Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 183 | The King of Shadows

Old Lee promptly acknowledged Cheng Yang’s command. Although it was essential to create a comprehensive system, it wasn’t an easy task. After all, it would involve monitoring tens of thousands of Adventurers. However, so long as he could find some people with managerial experience, it wouldn’t take long.

“Old Lee, I want you to arrange for normal people to become farmers.” Cheng Yang said soon after. “Afterwards, have the soldiers clean up the monsters outside the wall so the Farmers can begin constructing their Farms. The sooner, the better.”
“What about the materials? If we use the wood in the village, I reckon we’ll need to delay construction of the wall again.” Old Lee said.

Surprisingly, Cheng Yang was calm and gave a straightforward reply: “It’s not important since when the number of Professionals in the territory increases, a non-negligible number will become Loggers, increasing our lumber output. As for the wall, it doesn’t matter if it’s construction is delayed a few days since I’m still far from reaching the Low-Grade Scholar level. However, the Farms need to be built outside the range we planned for the High-Grade Wall, so we won’t need to relocate them once that area is needed for residential purposes.”

“I understand,” Old Lee replied, “but I think the Farms ought to be built even further away. After all, Phoenix Village will be our capital in the future, and the population will be enormous. Before the apocalypse, it wouldn’t be a problem for 36 square kilometers of land to house a few million people. After all, at that time, a skyscraper could accommodate over a thousand people. However, the tallest buildings we have access to are the two-story Meditation Halls with a low residential density. Suppose we arrange for each family to live in a Meditation Hall. At most, the village would fit a few hundred thousand people.”

Cheng Yang stated: “That won’t be a problem. The Farms are more like ranches, so the Farmer’s won’t need to leave very often. As for the soldiers, they’ll spend most of their time outside the village anyway. So, in the future, the Inner and Outer Villages’ actual population won’t be that high. The land we have is barely enough.”

Since Cheng Yang was confident, Old Lee didn’t press the issue. The two continued to discuss for a period, but not too long later, Old Lee left to attend to his affairs.

Cheng Yang checked the time. It was only three in the afternoon. After pondering for a while, he left Phoenix Village and made a beeline for Silkworm Mountain.

Following the path, Cheng Yang passed the Cloud City safe zone. He saw that a crowd had gathered outside the barrier as if they had been blocked from entering. Unexpectedly, Cheng Yang knew why.

Yuan Jianzhe had taken similar actions when this happened in Cheng Yang’s previous life. After all, he had a powerful military force at his beck and call, and he could rally support from the other powerful factions in the safe zone. At that time, the number of Professionals in the safe zone had been in the tens of thousands. So, most of, if not all, of the citizens obeyed his orders.

Yuan Jianzhe’s actions were an understandable response to the sudden appearance of a large number of refugees. The safe zone didn’t have a physical barrier like the Wall Phoenix Village has, so nothing stopped the refugees from rushing into the safe zone in that split-second after the gods imparted onto them the knowledge of how to become a Professional.

The safe zone’s light screen barrier had a circumference of barely ten kilometers. As a result, in just that split second, two to three hundred thousand people had rushed into the safe zone because of their advantageous location near the edge of the barrier.

Their arrival caused chaos in the safe zone, and as more people rushed in, it only got worse.
When Yuan Jianzhe heard the news, the refugees had already permeated the majority of the safe zone.

Understandably, Yuan Jianzhe was incredibly perplexed as to where on Earth these people had burrowed out from. How did several hundred thousand people all appear so suddenly? However, when he became aware of the situation outside the barrier, he still didn’t know the actual number of people who hadn’t entered the safe zone yet. In an instant, the safe zone, which had had a semblance of order, descended into a state of unease and disorder.

Fortunately, Yuan Jianzhe was very decisive compared to most people. He knew that if he didn’t appear capable during this crisis, the old and new powers in the safe zone would suppress him. Perhaps in the future, the safe zone would be subjected to a terrible change in management.

Unfortunately, most of Yuan Jianzhe’s soldiers were busy killing monsters in the city. He was forced to inform the safe zone’s several militias as well as a few large regiments of mercenaries under his control using his fastest messengers. As expected, those groups reacted quickly. Immediately after arriving near the barrier, they temporarily blocked the refugees who hadn’t been able to enter the safe zone in time.

At the same time, Yuan Jianzhe sent more than ten thousand Professionals to manage the refugees and their integration into the safe zone. He could not let all those people charge into the safe zone in a disorderly manner. If the refugees incited a large-scale conflict and the original residents were to take part, it would be very troublesome.

But, this is almost a hundred thousand people we’re talking about. It’d impossible to say who will suppress whom. It’s hard to avoid bloodshed during a process like this, and sometimes one must employ violent methods.

It’s only natural that Yuan Jianzhe paid close attention to his orders. Contrary to expectations, he approved for every one of those people who were waiting to enter the safe zone within a few hours. If he hadn’t, because of the grudge both sides would bear, they may end up trying to drive the other out.

To pacify the refugees, Yuan Jianzhe would have to dedicate a lot of time. Then and only then would he be able to prevent these chaotic events from continuing. At that point, however, it would already be two days after the initial event.

Cheng Yang hadn’t paid any attention to the trivial details of the safe zone. Now, he looked forwards to Yuan Jianzhe, once again, being occupied by a few things. By the time Yuan Jianzhe was unoccupied, Cheng Yang would have already settled the subsidiary village’s affairs and would undoubtedly be able to resolve the matter of the safe zone slowly.

If the threat that Yuan Jianzhe represented couldn’t be thoroughly eliminated, Cheng Yang believed that he would probably be cornered. This certainly isn’t an outcome that Cheng Yang wants to see.

Ten minutes later, Cheng Yang had arrived at Silkworm Mountain.

Cheng Yang made a rough guess regarding the village’s state of affairs. Like Phoenix Village, the area surrounding Silkworm Mountain should be teaming with refugees sent there by the gods. However, there should be fewer as compared to Phoenix Village. Maybe only a hundred thousand or so people. Even so, the sudden appearance of a hundred thousand people would bring Yu Kai no small amount of pressure.

Fortunately, Yu Kai didn’t harbor the kinds of suspicions Zhao Chuan had. He thought the refugees were NPCs. After intimidating them with a show of military force, he let them enter the village bit by bit.

So when Cheng Yang arrived, he was the only person outside the wall.

Cheng Yang quickly entered the village. The gate guard recognized him, so he assigned someone to notify Yu Kai after greeting Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang did not stop this as he needed to see Yu Kai as soon as possible.

A few minutes later, Yu Kai ran over and called out: “My Lord, you came just in time! Earlier, a bunch of people showed up outside the wall, and I don’t know what to do. After questioning them, I learned that these people are survivors from cities and towns in the area, so I let them in. However, I don’t have a clue as to how I should handle them.”

Cheng Yang ran Yu Kai through his plan. It was simply to have the majority of the refugees become Farmers and have the rest go to the safe zone to perform class change ceremonies when the safe zone is stabilized.

Yu Kai didn’t have an opinion, but shortly after, he asked: “My Lord, did you come here just to talk about that?”

“Of course not. Didn’t we arrest someone two days ago? Did that guy have any unusual changes?”

Yu Kai let out a bitter laugh.

“It’s as if this guy accepted his fate. We locked him in a Meditation Hall and haven’t noticed anything unusual.”

“Let’s go and take a look.”

“It’ll be the same as before. Apart from eating and sleeping, that guy doesn’t do anything else.”

Cheng Yang chuckled.

“It seems that you’re busy out of your mind. I reckon you probably haven’t had the time to take a good look at your system pane since the gods changed their rules, right?”

“Oh?” Yu Kai was stunned. He quickly opened his system pane. What he saw gave him a pleasant surprise. It turned out that there was an additional reconnaissance skill!

If Yu Kai still couldn’t understand Cheng Yang’s intentions, he really ought to go look for the village missing its idiot.

“Lord, does everyone have this skill?” Yu Kai asked.

After getting an affirmation from Cheng Yang, Yu Kai smiled devilishly.

“Are you planning to use Identify to see that guy’s attributes? Hehe, considering the difference in strength between you and him, I reckon he won’t be able to hide a single thing?”

“I merely want to see if he was lying.” Cheng Yang neither confirmed nor denied it.

Yu-Kai couldn’t read between the lines of what Cheng Yang said. He thought Cheng Yang was spewing hot air, so he didn’t ask and led Cheng Yang towards the Meditation Hall where Dong Sizhou was being detained.

Soon afterward, they arrived outside the Meditation Hall. Two Professionals were still guarding the door. Both were core members of the Fox Hunting Battalion at the Standard-Grade Apprentice level. Otherwise, Yu-Kai, how could Yu Kai feel assured letting them guard that Dong Sizhuo?

“Did that guy have any abnormal behavior?” Yu Kai softly asked after drawing near

One of the guards hurried forward and said, “My Lord, Commander, that guy has constantly been fidgeting in there ever since the gods’ rules changed at noon. I don’t know what the hell is going on.”

Yu-Kai was baffled at first, but it quickly dawned on him.

“This guy might actually have a secret.” Yu Kai laughed with a mischievous smile. “I reckon he’s discovered the sudden appearance of the Identify skill by now. Hehe, He can’t sit still anymore! My Lord, what should we do now?”

Cheng Yang didn’t immediately answer. Rather, he walked in front of the Meditation Hall and asked another guard to open the door. After skillfully using Identify for the first time on Dong Sizhuo, Cheng Yang instantly perceived that guy’s attributes.

He was merely a Low-Grade Ranger. In Phoenix Village, he would be an average individual who couldn’t be a more ordinary Professional. That’s all. However, there was something that differentiated him from others. It laid with his Innate Abilities.

Innate Abilities

  • King of Shadows (Special Ability): As the King of Shadows you have access to the unique skill Erase Presence. The skill allows you to avoid detection by anything other than a unique skill within the same evolutionary stage or lower.
  • Receive 30% higher stat increase in the Movement Speed attribute when you level up


  • Erase Presence (Unique): Negate detection by all mundane and magical means | Cost: 20 MP | Duration: 10 minutes | Cooldown: 1 hour

That guy’s second Innate Ability was unimpressive, but the first one completely defied the world’s natural order! The skill it provided was challenging to deal with.

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