Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 186 | Unbridled

“Hey, you! Halt!”

Although Cheng Yang had changed back into his ordinary outfit, the guards hadn’t recognized who he was.

“Me?” Cheng Yang asked with a confident smile without stopping. “Why can’t I walk down this street?”

“Don’t you see where you are? Do you think any random cat or dog can walk over?” The guard sneered. “Now scram, or you won’t even know how you died.”

“Oh? Can you kill people in the safe zone again? I must have missed the announcement.” Cheng Yang laughed. “In that case, I’d like to know how you plan to kill me? Even if I stood still, someone like you isn’t enough.”

“Don’t blame me for this.” The guard said as he blew a whistle.

At that time, seven other guards rushed over from their positions.

They were all either Warriors or Summoners, so they had absolute confidence in beating a lone Mage. Attacks were useless here, but as long as they could overpower the other party, dragging them outside the barrier wasn’t impossible. Even if they didn’t do that, it was easy to starve a person to death without anyone knowing by locking them in one of the countless rooms in the city. Moreover, since attacks couldn’t deal damage, torture was actually possible in the safe zone.

In the eyes of the guards, Cheng Yang had become meat on the chopping block.

“Maybe if you kowtow a few times and beg for forgiveness, we’ll let you go with just a beating. Otherwise yo-“

Before the guard could finish speaking, he saw Cheng Yang rush towards him with blinding speed, and before he could even react, he found himself on the ground. All he could remember was a crispt smacking sound followed by burning pain.

“That slap is to teach you how to talk. If someone less forgiving heard you say something so inelegant, it wouldn’t have ended there.” Cheng Yang calmly returned to the middle of their encirclement.

“Fuck! Let’s take this guy outside the barrier and bury him alive!” At that moment, the guard let his emotions get the better of him and spoke without thinking.

Two of the other guards realized what had happened, but the others were already rushing Cheng Yang. They had always been able to act as tyrants within the safe zone, so why would they feel fear?

Right as they reached him, Cheng Yang slipped out of a gap like a wisp of smoke. Then, he delivered two swift kicks to the backs of the guards next to him.

With his status as a Pinnacle-Grade Apprentice, it wasn’t a problem for him to fling them several feet. Even if it were a direct contest of strength, he would be able to crush those Low-Grade Warriors.

After that, Cheng Yang knocked the rest down, one after another. With his speed, they weren’t even able to catch his shadow before kissing the ground.

Every time they tried to stand up, Cheng Yang would deliver a vicious punch to their heads. If it weren’t for the rules of the safe zone, they would have long since died. Only once all of them had either passed out or given up did he stop.

During this entire process, the other two guards nearby and the rest on the street turned a blind eye, lest Cheng Yang focus his attention on them next.

“Well? Have you learned your lesson?” Cheng Yang asked while squatting next to the original guard.

Although the safe zone’s unique nature healed his wounds, blood covered the guard’s face, and his teeth littered the ground. At that time, a single name popped into his mind. A name associated with the strongest human in Cloud City. A monstrous existence who could face an entire battalion on his own and win. Other than Cheng Yang, who else could beat him up so viciously?

Once he realized what was happening, the rage in his eyes began to mix with fear. Even if Cheng Yang decided to drag him out of the safe zone and murder him, who would dare to stand against him? Even Commander Yuan would turn a blind eye.

“Are you Cheng Yang?” He asked with a tentative and raspy voice.

When he saw Cheng Yang nod, he felt like his body had been submerged in ice.

“I’m going to ask you a question. If you answer truthfully, I’ll forget about this matter. I can’t guarantee you’ll survive lying.” Cheng Yang said calmly. “Where is Lu Chenguang?”

“Captain Lu is in her quarters right now.” The guard said while pointing a trembling finger towards one of the buildings. He wasn’t one of Lu Chenguang’s subordinates, so he didn’t hesitate to sell her out.

Cheng Yang didn’t care if the guard was lying since he could always follow up on his threat if he had. He turned around and walked towards Lu Chenguang’s house.

When Cheng Yang reached the door to Lu Chenguang’s villa, he loudly declared: “Cheng Yang, the Lord of Phoenix Village, has come to visit Captain Lu Chenguang.”

Less than thirty seconds later, the villa’s door opened to reveal several people, including Lu Chenguang.

“Greetings, Lord Cheng! When we last met, you were a loner, but now your title is grandiose. How domineering!” Lu Chengunag greeted Cheng Yang as if he were an old friend.

Cheng Yang gazed into her eyes and couldn’t find a hint of insincerity. The level of her acting was superb. It was at the level that Cheng Yang started to doubt that they were enemies.

“Captain Lu, I specially visited you today because I need you to do something for me. Can I come in?”

Of course! Since Lord Cheng thinks highly of me, I’ll have to treat you well. We can talk in the parlor.” Lu Chenguang laughed warmly as she led Cheng Yang inside.

If not for the memories from his previous life, Cheng Yang would believe her if Lu Chenguang claimed Tan Chao was setting her up.

Regardless, Cheng Yang subconsciously allowed Lu Chenguang to take the initiative to lead him to the parlor on the second floor.

Once Lu Chenguang was seated, Cheng Yang began talking.

“Captain Lu, I’m afraid I’ll need to trouble you to help me with something.”

“I’ll gladly help you anytime, Lord Cheng. In the future, there’s no need to visit someone as lowly as me personally. Just send a messenger, and I’ll do my best to support you.”

“I’m hoping you can help me find a person, specifically a child.” Cheng Yang ignored Lu Chenguang’s flattery. “His father’s name is Tan Chao. I have reason to believe you know where the child is.”

Cheng Yang carefully monitored Lu Chenguang’s reaction when he mentioned Tan Chao’s name, but there wasn’t so much as a ripple of emotion.

“Lord Cheng, I’ll do my best, but I’m afraid I may not accomplish this task in a short amount of time. There are thousands of children in the safe zone, and I don’t know anyone named Tan Chao, so I’ll ne-“

“Captain Lu, I didn’t come to request your help but to demand it. ” Cheng Yang checked his watch. “In an hour, I expect to see the child standing before me. Otherwise, I’ll beat you to a pulp.”

Lu Chenguang’s eyebrows twitched. Despite her attitude, Cheng Yang hadn’t given her any leeway.

“How dare you? Even if it’s you, when Captain Lu shows you so much respect, it’s basic courtesy to do the same!” The Professional behind Lu Chenguang shouted with a face full of anger.

“Does this man speak for you, Captain Lu?” Cheng Yang ignored the Professional and directly addressed Lu Chenguang.

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