Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 171 | Military Formation

If this were a war between humans, the attackers would never have made such a hasty and careless offensive. However, these were monsters. They weren’t intelligent beings.

The cube was irresistible to them, so there was only one thought in their minds, even if they couldn’t fulfill it: attack the area and kill everyone you meet.

The fighting was so intense that it only took a few minutes for twenty thousand monsters to lose their lives. It made the entire area stink of blood and death.

It was at that time that the last few Warriors climbed up onto the walls. There were tens of thousands of monsters on the Horizon, so even if they were confident in their strength, staying on the ground was suicidal. Simultaneously, the Summoners and Priests moved off the walls to make room for the Warriors.

When the dense wave of monsters was forty meters away, the battle started in earnest once more.

All of the Warriors had scaled the wall, but the summoned wolves were still guarding the wall from forty meters away.

When the two forces clashed, the wolves barely caused a ripple before they were torn into shreds of furry meat and returned to dust.

Compared to the previous loose gathering of monsters, this new wave was a real threat. Standard-Grade monsters were everywhere, and High-Grade monsters could be seen almost as commonly. There was even a Pinnacle-Grade monster towards the back.

Once the monsters were in range, the Mages and Rangers began firing. They attacked without even bothering to aim since it was impossible to miss with so many monsters present.

As the monsters charged across the last thirty meters before the wall, hundreds died.

Moments later, the wave crashed against the wall, and the fighting began in earnest, and the monsters that could scale the walls attacked the defenders.

The Priests were frantically rushing around, healing anyone the moment they saw an injury. The Summoners, on the other hand, conjured new wolves on the ground once their cooldowns were over. As a result, monsters were lured off the wall thanks to the wolves’ inherent aggro abilities.

The walls weren’t spacious enough for all the soldiers, even without the Summoners and Priests. So, the Warriors split themselves between the Walls and the ground on the village side. Those on the wall focused on defending the ranged Professionals while those on the ground killed the monsters drawn off the walls by the Summoners.

The most immediate threats to ordinary soldiers, the High-Grade monsters, were dealt with before they could attack anyone. Since their size made them stand out, it was easy for Cheng Yang, Enlai, or the generals to intercept and kill them.

Enlai circled the wall without staying in one place, but the others guarded a single wall area. Liu Hau protected the north while Old Lee protected the south. Both Cheng Yang and Zhao Chuan defended the east, and the west was left to the ordinary soldiers. With them around, the regular soldiers could fight without fear.

The defense was asymmetrically distributed due to the way the village’s soldiers had focused their hunting efforts. Since Cloud City was to the west, the area had been entirely cleared to make travel easier. As a result, there were hardly any monsters, must less High-Grade ones.

The east, on the other hand, was facing the endless wilderness. As a result, there was even a Pinnacle-Grade monster among the tens of thousands attacking the walls.

Thus, not only was Cheng Yang personally defending that area, Zhao Chuan had been deployed as well to suppress the monsters with his wolf’s aura.

Thanks to their efforts, no matter how many monsters attacked, they couldn’t break through. Even when some flying monsters appeared, they were slaughtered.

Although there were a few scattered casualties, they could be counted on one hand. The battle wasn’t a suspenseful one. No one doubted their victory.

Over time, the initial monster siege ended. The ground was covered in smashed corpses, making it hard to guess the exact number of monsters that died, but it was easily a hundred thousand. It was enough for every soldier to gain a few dozen Experience Fragments.

For them to have gained so much in just twenty minutes made everyone happy. Not to mention that if they continued to stand guard, they could earn twice that amount by this time tomorrow.

Unfortunately for them, Cheng Yang had no plans to let the soldiers stay. There was no need since the Joyous River Village soldiers were capable of handling the stragglers.

Since only a hundred or so monsters were attacking at a time, Cheng Yang ordered the soldiers under Liu Hau’s command to clean up the battlefield.

Their main task was to gather the materials they could from the monster’s corpses. The meat could be used as food, the skin processed into leather, the bones carved into weapons, and a rare few had parts that could be used for Alchemy.

The parts the village didn’t need were left to rot. Before the apocalypse, this would have been a horrible decision, but one of the few benefits of this new world was that disease wouldn’t spread through filth anymore. No matter how long a corpse was left out, it would never cause a pandemic.

“Koko,” After dealing with the monster siege, Cheng Yang needed to discuss something with Liu Hau, “When the effects of the cube wear off, put another twenty thousand Experience Fragments in. You can either use your funds or gather them from the soldiers. Either way, get the most out of this since I’m going to take it to the Yicheng area the next time I visit.”

“How many days will we get to keep it, my Lord?” Liu Hau asked with a smug grin. The training cube was a fantastic item, and he’d stolen it from under the nose of his rival.

“Not long.” Cheng Yang replied with a knowing laugh. “Joyous River village already has too many advantages, so the others will get mad if I let you monopolize the training cube as well.”

The road between Phoenix Village and Joyous River Village allowed Liu Hau’s soldiers to access the Bank as well as the upgraded shops. This allowed the soldiers from Joyous River Village to progress much faster than those from Silkworm Mountain.

“How is your battalion developing? Cheng Yang asked casually.

“Decently. Most people are close to reaching the Private Third Class rank, but it will be a while before we can consolidate the various Armies.”

Currently, the only way to organize groups of soldiers was into Armies officially. Until the requirements were met, there wouldn’t be a way to make larger groups than a Low-Grade Army.

One requirement was learning special group skills called Military Formations. There were four Military Formations available to Low-Grade Armies: the Square, which increased damage and defense by 5%. The Circle increased defense by 10%, the Spare Array, which increased Attack Speed by 10%, and the Series Matrix, which increased damage by 10%.

Compared to the passive buffs provided by class change statue research, Military Formations were rather lackluster since they required impeccable coordination. However, these were the lowest level of Military Formations. The ones for a Pinnacle-Grade Army were much more formidable.

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