Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 169 | Subclass

“How are you going to deal with the cube?” Yu Kai asked.

“I plan to take it to the villages near Yicheng.” Cheng Yang said, “They can’t benefit from the services Phoenix Village provides, so the cube will be beneficial for their development.”

“But their combat prowess is too low. Even if they used it on a small area, they would be overwhelmed! Even with both of us here, Silkworm Mountain was nearly destroyed, so what can they do?”

“That’s just a long term plan. I can’t visit the Yicheng area until I settle the issues here.” cheng Yang replied. “So, I’ll find a way for them to withstand the monsters later.”

Since there was nothing left for Yu Kai to say, he left. When he did, Cheng Yang went to clear the Sky God’s Island instance dungeon. He wanted Yu Kai to come with him, but the threat of another attack from Dong Shizou’s master stopped him. Although his luck was a little better, he only got a single piece of Green Bronze equipment.

Right before Cheng Yang left, he noticed a chest towards the back of the room. He ran over, trying to suppress the excitement in his heart, lest it was another shitty piece of equipment.

When he opened the chest, Cheng Yang found another Warrior Statue Lifting Stone, an item from the rare loot table! Maybe all that lousy luck before was paying off now since the chance of getting a reward like this was one in a million.

Although it was a great drop, Cheng Yang wasn’t sure what to do with it. If he could, he would increase the number of Warriors again, but he wasn’t sure if it was possible. He hadn’t heard about someone getting two Statue Lifting Stones for the same class, so there was no way to know.

Cheng Yang stored the Staute Lifting Stone in his ring, then left the instance. Then, he retrieved the training cube. Although he didn’t have a use for it at the moment, it was too dangerous to leave it since Silkworm Mountain had been compromised. Worse than having it stolen, if another hostile individual infiltrated the village and activated it, the tragedy from the day before would repeat itself.

There were three villages in the Cloud City area, all of which were compromised. Therefore, only Phoenix Village, which had the Imperial Guard was a safe place to store the training cube. However, it also needed it the least. So, Cheng Yang planned to send it to Joyous River Village.

It was the only village where a full-scale attack was improbable since any attacking force would have to walk through the East half of Cloud City first. It would also be easy to send soldiers from Phoenix Village to help withstand the monster siege caused by the cube’s use.

Back in Phoenix Village, Cheng Yang used the Statue Lifting Stone on the Warrior statue. When he did, the option to increase the number of slots was still available!

It was great news, but Cheng Yang still felt a little disappointed. Although you could enhance a statue’s attribute multiple times, what were the chances of getting another Statue Lifting Stone after this? Even if the result would be fantastic, it only hurt to know it was out of reach.

Since the Statue Lifting Stone had already been used, Cheng Yang needed to make a choice. Although he originally wanted to increase the number of slots, Cheng Yang chose to increase the Physical Defense of the Warriors instead.

The bonus immediately doubled. With this, Low-Grade Warriors had a Physical Defense so high most Low-Grade monsters would only be able to deal a single point of damage.

Cheng Yang took a moment to admire the statue’s system pane.

Warrior Totem
Phoenix Village


  • Spirit of the Undying (Low-Grade): Increase HP by 17% | Cost: 20,000 | Time: 10 days
  • Widened Mana Circuit (Low-Grade): Increase Mana by 17% | Cost: 20,000 | Time: 10 days
  • Steel Tendons (Low-Grade): Increase Magic Attack by 17% | Cost: 20,000 | Time: 10 days
  • Iron Flesh (Low-Grade): Increase Physical Defense by 34% | Cost: 20,000 | Time: 10 days
  • Mithril Mind (Low-Grade): Increase Magic Defense by 17% | Cost: 20,000 | Time: 10 days


  • Charge (Low-Grade): An attack skill that inflicts a stun effect | Cost: 200 | Requirements: Standard-Grade Apprentice
  • Stone Skin (Standard-Grade): A passive skill that increases Health, Magical Defense, and Physical Defense | Cost: 600 | Requirements: Pinnacle-Grade Apprentice


  • Battle Master (1/1)
  • Assassin
  • Knight
  • Sentinel

Upgrade Conditions

  • Fill all available slots
  • Finish all new research
  • Have 500 High-Grade Warriors

After leveling up a fifth time, the class change statue had become a Class Change Totem. The most significant difference between the two was the availability of subclasses.

Usually, a person wouldn’t get a subclass until they reached the Low-Grade Scholar level, and they couldn’t use the Meditation skill to train until they got one once they reached that level. However, it wouldn’t happen automatically. If the class change statue they used hadn’t become a Totem yet, it was impossible. Since the key to human evolutions were skills and classes, the gods would naturally restrict access to better ones.

This was because growth factors would come into play after obtaining a subclass. Each subclass had a different attribute distribution, which represented their specialization.

Thankfully, upgrading a Statue to a Totem was easy. It just needed money and time. Reaching the next stage was far more difficult since you needed to have a certain number of high-level individuals for each class.

The conditions were more lenient than the ones for leveling up the territory but not by much.

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