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Doomsday Lord Ch. 192 | News Leaked

AN: Surprise, a new chapter within a span of a few days! What a treat, am I right?

Ok, so I know that there is no chapter 191 and there is a reason, it is completely missing from the RAWs. On Qidian’s website, the Chinese one, it just skips over chapter 191 and on other sites, chapter 191 is just a repeat of chapter 190 so… yeah I understand that it may be weird and frustrating, it is for me.

This chapter was really a pain to edit, but I managed, thankfully. As usual, feel free to comment any constructive criticism or corrections regarding my editing.

Anyways, enjoy!

Edit: So, as it turns out there is a chapter 191 as Apocalypse32 kindly pointed out, whoops. It will be updated so you won’t miss some context.

The scene fell silent for a while. For now, there are not many fighting methods to choose from.

At this time, a soldier with a serious expression said: “In fact, this battle is not that complicated as we still have plenty of ordinary ammunition. Although the range and shooting accuracy of ordinary rifles are not as good as sniper rifles, there are too many demonised beasts in that passage so accuracy is not required at all. As for the range, the effective range of these firearms is at least five or six hundred metres. We only need to shoot these demonised beasts from a long distance. If they don’t run out of that passage, they will naturally be surrounded and annihilated. Once they rush out of the passage, we can use artillery to counter the attack, thus making it not difficult to defeat these demonised beasts.”

When this serious soldier spoke, everyone else listened very seriously, and after he finished speaking, everyone fell deep into thought. 

After a while, Lao Li, who was sitting at the head of the table, said, “This is also a more feasible way. However, there is also a problem. That passage is more than one kilometre long. If we want to draw out all the demonised beasts at once, I’m afraid it will not be easy. ”

The serious soldier did not refute the old man’s words, and said: “Chief, if you want to reduce the loss of manpower, you can only take this approach. However, in my opinion, if the demonised beasts are not all rushing out at once, it would be easier to execute the plan. Let our soldiers surround them directly, and we don’t even need to use our limited amount of artillery shells. ”

Lao Li nodded lightly and said, “What you said makes sense. This battle will be commanded by General Ma and due to the situation on the battlefield which is changing rapidly, I allow you to use more weapons or resources under special circumstances. There is only one requirement which is that you take the passage. ”

A few people who were seated were about to express their disagreements, when suddenly, there was a sudden report from outside. 

“Come in.” Lao Li didn’t hesitate and said immediately. 

The door was quickly pushed open. A well-equipped soldier in his thirties walked in and reported: “Reporting to the chairman and the leaders. Just now, our people found a message while monitoring the forum. Someone in Cloud City, Beihu Province, posted a message on the forum saying that there are other villages outside the main city and these villages also have the ability to gain classes. ”

Like a drop of water falling into a calm, clear lake, the faces of the people in the room, who had been very calm before, changed in an instant. What surprised them was not only that there were villages outside the main city, according to what was written on the forum, but also the significance of this reveal. 

“Are you saying that the main city of Cloud City has opened up the passage to leave?” Lao Li frowned slightly, “How did they do it?”

The soldier said: “The passage should have been opened, but the message did not state how the other party opened the passage. In addition, from the language of the poster, we concluded that the village is not in the hands of the main city forces.”

Everyone looked at each other, and Director Liu said, “I am afraid that this village was occupied by this force soon after the end of the world.”

Others did not refute Director Liu’s speculation as this force is not from the main city, their transfer could not have been carried out in the main city, so these people will not have been able to open up the passage out of the city. However, since they were able to occupy the village outside the city before the main city forces, the only explanation is that they had occupied the village before the passage was opened. 

Lao Li suddenly said, “Have you ever thought about it? Could this passage have been opened by the combatants from that village?” ”

“This…” Everyone wanted to refute this view. However, after some time, they couldn’t find any reason to refute it. 

Lao Li looked at everyone present and said, “With our control of the rules during this period of time, the situation in all the main cities in the world is much the same. Since there is such a village outside the main city of Cloud City, I think there will be a village outside the capital as well. However, we haven’t been able to figure out the role of these villages yet. But one thing is certain, there must be a certain difference between getting classes in these villages and getting classes in the main city. In this case, it is even more necessary to open up the passage out of the city. By the way, is it the power of the government or the power of the people that currently controls the main city of Cloud City? ”

The serious-looking General Ma said, “Chief. The force that currently dominates the main city of Cloud City is the military, where there is a division of troops. Soon after the apocalypse began, the commander of the Cloud City Military Region led the army into Cloud City and invaded the main city. ”

Lao Li nodded and said, “General Ma, you should know the commander of the military in this region, correct? ”

General Ma nodded and said, “There have been several encounters, and I have seen them in meetings before. His name is Yuan Jianzhe and he is a good soldier.” General Ma’s tone seemed light and calm. After all, compared to his merits and position, Yuan Jianzhe, the commander of the local military region, was too far behind him. Especially before the end of the world as the positions of the two sides were several levels apart. General Ma can remember that Yuan Jianzhe is also a very good person, which proves that he should indeed be a good soldier. 

Lao Li said: “Well, General Ma, you will let someone go to the forum to get in touch with the main city of Cloud City in a while, and try to figure out the news about the exit route and the village in the wild. ”

General Ma hesitated for a moment and said, “I will do it right away. ”

This situation was not only happening in the capital of China, but also in the other capitals around the globe. Due to this situation happening, the main cities of each country have set their sights on the wilderness and the huge potential lying there. 

At the same time, other countries have also noticed the news related to Cloud City on the forum. None of these people who send people to pay attention to the news on the forum are idiots. Basically, they have deduced some information from these words. Although they have not fully understood what the situation is about and its significance, they are not far off from the truth of the matter. 

There is no doubt that Cheng Yang, the little butterfly, once again flapped his wings and began to gain influence in this world. The impact this time is different from the previous time of him selling Stones of Return, Mana Amplification Potions, and other items as it has actually caused a change in the world. Which is allowing the main cities globally to cut down the time drastically to open up access to the city.

Currently, Yuan Jianzhe, who was in the main city of Cloud City, felt aggrieved because he didn’t know who had revealed the situation regarding Cheng Yang’s villages to the forum. 

Yuan Jianzhe also had some small calculations in his heart. After he learned that there were villages outside the main city, and that said villages still had the power to give classes, he guessed something. He even guessed that the soldiers who got classes in such villages were more powerful than the soldiers who got classes in the main city. At the same time, he also speculated that since there are such villages around Cloud City, there should also be such villages outside the other main cities. 

Due to these circumstances, Yuan Jianzhe had the idea of temporarily suppressing the news. 

However, as the main city of Cloud City, Yuan Jianzhe naturally couldn’t do anything to block the tavern as he didn’t want to be expelled by the soldiers in the main city. Yuan Jianzhe only had to reduce the spread of news as much as possible, so that as few people as possible knew about Cheng Yang’s two villages. 

All this time, Yuan Jianzhe’s approach has been effective. Except for a limited number of people in the main city, no one else knows the news about those villages. In addition, those who got to know about the news have also received Yuan Jianzhe’s special attention, telling them not to reveal the news. 

Yuan Jianzhe had a plan hidden deep inside of him. If those villages in the wilderness strengthened human fighters, then he must get as many of these villages as possible. Before that, however, he had to keep the news away from other main cities as much as possible. Don’t factor in the distance between the main cities now. The passages between the main cities may seem blocked currently, but anyone can guess that the passages between the main cities will inevitably be opened up in the future. If the other surrounding main cities take the remaining villages first, and their strength grows by leaps and bounds, wouldn’t Cloud City fall into a disadvantage? 

But now, however,  the news has leaked silently, and the most important thing is that he still doesn’t know who the culprit is. This undoubtedly filled Yuan Jianzhe with anger. 

Yuan Jianzhe had considered that Cheng Yang might have done this, but he quickly rejected this idea. Cheng Yang is the owner of those two villages and he is someone with vested interests. Yuan Jianzhe believed that Cheng Yang doesn’t want the news to be revealed any more than he does. 

Regardless, who leaked the news? In the current main city, except for some of the soldiers under his command, the heads of several mercenary groups, and a small number of people under his command, it is impossible for anyone else to know the news in such detail. Even if someone knew about the existence of Cheng Yang, it was impossible to know with such certainty that there were villages in the wilderness and that they were villages with the ability to give people classes. 

Yuan Jianzhe found the staff officer Lao Wu after a short time searching and shared some of his thoughts with him. 

After thinking for a while, Lao Wu said, “Commander, I’m afraid there is something fishy regarding this matter. If nothing else, I’m afraid there are some people in our main city who have different intentions from us. ”

“Why?” After thinking for a while, Yuan Jianzhe still hadn’t figured it out. 

Lao Wu said: “Commander, think about it. For those who already know about the villages outside the city, we have emphasised confidentiality to them. If there is nothing to gain, why would they leak the news?”

Yuan Jianzhe was still puzzled and asked, “Even so, what benefit does it have for these people to leak the news to the forum?” ”

Lao Wu said: “There are no direct benefits, however there are indirect benefits. In particular, some people know what the commander thinks about the villages outside the city. They know that as soon as the news leaks out, the commander will be more eager to take those villages as soon as possible. In this way, the time for a conflict with Cheng Yang to occur will be greatly accelerated. ”

Yuan Jianzhe’s expression suddenly became solemn, and he said seriously: “If your speculation is true, this person is really punishable by his heart’s intentions. There are not many people in all of the main city who know about our plan, even the leaders of the mercenary groups don’t know it.”

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just a fyi there are a couple of MTL sites that do have chapter 191.
Though the read quality is pretty bad (which does have this series) also has an option to display the original Chinese text

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