Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 189 | Current Situation

Cheng Yang knew this policy would inevitably make it harder for Adventurers to level up, but he still chose to implement it. Even so, nobody would blame him for doing so. Everyone understood that the army was entirely under his control, so he would choose the army when he was forced to choose between the army and the Adventurers.

At the same time, Cheng Yang spread rumors that the army would expand soon and that interested Adventurers would sign up at the barracks.

For many Adventurers in the territory, their first choice would have been to join the army. However, the army wasn’t hiring, so they had no choice but to become an Adventurer instead. Once they had the chance, they would abandon their current lifestyle to become soldiers.

Cheng Yang didn’t pay too much attention to those people since he planned to enlist everyone that performed a class change ceremony in his territories into the army eventually. If they wanted to enjoy the stat boosts associated with his domain, they would need to serve him. If anyone refused to join, he would use his authority to strip them of their powers.

Cheng Yang had no reason to worry about the consequences of his authoritarian stance. Experiences in his past life had proved that only the strong could afford to debate morality. As a Lord, his word was law. So long as he never went too far, he wouldn’t face any consequences.

After making his arrangements at the Bank, Cheng Yang cleared the Blood-Soaked Cathedral, then visited Joyous River village.

Yesterday, Cheng Yang was too busy to check on Joyous River village’s state, but he wasn’t worried. With Liu Hao’s strength, even if the territory encountered problems, it wouldn’t take long for a messenger to inform Phoenix Village of the situation. Since a messenger had never arrived, it meant Liu Hao could handle it on his own.

When he arrived, Cheng Yang found out that a hundred thousand refugees had arrived the day before but had already been successfully integrated into the territory.

Joyous River village was similar to Silkworm Mountain. There weren’t many residents, so adding a hundred thousand people didn’t make it feel crowded.

Cheng Yang found Liu Hao, received a short briefing on the events of the day before, and then borrowed a Priest to clear the Abandoned Citadel. Between the two instance dungeons, his only significant gain was a piece of Purple Silver equipment.

Cheng Yang also intended to visit The Forgotten Grave, but his schedule for the day wouldn’t allow that.

Cheng Yang retrieved the Imitation Training Cube from Liu Hau before leaving the village. Once he had, Cheng Yang rode Enlai towards Yicheng.

Although it had been less than ten days since Cheng Yang had returned from Yicheng and his level hadn’t increased, the journey was far more manageable this time. His fighting capabilities had significantly improved, and the changes to the gods’ rules allowed his battle style to become more flexible.

Since he was able to control the amount of strength he used when attacking, he was able to maximize his DPS in a battle. In the past, a single attack would deal more damage than necessary to kill a target, but now, even though it still only took one attack, Cheng Yang saved the extra Mana giving him greater endurance.

It took Cheng Yang nearly two hours to reach Crane Summit. At the time, he hadn’t realized where he was until the Professionals nearby tried to attack Enlai out of ignorance.

Fortunately, many people in the village were familiar with Cheng Yang, so nothing major happened.

Unfortunately, Cheng Yang had arrived at an inopportune time. Liu Wei was currently absent. According to the Vice Governor, she had left to clear the powerful monsters that had spawned the day before.

“After the gods’ announcement yesterday, Governor Liu spent the entire afternoon fighting but couldn’t kill every High-Grade monster. To ensure the safety of both the villagers and the soldiers, she went out early this morning to continue hunting.” Hu Zhuang explained.

Cheng Yang nodded.

“Send someone to tell her to come back. At the same time, tell all of the soldiers who have gone out to return as well.”

Hu Zhuang was confused but turned around and relayed Cheng Yang’s orders nonetheless.

After Hu Zhuang left, Cheng Yang took a stroll around the village. Crane Summit had become a High-Grade village since he was here last, and the layout had changed drastically.

Crane Summit was separated into an Inner and Outer Village, the same as the other villages Cheng Yang controlled. The Inner Village contained a large number of buildings in addition to the Class Change Statues, the majority of which were Low-Grade Meditation Halls.

Hu Zhuang’s city planning skills were nothing impressive, but they were reasonable. He had left plenty of space between the Meditation Halls to accommodate their growth in the future when they leveled up.

Although their average level was lower, Crane Summit had far more Mediation Halls than Phoenix Village. The reason for this was quite simple: Crane Summit didn’t need to rush to create a large number of Farms and a High-Grade Wall. Naturally, the wood they harvested all went into Meditation Halls.

Even if only a few of the soldiers were Loggers, as long as they spend some time each day cutting wood, it was more than enough to build several Meditation Halls.

Crane Summit’s Outer Village looked the same as every area where many people gathered during the apocalypse. There were numerous makeshift tents with people milling about between them. There were over a hundred thousand people, so even though the Crane Summit soldiers brought back as many blankets tents as possible, most people had no choice but to sleep on the ground.

Fortunately, after a month of living in fear, no one would complain about having a safe place to sleep. At least not for a while.

“My Lord, when did you arrive?” A charming voice asked from behind Cheng Yang.

When he turned around, Liu Wei’s smiling face entered his vision. For a moment, Cheng Yang was lost in her beauty, but he quickly sobered up.

“I just got here. What about you? Have you been doing well here?”

When Liu Wei heard the concern in Cheng Yang’s voice, a faint feeling stirred in her heart. So faint that she hadn’t noticed it.

“I have.” Liu Wei replied. “Although it’s challenging to deal with High-Grade monsters, as long as you’re careful, there won’t be casualties. Also, as you can see, we’ve built many Meditation Halls, enough for every soldier! We’re planning to have each one reach the Standard-Grade next which will benefit our soldiers greatly. If I had to name a problem, it would be that there are too many people in the village and not enough transfer slots in the Class Change Statues.”

“There’s no need to worry about allowing everyone to become a Professional. For now, focus on finding people that are averse to fighting and have them become Farmers. Farmers will be an indispensable resource to your territory, so it’s best to cultivate them as soon as possible.”

Liu Wei listened intently, but after Cheng Yang finished talking, she had a bewildered look on her face.

“My Lord, you didn’t come all the way here just to say that, did you?”

“Of course not.” Cheng Yang said. “I have something important for you to do. Take a look at this item’s system pane first.”

Cheng Yang took the Imitation Training Cube out and passed it to Liu Wei.

She was a smart girl, so she naturally understood why Cheng Yang was here after reading the item’s description.

“My Lord, this is great! Since you’ve brought it here, do you intend to use it in Crane Summit or Copper Tomb Village? Or is it possible that we can use it in both?”

Instead of giving a direct answer, Cheng Yang asked Liu Wei a question.

“How much lang have you cleared around the village?”

“My Lord, we have limited personnel.” Liu Wei said, ” We’ve cleared less than a six-kilometer radius around each village. It’s our current limit, and we’ll need to upgrade the Class Change Statues before we can handle any more.”

“Six kilometers is too small. Phoenix Village currently has more than fifteen. Although it’s only twice as far, the total area we have cleared is at least five or six times more than yours. I plan to use the Imitation Training Cube to expedite the process. With the walls in place, your soldiers will be able to handle even a massive horde.”

Liu Wei smiled brightly.

“What a treasure! With it, we can not only efficiently kill monsters but increase the territory’s Experience Fragment reserves. It’s killing two birds with one stone.”

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