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Doomsday Lord Ch. 170 | Use

The number of subclasses each Totem had wasn’t the same. The Warrior Totem had three, but the Mage Totem had four: Geomancer, Pyromancer, Hydromancer, and Anemancer. The Ranger Totem allowed a person to become either a Rogue, Hunter, or Scout, and the Summoner Totem had two subclasses: Druid and Necromancer.

Each subclass had its strength and weaknesses, but none were worse overall than the others. Instead, it was a person’s effort and compatibility that determined how far a subclass would go.

Although the four primary classes now had Totems, none of them had finished Totem level research yet since it took ten days. It would take nearly two months and a hundred thousand Experience Fragments to fulfill the research upgrade condition.

Ironically, this made research the bottleneck for leveling up the Totems since it would only take one month to amass five hundred High-Grade Apprentices in each class. For most territories, it would take three months just to accumulate the necessary Experience Fragments.

For Cheng Yang and his villages, if it could be solved with money, it wasn’t a problem. Cheng Yang ran a very profitable scalping business, a Bank, and an instance dungeon within the bounds of Pheonix Village. Just this would solve any money issues they had, but he recently acquired the Imitation Imperial Training Cube as well.

At the moment, Cheng Yang was marching towards Joyous River Village with all three battalions stationed in Phoenix Village. Cheng Yang also brought Chu Yiling and Chu Qiang since they were a part of his personal guard.

The defense of Pheonix Village was left to the absurdly overpowered Imperial Guard members and the dozens of newly formed Adventurers groups. Although the Adventurers were inexperienced, their stats were far higher than a typical Low-Grade Apprentice, so in an emergency, they’d be able to support the Imperial Guard.

Phoenix Village also had the three Elite Imperial Guards as a trump card. So long as they were there, Cheng Yang could walk around the Cloud City area without fear that Phoenix Village would be destroyed when he got back.

It only took an hour for Cheng Yang’s army to reach Joyous River Village thanks to their clean marching order.

While on their way there, Cheng Yang explained the goal of the journey to his Generals. He told them the usage of the training cube as well as the best strategy for dealing with the resulting monster siege.

When they heard about the benefits they could gain from just standing on the village’s walls, they were ecstatic. Although Old Lee was also excited for his soldiers’ sake, he was somewhat disappointed since he was a melee fighter and wouldn’t benefit as much.

The Joyous River Village walls were the same size as those surrounding Silkworm Mountain. Thus, monsters would have just as easy a time getting over. Although Cheng Yang had the chance to upgrade the walls before initiating a monster siege, he decided not to since it would inhibit the village’s growth afterward.

This time, even without taller, stronger walls, Cheng Yang refused to let his soldiers die in droves again. That’s why he brought over several thousand extra defenders and invested tens of thousands in supplying those soldiers with potions.

Once the soldiers were in position, Cheng Yang took out the training cube. After some reflection, he used forty-five thousand.

Why forty-five thousand? Because that would attract every monster within twelve kilometers. Since Joyous River Village was more developed than Silkworm Mountain, the extra couple kilometers should mean the resulting monster siege would have the same strength.

It might be a little stronger, but he was far better prepared this time.

Once the Experience Fragments entered the cube, it began to glow. Then, suddenly, a pulse rippled out from it. At the same time, a collection of low roars could be heard from the surrounding areas.

A few minutes later, the first few scattered groups of monsters appeared at the edge of the forest. Of the first wave, only one in a thousand weren’t Low-Grade monsters.

The first line of defense this time wasn’t the ranged Professionals, but the melee fighters. All of the Warriors were standing outside the walls with ropes ready to pull them back up. This was so that they could gain some Experience Fragments before the area outside the wall became too dangerous.

The Warriors fought in groups of three with one soldier blocking attacks while the other two attacked. The formation allowed them to kill Low-Grade monsters in a single round of combat.

The various battalions under Cheng Yang’s control usually didn’t interact much. So this was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate their skills and show off. It was also an excellent opportunity for the Generals to show why they had the privileges granted by their position.

Liu Hau and Old Lee stood out on the battlefield of otherwise ordinary Warriors. Both were High-Grade Apprentices capable of instantly killing every monster that came their way.

Between the two of them, Liu Hau drew more attention. His fighting style was beautiful, thanks to immaculate dodging skills, incredible speed, and dual swords. For those who hadn’t seen him fight before, it was eye-opening. Most of them believed a Warrior could only rely on their defense and brute strength to win a fight, but Liu Hau proved they could focus on speed as well.

For the first fifteen minutes, the Warriors were able to kill everything that came their way easily. As time went on, however, the number of monsters started to increase rapidly. Additionally, monsters will long-range skills would appear occasionally.

“Begin retreat! Return to the walls!” Cheng Yang ordered. At the same time, dozens of messengers relayed his orders.

The Warriors made a quick retreat up the ropes while the Summoner’s wolves covered them. A retreat made easier by the fact that any new monsters had to stumble through the maze of corpses left behind by the earlier fighting.

The most eye-catching area of the battle was where Zhao Chuan’s dire wolf was tearing through every nearby monster. Thanks to his Special Innate Ability, both it and the other summoned creatures around it were strengthed while the monsters they fought were weakened.

“Ranged attackers! Shoot!” At the same moment, every Ranger and Mage on the walls fired an attack at the oncoming monsters. With their help, the Warriors were able to make a clean escape.

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Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 169 | Subclass

“How are you going to deal with the cube?” Yu Kai asked.

“I plan to take it to the villages near Yicheng.” Cheng Yang said, “They can’t benefit from the services Phoenix Village provides, so the cube will be beneficial for their development.”

“But their combat prowess is too low. Even if they used it on a small area, they would be overwhelmed! Even with both of us here, Silkworm Mountain was nearly destroyed, so what can they do?”

“That’s just a long term plan. I can’t visit the Yicheng area until I settle the issues here.” cheng Yang replied. “So, I’ll find a way for them to withstand the monsters later.”

Since there was nothing left for Yu Kai to say, he left. When he did, Cheng Yang went to clear the Sky God’s Island instance dungeon. He wanted Yu Kai to come with him, but the threat of another attack from Dong Shizou’s master stopped him. Although his luck was a little better, he only got a single piece of Green Bronze equipment.

Right before Cheng Yang left, he noticed a chest towards the back of the room. He ran over, trying to suppress the excitement in his heart, lest it was another shitty piece of equipment.

When he opened the chest, Cheng Yang found another Warrior Statue Lifting Stone, an item from the rare loot table! Maybe all that lousy luck before was paying off now since the chance of getting a reward like this was one in a million.

Although it was a great drop, Cheng Yang wasn’t sure what to do with it. If he could, he would increase the number of Warriors again, but he wasn’t sure if it was possible. He hadn’t heard about someone getting two Statue Lifting Stones for the same class, so there was no way to know.

Cheng Yang stored the Staute Lifting Stone in his ring, then left the instance. Then, he retrieved the training cube. Although he didn’t have a use for it at the moment, it was too dangerous to leave it since Silkworm Mountain had been compromised. Worse than having it stolen, if another hostile individual infiltrated the village and activated it, the tragedy from the day before would repeat itself.

There were three villages in the Cloud City area, all of which were compromised. Therefore, only Phoenix Village, which had the Imperial Guard was a safe place to store the training cube. However, it also needed it the least. So, Cheng Yang planned to send it to Joyous River Village.

It was the only village where a full-scale attack was improbable since any attacking force would have to walk through the East half of Cloud City first. It would also be easy to send soldiers from Phoenix Village to help withstand the monster siege caused by the cube’s use.

Back in Phoenix Village, Cheng Yang used the Statue Lifting Stone on the Warrior statue. When he did, the option to increase the number of slots was still available!

It was great news, but Cheng Yang still felt a little disappointed. Although you could enhance a statue’s attribute multiple times, what were the chances of getting another Statue Lifting Stone after this? Even if the result would be fantastic, it only hurt to know it was out of reach.

Since the Statue Lifting Stone had already been used, Cheng Yang needed to make a choice. Although he originally wanted to increase the number of slots, Cheng Yang chose to increase the Physical Defense of the Warriors instead.

The bonus immediately doubled. With this, Low-Grade Warriors had a Physical Defense so high most Low-Grade monsters would only be able to deal a single point of damage.

Cheng Yang took a moment to admire the statue’s system pane.

Warrior Totem
Phoenix Village


  • Spirit of the Undying (Low-Grade): Increase HP by 17% | Cost: 20,000 | Time: 10 days
  • Widened Mana Circuit (Low-Grade): Increase Mana by 17% | Cost: 20,000 | Time: 10 days
  • Steel Tendons (Low-Grade): Increase Magic Attack by 17% | Cost: 20,000 | Time: 10 days
  • Iron Flesh (Low-Grade): Increase Physical Defense by 34% | Cost: 20,000 | Time: 10 days
  • Mithril Mind (Low-Grade): Increase Magic Defense by 17% | Cost: 20,000 | Time: 10 days


  • Charge (Low-Grade): An attack skill that inflicts a stun effect | Cost: 200 | Requirements: Standard-Grade Apprentice
  • Stone Skin (Standard-Grade): A passive skill that increases Health, Magical Defense, and Physical Defense | Cost: 600 | Requirements: Pinnacle-Grade Apprentice


  • Battle Master (1/1)
  • Assassin
  • Knight
  • Sentinel

Upgrade Conditions

  • Fill all available slots
  • Finish all new research
  • Have 500 High-Grade Warriors

After leveling up a fifth time, the class change statue had become a Class Change Totem. The most significant difference between the two was the availability of subclasses.

Usually, a person wouldn’t get a subclass until they reached the Low-Grade Scholar level, and they couldn’t use the Meditation skill to train until they got one once they reached that level. However, it wouldn’t happen automatically. If the class change statue they used hadn’t become a Totem yet, it was impossible. Since the key to human evolutions were skills and classes, the gods would naturally restrict access to better ones.

This was because growth factors would come into play after obtaining a subclass. Each subclass had a different attribute distribution, which represented their specialization.

Thankfully, upgrading a Statue to a Totem was easy. It just needed money and time. Reaching the next stage was far more difficult since you needed to have a certain number of high-level individuals for each class.

The conditions were more lenient than the ones for leveling up the territory but not by much.

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Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 168 | Divine Intention

Cheng Yang chuckled.

“Old Lee, you worry too much! Our actions are as infuriating as an ants’ to the gods, and even they can’t watch every inch of the world at the same time. There are millions of people that curse them every day, but has anyone experienced divine retribution yet?”

“Well, I’ll say what I was going to anyways.” Old Lee said with a relieved expression. “I’ve been wondering why the gods did this? Their messenger said it was to help us evolve, but what about after that? It would be odd if they needed us, but I can’t help but think this power comes with a catch.”

Old Lee’s concerns were shared by many in Cheng Yang’s previous life. Maybe he’d know the answer if he’d survived a few more years, but for now, the gods’ intentions were a mystery.

However, Cheng Yang held a similar view to Old Lee. There was no such thing as a free lunch, which meant the gods would eventually collect their debt. The only question was, what would they ask for? They were gods. What could they need from mere humans?

With his current strength and status, wanting to explore the ultimate purpose of the gods’ actions was too ambitious. For now, he could only walk forwards without knowing where the path led.

“That’s a difficult question to answer. There’s no way to know if the gods’ are hiding something from us.” Cheng Yang sighed. “Maybe one day we’ll find out.”

Old Lee wanted to offer a guess, but since he wasn’t sure if he was right, refrained.

Once they parted ways, Cheng Yang visited the Tavern. He needed to collect the money from selling his potions. It wasn’t a lot, but the profit margins were twice that of the Stones of Return.

Until the global market stabilized, Cheng Yang planned to extract as much from possible from the world’s wealthy. To do that, he needed as many Eight Treasures Flowers as possible, so he tripled the rewards for finding one.

Right now, about a hundred were turned in to the Quest Hall every day. However, that wasn’t enough to use up Cheng Yang’s Energy every day, so he hoped to entice some people to spend their day exclusively searching for the flowers.

For most people, the rewards would be equal to or greater than a day spent hunting, so Cheng Yang had high hopes.

If he reached maximum capacity, he would be able to earn roughly a hundred thousand Experience Fragments a day. Even for Cheng Yang, that was a lot of money.

The next morning, Cheng Yang cleared The Blood-Soaked Cathedral, then ran to Joyous River Village. He cleared The Abandoned Citadel then cleared The Forgotten Grave.

Cheng Yang’s luck was worse than it ever had been. After clearing three instance dungeons, all he got was a single piece of Green-Bronze equipment. Perhaps the gods actually were capable of watching the whole world at once and were punishing Cheng Yang for his comments the day before?

The chances of getting only a single item from three instance dungeons at the Difficulties he used were tiny. For that piece of equipment to also be the lowest quality was absurd.

With a melancholy heart, Cheng Yang visited Silkworm Mountain.

It was almost noon.

By now, the last monster would have died while assaulting the walls of Silkworm Mountain. Now it would be almost impossible to find a group of monsters with more than a few individuals near Silkworm Mountain.

As such, Cheng Yang had nothing to do on his way there. Enlai killed every monster they encountered before Cheng Yang could finish casting any of his spells.

When he arrives, Cheng Yang visited Yu Kai. Despite the tragedy the day before, everyone was in high spirits. Thanks to the constant stream of monsters attacking the village, every soldier earned several dozen Experience Fragments.

Since the monsters were killed within the Silkworm Mountain’s boundaries, for every Experience Fragment the soldiers earned, the village received one as well. It was more than enough to supplement the development of every territory under Cheng Yang’s control.

Although Yu Kai was only the Governor in name, he was thrilled to see how quickly Silkworm Mountain was recovering. More importantly, once the village leveled up, he would be able to use Divine Blessing again.

“What has Dong Sizhou been up to?” Cheng Yang asked after some pleasantries.

“Nothing. Yet. That guy has outstanding psychological strength. Several times I caught him staring out through the windows, and there wasn’t a hint of fear in his eyes. He clearly doesn’t fear death, and I think that his family might be made up too.” Yu Kai said, “He’s too calm. It weirds me out.”

“Keep watching him. The fact that he hasn’t made a move yet makes him even more suspicious. We’re not lacking personnel, so make sure several people are guarding him at all times.”

“Don’t worry. I know what to do.”

While they were talking, Liu Chengen arrived with a salute.

“Hello, my Lord.” He said respectfully before addressing Yu Kai, “Now that the monsters have stopped attacking, should we start sending out hunting parties again?”

Yu Kai had no clue what to say, so he looked to Cheng Yang for help.

“You should if you want to keep earning Experience Fragments.” Cheng Yang said. “I’m taking the cube with me today, so you’ll need to make other arrangements.”

“The cube cleared the surrounding area so, take the opportunity to explore our out to twelve or fifteen kilometers.” Yu Kai said, “We need to make sure there aren’t any surprises waiting for us.”

“Yoko, when we find out who was behind the sabotage, what do you plan to do? Are we going to start a life or death battle with them immediately? Or are you going to be a little lenient with them?” Yu Kai asked after Liu Chengen left to handle the details.

“Why should we tolerate nearby enemies? Even if Yuan Jianzhe were the mastermind, I wouldn’t hesitate to go to war. A thousand people died, so even if the safe zone descends into total anarchy, I’ll never forgive the perpetrator. There’s no point in compromising with someone who wants you dead.”

“Thank you, my Lord.” Yu Kai said, happy that Cheng Yang shared his viewpoint on the matter. “But if we’re going to destroy the military anyways, why not take control of the safe zone while we’re at it?”

“Because the gods won’t allow it to happen.” Cheng Yang replied. “They want the safe zone to be relatively free from human influence, so if we tried to control it completely, the gods would sabotage us. If we can’t have total control, there’s no reason to try.”

“That’s fair.” Yu Kai said, “So, do you think Yuan Jianzhe had anything to do with this?”

“It’s unlikely.” Cheng Yang said, “This Ding Ming fellow probably was involved, but someone else should be the mastermind. Either way, Dong Shizhou will lead us right to them.”

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Doomsday Lord Ch. 167 | Trouble in the Territory

Cheng Yang was worried it was a one-time use item since it had the “Imitation” tag, but the description put his heart at ease.

He wondered how powerful the real Imperial Training Cube was? If the imitation harnessed the power of the heavens and the earth, what did the real one use? Since it had training in the name, maybe the actual one increased skill proficiency gains?

Either way, the imitation Training Cube was still a useful tool. As long as the affected area wasn’t too large, it could help his territories by bringing monsters into the Experience Fragment collection radius.

Cheng Yang estimated that Dong Shizhou must have used at least twenty thousand Experience Fragments. Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been so many monsters. Since the area around Silkworm Mountain hadn’t been cleared as thoroughly as the other two villages, the cube must have attracted hordes formed on the first day of the apocalypse.

Cheng Yang felt blessed that Ding Ming didn’t have wealth like his. Otherwise, he might have been able to summon half a million monsters to attack the village.

Once he stored the cube in his ring, Cheng Yang returned to the Meditation Hall where Dong Shizhou was held.

“Since you were honest, and this is a nice item. I’ll let you live. For now.” Cheng Yang announced.

As he walked out, Cheng Yang winked at Yu Kai, who followed him. Since everyone else was leaving, Ye Tao also left.

“My Lord, is it safe to leave Dong Shizou like that?” Yu Kai asked, “The rope should hold, but-“

“Of course it’s not safe, but he’s still hiding something. I never threatened to kill him, so why did he bring up an execution? To take his secrets to the grave. Make sure you’re Demonic Watcher is keeping an eye on him. Once he makes his move, contact me.”

“Are you sure? What else could he be hiding?”

“How much do you think this would be worth on the Auction House?” Cheng Yang asked after handing Yu Kai the imitation Training Cube.

“A lot.” Yu Kai replied, “But not unless you controlled a village. But, where did Ding Ming get this?”

“Since they used something so valuable in this attack, do you think Dong Shizhou walked in here under everyone’s noses?”

“Why wouldn’t he ha-” The realization suddenly hit Yu Kai. “Fuck! Of course not! That guy almost fooled me. We know gate inspection is lax, but how would they know? If they were bringing something so valuable inside the village, they must have had a better plan than just walking in.”

The duo walked over to the outer walls to check on the situation.

When they returned to the walls, he saw a steady stream of monsters making their way to the village. Since the cube would attract them for twenty-four hours, he would need to leave it in Silkworm Mountain. If he tried to take it back to Phoniex Village, he would become a walking calamity.

After his walk, Cheng Yang met with Liu Chengen.

“Vice-Governor Liu, how’s the situation?”

“We seem to be out of danger, for now, My Lord. Although there are still a few hundred monsters surrounding the village at any given time, they won’t be a problem. They’re serving as stress relief for the surviving soldiers since there’s no danger in hunting them.”

It was good news, but the loss of a thousand soldiers weighed heavily in their hearts.

“The monsters will keep charging over like that until around this time tomorrow, so make the soldiers pace themselves. When it’s done, the territory should make around four hundred thousand Experience Fragments. Keep what you need to upgrade the village and wire the rest to Phoenix Village.”

Since Yu Kai was only the Governor in name, Cheng Yang explained his plans to Liu Chengen. He managed the territory and was a capable administrator.

Then, Cheng Yang made another trip around the wall and prepared to leave.

The monster siege was over, and the threat was eliminated, but Cheng Yang quell the anger in his heart! However, until he revealed all of Dong Shizhou’s secrets, he couldn’t act.

If he impulsively attacked the wrong person, he’d let his enemy play him like a fiddle.

Although most of the beast siege casualties had been from Silkworm Valley, a few were from the Fox Hunting Battalion. As a result, there were a few dozen spots to vacancies to fill, so Cheng Yang visited Old Lee when he returned to Phoenix Village.

Old Lee listened to Cheng Yang report, but when he was asked to take care of the vacancies, he didn’t leave immediately like he usually would. Instead, he stood awkwardly by the doorway.

“Old Lee, we’ve gone through thick and thin together, so why are you hesitating over there? If you’ve got a problem, tell me.”

“It’s just a little thing, my Lord. I don’t want to bother you with it since you seem busy right now.”

“Tell me.” Cheng Yang repeated.

“Well, the village’s contains over a hundred thousand civilians and a few thousand soldiers. The soldiers live in the Inner Village with their families, but everyone else crowds together in the Outer Village. They are comfortable as they are, but as they feel safer, they want more as well, like housing. Since even housing is a problem, the rest of our infrastructure is naturally horrible. We’re starting to have issues with water use and waste disposal. It takes some people over an hour to get water, and the river is being polluted by those upstream. Some areas don’t even bother moving their waste and have created large pits of human excrement. If we don’t do something soon, the area will become unlivable.”

Old Lee paused when Cheng Yang signaled for him to stop. The problems he described were ones people need to face in his past life as well.

Water wasn’t a huge issue since it could be solved with labor incentives, but the sewage would be troublesome. In the past, villages had tried to build aqueducts to funnel out the waste, but there was one big problem. The territory would forcefully remove any unauthorized structures. Even if you tried to dig a ditch, it would fill itself in at midnight.

Thankfully, the gods would remedy this problem by creating bathrooms and water fountains in the safe zones. You needed to pay to use them, but it was better than nothing.

Territories were given a similar solution. They had the option to build their own facilities. A couple would be manageable, but the expenses scaled with population.

These changes would be implemented on the same day the gods rescued people living in rural areas.

“You don’t need to worry about that. I’ve foreseen that the gods will offer us a solution in a few days. Just keep the situation under control until then.”

Old Lee groaned.

“My Lord, I need to tell you something, but I don’t know how to phrase it.”

“Just spit it out.” Cheng Yang said with a worried tone.

“I’m worried I’ve offended the gods and brought a calamity down upon the territory.”

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Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 166 | Imitation Training Cube

“You don’t scare me!” The suspect roared. Since he had no way out, the man had resorted to bluffing. “What Skinning skill? Professions? Never heard of them. If a steel sword can’t pierce my skin, what makes you think that tiny knife will do anything?”

“It doesn’t matter whether or not you believe us.” Cheng Yang said with a dry smile. “Begin.”

Yu Kai nodded, trying to suppress the discomfort he felt. He pressed the knife into the back of the suspect’s hand and activated the skill.

“Ahhhh!” The man let out a piercing scream that was as surprised as it was in pain. He looked down to see his hand had been skinned in mere moments, not just the back but the fingers and the palm too. His skin was hanging from his wrist like a used glove, and the bright red flesh left behind had started bleeding profusely.

“Why does it work so well?” Yu Kai muttered. Just like when he skinned a monster, an invisible force had guided his hand like a puppeteer, allowing him to peel back the skin at inhuman speeds.

At Cheng Yang’s request, Yu Kai stopped. The goal wasn’t to skin the man completely, only to extract a confession.

At the same time, Te Yao used Healing Light. Ironically, the healing process was almost as excruciating. New skin grew out of the flesh at an alarming rate, forcing the skinned glove to fall to the ground.

“Well, are you ready to take this seriously?” Cheng Yang asked.

“You… What are you asking?” The man asked while looking at Cheng Yang with frightened eyes. He had undergone training to withstand torture, but this hyper-fast skinning technique transcended pain.

“What’s your name, and who sent you here?”

“My name is Dong Sizhou, and it was Commander Yuan that sent me.” The man said after Yu Kai raised his knife threateningly.

“IT seems you forgot who actually sent you.” Cheng Yang frowned. “Yu Kai, jog his memories.”

Yu Kai didn’t hesitate this time. Since it felt the same as when he skinned a monster, the revulsion he felt was disappearing.

With a gleam of the knife and a flash of light, the man’s hand had been skinned, then healed once more.

“Since I bothered to interrogate you, I naturally know a few things. Let’s try this again, or we’ll end up with enough skin to make a glove for every soldier you got killed.”

“Good… Well said.” Dong Sizhou huffed. “I didn’t lie when I told you my name, but… it was Colonel Ding that sent me, not Commander Yuan.”

“Colonel Ding? And it wasn’t on Yuan Jainzhe’s orders?”

Dong Sizhou nodded.

“The Colone’s full name is Ding Ming.”

Cheng Yang frowned. Many people committed treason against the military in his past life, but Ding Ming wasn’t one of them. Ding Ming had died in the Battle of the Southern Bridge, so maybe he just hadn’t enacted his plan in time?

“Why did Ding Ming send you here?” Cheng Yang asked.

“He wanted me to observe the village and find a way to take it for ourselves.”

“Wrong.” Cheng Yang said.

“Ahhhh!” Another glove was created using Dong Shizhou’s skin.

Dong Shizhou’s mind was racing. Why did he do that? The information I gave him was more than enough to make him believe that was the extent of our plans? Is he guessing, or does he know something?

“What…” Dong Shizhou panted. “Did I say wrong?”

“Someone artificially created a monster siege. Who was it?”

“That’s…” Dong Shizhou hesitated. Was that just a lucky guess? It couldn’t have been. Cheng Yang seemed so sure that someone had caused the incident.

“If you keep wasting time, I’ll have Yu Kai encourage you.” Cheng Yang warned Dong Shizhou, “If I’m not satisfied, I’ll lock you up and do this every day. Every moment will be worse than death!”

“I… I… What I meant was…” Dong Shizhou caved under the threat of endless pain. “In addition to that, I was also ordered to bury a cube in your territory. It’s a magic item that attracts monsters. Earlier today, I walked through the gates and buried it behind one of the buildings.”

Cheng Yang shot Yu Kai a dirty look. If the enemy could casually swagger into the village, Yu Kai would need to be held accountable.

“I warned you that this would happen.” Yu Kai said in an exasperated voice. “We don’t have any IDs, and since soldiers from the other villages sometimes visit, our gates are just for decoration. Our guards can’t memorize thousands of faces.”

Cheng Yang nodded in response. They would need to think of a better system since every village had this vulnerability. At least in Phoenix Village, if an infiltrator tried to harm anyone, the Imperial Guard would know instantly.

“Take us to where you buried the cube.” Cheng Yang said. It might have been a one-time use item, but if he was lucky, it was an artifact they could use to recoup their losses.

“I can show you, but you need to promise me something.” Dong Shizhou said. Now that he had divulged everything, he had nothing to lose. “It’s a small condition, so please.”

“Do you think you’re in a position to negotiate with me?” Cheng Yang’s eyes flashed with anger.

“What I did was wrong, but I was just following orders.” Dong Shizhou smiled sadly. “Now that I’ve betrayed Colonel Ding, my family will be implicated. So please, listen to my request.”

“What is it?”

“After you execute me, please, protect my family.” Dong Shizhou said, “If you request it, Commander Yuan will allow you to take them as prisoners.”

“I can’t do that.” Cheng Yang said, “At the very least, I’ll make sure to keep news of your capture a secret. I also wouldn’t if I could since you’ve caused too much damage to be forgiven.”

Dong Shizhou sighed.

“It’s buried behind the fifth building on the east side of the southern gate. It should be easy to see where the soil was disturbed. Please make my death painless.”

“Yu Kai, stay here while I take a look.”

A few minutes later, Cheng Yang found the location where the cube was buried. When he started digging, he uncovered a black cube covered in intricate carving.

When he picked it up, a system pane opened.

Imperial Training Cube (Imitation)
Modeled after the training cubes made by the Empire, this item harnessed the powers of the heavens and the earth to attract monsters in a wide radius towards itself. Its the perfect tool for training either yourself or a large army.

Cost: 100 Experience Fragments per square kilometer affected
Duration: 24 Hours

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Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 165 | Skinning

Yu Kai’s Demonic Watcher reported that their suspect was on the move, so Cheng Yang left before hearing any after-action analysis.

After everything that had happened, how could Cheng Yang let that bastard escape? Although there was no proof that the person was related, cheng Yang couldn’t believe the Monster Siege was natural.

To make sure he wouldn’t lose the suspect, Cheng Yang carried Yu Kai with him. This way, he could get constant updates from the Demonic Watcher.

A few minutes later, they found their target. It was a man in his thirties sprinting towards Cloud City.

He was moving erratically in an attempt to throw off anyone chasing him. Little did he know, the Demonic Watcher was right behind him the entire time.

“Halt!” Yu Kai shouted once they were close.

The man jumped in fright, then dove into a thicket.

He took two steps and then felt a horrible chill invading his body, stopping him in his tracks. Then, Cheng Yang put Yu Kai down and lifted the man with a single hand. With the other, he grabbed the man’s chin and twisted it violently, dislocated the jaw.

“My Lord, why are you acting so violently?” Yu Kai couldn’t help but ask.

“I needed to make sure he couldn’t bite his tongue.” cheng Yang replied, “Lest he dies before we can interrogate him.”

Although it would be much harder to commit suicide by biting one’s tongue now, it was considered an attack by the gods’ system, so it was possible.

After that, Cheng Yang picked up the suspect and carried him back to Silkworm Mountain.

Back in the village, Liu Chengen had finished compiling the death statistics. When cheng Yang heard the results, he was livid.

Around a third of the soldiers that participated in the battle died. That amounted to over a thousand people. Most of the casualties were in the Silkworm Mountain army rather than the Fox Hunting battalion, but it was a heavy blow nonetheless.

Losing the investment put into the soldiers alone was horrific, but each death pierced Cheng Yang’s soul, signifying a personal failure. It filled him with rage, at the gods, and this damned world. But mostly, he was angry with himself.

“Bury the dead in the Outer Village. They’re heroes and deserve a real cemetery, not a mass grave. Hand out the pension according to the standard. Contact me if you need Experience Fragments to make up the cost.” Cheng Yang said.

Liu Chengen nodded with a heavy heart, then left to complete the tasks.

Cheng Yang turned to Yu Kai.

“I’m going to find an empty Meditation Hall to interrogate him in.” Cheng Yang gestured to the captured suspect. “I need you to find me a Priest to keep him alive and someone with a Profession that gives them the Skinning skill.”

Once he found an appropriate location, Cheng Yang threw the suspect on the ground and bound him with rope after disarming him.

“Your Excellency should prepare to jog his memory.” Cheng Yang mocked the man as he realigned his jaw.

“How dare you attack me?” the suspect shouted in a righteous tone. “This is a restriction of my personal freedom and an illegal act.”

Cheng Yang sighed.

“Don’t you think acting like that at this point is a little silly? Have some self-respect. If you aren’t willing to talk this out between professionals, I can force it out of you with a knife.”

“Do you think I’m stupid, you’re not allowed to do that.” the man said with false bravado. “Although monsters walk the earth, the state is alive and well. If you dare to violate my civil liberties like this, Commander Yuan won’t stand idly by!”

“The commander can’t afford to offend me right now, so there isn’t a person in the world that can stop me from doing whatever I want to you.” Cheng Yang sneered. “If you don’t stop babbling nonsense, I don’t mind using torture to remind you how to speak to your betters.”

The man scoffed when he heard Cheng Yang mention torture. Since he was a Professional, torture was useless. No matter how small, every action would count as an attack, so the pain would last a few minutes at most before he ran out of Health. Even if he was force-fed a potion, they could only torture him for a few minutes at a time.

At this point, Yu Kai returned with a middle-aged Priest.

“I’ve returned, my Lord. Let’s find out if this bastard is responsible for all this death!”

“Just you two? I needed someone with the Skinning skill.”

“You must have forgotten that I have that skill, and I would like to brag and say mine is definitely at a higher level than anyone else.” Tu Kai said. “But why did you need that? I can understand the Priest, but how is the Skinning skill going to help us interrogate him?”

“You should have realized by now that the gods’ rules make torturing someone unfeasible since anything we do to harm someone would be considered an attack. How do you think we can get around that?”

Yu Kai nodded. Attacking someone had mixed results, and sometimes a surefire hit wouldn’t pierce the skin even if it did damage. So, he’d been wondering what Cheng Yang planned to do.

“To get around those rules, we’ll use your Skinning skill.” Cheng Yang continued. “Since its a Profession skill, it doesn’t count as an attack, creating a loophole where it can be used to torture people.”

“Are you asking me to skin him?” Yu Kai shuddered. “Doesn’t the skill only work on dead monsters?”

“Of course not. As long as something has skin, the Skinning skill can peel it off.” Cheng Yang said, “The reason you think it only works on corpses is that a monster won’t sit still long enough to let you skin it if it’s alive.”

Yu Kai understood, but he was shocked. Why would the gods allow that? He’d skinned dozens of monsters, but the thought of skinning a human was disgusting.

Yu Kai wasn’t the only person who felt sick. The Priest also looked pale. Regular torture was one thing, but skinning someone felt inhumane.

Cheng Yang sighed. He knew what they were thinking and was disappointed. Did they not expect to have to hurt other humans under these circumstances? If they weren’t prepared to hurt others, they would only find themselves repeatedly backstabbed.

“Do you think I’m cruel?” Cheng Yang asked while looking down at the suspect with hate-filled eyes.

“I don’t think you’re cruel.” Yu Kai replied with a wry smile, “I just can’t stomach the idea of doing such a thing to another human.”

The Priest stayed silent but was contemplating the question.

“You can’t stomach it even if he’s responsible for this disaster? For the deaths of your subordinates?” Cheng Yang asked. “He refuses even to deny that he’s involved, so how else are we supposed to figure out whos behind the attack? If we let them get away with it this time, Silkworm Mountain might face another crisis.”

“I think we should do it.” The Priest spat with disgust. As a Priest, he witnessed more deaths than any other class today even though he wasn’t on the frontlines.

“Ye Tao, you don’t have to agree. You aren’t going to be the one that has to do it.” Yu Kai said bitterly.

“I’m an Alchemist.” Ye Tao replied. “What do you want me to do? Harvest his nose hairs?”

Yu Kai sighed, then pulled out his skinning knife.

“Don’t think too badly of me.” Yu Kai told the suspect. “If you were willing to talk, I wouldn’t need to do this.”

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Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 163 | Fierce Battle

The closer Cheng Yang got to Silkworm Mountain, the denser the groups of incoming monsters were. Fortunately, Enlai was fast enough to move past them unhindered.

Eight hundred meters away from the village, High-Grade monsters could be seen everywhere.

At that time, Yu Kai called him again.

“My Lord, I found someone! There’s a person about a kilometer south of the village hiding in a tree. My Demonic Watcher hasn’t been noticed, but there’s no way for me to get there.”

“I’m almost there, so just keep watching the suspect while we clear out these monsters.”

After hanging up, Cheng Yang ordered Enlai to rush through the horde. It didn’t matter what tried to attack them, Enlai tore them apart with a single swipe of his massive paws.

Moments later, Enlai jumped over the walls of Silkworm Mountain. The outer wall was only five meters tall, so it was barely a barrier to the white tiger.

Silkworm Mountain was in chaos. Every soldiers was rushing across the walls like a mass of termites.

The walls stopped most of the monsters, but to certain species and High-Grade monsters, the walls were the same as flat ground. As a result, even the Warriors were engaged in fierce battles.

Low-Grade monsters that managed to scale the wall were killed instantly. The buffs applied by the class change statues combined with an equipment advantage allowed even ordinary soldiers to beat them in single combat easily.

Standard-Grade monsters were harder but only required a few soldiers working together or at elite at the same level as the monster.

When a High-Grade monster appeared, death would follow. They could kill a soldier in two hits and had the skills necessary to set up a combo. Unless the team fighting it had perfect coordination, it was hard to prevent someone from dying.

Every time a High-Grade monster climbed over the walls, Yu Kai rushed over to act as a tank. Unfortunately, there were too many monsters. Sometimes Yu Kai would arrive only to find several of his soldiers had already died.

Cheng Yang’s arrival was like a shot of adrenaline in the arm.

“The Lord has arrived! We’re saved!” When they saw him, every soldier gave their all, convinced that if they could hold on even a little longer, their lives could be saved.

A mighty roar swept across the walls as Warrior and Mages alike doubled their efforts.

Their hopes weren’t entirely unfounded. When he arrived, Cheng Yang saved a soldier that was desperately struggling against a Standard-Grade monster by killing it and the High-Grade monster that jumped onto the wall after the first monster died.

After that, Cheng Yang and Enlai began circling the walls. Enlai moved clockwise, and Cheng Yang moved counter-clockwise. Everywhere they moved, monsters died in droves.

With the High-Grade monsters taken care of, the walls finally showed their worth. No matter how many monsters battered it, the walls didn’t break. Unlike living creatures, structures didn’t take mandatory minimum damage, so unless an attack dealt more than ten damage, it wouldn’t even leave a scratch.

Only a few monsters in every hundred could decrease the walls Health, so destroyed it was a futile effort even with their numbers.

As he traveled around the wall, Cheng Yang used Petal Blizzard to kill the nearby monsters. If any survived, he would leave them to the nearby soldiers before moving on.

A few minutes into his first loop, he finally fought on the same wall segment as Yu Kai.

“How bad was it before I got here?” Cheng Yang asked. “I’ve seen too many corpses.”

“It was pretty bad.” Yu Kai admitted. “There are at least a hundred casualties, and even with you here, we can’t prevent more from happening.”

Yu Kai sadly fired an arrow into the seemingly endless sea of monsters.

“If the fight keeps going, everyone is going to get worn out, casualties will increase, and we’ll have to retreat to the first ring of walls or risk holes appearing in our formation.”

“Go to the Alchemy Tower.” Cheng Yang ordered him, “Use the money I lent you for training to buy as many Health and Mana Recovery potions as you can. Don’t forget a Spacial Ring to help you transport them.”

Yu Kai left as soon as Cheng Yang finished speaking. He had ordered his soldiers to do the same thing at the start of the battle, but there weren’t enough potions to last. Now that he had authorization, he could use Cheng Yang’s personal funds to supplement the soldiers’ supplies.

Cheng Yang continued fighting after Yu Kai left. It wouldn’t matter how many potions his friend brought back if the soldiers were all dead. As such, he focused on minimizing any damage to personnel.

One after another, Cheng Yang endlessly fired his skills into the monster hordes. Petal Blizzard cleared out large numbers of weaker monsters, and Icicle Blast was used to one-shot High-Grade ones. Although he had other skills as well, they weren’t nearly as useful in this situation.

“Thank you, my Lord.” Cheng Yang didn’t know how many times he heard that phrase. Everywhere he went, he saved at least one person from the clutches of death.

He didn’t recognize any of them, but that hardly mattered. What did was that these soldiers couldn’t die here. They were still immature and needed his protection to grow; otherwise, who would be there to help the village in the future?

Humanity still needed them to fight!

Two minutes later, Cheng Yang and Enlai were reunited. Cheng Yang had only covered a third of the wall while the white tiger had traversed the rest. It wasn’t that Cheng Yang was slacking, there just wasn’t a way for his speed and momentum to match up to Enlai’s.

However, if you considered the number of monsters killed instead of the distance traveled, their roles were reversed. Cheng Yang killed at least thirty monsters with every use of Petal Blizzard. It was a killing efficiency Enlai couldn’t reproduce.

When Yu Kai returned, he ran around the wall, passing out potions to anyone that needed them.

With the help of the potions, the soldiers fought on.

As the battle progressed, Yu Kai’s prediction came true. Despite his best efforts, Cheng Yang couldn’t prevent the soldiers from dying.

These deaths hurt more than any Cheng Yang had ever experienced. He’d watched countless people die in his past life. Both soldiers and civilians alike.

However, he had been powerless back then. This time, he thought he could change things. With the power he had, power that only a few people had at the very end of his previous life, Cheng Yang thought he could prevent his people from suffering. He had thought nothing could stop him.

Reality harshly slapped that notion out of him. He had been brash and overconfident to think he could stand against tens of thousands of monsters alone. A single person couldn’t stop the flow of a river.

In his previous life, Cheng Yang called the Lord of Phoenix Village incompetent for letting his people die. He had thought the gods gave the Lords authority and power so that they could protect their citizens.

Now he knew that it wasn’t enough.

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Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 164 | Meeting the Enemy

For the time being, Cheng Yang didn’t think about the reason behind the monster siege. He needed to focus on killing monsters.

At the same time, he couldn’t help but curse the person that caused this in his heart. If this wasn’t a natural monster siege, someone was going to pay!

“Yu Kai, stay here and handle the southern area. I’ll handle the rest with Enlai.” Cheng Yang ordered, the next time their paths crossed. Once he’d finished handing out potions, Yu Kai had immediately re-joined the fight.

Yu Kai knew this wasn’t the time to act like a hero, so he obediently stayed on his part of the wall.

At this point, Cheng Yang’s kill count had surpassed ten thousand. His previous choice to save most of the potions he refined was a fortunate one since he’d used enough of them during the battle to make his stomach bloat.

Even so, Cheng Yang was getting tired. Depleting one’s Mana was mentally exhausting, so even with an endless supply, it was impossible to fight without stopping. Not to mention the physical exertion of running around the entire time.

“My Lord, we need to do something about the walls. Their Health has been halved, and although they’ll last for a long time, they’ll break before the battle ends.” The Vice-Governor of Silkworm Mountain, Liu Chengen, reported.

He was right. Less than half the monsters remained, but the momentum of the soldiers had slowed to a crawl.

“That’s not our biggest problem.” Cheng Yang sighed as he looked at the mismatched piles of mushy meat at the foot of the wall. “If you can’t find a way to destroy those corpses, even ordinary monsters will climb over the walls with ease.”

It wasn’t uncommon for monsters to be several meters tall, so using their bodies as a stepping stone was easy.

“What should we do, my Lord? Would the Fox Hunting Battalion be able to clear them away if we covered for you?” Liu Chengen asked.

Cheng Yang shook his head firmly. The Fox Hunting Battalion was far too weak to survive the task. They were right in the middle of their growth phase, so Cheng Yang was hesitant to sacrifice them like this.

Even if they ultimately lost the territory, Cheng Yang refused to lose the people.

“Me and Little White will draw the attention of the monsters. When we do, focus your attacks on the corpses and try to destroy them. Also, have a Priest ride Enlai, so he doesn’t die.” Cheng Yang ordered before jumping off the fence.

Liu Chengen wanted to retort, but Cheng Yang was already gone. With a helpless sigh, he arranged for Cheng Yang’s ordered to be fulfilled.

When he hit the ground, Cheng Yang attracted the aggro of every monster within a hundred meters. He was a far more exciting and delicious target than a wooden fence, so they all rushed towards him.

However, compared to the total length of the fence, Cheng Yang only diverted the monsters’ attention around a tiny fraction. If he wanted his plan to work, he would need to play his role more thoroughly.

By relying on his extreme speed, Cheng Yang acted as bait for the monsters while simultaneously using Rupture Blaze’s knockback to clear corpses near the areas he passed.

It was unfortunate, but he was the only person here who knew the skill. The few others that knew the skill were all at Phoenix Village.

Otherwise, he would be able to use his Sacrificial Blood Cloud to speed up the process. Although it was a great skill, he hadn’t had a chance to use in during this battle. Although it would allow more people to fight High-Grade monsters, unless they had the speed to reach the affected areas in time, it was meaningless.

Piercing through the monsters like a sharp arrow, Cheng Yang allowed monsters far and wide to see him. Soon enough, the number following him was in the thousands. The only ones that could resist chasing him were those that knew they could get over the walls.

Cheng Yang’s actions killed two birds with one stone. It gave the soldiers an opening to destroy the corpses, and also stopped the monsters from decreasing the Health of the walls.

The horde chasing him covered an area of a few hundred square meters. In comparison, Cheng Yang seemed infinitely small. However, the fact that he was still there proved how strong he was.

Enlai was having a much more difficult time. Cheng Yang was small enough to dodge attacks and weave through his opponents, but Enlai could only face them head-on. Anything that came close was crushed to death.

Thanks to the Priest on his back, Enlai could fight in an unrestrained manner. The only thing he needed to be conscious of was letting his lifeline get hit.

Maybe monsters hated Ascendants for being blessed by the heavens, but wherever Enlai went, every monster rushed towards him with intent to kill. Even the ones that could climb the walls.

Since there weren’t any monsters attacking the walls, the soldiers were able to destroy the corpses quickly enough to help Enlai afterward.

Since the white tiger stayed within thirty meters of the wall, it was easy for the soldiers to fire attacks into the horde chasing Enlai. In this way, Enlai was more effective as bait than Cheng Yang.

With Cheng Yang and Enlai supporting the east and west, the pressure on the north side of the wall was increased.

No one could fight a High-Grade monster head-on, so they relied on their numbers and the Priests’ help to defeat them.

Unfortunately, the number of Priests had always been a weakness of the army. As a result, it was impossible for there not to be casualties.

If Cheng Yang wanted to increase the number of Priests under his control, he would need to rely on luck for another to drop from the Blood-Soaked Cathedral.

To alleviate the problem, Liu Chengen pooled the soldiers’ earnings from the battle to buy more potions. Although using everyone’s savings would damage the village’s foundation, it is better than everyone dying.

The soldiers from the east area of the wall also moved to support the north after they finished clearing the corpses.

Cheng Yang and Enlai focused on culling the hordes chasing them after the corpses were cleared. The stress and fatigue were catching up to Cheng Yang, but he forced himself to keep going. If the ordinary soldiers could keep fighting, so could he!

Once he was done, Cheng Yang moved to the north while Enlai went south.

At this point, the end of the battle was in sight. With the appearance of reinforcements, the north improved, and the number of monsters was dwindling. Moreover, the last high-grade monster was already dead, so only the dregs remained.

Ten minutes later, the last monster fell. Nothing was left but a dense layer of blood and flesh coating the walls and everything around them.

In the distance, recently spawned monsters could be seen rushing towards the battlefield, but the walls would be more than enough to hold them while the soldiers rested.

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Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 162 | Monster Siege

TL Note: The Charm skill is based on a difference in level, not in stats. MY mistake.

Killing monsters wasn’t Qiu Yiling’s goal. Her main task was to test her Charm skill and experiment with it.

After nearly a hundred trials, she managed to charm a Graveseeker.

The initially rancorous monster calmed down as soon as the spell took effect and walked over to Chu Yiling. Knowing it wouldn’t hurt her, she got off Enlai’s back and began playing with it.

Since the sun was starting to set, Cheng Yang brought them back to the village. Although they were talented, they were only Low-Grade Apprentices.

When they arrived, Cheng Yang took them to train with the Nirvana Feather. They had earned more than enough to make good use of it.

To accommodate them, Cheng Yang gave Liu Wei and Lau Hui’s slots to them since they weren’t there.

Once they had been accommodated, Cheng Yang started brewing potions.

In addition to his usual Health and Mana Recovery potions, Cheng Yang also made Magic Amplification potions. Since it was a High-Grade potion, it required three Energy to make, and the success rate was a measly forty percent.

Fortunately, Cheng Yang had his Panacea Furnace. The extra level to his skills allowed his success rate to increase by twenty percent, increasing the number of potions he could make.

There was another benefit to having his Alchemy skills increase in level that Cheng Yang didn’t know: it would allow him to learn potion recipes one level higher then he should be able to.

Thanks to countless Alchemist soldiers’ efforts, Cheng Yang had an ample supply of Eight Treasures Flowers. Over the last few days, over three hundred were submitted to the Quest Hall.

Although it was enough for Cheng Yang’s purposes, it was a much smaller amount than it seemed. There were around four hundred and fifty Alchemists capable of harvesting the Eight Treasures Flower, so why were so few delivered? The answer was that no one was willing to waste time searching for them. It was one thing to run across one and turn it in for extra money and another to devote an entire day to searching.

Since each Magic Amplification potion only required a single flower, Cheng Yang didn’t mind the “low” numbers.

Every night, Cheng Yang could successfully refine fifty Magic Amplification potions, enough to make a small fortune.

Even a standard Magic Amplification potion would be valuable, but his had twice the effect, making them treasures in their own right.

It would only last five minutes, but that was more than enough time to turn the tide of a battle. Those potions were life-saving tools.

Once Cheng Yang had amassed 160 Magic Amplification potions, he started selling them on the Auction House for three thousand Experience Fragments. In Cheng Yang’s eyes, the potions were worth much less, but since he was the only person selling them, he could profit from other people’s ignorance.

Of course, Cheng Yang was only testing the water. No one knew the purchasing power of an Experience Fragment yet, so there were bound to be price fluctuations for the next few weeks or even months.

Regardless, the potion only cost him forty Experience Fragments to make, so the profit margins on the Magic Amplification potions were even higher than the Stones of Return.

It wouldn’t be long now before he could unlock even higher training speeds!

Once he was finished with that, Cheng Yang began his morning routine. He trained using the Nirvana Feather, listed the new Stone of Return batch on the Auction House, and cleared the Blood-Soaked Cathedral on Nightmare Difficulty.

Then, he visited Joyous River Village to clear the Abandoned Citadel and clean up any monsters he encountered.

Around noon, Cheng Yang was on his way to the Forgotten Grave when he heard a crisp chime from inside his ring.

After a brief moment of surprise, Cheng Yang realized it was his Transmission Mirror.

“Has an invasion started already?” Cheng Yang assumed the worst-case scenario as he answered the call by using his Mana to prod the runes on the mirror.

“My Lord, something strange is happening over here.” Yu Kai’s panicked face appeared in the mirror. “An enormous horde of monster is heading straight for the village! There’s ten thousand at least. I’ve gathered everyone inside the walls, but they won’t be able to hold against that many monsters. Please come quickly!”

“I’ll be there soon.” Cheng Yang answered as Experience Fragments drained into the mirror at an alarming rate. “You have a scouting skill, right? Use that to see if there’s anyone suspicious around the village.”

After storing the mirror in his ring, Cheng Yang rode Enlai to Silkworm Mountain at top speed.

All the way there, a single phrase echoed through his mind: monster siege.

They were a mechanic that shouldn’t be possible yet, but he trusted Yu Kai not to waste his time with rumors. But, what could have caused it?

Cheng Yang had heard of a few ways to attract monsters in his previous life, but none of them would work on a scale like this. Moreover, none of them had appeared in the Cloud City of the past. But, when there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Either the skill or item that caused this was kept a secret in his previous life, or his actions had caused a butterfly effect that created this scenario.

It took Enlai less than five minutes to reach the Northern Bridge. Along the way, a few monsters were blocking their path, but once they crossed, the entire area was silent.

Every monster was single-mindedly charging towards Silkworm Mountain, even ignoring Cheng Yang to do so.

Cheng Yang frowned.

At this rate, far more than ten thousand monsters would assault the walls fo Silkworm Mountain. Depending on how diligently the soldiers there were in hunting monsters, there could be up to a hundred thousand.

It was a terrifying thought.

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Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 161 | Training

Since his daughter was a part of his personal guard, Cheng Yang decided to add Chu Qiang as well.

His personal guard now had three members, each of whom had an unusually powerful Innate Ability. Yu Kai and Liu Hau also had the qualifications to join, but Cheng Yang needed them to lead his armies.

“Old Chu, Ling Ling, you are Professionals. As members of my personal guard, the safety of the village rests in your hands. You are the last hope of nearly a hundred thousand people.” Cheng Yang’s grave tone was meant for Chu Qiang. He didn’t expect Chu Yiling to understand the significance of their powers.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Cheng. This village is Ling Ling’s home, so I’ll defend it to my dying breath.”

Cheng Yang trusted Chu Qiang’s words. A man who could give up his life over his mother’s death was a man of great filial piety, and as the old saying goes: filial piety is the first virtue from which all others stem.

It was a little after four in the afternoon, leaving Cheng Yang enough time to instruct the father-daughter duo in the art of combat. With Chu Yiling and Chu Qiang riding Enlai, they left the village.

About seven kilometers away, Cheng Yang found a horde with only a few hundred monsters. Just like earlier, the monsters were Venom-Toothed Grey Wolves.

This was Chu Qiang and Chu Yiling’s first time saw that many monsters, so they were both a bit pale.

Before the monsters could reach them, Cheng Yang used the Sacrificial Blood Cloud skill to boost the duo’s Magic Attack.

The feeling filled Chu Qiang with confidence and made Chu Yiling giggle.

“Try using your skills.” Cheng Yang said. “Chu Qiang, even though you’re a Warrior, don’t blindly rush into the horde. Even though you’ll kill them in one hit, they can do pretty much the same. Take these Health potions and be careful.”

Chu Qiang ran a few feet ahead of the group to meet the monsters head-on.

“Ling Ling, do you need a demonstration on how to use Magic Missile?”

“I already know how.” Chu Yiling declared. “I’m a clever girl, and a fairy explained it to me.”

Cheng Yang saw genuine joy on Chu Yiling’s face at the thought that she would fight monsters. It was a sad thought that the child was so desensitized to this world already. Before the apocalypse, children her age would be living a carefree life, but not they had to fight every day just to survive.

Chu Qiang stood to the side with helpless eyes. This was the best outcome for his daughter, even if it was cruel. The cruelty of this new world was irresistible.

With a sigh, Chu Qiang lifted his sword and prepared to meet the monster’s charge. His movements were clumsy and haphazardous, but his momentum was far beyond that of an ordinary Low-Grade Warrior.

With a mighty swing, Chu Qiang beheaded the first wolf, right before they overwhelmed him. At the same time, Chu Yiling raised her stave and fired a Magic Missile into the horde.

“It looks just like a firework!” Chu Yiling shouted in delight.

Although her aim was terrible, she still hit an unlucky monster, killing it instantly.

Her actions attracted the aggro of a large number of monsters that split from the rest of the group and rushed towards her. Thankfully, she was still riding Enlai, so they weren’t a threat.

Every monster that got close crumbled like a porcelain bowl. In less than five seconds, Enlai turned three dozen monsters into corpses.

Cheng Yang grimaced at Chu Yiling’s poor performance. It was to be expected from her age, but it wasn’t very reassuring.

On the other hand, Chu Qiang was doing quite well. His high defense meant each wolf could only deal a single point of damage, whereas he killed them in two hits. One if he used Lacerate.

Even so, there were too many wolves, and his Health was too low. The anxiety of seeing his Health go down proved too much for the man, so every few seconds, he would drink a Health potion, wasting most of its effects.

‘He’s doing well, considering this is his first fight.’ Cheng Yang thought to himself. ‘If I can get him some good equipment, he’ll be able to fight without fear.”

“Ling Ling, try using the Charm skill on one of these monsters.”

“Can do!” Chu Yiling fired a Magic Missile and then began to exude a calming aura.

A moment later, a ring of smoke puffed out of her stave and enveloped a wolf.

The wolf paused, then fell to the ground. A moment later, it jumped up and charged into Enlai’s waiting jaws.

The skill failed!

While waiting for the skill cooldown to reset, Chu Yiling continued to fire Magic Missiles at the wolves. Since there were far fewer targets, none of them hit anything.

Once the cooldown ended, Chu Yiling tried to Charm a monster again but failed.

Cheng Yang had confirmed that the odds of success weren’t high enough to rely on the skill in a pinch. Unfortunately, the skill used her level instead of her stats to determine success. Otherwise, after using Sacrificial Blood Cloud, there was no way the skill would fail twice.

For the next few minutes, this pattern continued. Only after Cheng Yang saw Chu Qiang drink his last Health potion did he make a move. With two uses of Petal Blizzard, the remaining monsters were turned into mincemeat.

Once the last monster died, Chu Qiang was overcome with a feeling of weakness and collapse onto the group.

“Dad! What’s wrong!” Chu Yiling anxiously jumped off Enlai’s back.

“Don’t worry, Ling Ling. Your father’s just tired and needs a short break.”

Chu Yiling nodded and stuck close to her father while he caught his breath.

“Old Chu, what did you think of the fight?” Cheng Yang asked.

“I felt like my defense wasn’t enough. No matter what I did, they kept biting me all over.” Chu Qiang complained.

“That’s because you weren’t using your shield properly. You treated it like a hammer and kept trying to smash the wolves with it.”

“Ah, I was doing that, wasn’t I.” Chu Qiang said after reflecting for a moment.

Cheng Yang didn’t bother saying anything else. He wasn’t a Warrior, so there was a limit to how much he could help. Perhaps the Imperial Guard members would be able to help him train?

They spent the rest of the day moving from horde to horde, slaughtering every monster they encountered. Thousands lost their lives to Chu Qiang’s blade, and Chu Yiling tried really hard.

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