Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 176 | Boss Battle

“Just five.” Cheng Yang said grimly. “Let’s take a break. We’ll need to be in peak condition.”

“Cheng Yang sat down on the ground and closed his eyes. With the Meditation skill’s help, Cheng Yang did his best to erase the fatigue of fighting for hours on end.

The upcoming fight would be the last one before conquering the dungeon. It would also be the most dangerous battle Cheng Yang would fight up to this point.

The first obstacle was a quartet of Elite Arshi Tengri. Alone, fighting those four would be enough to push the group to the brink of death. However, they were far from the real threat.

The fifth monster that would spawn was Yagni, the Primordial Flame, a Low-Grade Mature Boss monster. Within the unconquered Magma Wastes, it was a level higher. Yagni was the ruler of all fire elementals and thoroughly outclassed the Boss in the Nightmare Difficulty Blood-Soaked Cathedral.

Moreover, there wasn’t a way to use the terrain to their advantage. Worse still, Yagni could use the environment against them. Its size was big enough to throw waves of lava onto the island, and it was smart enough to hide under the surface if it noticed a strong attack incoming.

Finally, everyone needed to stay within five meters of each other. Otherwise, they’d take constant damage from the heat.

If Cheng Yang had his Elite Imperial Gaurd members with him, there would be nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, he was stuck with five inexperienced soldiers while in a weakened state thanks to his Sacrificial Blood Cloud skill.

It was a thoroughly disadvantageous situation, but Cheng Yang had already made preparations for this battle. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have dared to enter the Magma Wastes.

Once everyone had recuperated, the group walked out to the island in the middle of the lake. Once they arrived, Cheng Yang rushed them into the island’s center, the only location safe from environmental hazards.

At the same time, four oversized Arshi Tengri burst out from underneath the lake’s surface. Further out, a wake formed as something massive moved through the water. Moments later, an enormous cross between a whale and a tiger burst from the lava, splattering the hot liquid everywhere.

“Focus the Arshi Tengri on the left! Wang Yuan, focus on the Arshi Tengri to the right! Everyone else, the one on the left.” Cheng Yang roared while firing at the same monster as Wang Yuan. “Once they’re dead, focus on the big one!”

The barrage of attacks instantly killed the Arshi Tengri to the left. The one on the right survived, but was quickly killed by Enlai who had braved the heat to finish it off.

While charging another spell, Cheng Yang retrieved the Bone Gnawing Bead from his ring. The newly summoned ants swarmed towards an Arshi Tengri Enlai had dragged into the safe zone created by Undine’s tear.

The monster desperately smashed the oncoming ants, but it couldn’t prevent its impending death.

By the time Yagni pulled itself onto the island, three of its subordinates were dead. Even so, the pressure Yagni exerted on the group was enormous. It was easily ten meters tall and thirty meters long. Not to mention, the intense heat it gave off could be felt even through Undine’s Tear.

Before it could make a move, Cheng Yang finished casting Hibernation Chill. It didn’t fully freeze the Boss, but its movements had slowed down considerably.

At the same time, Enlai and the remaining ants killed the last minion.

Until now, only seven seconds had passed.

“Heal Enlai!” Cheng Yang shouted while preparing to cast Icicle Blast.

Attacks peppered Yagni one after the other whittling away at the monster’s Health.

Once the Freeze effect wore off, Yagni charged towards the group at an unprecedented speed. Its enormous body allowed the monster to reach them near instantly. If Enlai weren’t there to block Yagni’s charge, there was no doubt in Cheng Yang’s mind that at least two of the soldiers would have died.

However, that allowed the Bone Gnawing Ants to climb onto Yagni’s body without the threat of either it’s or the environment’s heat.

Although Yagni had nearly ten thousand Health and thirty points of Physical Defense, it was helpless in front of the Bone Gnawing Ants.

Ironically, Yagni’s greatest strength, it’s size, would be its downfall. No matter what it did, it couldn’t seem to hurt the ants. Even so, it did its best to kill them.

Enlai took this opportunity to jump onto the monster and tear at its neck. Fang and claw tore through Yagni’s flesh, causing boiling blood to flow freely.

Yagni had enough intelligence to feel fear, and right now, it was terrified. It was losing hundreds of Health every second, so even though it was receiving attacks from all sides, it was entirely focused on killing the ants covering its body.

Once its Health passed the halfway mark, Yagni roared with anger and then kicked off the ground in a mighty leap. Its body gracefully arced into the sky, before it dove directly into the lava lake.

The ants were cooked to death in an instant, and, although Enlai had jumped off before Yagni landed in the lava, he was smashed by a tidal wave of molten rock.

The white tiger’s fur turned to ash, and his flesh was burned down to the bone in some areas. If the Priest hadn’t kept Enlai at full Health throughout the fight, he would have been killed by that haphazard attack.

Thankfully, the wave didn’t reach the middle of the island, so Cheng Yang and the soldiers were safe. In his past life, dozens of people were melted into a burnt paste by that “attack,” so even though it didn’t hit him, Cheng Yang was covered in a cold sweat.

Even without the Bone Gnawing Ants, it was still possible to win this fight.

While the Priest healed Enlai, Cheng Yang rushed to the front to act as a makeshift tank. His Health and Physical Defense were just high enough to prevent him from getting killed in one hit, which would allow him to survive using potions for a few seconds.

By then, Enlai would be able to return to the front lines.

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