Announcement: My Absence

Hi everyone, I’m really sorry I mass ghosted ya’ll. Stuff just got bad for me near the end of the summer wrt personal relationships. Then the semester started and that got me even more behind cause I don’t do well with online work.

And I stopped really viewing this as just a hobby a while ago, so getting behind like this felt like something I wasn’t allowed to do, and announcing a hiatus so I could focus on school felt like it would be even worse.

As I went further without updates I felt too ashamed to face ya’ll. A reader reached out to me and said people are worried, so I figure it was time to get over myself.

I don’t have a date when I know I’ll be able to get back to regular schedules, cause it looks like online school is going to last a while thanks to the US COVID-19 response.

However, my finals are next week, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to take some time once they’re done and try to set up a rhythm again.

I’m really sorry for abandoning everyone. Next time, even if it feels hard, I’m going to make sure to communicate with you.

4 replies on “Announcement: My Absence”

No worries dude, glad you’re okay. We’re all just grateful for the work you’ve put in so far. No need to pressure yourself due to us leechers, RL comes first. See you when we see you! 👍

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thankfully everything is okay with you! there have been too many losses this last year making people on edge when people disappear for a long period of time.

Good luck on your exams! and many of us also know how it is, online work is quite excusting! lets work hard on these exams and have some rest afterwords ❤

I have had a tab open for xmtl, so i greatful someone contacted you so that we could get this announcement 🙂


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