Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 190 | Copper Tomb Village’s Fight

AN: Hello all. Sorry for the long wait for an update. It is me, donnamirei (the editor), who is updating Doomsday Lord. The one who originally did the translating and majority of the editing, Xevinaly, has gone MIA and I thought that a chapter could finally be put out as I know it is annoying and tough waiting many months for an update. I won’t promise any quick or regular updates, they will be sporadic, but I guess I will try to at least publish a chapter per month (hopefully even two or three a month).

In addition, there will be some minor changes to some words or names going forwards and grammatical changes, this is due to my different way of editing and I use British English instead of American English, which Xevinaly uses. Hope you enjoy this chapter and feel free to comment any constructive feedback! I am also currently fixing a, new, discord server due the old one being removed.

Cheng Yang then said: “Although this Imitation Training Cube is powerful, there are still great requirements for the defensive ability of the territory. For now, as long as the Imitation Training Cube attracts the demonised beasts within ten kilometres of the village, whether it is your Crane Summit or Niu Bing’s Copper Tomb Village, to perfectly defend against the demonised beast attack is not easy. So, in a moment, you will choose 1,500 soldiers from the village and go with me to Copper Tomb Village. First, you will use the Imitation Training Cube to clear away all the demonised beasts within ten kilometres of the village.”

Although Liu Xiyue* also wanted to leave the Imitation Training Cube in Crane Summit, she also knew that Cheng Yang’s arrangements had to have its reasons. At least so far, Cheng Yang had been right about every decision he had taken. It is also because of his series of decisions that the development of Phoenix Village has become what it is today.

Cheng Yang perhaps saw Liu Xiyue’s inner thought and said with a smile: “I chose Copper Tomb Village because to the west of it is the Dragon Frame. There, there are things necessary to develop woodland and your personal strength. We will clean up the surroundings of Copper Tomb Village earlier which will be more beneficial for the next step.”

In fact, Cheng Yang could not explain, but Liu Xiyue was a member of his Guards after all and he didn’t want the other party to have any doubts about his orders. Although such doubts would not allow the other party to go against his orders, it may compromise the execution of said orders.

Afterwards, Liu Xiyue, under Cheng Yang’s order, gathered some of the soldiers and set off with Cheng Yang. Except for the more than four hundred soldiers who stayed behind in Crane Summit Village, all the others were taken away.

Crane Summit Village and Copper Tomb Village were more than twenty kilometres apart. This distance sounds relatively far, however since both villages have already cleared the roads leading to Yicheng it was closer than one would expect. Even Yicheng City has done the same, so there are not many obstacles encountered along the way. It took more than a thousand people less than half an hour to enter Yicheng.

At this moment, Yicheng has changed a lot compared to before. Originally, one could occasionally see refugee activities, but now, not to mention refugees, even the bodies are difficult to find. Only traces of the pre-doomsday buildings could be seen in some parts of the city and in these buildings, there is still a lot of food and other supplies stored away.

These supplies were not looted by the refugees because they were quickly sent to other places without having time to loot the buildings. At this moment, Cheng Yang and his group of more than one thousand people would naturally not be polite. Like ants moving material to their nests, they collected all the materials they encountered along the way.

In the ruins of Yicheng, Cheng Yang and his party eventually encountered a large-scale group of demonised beasts, many of which were Pinnacle-Grade Immature beasts.

In this herd of demonised beasts, in addition to the High-Grade Immature demonised beasts proportion increased from 20% to 30%, the Pinnacle-Grade Immature demonised beasts also accounted for 1%. Don’t underestimate this one percent as it makes it much more difficult for the weaker main city combat team to eliminate the group of demonised beasts.

Of course, as long as it is not in the wasteland, generally the herds of demonised beasts only have around one or two hundred demonised beasts, of which only one or two are Pinnacle-Grade Immature. But the wasteland is different. Some of the largest demonised herds can reach as many as one or two thousand demonised beasts with roughly twenty Pinnacle-Grade Immature demonised beasts. This would be a total disaster for the Low-Grade and Standard-Grade Apprentice soldiers.

Now, Cheng Yang’s team is facing the same situation. There are many areas in the Yicheng area that are still part of the wasteland and have not been reclaimed. However, Cheng Yang’s team wants to cross it as it is necessary to eliminate some of the large-scale demonised herds.

In the face of such large-scale herds, the team from Crane Summit Village were undoubtedly very vulnerable, and Cheng Yang had to go out alone to defeat those large demonised herds.

Cheng Yang’s defence is strong enough to place him in a class of his own compared to all the soldiers in the world. The same goes for his attack power and, with a wider range of AOE attacks, it’s not that hard to kill these troublesome demonised hordes.

It took nearly an hour for Cheng Yang to finally lead his team across the ruins of Yicheng. The rest of the journey was much easier as this was no longer unexplored territory for them.

When Cheng Yang entered Copper Tomb Village, it was already past one o’clock in the afternoon and Niu Bing was having dinner in the village. Seeing Cheng Yang’s arrival, he was pleasantly surprised to welcome him. However, he was very puzzled by the people Cheng Yang brought. Although he didn’t know these people, he was very familiar with Liu Xiyue who was walking at the front of the pack. It was obvious that all these people had come from Crane Summit.

“Lord, what’s going on? Could it be that Crane Summit Village has been occupied by others?” Niu Bing was a person who speaks what pops up in his mind without thinking too hard, so he immediately asked Cheng Yang about the situation.

It is no wonder why Niu Bing would think so. This densely packed group of people is almost all of the fighting force stationed Crane Summit Village. Liu Xiyue left Crane Summit Village alone and took all these soldiers to Copper Tomb Village. What is happening? There are no more than two reasons, one is that Copper Tomb Village is in need of assistance and the other is that they couldn’t stay in the Crane Summit Village anymore. In his opinion, Copper Tomb Village doesn’t currently need other people’s support, therefore the only explanation is that they couldn’t stay in Crane Summit Village anymore.

Liu Xiyue glared at Niu Bing and said angrily: “The mouth of a dog can not spit out ivory. Even if your Copper Tomb village is occupied, my Crane Summit Village will be safe and sound.”

Pang Shan, who was standing next to Niu Bing, did not want the two to quarrel. She went up to Liu Xiyue with a smile and said, “Xi Yue, we haven’t seen each other for several days. Let’s talk about our past few days”

Naturally, Liu Xiyue wasn’t really angry with Niu Bing, so she immediately whispered to Pang Shan. To tell the truth, Pang Shan is definitely Liu Xiyue’s best friend in the entire Phoenix Village territory. Although they have only been separated for a few days, they still have a lot of things to talk about. After all, they are students who have just entered college and been thrown into this apocalypse.

Niu Bing looked at Cheng Yang innocently and said, “Lord, tell me, what the hell is going on?”

Cheng Yang smiled and said, “I specially brought Liu Xiyue here to support you as it is a good thing for you . You didn’t even say thank you first, but asked instead if the village was occupied.”

Niu Bing said puzzledly: “I’m fine here, I don’t need support. ”

Suddenly, Niu Bing’s face changed and asked: “Lord, do you know any bad news? Is someone going to attack Copper Tomb Village? That does not sound right. I’ve been here for nearly ten days, and except for the ordinary refugees I saw before, there are no other human forces in this area.”

Cheng Yang took out the Imitation Training Cube, threw it to Niu Bing, and said: “Look at this thing. If you don’t think you need support, I will immediately leave with Liu Xiyue.”

After reading the attributes of the item, Niu Bing was at a loss and said blankly: “Isn’t this thing nothing? It won’t bring any danger to Copper Tomb Village as long as you don’t put any Experience Fragments into it…”

Although Niu Bing’s reaction was half a beat slower, when he talked about injecting Experience Points, he instantly understood Cheng Yang’s intention, and said in surprise: “Lord, are you planning to use this thing to attract the demon beasts to come over and let us kill them?”

“You’re not hopelessly stupid.” Cheng Yang rolled his eyes and said.

However, Niu Bing was used to being ridiculed by Cheng Yang and others so he didn’t care about what had been said.

At this time, Liu Xiyue also explained the matter clearly to Pang Shan, and naturally Niu Bing was ridiculed again.

After a few more words, Cheng Yang didn’t want to delay the matter any longer so he immediately talked to Niu Bing and Liu Xiyue about the preparations that had to be completed. To be honest, the combat effectiveness of the city’s defenders this time is not very strong. It is weaker compared to the original use of the Imitation Training Cube in Phoenix Village. At the same time, due to the evolution of the demonised beasts yesterday, one could imagine that the coming beast wave will be fiercer than the previous one.

Half an hour later, everything was ready, including the soldiers who had been active outside the village walls who had all returned to Copper Tomb Village.

Cheng Yang began to prepare to inject Experience Points into the Imitation Training Cube. Cheng Yang had a plan for the amount of Experience Points he would inject. He didn’t dare to put 10,000 Experience Points into it as that might lead to the demonised beasts overrunning and taking over Copper Tomb Village.

8,000 Experience Points, although only 2,000 less than what was used by Cheng Yang the previous time, is equivalent to two kilometres less of demonised beasts rushing at you. But don’t underestimate these two kilometres. After all, for every kilometre increase in distance, the area of attraction will also increase geometrically. According to Cheng Yang’s estimate, there are at most 40,000 or 50,000 demonised beasts within this eight-kilometre distance, and the number can only be less, not more.

After the Experience Points were added, a strange wave of energy swept across the eight-kilometre area centred around Copper Tomb Village. Countless demonised beasts crazily rushed towards Copper Tomb Village as if they had been inspired by the gods.

At this moment, the bloody battle began. Since this was a planned battle, everything was not out of Cheng Yang’s control. Even in the most intense of times, there were not more than five thousand demonised beasts  rushing to Copper Tomb village at the same time, and few of them were able to scale the wall.

Under the leadership of Cheng Yang and the other experts, coupled with a small number of Standard-Grade Apprentice soldiers from the two villages, they survived the most intense, thus difficult, period of time. Although nearly a hundred soldiers died for this, the situation had stabilised.

However, this battle cost not only the lives of these soldiers, but also a large number of potions. After all, there were no priests in neither Copper Tomb nor Crane Summit, so a lot of Health Recovery Potions were needed.

After the situation stabilised, the battle suddenly became easier. It would take less than a third of the original three thousand-strong soldier group to successfully kill all of the attacking demonised beasts. For this reason, Cheng Yang and the others naturally did not let all of the soldiers constantly stand on the wall, but to stand in shifts. One third of the soldiers would fight, another third rest or practice, and the remaining third went to the barracks to practice their skills.

According to the attributes of the barracks, as long as they are in the same territory, they can use all the barracks in the territory for training or cultivation. This rule is also to facilitate the movement of troops in the same territory. If this is not the case, those who have transferred to a village can only train in the villages’ barracks. Wouldn’t it be impossible to flexibly mobilise troops then?

* changed “Liu Wei” to “Liu Xiyue”

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Could you give a background on what happened in the previous chapters. I need something to remind me first before reading this chapter. Thanks

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So basically, Cheng Yang gained a subordinate, who was a spy in the beginning, as he rescued his son from being held hostage by some people, a Mercenary group iirc. This guy has a good skill for being a spy. Now, Cheng Yang is planning to utilise the Imitation Training Cube, which he gained from some people trying to blow up his base iirc, to speed up the Experience gain of his subordinate villages. That is a rough outline of the past 7-ish chapters.

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