Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 164 | Meeting the Enemy

For the time being, Cheng Yang didn’t think about the reason behind the monster siege. He needed to focus on killing monsters.

At the same time, he couldn’t help but curse the person that caused this in his heart. If this wasn’t a natural monster siege, someone was going to pay!

“Yu Kai, stay here and handle the southern area. I’ll handle the rest with Enlai.” Cheng Yang ordered, the next time their paths crossed. Once he’d finished handing out potions, Yu Kai had immediately re-joined the fight.

Yu Kai knew this wasn’t the time to act like a hero, so he obediently stayed on his part of the wall.

At this point, Cheng Yang’s kill count had surpassed ten thousand. His previous choice to save most of the potions he refined was a fortunate one since he’d used enough of them during the battle to make his stomach bloat.

Even so, Cheng Yang was getting tired. Depleting one’s Mana was mentally exhausting, so even with an endless supply, it was impossible to fight without stopping. Not to mention the physical exertion of running around the entire time.

“My Lord, we need to do something about the walls. Their Health has been halved, and although they’ll last for a long time, they’ll break before the battle ends.” The Vice-Governor of Silkworm Mountain, Liu Chengen, reported.

He was right. Less than half the monsters remained, but the momentum of the soldiers had slowed to a crawl.

“That’s not our biggest problem.” Cheng Yang sighed as he looked at the mismatched piles of mushy meat at the foot of the wall. “If you can’t find a way to destroy those corpses, even ordinary monsters will climb over the walls with ease.”

It wasn’t uncommon for monsters to be several meters tall, so using their bodies as a stepping stone was easy.

“What should we do, my Lord? Would the Fox Hunting Battalion be able to clear them away if we covered for you?” Liu Chengen asked.

Cheng Yang shook his head firmly. The Fox Hunting Battalion was far too weak to survive the task. They were right in the middle of their growth phase, so Cheng Yang was hesitant to sacrifice them like this.

Even if they ultimately lost the territory, Cheng Yang refused to lose the people.

“Me and Little White will draw the attention of the monsters. When we do, focus your attacks on the corpses and try to destroy them. Also, have a Priest ride Enlai, so he doesn’t die.” Cheng Yang ordered before jumping off the fence.

Liu Chengen wanted to retort, but Cheng Yang was already gone. With a helpless sigh, he arranged for Cheng Yang’s ordered to be fulfilled.

When he hit the ground, Cheng Yang attracted the aggro of every monster within a hundred meters. He was a far more exciting and delicious target than a wooden fence, so they all rushed towards him.

However, compared to the total length of the fence, Cheng Yang only diverted the monsters’ attention around a tiny fraction. If he wanted his plan to work, he would need to play his role more thoroughly.

By relying on his extreme speed, Cheng Yang acted as bait for the monsters while simultaneously using Rupture Blaze’s knockback to clear corpses near the areas he passed.

It was unfortunate, but he was the only person here who knew the skill. The few others that knew the skill were all at Phoenix Village.

Otherwise, he would be able to use his Sacrificial Blood Cloud to speed up the process. Although it was a great skill, he hadn’t had a chance to use in during this battle. Although it would allow more people to fight High-Grade monsters, unless they had the speed to reach the affected areas in time, it was meaningless.

Piercing through the monsters like a sharp arrow, Cheng Yang allowed monsters far and wide to see him. Soon enough, the number following him was in the thousands. The only ones that could resist chasing him were those that knew they could get over the walls.

Cheng Yang’s actions killed two birds with one stone. It gave the soldiers an opening to destroy the corpses, and also stopped the monsters from decreasing the Health of the walls.

The horde chasing him covered an area of a few hundred square meters. In comparison, Cheng Yang seemed infinitely small. However, the fact that he was still there proved how strong he was.

Enlai was having a much more difficult time. Cheng Yang was small enough to dodge attacks and weave through his opponents, but Enlai could only face them head-on. Anything that came close was crushed to death.

Thanks to the Priest on his back, Enlai could fight in an unrestrained manner. The only thing he needed to be conscious of was letting his lifeline get hit.

Maybe monsters hated Ascendants for being blessed by the heavens, but wherever Enlai went, every monster rushed towards him with intent to kill. Even the ones that could climb the walls.

Since there weren’t any monsters attacking the walls, the soldiers were able to destroy the corpses quickly enough to help Enlai afterward.

Since the white tiger stayed within thirty meters of the wall, it was easy for the soldiers to fire attacks into the horde chasing Enlai. In this way, Enlai was more effective as bait than Cheng Yang.

With Cheng Yang and Enlai supporting the east and west, the pressure on the north side of the wall was increased.

No one could fight a High-Grade monster head-on, so they relied on their numbers and the Priests’ help to defeat them.

Unfortunately, the number of Priests had always been a weakness of the army. As a result, it was impossible for there not to be casualties.

If Cheng Yang wanted to increase the number of Priests under his control, he would need to rely on luck for another to drop from the Blood-Soaked Cathedral.

To alleviate the problem, Liu Chengen pooled the soldiers’ earnings from the battle to buy more potions. Although using everyone’s savings would damage the village’s foundation, it is better than everyone dying.

The soldiers from the east area of the wall also moved to support the north after they finished clearing the corpses.

Cheng Yang and Enlai focused on culling the hordes chasing them after the corpses were cleared. The stress and fatigue were catching up to Cheng Yang, but he forced himself to keep going. If the ordinary soldiers could keep fighting, so could he!

Once he was done, Cheng Yang moved to the north while Enlai went south.

At this point, the end of the battle was in sight. With the appearance of reinforcements, the north improved, and the number of monsters was dwindling. Moreover, the last high-grade monster was already dead, so only the dregs remained.

Ten minutes later, the last monster fell. Nothing was left but a dense layer of blood and flesh coating the walls and everything around them.

In the distance, recently spawned monsters could be seen rushing towards the battlefield, but the walls would be more than enough to hold them while the soldiers rested.

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