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Doomsday Lord Ch. 193 | Planning

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Lao Wu nodded and said, “I’m afraid this is indeed from inside our own army, and it’s probably…”

However, just when he was going to mention who he suspected, Lao Wu hesitated a little. 

Yuan Jianzhe immediately said, “Lao Wu, if you have any ideas, just say what is on your mind. We have worked together for so many years, so why wouldn’t I be able to trust you?”

Lao Wu said: “Commander, I think the most suspicious person is Ding Ming. Of course, Ding Ming would not have done this personally. Either he asked his subordinates to publish the forum post or he asked someone else to leak the news to others and they, in turn, did it.”

“Why do you suspect Ding Ming? Yuan Jianzhe frowned, but did not doubt Lao Wu, but wanted to know the reason. 

Lao Wu said, “Do you remember some time ago when Ding Ming sent someone to lay mines outside Cheng Yang’s village. At that time, I still thought that this guy really only used the high-explosive mines to test the opponent’s strength. But now that something like this has happened, I doubt his intention to plant mines in the first place was not to test Cheng Yang, but something else.”

Yuan Jianzhe frowned and said, “Your suspicion is reasonable, but Ding Ming still has some abilities in commanding our operations. However, when it comes to using conspiracies, he can’t even be considered as I’m afraid he cannot think of such an idea to provoke a war between us and Cheng Yang, right?”

Lao Wu said: “I’m thinking the same as I suspect Ding Ming is also connected to another person who is not only in the main city, but also more powerful than Ding Ming. However, there are very few who meet this condition.”

Yuan Jianzhe is definitely an old fox, so after careful deliberation, he eliminated the possible suspects one by one and said, “You said it was one of the mercenary team leaders?”

“They are the most likely.”, Lao Wu was silent for a while and said.

Yuan Jianzhe said, “Then what do we do next? Do we arrest and torture Ding Ming to find out who the guy he is working with or should we take other measures?”

Lao Wu said, “It depends on what you plan to do, commander. If you want to avoid conflict with Cheng Yang for the time being, then you can test Ding Ming’s attitude first. With his attitude, it is not very difficult to ask something. After the matter is confirmed, the commander can order Ding Ming to be arrested, and then torture him to reveal who they are. But if the commander intends to take Cheng Yang’s villages as soon as possible, you can use another way of doing this, such as sending Ding Ming’s group and all the mercenaries to participate in the attack on Phoenix Village. If we can defeat Cheng Yang in one fell swoop and take the village, the commander can slowly settle the account with Ding Ming. If it fails, it will not be a big loss to us.”

Yuan Jianzhe frowned and asked: “What is the chance of us defeating Cheng Yang with our current strength?”

Lao Wu said, “Fifty-fifty! Our side has a larger quantity of Professionals, but Cheng Yang’s side has more Professional experts.”

“What about Cheng Yang… how sure are we that we can kill him?” Yuan Jianzhe expressed his biggest worry. 

Lao Wu said, “It depends on how much of a risk you are willing to take, commander. The last time we clashed with Cheng Yang, we were indeed one-sidedly crushed by the opponent, and our fighters were unable to cause any damage to the opponent at all. But now the situation is different as our subordinates have cultivated a large amount of Standard-Grade Apprentices. Although these people are still far away from reaching Cheng Yang’s strength, it is not impossible for them to harm the other party. If a few people can’t beat him, we will send dozens of them. If dozens of them don’t work, we will send hundreds of them, and maybe even send all the thousands of Standard-Grade Apprentices under us, which will grind Cheng Yang to death.”

Yuan Jianzhe’s eyes lit up, and he realised that he had indeed thought too highly of Cheng Yang’s strength before. Now these Standard-Grade Apprentice Professionals under him are not weak. For archers or magicians, 10 points of their own attack power plus a full set of equipment to increase their attack power can enable them to reach 14 points of attack power. If you are lucky enough to have a black iron-level equipment, your attack power can directly break through to 15 points. In Yuan Jianzhe’s opinion. No matter how strong Cheng Yang is, it is impossible to have a defence stat higher than 15 points. 

Although Lao Wu persuaded Yuan Jianzhe, he was not particularly optimistic and said: “But what I just said also has a condition, that is, to limit Cheng Yang’s ability to move and let him fight head-to-head with us. Otherwise, if he is able to move around and shoot at us, our military force is probably not enough to kill him.”

Yuan Jianzhe was taken aback, and said with a wry smile: “I’m afraid this is not easy. If Cheng Yang’s movement on the battlefield can be restricted, we don’t need to use people to fight him head-on and instead directly use our artillery to destroy him. Yesterday, the transformation of our artillery was completed. Although the calibre of our artillery in the Cloud City Military Region is not the largest in China, its power cannot be underestimated. After testing, the largest calibre artillery we have, which is 152mm* artillery, did almost 40 points of damage in the centre of the explosion. If we can accurately determine Cheng Yang’s location and ensure that he does not move, our artillery can completely wipe out the opponent dozens of kilometres away. But these prerequisites are all based on the fact that the opponent cannot move and we have to use precise positioning methods.”

Lao Wu immediately said with joy: “If you use artillery, there is a method for your subordinates.”

“Oh?” Yuan Jianzhe quickly asked, “What is the method?”

Lao Wu said: “There are also a lot of combatants in Phoenix Village. If we can instigate a rebellion and make one or two in the village betray Cheng Yang, they will provide us with the exact location of where Cheng Yang cultivates. Then we will use artillery as cover for the attack. I think that no matter how capable Cheng Yang is, he cannot escape.”

Yuan Jianzhe thought for a long time with a cold face and said, “Okay, let’s do it this way. As for Ding Ming, let’s drop it for now and wait until we have determined where Cheng Yang cultivates and get rid of him before making a decision.”

Lao Wu said, “Commander, there is one more thing. Now that the news of these villages has leaked out, I think someone in the capital will contact us soon. What will we do then?”

Yuan Jianzhe snorted softly and said, “Just answer to whatever they want to ask, but delay the other things first, such as wanting to remotely instruct us to do certain things.”

Lao Wu said, “I understand.”


Cheng Yang didn’t know that he had been identified by Yuan Jianzhe as a target that must be eradicated. However, even if he knew about it, he would think much of it. First of all, it is not easy for Yuan Jianzhe to instigate a rebellion in Phoenix Village. After all, the Professionals from Phoenix Village are outside of the village at the moment. He is now preparing to return to Phoenix Village from Crane Summit Village after finishing his business there. 

As for Liu Xiyue and the others, they stayed in Copper Tomb Village as the amount of demonised beasts attracted to the village will increase tomorrow due to the distance increasing. There will be another wave of attacks by the demonised beasts due to this. Instead of walking a long distance during the wave of attacks, it’s better to stay in the village over the night. 

Cheng Yang used a return stone and returned directly to Phoenix Village. 

As soon as he walked to his Meditation Hall, Cheng Yang saw Li Wanshan walking over quickly. Looking at his face, he guessed that there was something urgent which had occurred. 

“Lao Li, why are you in such a hurry?” Cheng Yang spoke and stopped Li Wanshan. 

As soon as Li Wanshan heard this voice, he knew it was Cheng Yang. He walked over quickly and said, “Lord, this matter is a bit troublesome. I don’t know who posted the news of our village on the forum. Now it is highly probable that people all over the world know of the existence of our village.”

Cheng Yang was taken aback at first, then replied calmly: “This is not a big deal. As more and more people in Cloud City’s Main City get to know about our existence, it is only a matter of time before the news will be leaked. Now that the news has been leaked, it is estimated that it has only been leaked now due to Yuan Jianzhe deliberately blocking the news from being released on the forum. Besides, even if someone leaks the news out on the forum, people all over the world may not know it. After all, there are not many people domestically who pay attention to the domestic news of the forum and even fewer people globally pay attention to the global news. According to my estimates, the people who now know the existence of our village are only some of the large and influential forces in the Main Cities.”

Li Wanshan did not feel at ease about this, and said: “Lord, it is precisely because Yuan Jianzhe was blocking the news about our Phoenix Village before that I am worried. In your opinion, why did he block these messages?”

Cheng Yang was very calm and said, “It’s not difficult to guess his intentions, he wants to take our village for himself. But the idea is just that, an idea. Whether it can be realised does not depend on if he has a big appetite, but if he has the ability to defeat us.”

Seeing that Cheng Yang could guess Jianzhe’s intention, Li Wanshan was not so anxious anymore and said: “I always think this is not that simple. It’s not that Yuan Jianzhe doesn’t know the strength of the lord. If he dares to have such an idea, he must rely on it and his supposed ability. And now that the news has been leaked on the forum, I am afraid Yuan Jianzhe has been forced to speed up his plans.”

Cheng Yang said: “Yuan Jianzhe relies on nothing more than those artillery pieces, but what you said about them having to speed up their plans is one thing that has to be considered. It seems that I have to talk to Tan Chao later.”

Li Wanshan knew who Tan Chao was so when he heard what Cheng Yang said and immediately said, “Lord, are you going to let Tan Chao go to the Main City to spy? This is indeed a good idea. If Yuan Jianzhe really has any actions that are not beneficial to the Lord, I hope that the Lord will not be kind to him and try to nip the danger in the bud before it has time to sprout to become too large.”

Cheng Yang sighed in his heart. He knew why Li Wanshan said this. After all, he had many opportunities to get rid of Yuan Jianzhe before, but in the end, Cheng Yang did not do it. Perhaps Li Wanshan thought this was due to Cheng Yang’s kindness. However, only Cheng Yang knew that he did this because of Yuan Jianzhe’s influence in his previous life. In Cheng Yang’s previous life, Yuan Jianzhe was considered a good leader because he did not let Cloud City’s Main City become a lawless place where the strong oppressed the weak. Even the people who were weak, old, and sick, the ones who were at the very bottom of society, received a designated living space. It was precisely due to this that Yuan Jianzhe received a lot of admiration from the public and, in turn, Cheng Yang was infected by this, thus not being able to do it.

However, Cheng Yang also knew that if he was one hundred percent sure that Yuan Jianzhe would act against him and his village, he would never be merciful again towards Yuan Jianzhe.

*- In the RAWs it said 152cm, however I changed it to 152mm so it would be more realistic. This is because 152cm calibre artillery is ridiculously big and the largest artillery calibre to exist, iirc, was like 800mm, that being the Schwerer Gustav.

Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 191 | Capital City

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Just when Cheng Yang arrived in the Yicheng area, the Main Cities around the world were not idle. Some of the main cities that had integrated their forces earlier had already begun to plan to break out of the ruins of the city.

Although so far, except for Cheng Yang, who has entered the wilderness from the Main City area, only a very small number of people in the Main City of Cloud City have entered the wilderness. However, through yesterday’s changes in the rules of heaven and earth, many refugees from towns or villages without a Main City were sent to the closest Main City. The arrival of these people not only brought some much needed people to the Main Cities, but also brought a lot of news that they did not know previously.

For example, the glowing curtain-like portals, weird altars, items scattered in the wilderness, and powerful demonised beasts are all extremely tempting for the Professionals in the Main Cities. Of course, except for those powerful demonised beasts.

After the first month of the apocalypse had passed, basically everyone has accepted the fact that the world has been gamified. At the same time, these people also understood one thing. In order to survive well in this world, they must have great strength.

Although the world has been gamified, the improvement of people’s strength is not the same as games from before the end of the world. In addition, upgrading through fighting monsters is not completely suitable for everyone. Even if you don’t go out to kill the demonised beasts, your strength will steadily increase. However, the key thing is that the speed of this kind of improvement, that is the passive improvement, is very slow. If you are content with this situation, you will only be left far behind by others in the end, not to mention the evolutionary lead that the demonised beasts have. In the end, these people are likely to become food for the demonised beasts.

And now, although the Professionals in the Main Cities really want to kill more demonised beasts and earn more Experience Fragments in order to improve their strength faster. But, after all, the Main City has a limited amount of territory belonging to it, and the number of demonised beasts appearing every day is also limited, and it is gradually decreasing at a noticeable rate.

If this was at the beginning of the apocalypse, people discovering that the demonised beasts were gradually decreasing in numbers, perhaps many people would be ecstatic as this would indicate that people will become safer and safer. Maybe, one day, the demonised beasts will not appear at all and mankind will completely exit the apocalypse.

But now, people have come out of this unrealistic illusion, the apocalypse cannot, and will not, end quickly. At least not within a timeframe which they are able to anticipate. The reduction of demonised beasts is not only not a good thing, but a terrible thing as it indicates that they will be able to acquire less and less Experience Fragments.

Therefore, when the refugees who appeared brought news from the wilderness, the Professionals from the Main Cities were full of yearning for those unknown things in said wilderness. These refugees may not know what the strange curtains of light are, but they know they are the portals leading to Instance Dungeons. In addition, the so-called altars may be some other special existence and people are full of expectations for it.

In order to clear the doubts in their hearts and, at the same time, satisfy the desire of more people to speed up their strength. These Main City forces set their sights on the passages out of the cities.

Like Cloud City, all major cities have large groups of demonised beasts guarding the passages out of the city. The only difference is that the size of the main city is different, and the number of passages out of the city will be different. At the same time, the number of demonised beasts stationed in the passages will also be different.

Regardless of the differences, people knew one thing. If they want to leave the Main City, they must clear these passages so they can travel freely through them.

To open the passages at this moment is undoubtedly a very difficult task, because no one in the Main City has yet reached the level of High-Grade apprentice. But in the passages out of the cities, there are at least ten thousand demonised beasts guarding them, of which the number of High-Grade demonised beasts is almost over one hundred.

Of course, so far, there are no Pinnacle-Grade demonised beasts in these passages, otherwise humans may be directly trapped in the Main Cities.

In the capital, in a villa that Yuan Jianzhe could only fantasise about, there were more than a dozen people sitting around a table. Without exception, all of these people were not young, the youngest one being in his 40s. In this group there are soldiers in military uniforms, as well as people in civilian clothes.

Sitting at the head of the table is an old man who looks to be in his 50s, but everyone here knows that this old man is almost 70 years old and that he is the supreme leader of this country.

After the earthquake that came at the end of the world, several of the country’s main leaders were basically unharmed, and due to the protection of a large number of troops, all of said leaders survived.

The capital discovered the unique curtain of light of the Main City the day after the end of the world. Due to the existence of the elite garrison, they broke through the curtain of light not long after they discovered it. What followed is only logical, a large number of soldiers began to gain classes, including the leaders of the country.

The rescue of the entire city was also launched afterwards. This capital city is one of the largest ones in the country with a population of tens of millions. Even after the initial earthquake and the subsequent ravages of the demonised beasts, there were more than six million people who survived these disasters. The reason why the survival rate is so high is because of the quick and timely rescue done by the soldiers who survived in the city after the apocalypse.

There is no doubt that the leaders of the country have a very high prestige among the survivors. Relying on this prestige, they have concentrated the power in the capital. There are a total of seven leaders, each of whom controls an army of more than three hundred thousand combatants. The strength of the army under these people is superior to all the other major cities in the country.

The most important thing is that with the prestige which these leaders and their loyal army has, they have collected a lot of Experience Fragments from the beginning. Although they could only get very little from each individual, they could gather scary amounts purely through the numbers of people under them! It can even be said that these leaders in the capital are definitely second only to Cheng Yang in the country to use ten times cultivation speed. Of course, they are the only ones who can use ten times cultivation speed in the entire capital. After all, if they want to rule the capital well, they must let their subordinates also have great strength, and the Experience Fragments collected will be distributed in batches. It definitely adds up to an astronomical number.

Now, these leaders, without exception, already have the strength of High-Grade Apprentices, even if they just got promoted. However, this does not have any effect on their combat power.

“Everyone, I have called you here today to discuss how we are going to attack the passages out of the city. As you all know, there are now close to five million people in our capital who have gained classes, becoming Professionals, but the number of demonised beasts appearing every day in the entire area of the capital is less than twenty million. In other words, the average Experience Fragments value obtained daily by each Professional is only a paltry 45 points, which greatly restricts the improvement of our capital’s strength. If we can’t speed up the improvement of our strength, I am afraid that the capital will not be the capital in the future.” The old man at the head of the table said solemnly.

The meaning of this old man’s words was clear to everyone gathered. Due to the lack of proper communication, as well as the complete paralysis of long-range weapons, such as missiles, and the air force, the capital’s current control over the country is one in name only. Except for the two or three surrounding urban areas, the Main City forces in other places have not implemented the instructions of the capital at all. Of course, what makes these leaders feel gratified is that so far, no major city has dared to rebel and announce its departure from being under the leadership of the capital.

But the concluding words of the old man highlighted the current situation. When, one day, the strength of the capital is not enough to deter the rest of the country, they are afraid that sooner or later the whole country will splinter into pieces and enter a period similar to the Warring States period.

An old man wearing a tunic who was sitting directly next to the old man’s left hand said, “Old Li, we all understand what you are saying, but the passages out of the city cannot be clear just by wanting them to be! Don’t look at the over five million Professionals in our Main City, and the more than three million Professionals directly under our command. Most of these Professionals are only Low-Grade Apprentices, and even the number of Standard-Grade Apprentices is less than twenty or thirty thousand. As for the High-Grade, I am afraid we are the only ones. According to the information we have gathered, the number of demonised beasts in each passage is close to fifty thousand, of which the number of High-Grade demonised beasts exceeds 500. Even if we concentrate all our elite forces to clear a passage, our losses will be very large. Instead of rushing this matter, it is better to wait for a while. As long as the number of our experts increases, it will be very easy to clear the passage.”

As soon as the old man finished speaking, a fat middle-aged man spoke unhappily, “Director Liu, I don’t approve of what you said. Who doesn’t know now that all the demonised beasts in this world will evolve over time. Although our strength will increase after a period of time, the demonised beasts will also grow stronger. There is even the possibility that the demonised beasts will evolve quicker than us.”

“Director Liu, the artillery units under my command have gone through a drastic transformation and have restored their combat effectiveness. Although the amount of ammunition in stock is not a lot, it should not be a problem to clear one of the passages.” A middle-aged man in a military uniform said, and his epaulettes signified that he was a general.

The old man in the tunic, known as Director Liu, said: “General Wang, I admit that your artillery is very powerful, but it will not be of much help when clearing the passage you’re referring to. The passage is suspended above the ravine, and if it is bombarded with artillery it might collapse immediately. At that time, even if all the demonised beasts are annihilated, what has been gained? If you want to clear the passage, you have to rely on guns.”

General Wang was dumbfounded for a moment. Although he was very reluctant to admit it, Director Liu did have a point.

The fat middle-aged man continued: “Even if the artillery cannot be used, the sniper rifle can still be used. Our generals have counted and the number of snipers we currently have is no less than two thousand. As long as our people hold the frontlines and the snipers fire from a few hundred metres away, these demonised beasts won’t be able to live for so much longer. Minister Zhao, do we have enough sniper bullets to be able to clear the passage?”

Another man in a military uniform smiled bitterly and said, “Vice-President Zhou, the earthquake at the beginning collapsed many of our arsenals, and huge amounts of weapons and ammunition were buried deep in the ground and could not be recovered at all. During the period between the start of the apocalypse and now, we have collected five hundred thousand sniper bullets suitable for use, but during this period of time, in order to avoid excessive casualties during battles, we have used the sniper rifles frequently. All the remaining sniper bullets are only numbered at two hundred thousand. If such a hard battle is fought again, I am afraid that all sniper bullets will be consumed. If we encounter any emergencies in the future, it will truly be unfavourable.”

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Doomsday Lord Ch. 192 | News Leaked

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The scene fell silent for a while. For now, there are not many fighting methods to choose from.

At this time, a soldier with a serious expression said: “In fact, this battle is not that complicated as we still have plenty of ordinary ammunition. Although the range and shooting accuracy of ordinary rifles are not as good as sniper rifles, there are too many demonised beasts in that passage so accuracy is not required at all. As for the range, the effective range of these firearms is at least five or six hundred metres. We only need to shoot these demonised beasts from a long distance. If they don’t run out of that passage, they will naturally be surrounded and annihilated. Once they rush out of the passage, we can use artillery to counter the attack, thus making it not difficult to defeat these demonised beasts.”

When this serious soldier spoke, everyone else listened very seriously, and after he finished speaking, everyone fell deep into thought. 

After a while, Lao Li, who was sitting at the head of the table, said, “This is also a more feasible way. However, there is also a problem. That passage is more than one kilometre long. If we want to draw out all the demonised beasts at once, I’m afraid it will not be easy. ”

The serious soldier did not refute the old man’s words, and said: “Chief, if you want to reduce the loss of manpower, you can only take this approach. However, in my opinion, if the demonised beasts are not all rushing out at once, it would be easier to execute the plan. Let our soldiers surround them directly, and we don’t even need to use our limited amount of artillery shells. ”

Lao Li nodded lightly and said, “What you said makes sense. This battle will be commanded by General Ma and due to the situation on the battlefield which is changing rapidly, I allow you to use more weapons or resources under special circumstances. There is only one requirement which is that you take the passage. ”

A few people who were seated were about to express their disagreements, when suddenly, there was a sudden report from outside. 

“Come in.” Lao Li didn’t hesitate and said immediately. 

The door was quickly pushed open. A well-equipped soldier in his thirties walked in and reported: “Reporting to the chairman and the leaders. Just now, our people found a message while monitoring the forum. Someone in Cloud City, Beihu Province, posted a message on the forum saying that there are other villages outside the main city and these villages also have the ability to gain classes. ”

Like a drop of water falling into a calm, clear lake, the faces of the people in the room, who had been very calm before, changed in an instant. What surprised them was not only that there were villages outside the main city, according to what was written on the forum, but also the significance of this reveal. 

“Are you saying that the main city of Cloud City has opened up the passage to leave?” Lao Li frowned slightly, “How did they do it?”

The soldier said: “The passage should have been opened, but the message did not state how the other party opened the passage. In addition, from the language of the poster, we concluded that the village is not in the hands of the main city forces.”

Everyone looked at each other, and Director Liu said, “I am afraid that this village was occupied by this force soon after the end of the world.”

Others did not refute Director Liu’s speculation as this force is not from the main city, their transfer could not have been carried out in the main city, so these people will not have been able to open up the passage out of the city. However, since they were able to occupy the village outside the city before the main city forces, the only explanation is that they had occupied the village before the passage was opened. 

Lao Li suddenly said, “Have you ever thought about it? Could this passage have been opened by the combatants from that village?” ”

“This…” Everyone wanted to refute this view. However, after some time, they couldn’t find any reason to refute it. 

Lao Li looked at everyone present and said, “With our control of the rules during this period of time, the situation in all the main cities in the world is much the same. Since there is such a village outside the main city of Cloud City, I think there will be a village outside the capital as well. However, we haven’t been able to figure out the role of these villages yet. But one thing is certain, there must be a certain difference between getting classes in these villages and getting classes in the main city. In this case, it is even more necessary to open up the passage out of the city. By the way, is it the power of the government or the power of the people that currently controls the main city of Cloud City? ”

The serious-looking General Ma said, “Chief. The force that currently dominates the main city of Cloud City is the military, where there is a division of troops. Soon after the apocalypse began, the commander of the Cloud City Military Region led the army into Cloud City and invaded the main city. ”

Lao Li nodded and said, “General Ma, you should know the commander of the military in this region, correct? ”

General Ma nodded and said, “There have been several encounters, and I have seen them in meetings before. His name is Yuan Jianzhe and he is a good soldier.” General Ma’s tone seemed light and calm. After all, compared to his merits and position, Yuan Jianzhe, the commander of the local military region, was too far behind him. Especially before the end of the world as the positions of the two sides were several levels apart. General Ma can remember that Yuan Jianzhe is also a very good person, which proves that he should indeed be a good soldier. 

Lao Li said: “Well, General Ma, you will let someone go to the forum to get in touch with the main city of Cloud City in a while, and try to figure out the news about the exit route and the village in the wild. ”

General Ma hesitated for a moment and said, “I will do it right away. ”

This situation was not only happening in the capital of China, but also in the other capitals around the globe. Due to this situation happening, the main cities of each country have set their sights on the wilderness and the huge potential lying there. 

At the same time, other countries have also noticed the news related to Cloud City on the forum. None of these people who send people to pay attention to the news on the forum are idiots. Basically, they have deduced some information from these words. Although they have not fully understood what the situation is about and its significance, they are not far off from the truth of the matter. 

There is no doubt that Cheng Yang, the little butterfly, once again flapped his wings and began to gain influence in this world. The impact this time is different from the previous time of him selling Stones of Return, Mana Amplification Potions, and other items as it has actually caused a change in the world. Which is allowing the main cities globally to cut down the time drastically to open up access to the city.

Currently, Yuan Jianzhe, who was in the main city of Cloud City, felt aggrieved because he didn’t know who had revealed the situation regarding Cheng Yang’s villages to the forum. 

Yuan Jianzhe also had some small calculations in his heart. After he learned that there were villages outside the main city, and that said villages still had the power to give classes, he guessed something. He even guessed that the soldiers who got classes in such villages were more powerful than the soldiers who got classes in the main city. At the same time, he also speculated that since there are such villages around Cloud City, there should also be such villages outside the other main cities. 

Due to these circumstances, Yuan Jianzhe had the idea of temporarily suppressing the news. 

However, as the main city of Cloud City, Yuan Jianzhe naturally couldn’t do anything to block the tavern as he didn’t want to be expelled by the soldiers in the main city. Yuan Jianzhe only had to reduce the spread of news as much as possible, so that as few people as possible knew about Cheng Yang’s two villages. 

All this time, Yuan Jianzhe’s approach has been effective. Except for a limited number of people in the main city, no one else knows the news about those villages. In addition, those who got to know about the news have also received Yuan Jianzhe’s special attention, telling them not to reveal the news. 

Yuan Jianzhe had a plan hidden deep inside of him. If those villages in the wilderness strengthened human fighters, then he must get as many of these villages as possible. Before that, however, he had to keep the news away from other main cities as much as possible. Don’t factor in the distance between the main cities now. The passages between the main cities may seem blocked currently, but anyone can guess that the passages between the main cities will inevitably be opened up in the future. If the other surrounding main cities take the remaining villages first, and their strength grows by leaps and bounds, wouldn’t Cloud City fall into a disadvantage? 

But now, however,  the news has leaked silently, and the most important thing is that he still doesn’t know who the culprit is. This undoubtedly filled Yuan Jianzhe with anger. 

Yuan Jianzhe had considered that Cheng Yang might have done this, but he quickly rejected this idea. Cheng Yang is the owner of those two villages and he is someone with vested interests. Yuan Jianzhe believed that Cheng Yang doesn’t want the news to be revealed any more than he does. 

Regardless, who leaked the news? In the current main city, except for some of the soldiers under his command, the heads of several mercenary groups, and a small number of people under his command, it is impossible for anyone else to know the news in such detail. Even if someone knew about the existence of Cheng Yang, it was impossible to know with such certainty that there were villages in the wilderness and that they were villages with the ability to give people classes. 

Yuan Jianzhe found the staff officer Lao Wu after a short time searching and shared some of his thoughts with him. 

After thinking for a while, Lao Wu said, “Commander, I’m afraid there is something fishy regarding this matter. If nothing else, I’m afraid there are some people in our main city who have different intentions from us. ”

“Why?” After thinking for a while, Yuan Jianzhe still hadn’t figured it out. 

Lao Wu said: “Commander, think about it. For those who already know about the villages outside the city, we have emphasised confidentiality to them. If there is nothing to gain, why would they leak the news?”

Yuan Jianzhe was still puzzled and asked, “Even so, what benefit does it have for these people to leak the news to the forum?” ”

Lao Wu said: “There are no direct benefits, however there are indirect benefits. In particular, some people know what the commander thinks about the villages outside the city. They know that as soon as the news leaks out, the commander will be more eager to take those villages as soon as possible. In this way, the time for a conflict with Cheng Yang to occur will be greatly accelerated. ”

Yuan Jianzhe’s expression suddenly became solemn, and he said seriously: “If your speculation is true, this person is really punishable by his heart’s intentions. There are not many people in all of the main city who know about our plan, even the leaders of the mercenary groups don’t know it.”

Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 190 | Copper Tomb Village’s Fight

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Cheng Yang then said: “Although this Imitation Training Cube is powerful, there are still great requirements for the defensive ability of the territory. For now, as long as the Imitation Training Cube attracts the demonised beasts within ten kilometres of the village, whether it is your Crane Summit or Niu Bing’s Copper Tomb Village, to perfectly defend against the demonised beast attack is not easy. So, in a moment, you will choose 1,500 soldiers from the village and go with me to Copper Tomb Village. First, you will use the Imitation Training Cube to clear away all the demonised beasts within ten kilometres of the village.”

Although Liu Xiyue* also wanted to leave the Imitation Training Cube in Crane Summit, she also knew that Cheng Yang’s arrangements had to have its reasons. At least so far, Cheng Yang had been right about every decision he had taken. It is also because of his series of decisions that the development of Phoenix Village has become what it is today.

Cheng Yang perhaps saw Liu Xiyue’s inner thought and said with a smile: “I chose Copper Tomb Village because to the west of it is the Dragon Frame. There, there are things necessary to develop woodland and your personal strength. We will clean up the surroundings of Copper Tomb Village earlier which will be more beneficial for the next step.”

In fact, Cheng Yang could not explain, but Liu Xiyue was a member of his Guards after all and he didn’t want the other party to have any doubts about his orders. Although such doubts would not allow the other party to go against his orders, it may compromise the execution of said orders.

Afterwards, Liu Xiyue, under Cheng Yang’s order, gathered some of the soldiers and set off with Cheng Yang. Except for the more than four hundred soldiers who stayed behind in Crane Summit Village, all the others were taken away.

Crane Summit Village and Copper Tomb Village were more than twenty kilometres apart. This distance sounds relatively far, however since both villages have already cleared the roads leading to Yicheng it was closer than one would expect. Even Yicheng City has done the same, so there are not many obstacles encountered along the way. It took more than a thousand people less than half an hour to enter Yicheng.

At this moment, Yicheng has changed a lot compared to before. Originally, one could occasionally see refugee activities, but now, not to mention refugees, even the bodies are difficult to find. Only traces of the pre-doomsday buildings could be seen in some parts of the city and in these buildings, there is still a lot of food and other supplies stored away.

These supplies were not looted by the refugees because they were quickly sent to other places without having time to loot the buildings. At this moment, Cheng Yang and his group of more than one thousand people would naturally not be polite. Like ants moving material to their nests, they collected all the materials they encountered along the way.

In the ruins of Yicheng, Cheng Yang and his party eventually encountered a large-scale group of demonised beasts, many of which were Pinnacle-Grade Immature beasts.

In this herd of demonised beasts, in addition to the High-Grade Immature demonised beasts proportion increased from 20% to 30%, the Pinnacle-Grade Immature demonised beasts also accounted for 1%. Don’t underestimate this one percent as it makes it much more difficult for the weaker main city combat team to eliminate the group of demonised beasts.

Of course, as long as it is not in the wasteland, generally the herds of demonised beasts only have around one or two hundred demonised beasts, of which only one or two are Pinnacle-Grade Immature. But the wasteland is different. Some of the largest demonised herds can reach as many as one or two thousand demonised beasts with roughly twenty Pinnacle-Grade Immature demonised beasts. This would be a total disaster for the Low-Grade and Standard-Grade Apprentice soldiers.

Now, Cheng Yang’s team is facing the same situation. There are many areas in the Yicheng area that are still part of the wasteland and have not been reclaimed. However, Cheng Yang’s team wants to cross it as it is necessary to eliminate some of the large-scale demonised herds.

In the face of such large-scale herds, the team from Crane Summit Village were undoubtedly very vulnerable, and Cheng Yang had to go out alone to defeat those large demonised herds.

Cheng Yang’s defence is strong enough to place him in a class of his own compared to all the soldiers in the world. The same goes for his attack power and, with a wider range of AOE attacks, it’s not that hard to kill these troublesome demonised hordes.

It took nearly an hour for Cheng Yang to finally lead his team across the ruins of Yicheng. The rest of the journey was much easier as this was no longer unexplored territory for them.

When Cheng Yang entered Copper Tomb Village, it was already past one o’clock in the afternoon and Niu Bing was having dinner in the village. Seeing Cheng Yang’s arrival, he was pleasantly surprised to welcome him. However, he was very puzzled by the people Cheng Yang brought. Although he didn’t know these people, he was very familiar with Liu Xiyue who was walking at the front of the pack. It was obvious that all these people had come from Crane Summit.

“Lord, what’s going on? Could it be that Crane Summit Village has been occupied by others?” Niu Bing was a person who speaks what pops up in his mind without thinking too hard, so he immediately asked Cheng Yang about the situation.

It is no wonder why Niu Bing would think so. This densely packed group of people is almost all of the fighting force stationed Crane Summit Village. Liu Xiyue left Crane Summit Village alone and took all these soldiers to Copper Tomb Village. What is happening? There are no more than two reasons, one is that Copper Tomb Village is in need of assistance and the other is that they couldn’t stay in the Crane Summit Village anymore. In his opinion, Copper Tomb Village doesn’t currently need other people’s support, therefore the only explanation is that they couldn’t stay in Crane Summit Village anymore.

Liu Xiyue glared at Niu Bing and said angrily: “The mouth of a dog can not spit out ivory. Even if your Copper Tomb village is occupied, my Crane Summit Village will be safe and sound.”

Pang Shan, who was standing next to Niu Bing, did not want the two to quarrel. She went up to Liu Xiyue with a smile and said, “Xi Yue, we haven’t seen each other for several days. Let’s talk about our past few days”

Naturally, Liu Xiyue wasn’t really angry with Niu Bing, so she immediately whispered to Pang Shan. To tell the truth, Pang Shan is definitely Liu Xiyue’s best friend in the entire Phoenix Village territory. Although they have only been separated for a few days, they still have a lot of things to talk about. After all, they are students who have just entered college and been thrown into this apocalypse.

Niu Bing looked at Cheng Yang innocently and said, “Lord, tell me, what the hell is going on?”

Cheng Yang smiled and said, “I specially brought Liu Xiyue here to support you as it is a good thing for you . You didn’t even say thank you first, but asked instead if the village was occupied.”

Niu Bing said puzzledly: “I’m fine here, I don’t need support. ”

Suddenly, Niu Bing’s face changed and asked: “Lord, do you know any bad news? Is someone going to attack Copper Tomb Village? That does not sound right. I’ve been here for nearly ten days, and except for the ordinary refugees I saw before, there are no other human forces in this area.”

Cheng Yang took out the Imitation Training Cube, threw it to Niu Bing, and said: “Look at this thing. If you don’t think you need support, I will immediately leave with Liu Xiyue.”

After reading the attributes of the item, Niu Bing was at a loss and said blankly: “Isn’t this thing nothing? It won’t bring any danger to Copper Tomb Village as long as you don’t put any Experience Fragments into it…”

Although Niu Bing’s reaction was half a beat slower, when he talked about injecting Experience Points, he instantly understood Cheng Yang’s intention, and said in surprise: “Lord, are you planning to use this thing to attract the demon beasts to come over and let us kill them?”

“You’re not hopelessly stupid.” Cheng Yang rolled his eyes and said.

However, Niu Bing was used to being ridiculed by Cheng Yang and others so he didn’t care about what had been said.

At this time, Liu Xiyue also explained the matter clearly to Pang Shan, and naturally Niu Bing was ridiculed again.

After a few more words, Cheng Yang didn’t want to delay the matter any longer so he immediately talked to Niu Bing and Liu Xiyue about the preparations that had to be completed. To be honest, the combat effectiveness of the city’s defenders this time is not very strong. It is weaker compared to the original use of the Imitation Training Cube in Phoenix Village. At the same time, due to the evolution of the demonised beasts yesterday, one could imagine that the coming beast wave will be fiercer than the previous one.

Half an hour later, everything was ready, including the soldiers who had been active outside the village walls who had all returned to Copper Tomb Village.

Cheng Yang began to prepare to inject Experience Points into the Imitation Training Cube. Cheng Yang had a plan for the amount of Experience Points he would inject. He didn’t dare to put 10,000 Experience Points into it as that might lead to the demonised beasts overrunning and taking over Copper Tomb Village.

8,000 Experience Points, although only 2,000 less than what was used by Cheng Yang the previous time, is equivalent to two kilometres less of demonised beasts rushing at you. But don’t underestimate these two kilometres. After all, for every kilometre increase in distance, the area of attraction will also increase geometrically. According to Cheng Yang’s estimate, there are at most 40,000 or 50,000 demonised beasts within this eight-kilometre distance, and the number can only be less, not more.

After the Experience Points were added, a strange wave of energy swept across the eight-kilometre area centred around Copper Tomb Village. Countless demonised beasts crazily rushed towards Copper Tomb Village as if they had been inspired by the gods.

At this moment, the bloody battle began. Since this was a planned battle, everything was not out of Cheng Yang’s control. Even in the most intense of times, there were not more than five thousand demonised beasts  rushing to Copper Tomb village at the same time, and few of them were able to scale the wall.

Under the leadership of Cheng Yang and the other experts, coupled with a small number of Standard-Grade Apprentice soldiers from the two villages, they survived the most intense, thus difficult, period of time. Although nearly a hundred soldiers died for this, the situation had stabilised.

However, this battle cost not only the lives of these soldiers, but also a large number of potions. After all, there were no priests in neither Copper Tomb nor Crane Summit, so a lot of Health Recovery Potions were needed.

After the situation stabilised, the battle suddenly became easier. It would take less than a third of the original three thousand-strong soldier group to successfully kill all of the attacking demonised beasts. For this reason, Cheng Yang and the others naturally did not let all of the soldiers constantly stand on the wall, but to stand in shifts. One third of the soldiers would fight, another third rest or practice, and the remaining third went to the barracks to practice their skills.

According to the attributes of the barracks, as long as they are in the same territory, they can use all the barracks in the territory for training or cultivation. This rule is also to facilitate the movement of troops in the same territory. If this is not the case, those who have transferred to a village can only train in the villages’ barracks. Wouldn’t it be impossible to flexibly mobilise troops then?

* changed “Liu Wei” to “Liu Xiyue”

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