Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 187 | Threaten

“Chi Cheng, Lord Cheng is my guest. Do you get a say in what he can and cannot do? Why haven’t you apologized yet?” Lu Chenguang turned her head and shouted.

“Captain…” The Professional had a look of reluctance on his face. He couldn’t understand why Lu Chenguang allowed Cheng Yang to disrespect her.


After seeing his captain’s cold face, Chi Cheng no longer dared to disobey.

“I’m sorry, Lord Cheng. I was out of line.”

“It’s nothing. I don’t mind.” Cheng Yang said. “Miss Lu, about what I asked…”

Lu Chenguang smiled.

“Lord Cheng, you’re a little forceful right now. I really don’t know anyone named Tan Chao.”

“You’re right, and I’m going to force the issue.” Cheng Yang snorted. Did Lu Chenguang think she had a way out of this?

Lu Chenguang finally frowned.

“Lord Cheng, I’m afraid this won’t work between us. I admit that you’re power is immense, but when compared to our numbers-“

“I’ve never heard that a group of sheep is capable of eating a dragon. What’s more, in my eyes, you aren’t even equivalent to sheep.” Cheng Yang said without waiting for her to finish.

“That…” Lu Chenguang didn’t expect Cheng Yang to give her so little face. If he’d arranged a private meeting, she wouldn’t be willing to force his hand, but every other power in the safe zone knew he’d visited. If she conceded so readily, it would ruin her image.

Cheng Yang glanced at his watch.

“The hour started six minutes ago. If I were you, I’d hurry up and fetch the child.”

Lu Chenguang’s mind turned to electricity as she thought about how to handle this.

Yesterday, the day after Yan Chao went to Silkworm Mountain, Lu Chenguang deemed Tan Chao either a dead man or a traitor, so she had his son moved somewhere else just in case. She was familiar with the kind of person Tan Chao was and knew that if he were given the opportunity, he’d betray her in a heartbeat if it meant getting his son back.

Since Cheng Yang was here asking for his son, that meant Tan Chao was captured and left alive long enough to betray her during an interrogation. As for whether he was still alive, that depended on Cheng Yang’s bottom line.

If Tan Chao was still alive, then Cheng Yang’s intentions were clear: he wanted to control Tan Chao just like she had. If Tan Chao was dead, there wasn’t a problem giving the child to Cheng Yang. Without Tan Chao, the child was worthless and certainly not something to offend Cheng Yang over.

Lu Chenguang took a deep breath.

“Lord Cheng, may I know why you’re looking for Tan Chao’s child?”

Cheng Yang was ready to reject the question, but then he thought about the consequences. His goal was to rescue Tan Chao’s son, not get revenge on Lu Chenguang. Although she owed him for the deaths caused in Silkworm Mountain, it was a minor incident. In Cheng Yang’s eyes, Tan Chao was more important, so if he were too forceful and made Lu Chenguang do something drastic, he would regret it.

After a moment of thought, Cheng Yang said: “I’m just fulfilling a promise made to a dead man. You should know who I’m talking about. Of course, if you force me to, I might as well ask Commander Yuan to listen to a few things that man said before he died.”

Lu Chenguang’s eyebrows twitched. What a blatant lie! When had that monster ever treated his enemies well? Either way, if Cheng Yang was planning to pull Yuan Jianzhe into this, she needed to reassess the situation.

Although Cheng Yang was powerful, she didn’t believe she would be helpless in front of him. Moreover, the safe zone’s numbers advantage was only growing. Soon even if they couldn’t defeat him, they could defend against him. As long as she was in the safe zone, Cheng Yang couldn’t hurt her.

Yuan Jianzhe was different. The other militia leaders would protest if she were dismissed from her position without reason, but if the secrets Tan Chao knew were revealed, they would clamor for her removal.

“That’s not necessary. Since it’s to comfort the dead, I’ll try my best to find the boy. As for whether I can, I can’t say for sure.”

Cheng Yang’s only response was to glance at his watch.

Lu Chenguang clearly understood the threat. Cheng Yang would only care about success or failure when the hour ended, not excuses. Fortunately, Tan Chao’s son was already in the building. It wouldn’t take more than a few minutes to bring him over.

“Lord Cheng, wait here for a while. I’ll go down to direct my subordinates and find the child as soon as possible.”

Lu Chenguang didn’t ask Cheng Yang to describe the child. At this point, they both knew she knew where he was, so there was no point in keeping up an act.

“Li Yushan.” Lu Chenguang called out to one of her subordinates. “Entertain Lord Cheng until the child is found.”

After that, she turned and left. Since it had come to this, she had no qualms handing Tan Chao’s son over. She had confirmed that Cheng Yang wanted to use him as a bargaining chip and that he wouldn’t needlessly spill her secrets. That was enough.

After she left, Li Yushan stayed in the room with Cheng Yang to drink tea and chat. She did her best to carry a conversation on her own since Cheng Yang was silent most of the time.

Less than half an hour later, Lu Chenguang returned with a child in her arms. Although Cheng Yang had never met Tan Chao’s son, there were enough similarities between the two that Cheng Yang recognized him.

“Lord Cheng, I was rather lucky today. I sent people out to search, and one of them found this little guy on the streets nearby. He was pretty miserable back then, so I brought him back for a quick bath and a change of clothes.” Lu Chenguang said with a joyful smile. “Xiao Yun, tell this uncle, do you like the clothes I gave you?”

“Like it.” The child was frightened by the strangers around him, but after hearing Lu Chenguang’s encouragement, he whispered his agreement.

Cheng Yang wasn’t sure why she bothered to put on an act at this point. I couldn’t be to prove to Cheng Yang that she found the child on the streets, so maybe she was trying to convince her subordinates?

Cheng Yang didn’t care about that at all. He just stood up, walked over to Lu Chenguang, and held out his arms to receive the child.

When he did, the Tan Yun flinched away from him and looked up at Lu Chenguang with fear.

“Don’t be afraid, Xiao Yun. This uncle is a good man. He’ll be taking care of you from now on.”

Tan Yun looked at Cheng Yang with a timid face, then after being transferred to his arms, looked back at Lu Chenguang with a sorrowful one.

Cheng Yang’s eyebrows twitched. Why did this feel like he was a child abductor? What kind of tricks had Lu Chenguang pulled to make her, the actual child abductor, seem like a hero in this kid’s eyes?

“Miss Lu, that’s all for today.” Cheng Yang said coldly before walking towards the villa’s gate.

As he did, he heard the crisp sound of boots on concrete. At the same time as he reached the gate to leave, Yuan Jianzhe walked in.

Yuan Jianzhe’s sudden visit startled Lu Chenguang. She was worried that Cheng Yang would take the opportunity to share her secrets. However, on the surface, she smiled as if nothing was amiss.

“Commander Yuan, sorry for not announcing my visit but every time I show up, I bother you to run here and there for me. It makes my heart uneasy about troubling you every time!”

“Lord Cheng, since you visited my city, as the owner and your friend, how could I not come to meet you. Wouldn’t it be rude if I hadn’t?” Yuan Jianzhe could tell that Cheng Yang was mocking his inability to control him, but he wasn’t someone so easily baited. “What matter brings you here today, Lord Cheng? If necessary, I can provide assistance.”

“It’s nothing. A friend of mine passed away and entrusted his child to me. Captain Lu already helped me find him, so I was about to leave.”

“Oh? As soon as Lord Cheng sees me, he’s ready to leave? Am I so unpopular as an old man?”

Cheng Yang frowned slightly. What kind of trick was Yuan Jianzhe up to? Although they knew each other well, their relationship wasn’t the kind where they would amicably chat after seeing each other.

“It’s not you, Commander Yuan, I’m just in a hurry to get back. Next time I have a chance, I’ll be sure to visit you.” Even though he had his doubts, Cheng Yang didn’t reveal them.

Yuan Jianzhe laughed.

“I shall be looking forward to it.”

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