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Doomsday Lord Ch. 170 | Use

The number of subclasses each Totem had wasn’t the same. The Warrior Totem had three, but the Mage Totem had four: Geomancer, Pyromancer, Hydromancer, and Anemancer. The Ranger Totem allowed a person to become either a Rogue, Hunter, or Scout, and the Summoner Totem had two subclasses: Druid and Necromancer.

Each subclass had its strength and weaknesses, but none were worse overall than the others. Instead, it was a person’s effort and compatibility that determined how far a subclass would go.

Although the four primary classes now had Totems, none of them had finished Totem level research yet since it took ten days. It would take nearly two months and a hundred thousand Experience Fragments to fulfill the research upgrade condition.

Ironically, this made research the bottleneck for leveling up the Totems since it would only take one month to amass five hundred High-Grade Apprentices in each class. For most territories, it would take three months just to accumulate the necessary Experience Fragments.

For Cheng Yang and his villages, if it could be solved with money, it wasn’t a problem. Cheng Yang ran a very profitable scalping business, a Bank, and an instance dungeon within the bounds of Pheonix Village. Just this would solve any money issues they had, but he recently acquired the Imitation Imperial Training Cube as well.

At the moment, Cheng Yang was marching towards Joyous River Village with all three battalions stationed in Phoenix Village. Cheng Yang also brought Chu Yiling and Chu Qiang since they were a part of his personal guard.

The defense of Pheonix Village was left to the absurdly overpowered Imperial Guard members and the dozens of newly formed Adventurers groups. Although the Adventurers were inexperienced, their stats were far higher than a typical Low-Grade Apprentice, so in an emergency, they’d be able to support the Imperial Guard.

Phoenix Village also had the three Elite Imperial Guards as a trump card. So long as they were there, Cheng Yang could walk around the Cloud City area without fear that Phoenix Village would be destroyed when he got back.

It only took an hour for Cheng Yang’s army to reach Joyous River Village thanks to their clean marching order.

While on their way there, Cheng Yang explained the goal of the journey to his Generals. He told them the usage of the training cube as well as the best strategy for dealing with the resulting monster siege.

When they heard about the benefits they could gain from just standing on the village’s walls, they were ecstatic. Although Old Lee was also excited for his soldiers’ sake, he was somewhat disappointed since he was a melee fighter and wouldn’t benefit as much.

The Joyous River Village walls were the same size as those surrounding Silkworm Mountain. Thus, monsters would have just as easy a time getting over. Although Cheng Yang had the chance to upgrade the walls before initiating a monster siege, he decided not to since it would inhibit the village’s growth afterward.

This time, even without taller, stronger walls, Cheng Yang refused to let his soldiers die in droves again. That’s why he brought over several thousand extra defenders and invested tens of thousands in supplying those soldiers with potions.

Once the soldiers were in position, Cheng Yang took out the training cube. After some reflection, he used forty-five thousand.

Why forty-five thousand? Because that would attract every monster within twelve kilometers. Since Joyous River Village was more developed than Silkworm Mountain, the extra couple kilometers should mean the resulting monster siege would have the same strength.

It might be a little stronger, but he was far better prepared this time.

Once the Experience Fragments entered the cube, it began to glow. Then, suddenly, a pulse rippled out from it. At the same time, a collection of low roars could be heard from the surrounding areas.

A few minutes later, the first few scattered groups of monsters appeared at the edge of the forest. Of the first wave, only one in a thousand weren’t Low-Grade monsters.

The first line of defense this time wasn’t the ranged Professionals, but the melee fighters. All of the Warriors were standing outside the walls with ropes ready to pull them back up. This was so that they could gain some Experience Fragments before the area outside the wall became too dangerous.

The Warriors fought in groups of three with one soldier blocking attacks while the other two attacked. The formation allowed them to kill Low-Grade monsters in a single round of combat.

The various battalions under Cheng Yang’s control usually didn’t interact much. So this was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate their skills and show off. It was also an excellent opportunity for the Generals to show why they had the privileges granted by their position.

Liu Hau and Old Lee stood out on the battlefield of otherwise ordinary Warriors. Both were High-Grade Apprentices capable of instantly killing every monster that came their way.

Between the two of them, Liu Hau drew more attention. His fighting style was beautiful, thanks to immaculate dodging skills, incredible speed, and dual swords. For those who hadn’t seen him fight before, it was eye-opening. Most of them believed a Warrior could only rely on their defense and brute strength to win a fight, but Liu Hau proved they could focus on speed as well.

For the first fifteen minutes, the Warriors were able to kill everything that came their way easily. As time went on, however, the number of monsters started to increase rapidly. Additionally, monsters will long-range skills would appear occasionally.

“Begin retreat! Return to the walls!” Cheng Yang ordered. At the same time, dozens of messengers relayed his orders.

The Warriors made a quick retreat up the ropes while the Summoner’s wolves covered them. A retreat made easier by the fact that any new monsters had to stumble through the maze of corpses left behind by the earlier fighting.

The most eye-catching area of the battle was where Zhao Chuan’s dire wolf was tearing through every nearby monster. Thanks to his Special Innate Ability, both it and the other summoned creatures around it were strengthed while the monsters they fought were weakened.

“Ranged attackers! Shoot!” At the same moment, every Ranger and Mage on the walls fired an attack at the oncoming monsters. With their help, the Warriors were able to make a clean escape.

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