’t recognize any of them, but that hardly mattered. What did was that these soldiers couldn’t die here. They were still immature and needed his protection to grow; otherwise, who would be there to help the village in the future?

Humanity still needed them to fight!

Two minutes later, Cheng Yang and Enlai were reunited. Cheng Yang had only covered a third of the wall while the white tiger had traversed the rest. It wasn’t that Cheng Yang was slacking, there just wasn’t a way for his speed and momentum to match up to Enlai’s.

However, if you considered the number of monsters killed instead of the distance traveled, their roles were reversed. Cheng Yang killed at least thirty monsters with every use of Petal Blizzard. It was a killing efficiency Enlai couldn’t reproduce.

When Yu Kai returned, he ran around the wall, passing out potions to anyone that needed them.

With the help of the potions, the soldiers fought on.

As the battle progressed, Yu Kai’s prediction came true. Despite his best efforts, Cheng Yang couldn’t prevent the soldiers from dying.

These deaths hurt more than any Cheng Yang had ever experienced. He’d watched countless people die in his past life. Both soldiers and civilians alike.

However, he had been powerless back then. This time, he thought he could change things. With the power he had, power that only a few people had at the very end of his previous life, Cheng Yang thought he could prevent his people from suffering. He had thought nothing could stop him.

Reality harshly slapped that notion out of him. He had been brash and overconfident to think he could stand against tens of thousands of monsters alone. A single person couldn’t stop the flow of a river.

In his previous life, Cheng Yang called the Lord of Phoenix Village incompetent for letting his people die. He had thought the gods gave the Lords authority and power so that they could protect their citizens.

Now he knew that it wasn’t enough.

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