Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 173 | Undine’s Tear

Cheng Yang took another look at the listing and noticed there were only four hours before the auction ended. In addition, no one had made a bid yet.

Maybe it was because an item like this wasn’t supposed to be on the market yet, so no one was willing to take a risk? Three hundred thousand was a price only a few people could afford, so it wasn’t a surprise. However, since the Statue Lifting Stone was here, that meant the future changed again. What if the item he wanted wasn’t here?

Although the cheap Statue Lifting Stone couldn’t beat the item Cheng Yang hoped to purchase, it would still be a good thing to have.

Putting that aside for now, since there was still time, Cheng Yang typed something into the Auction House search bar: Undine’s Tear.

In an instant, the sea of listing was reduced to just one. Thankfully, it was still here.

Undine’s Tears are magical gems capable of granting someone immunity to fire and high temperatures within a five-meter area. Its blue surface is also cold enough to act as primitive climate control in the summer.

Right now, it had a flat price of one hundred thousand Experience Fragments. Truthfully, in five months, this would be considered overpriced. Undine’s Tears dropped in dungeons, and four months from now, a mine would be discovered in Peru. However, two months from now, they would sell for fifty times this price because they had an irreplaceable use.

But, what was the idiot that listed this thinking? Unlike items related to the territories, Undine’s Tear clearly stated its usage. The seller must really need money for them to do something like this.

Cheng Yang brushed those thoughts aside, then clicked the purchase button.

A few minutes later, the Tavern’s manager brought the Undine’s Tear out to him. Usually, this would be a job for the waitstaff, but Cheng Yang was a special customer. Ten percent of his profits went to the Tavern, so how could they treat him poorly?

When he held the gem, Cheng Yang felt a refreshing cold feeling wash over his body. With a smile, he stored it in his ring and left to prepare for his next move.

He had something planned that would require more storage space than he currently had, so he visited the Grocery.

He had two options, use ninety thousand Experience Fragments to upgrade his current Spatial Ring into a Standard-Grade on with ten cubic meters of space, or buy some new ones for ten thousand each.

As much as he wanted an upgraded ring, Cheng Yang chose to buy five new rings. After all, once he was done with them, his generals could use them.

Once he bought the new rings, he spent nearly ten thousand Experience Fragments filling them to the brim with potions.

Once everything was prepared, Cheng Yang visited Zhao Chuan to borrow some of his subordinates. He needed six in total, all at the Standard-Grade level, three Rangers, two Mages, and a Priest.

After getting the names of the people he needed, Cheng Yang gave Zhao Chuan half a million Experience Fragments and instructed him to purchase the Mage Statue Lifting Stone right before the auction ended. Although he only needed three hundred thousand, Cheng Yang gave him some extra just to be safe.

Then, Cheng Yang gathered the soldiers he needed and headed towards Cloud City.

Once they reached the Southern Bridge, Cheng Yang stopped and turned north. They continued walking, and after six kilometers, they entered unexplored wilderness.

Since there were only seven of them in uncharted lands, the soldiers were cautious and on guard. Cheng Yang, on the other hand, was quite relaxed.

Even if he were alone, Cheng Yang would be confident in keeping the group safe, but the meek white kitten in his arms guaranteed no harm would befall them.

Although he usually rode Enlai around, they recently learned that it was better for him to sleep when he had the time. That allowed him to grow faster than expending his energy. As such, Cheng Yang had become Enlai’s steed. Their roles had been completely reversed.

Once they walked another kilometer or so, Cheng Yang distributed the Spatial Rings he had, including his own, to the six soldiers. Then, he used his Sacrificial Blood Cloud skill on all but the Priest.

Even if they ran into a few hundred monsters, the team would instantly wipe them out. If the horde was on the larger side, all they had to do was kite the monsters with their superior speed. With their strength and experience, exploring new areas was similar to taking a stroll in the park.

This was also an excellent opportunity for the soldiers since they could earn quite a bit while under the effects of Sacrificial Blood Cloud.

The further they went, the stronger the monsters they encountered. It was similar to the first time Cheng Yang visited Yicheng. This time, however, there weren’t any problems, thanks to the elite soldiers. With Enlai’s help, nothing aside from a Pinnacle-Grade Mature monster could threaten them.

Half an hour later, Cheng Yang finally stopped.

“My Lord, have we reached our destination?” One of the Rangers, Jiang Yang, asked. He was a squadron leader with an A-Rank Innate Ability.

He wasn’t the only curious one. The others were just as confused. Even so, they trusted their Lord wholeheartedly and followed him without complaints.

“Almost, we’re headed over there.” Cheng Yang said while pointing towards the foot of a steep hill.

They kept walking and quickly reached the hill. It wasn’t very tall, but it was so steep a cliff had formed in the area they stopped.

To the soldiers, there was nothing out of the ordinary here. Even so, Cheng Yang was staring intently at the cliff face.

“My Lord, is there something special here?” Wang Yuan, a Mage, asked.

The cliff seemed quite ordinary, even to Cheng Yang. The only thing out of place was the lack of trees in the few dozen square meters surrounding it.

Cheng Yang checked his watch: 11:00.

“We’re just a little early.” He muttered anxiously. Too many things had been changing recently.

The soldiers all knew about Cheng Yang’s supposed precognitive abilities, so they decided to wait patiently for something to happen.

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