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Doomsday Lord Ch. 186 | Unbridled

“Hey, you! Halt!”

Although Cheng Yang had changed back into his ordinary outfit, the guards hadn’t recognized who he was.

“Me?” Cheng Yang asked with a confident smile without stopping. “Why can’t I walk down this street?”

“Don’t you see where you are? Do you think any random cat or dog can walk over?” The guard sneered. “Now scram, or you won’t even know how you died.”

“Oh? Can you kill people in the safe zone again? I must have missed the announcement.” Cheng Yang laughed. “In that case, I’d like to know how you plan to kill me? Even if I stood still, someone like you isn’t enough.”

“Don’t blame me for this.” The guard said as he blew a whistle.

At that time, seven other guards rushed over from their positions.

They were all either Warriors or Summoners, so they had absolute confidence in beating a lone Mage. Attacks were useless here, but as long as they could overpower the other party, dragging them outside the barrier wasn’t impossible. Even if they didn’t do that, it was easy to starve a person to death without anyone knowing by locking them in one of the countless rooms in the city. Moreover, since attacks couldn’t deal damage, torture was actually possible in the safe zone.

In the eyes of the guards, Cheng Yang had become meat on the chopping block.

“Maybe if you kowtow a few times and beg for forgiveness, we’ll let you go with just a beating. Otherwise yo-“

Before the guard could finish speaking, he saw Cheng Yang rush towards him with blinding speed, and before he could even react, he found himself on the ground. All he could remember was a crispt smacking sound followed by burning pain.

“That slap is to teach you how to talk. If someone less forgiving heard you say something so inelegant, it wouldn’t have ended there.” Cheng Yang calmly returned to the middle of their encirclement.

“Fuck! Let’s take this guy outside the barrier and bury him alive!” At that moment, the guard let his emotions get the better of him and spoke without thinking.

Two of the other guards realized what had happened, but the others were already rushing Cheng Yang. They had always been able to act as tyrants within the safe zone, so why would they feel fear?

Right as they reached him, Cheng Yang slipped out of a gap like a wisp of smoke. Then, he delivered two swift kicks to the backs of the guards next to him.

With his status as a Pinnacle-Grade Apprentice, it wasn’t a problem for him to fling them several feet. Even if it were a direct contest of strength, he would be able to crush those Low-Grade Warriors.

After that, Cheng Yang knocked the rest down, one after another. With his speed, they weren’t even able to catch his shadow before kissing the ground.

Every time they tried to stand up, Cheng Yang would deliver a vicious punch to their heads. If it weren’t for the rules of the safe zone, they would have long since died. Only once all of them had either passed out or given up did he stop.

During this entire process, the other two guards nearby and the rest on the street turned a blind eye, lest Cheng Yang focus his attention on them next.

“Well? Have you learned your lesson?” Cheng Yang asked while squatting next to the original guard.

Although the safe zone’s unique nature healed his wounds, blood covered the guard’s face, and his teeth littered the ground. At that time, a single name popped into his mind. A name associated with the strongest human in Cloud City. A monstrous existence who could face an entire battalion on his own and win. Other than Cheng Yang, who else could beat him up so viciously?

Once he realized what was happening, the rage in his eyes began to mix with fear. Even if Cheng Yang decided to drag him out of the safe zone and murder him, who would dare to stand against him? Even Commander Yuan would turn a blind eye.

“Are you Cheng Yang?” He asked with a tentative and raspy voice.

When he saw Cheng Yang nod, he felt like his body had been submerged in ice.

“I’m going to ask you a question. If you answer truthfully, I’ll forget about this matter. I can’t guarantee you’ll survive lying.” Cheng Yang said calmly. “Where is Lu Chenguang?”

“Captain Lu is in her quarters right now.” The guard said while pointing a trembling finger towards one of the buildings. He wasn’t one of Lu Chenguang’s subordinates, so he didn’t hesitate to sell her out.

Cheng Yang didn’t care if the guard was lying since he could always follow up on his threat if he had. He turned around and walked towards Lu Chenguang’s house.

When Cheng Yang reached the door to Lu Chenguang’s villa, he loudly declared: “Cheng Yang, the Lord of Phoenix Village, has come to visit Captain Lu Chenguang.”

Less than thirty seconds later, the villa’s door opened to reveal several people, including Lu Chenguang.

“Greetings, Lord Cheng! When we last met, you were a loner, but now your title is grandiose. How domineering!” Lu Chengunag greeted Cheng Yang as if he were an old friend.

Cheng Yang gazed into her eyes and couldn’t find a hint of insincerity. The level of her acting was superb. It was at the level that Cheng Yang started to doubt that they were enemies.

“Captain Lu, I specially visited you today because I need you to do something for me. Can I come in?”

Of course! Since Lord Cheng thinks highly of me, I’ll have to treat you well. We can talk in the parlor.” Lu Chenguang laughed warmly as she led Cheng Yang inside.

If not for the memories from his previous life, Cheng Yang would believe her if Lu Chenguang claimed Tan Chao was setting her up.

Regardless, Cheng Yang subconsciously allowed Lu Chenguang to take the initiative to lead him to the parlor on the second floor.

Once Lu Chenguang was seated, Cheng Yang began talking.

“Captain Lu, I’m afraid I’ll need to trouble you to help me with something.”

“I’ll gladly help you anytime, Lord Cheng. In the future, there’s no need to visit someone as lowly as me personally. Just send a messenger, and I’ll do my best to support you.”

“I’m hoping you can help me find a person, specifically a child.” Cheng Yang ignored Lu Chenguang’s flattery. “His father’s name is Tan Chao. I have reason to believe you know where the child is.”

Cheng Yang carefully monitored Lu Chenguang’s reaction when he mentioned Tan Chao’s name, but there wasn’t so much as a ripple of emotion.

“Lord Cheng, I’ll do my best, but I’m afraid I may not accomplish this task in a short amount of time. There are thousands of children in the safe zone, and I don’t know anyone named Tan Chao, so I’ll ne-“

“Captain Lu, I didn’t come to request your help but to demand it. ” Cheng Yang checked his watch. “In an hour, I expect to see the child standing before me. Otherwise, I’ll beat you to a pulp.”

Lu Chenguang’s eyebrows twitched. Despite her attitude, Cheng Yang hadn’t given her any leeway.

“How dare you? Even if it’s you, when Captain Lu shows you so much respect, it’s basic courtesy to do the same!” The Professional behind Lu Chenguang shouted with a face full of anger.

“Does this man speak for you, Captain Lu?” Cheng Yang ignored the Professional and directly addressed Lu Chenguang.

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Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 185 | Change of Clothes

To the safe zone’s Professionals, Cheng Yang was both a person they were intimately familiar with and someone completely unknown. He was familiar because each of them had heard his name so many times that they could write a book about him. He was unknown because only a few dozen had ever seen his face.

If Cheng Yang tried to enter the safe zone, he’d be stopped by the guards. Even if he told them who he was, they would still block his path unless he demonstrated his strength. However, Cheng Yang had his methods. Even if they didn’t recognize him, there was someone whose appearance they would absolutely recognize: Enlai.

Therefore, he directed Enlai to rush right over to the barrier. When the guards noticed Enlai, they assumed it was another monster attack since they hadn’t seen the person on its back. Since a monster like that couldn’t possibly be weak, a formless pressure descended on them.

It wasn’t until they finally noticed the person on its back that they realized what was happening. Right now, there was only one person that was able to ride a monster like that: that humanoid monster named Cheng Yang.

The guard at the front made a split-second decision and jumped out of the Enlai’s path. The other Professionals quickly followed suit lest they be the one to try and block that indomitable charge. No one dared to think of the consequences of taking a direct hit from that white tiger.

With extreme speed and a huge hop, Enlai stopped on a dime in front of two professionals. This terrified them since if they were to piss Cheng Yang off, he’d slaughter them like livestock.

“You move pretty quick!” Cheng Yang said with a playful grin. “No need to notify Commander Yuan of my arrival. I’m not here for him today.”

After saying that, Cheng Yang squeezed into the safe zone, leaving behind a crowd of Professionals looking at each other in dismay. They didn’t know what Cheng Yang was planning to do after rushing into the safe zone, nor what they could do to stop him.

The refugees were even more confused. They had no clue who the man on the white tiger was, but since those powerful guards didn’t dare to let out a sound when he was around, he must be a big shot. Many swore in their hearts that they would survive and become like that one day.

Cheng Yang didn’t care what those people thought since he was already in a dilemma.

Ideally, he would have entered the safe zone without many people noticing, but it was better to charge in since that wasn’t possible quickly.

Now he was faced with a choice. He could go straight to where Tan Chao’s son was held or attempt to conceal his purpose. To do so, he’d need to find a place to shrink Enlai and then disappear.

Cheng Yang would prefer to take the second approach, but it wouldn’t be easy to find a place to disappear.

After some quick reflection, Cheng Yang realized there was an easy solution. Even if the streets were crowded, access to the buildings was heavily restricted.

Cheng Yang rode Enlai onto a crowded street, then entered a relatively high-class apartment building.

The interior wasn’t that different from that of an apartment building from before the apocalypse. It even had an elevator to provide quick access to each of the thirty floors. Of course, strictly speaking, it wasn’t an elevator but a magic item that used the Experience Fragments collected as rent to function.

The elevator was wide enough for Enlai to enter, without any discomfort. The only other person in the elevator ran out in fright, leaving Cheng Yang alone. It wasn’t surprising for only one other person to be in the lobby at the moment. Although the safe zone had a massive population, most of them couldn’t afford to live in an apartment like this. At most, twenty-percent of the rooms were filled.

Cheng Yang ordered Enlai to shrink the moment the doors closed, then he clocked on a few random floors and waited for the elevator to reach its destination.

In this way, even if someone were watching from the lobby, they wouldn’t know what floor he’d exited on.

On the twenty-first floor, which had six studio apartments, Cheng Yang stepped out of the elevator. He walked over to one of the unclaimed apartments and opened its system pane.

The apartment he chose was a little over twenty square meters for a hundred Experience Fragments a month. It was pretty cheap.

Cheng Yang paid the fee and entered the room.

Once inside, he fished out a change of clothes to disguise himself as a sorcerer and put it on. Although doing so would make him considerably weaker, nothing in the safe zone could threaten him even without it.

Cheng Yang ordered Enlai to wait in the apartment, then opened the door and left. Since he owned the room for a month, no one else would be able to enter without his permission. So, he didn’t need to worry about leaving Enlai here.

Cheng Yang got back into the elevator and quickly exited the building. When he did, he noticed several people watching the building.

Although he attracted a small amount of attention, it quickly dissipated. After all, there was no lack of unknown Professionals in the city, and Cheng Yang’s equipment was as ordinary as it could be.

For the next few minutes, Cheng Yang leisurely wandered the safe zone. This way, he would be able to tell if anyone was still following him.

Half an hour later, once Cheng Yang was sure no one was tailing him, he began to search for the building Tan Chao specified.

It would not be easy to find the Grocer in this urban jungle if it was your first time visiting the safe zone, but Cheng Yang knew its layout like the back of his hand.

A few minutes later, Cheng Yang arrived at the Grocery and spotted the building Tan Chao had described.

Cheng Yang entered the building and walked up to the fourth floor. Once he arrived, his expression soured. Room 401 was currently unowned.

“Tch. Lu Chenguang is too cautious. It’s possible Tan Chao’s son was never even here.”

Cheng Yang was unsure how to proceed from here. Even if he bought the room, there wasn’t a way to gather clues. Once an apartment was vacated, everything inside would reset. This was one of the gods’ rules.

At the very least, it was unlikely that Lu Chenguang had disposed of Tan Chao’s son. More than likely, she had switched his location.

“It seems I won’t be able to keep a low profile.”

The reason Cheng Yang had hoped to rescue Tan Chao’s son in secret was that if people knew you had a skilled assassin, they would be much more vigilant.

Unfortunately, his only choice at this point was to find Lu Chenguang and force her to hand over Tan Chao’s son. No matter how reluctant she was, Cheng Yang had ways to make her submit.

When he left the building, Cheng Yang headed towards the central square.

As can be expected, Lu Chenguang hadn’t settled for living in a shared building. She hadn’t in his previous life, and there was no way she changed her habits in this one.

Soon Cheng Yang came to a street lined by ordinary villas. Layer after layer of Professional guards lined the road, creating an imposing scene.

This was the center of power in the safe zone. Every influential individual lived here, including Yuan Jianzhe.

It’s not that they didn’t want to live in the top-tier villas, they just couldn’t afford them yet. So, they could only live here and guard the street heavily.

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Doomsday Lord Ch. 184 | Condition

If he’d had that Innate Ability when he entered the mystery gate, he’d be swimming in Experience Gems! The final chamber only had High-Grade Experience Gems, and each one was worth a hundred thousand Experience Fragments! So long as you could sneak past those vile rodents, wouldn’t you be able to take as many as you could carry?

Naturally, this was just Cheng Yang’s wishful thinking. Innate Abilities aren’t something you can get just cause you want them. Each one was preordained, and although Cheng Yang was able to upgrade one of his for being the first to receive a unique subclass, opportunities like that were rare. No one had found a stable method of changing one’s Innate Ability in his previous life, so Cheng Yang didn’t have any expectations.

Cheng Yang quickly tossed those distracting thoughts to the side.

After taking another look at Dong Sizhou’s system pane, Cheng Yang’s mouth twitched into a slight smile.

“Dong Sizhou, don’t you have something you want to tell me? Like, say, your real name?”

In place of his name, Dong Sizhou’s system pane showed a string of question marks. Cheng Yang had an acute understanding of the Identify skill’s effects, and this was a phenomenon that occurred when you didn’t know the other person’s name. This was definitely the same person as before, so the only explanation was that “Dong Sizhou” had lied about his name!

“Dong Sizhou’s” eyes darted around the room. Ever since he noticed the appearance of the Identify skill, he’d been panicking since he had no way of knowing if he was the only person to receive the skill or if everyone had. Since it had appeared at the same time as the change in the gods’ rules, he could only assume everyone had it.

So, when he saw Cheng Yang open the door to enter, his heart nearly jumped out of this ribcage. After hearing Cheng Yang’s words, his complexion became sickly. He wasn’t a fool. It was apparent Cheng Yang had used Identify on him.

He’d tried using the skill on Cheng Yang so he’d know what his opponent could see, but it had failed! The only thing he learned was that Cheng Yang was vastly stronger than him.

“I apologize. My real name is Tan Chao.” Since he didn’t know what information Identify could reveal, Tan Chao had no choice but to come clean. “I only lied earlier because I was worried you would inform the safe zone of my captivity and betrayal. If Lu Chenguang knew I had betrayed her, she wouldn’t let me off easily.”

Cheng Yang glanced at the system pane. Where there had previously been a string of question marks was the name Tan Chao. It would seem he hadn’t lied this time.

“Good, if it was only to that extent, I could still consider you to be an honest person.” Cheng Yang said with an unfathomable smile. “However, you also said that you were able to sneak in because the guards were slacking. I think that statement ought to give you a moment of concern, don’t you?”

“This…” For a moment, Tan Chao was unsure how he ought to answer.

“Since you don’t want to admit it, I’ll say it. You’re trying to hide your stealth skill so you can find an opportunity to escape, right?”

At that moment, Tan Chao’s eyes flashed with despair. Previously, he hoped that Cheng Yang wouldn’t see his Innate Ability while using Identify. Was the difference in strength between them so high? Had every one of his secrets been exposed in an instant?

“Since everything else you said was a lie, it would seem that your so-called fears are probably a lie too.” Cheng Yang said without giving Tan Chao time to explain himself. “Yu Kai, I don’t think our friend enjoyed your special service enough last time. Skin him again.”

Tan Chao’s face turned deathly pale. That was something he never wanted to experience ever again. Now that his lies were exposed, what could he do? Was there anything he could say that would prevent Cheng Yang from torturing him?

Seeing Yu Kai pull out his tools, Tan Chao broke.

“Wait! Please wait! I’ll talk!”

Cheng Yang stretched out his arm to block Yu Kai.

“Then speak.”

Seeing their faces, Tan Chao grit his teeth.

“Only if you accept my condition. If you do, I’ll tell you everything I know from beginning to end. Otherwise, I- I’ll never speak even if it kills me!”

“Let’s hear it.”

“My son. They took my son. If you can save my son, I’ll tell you everything.” Tan Chao said, holding back tears. “Moreover, if you think highly of me, I’m willing to become your dog!”

“Oh?” Tan Chao’s words triggered a memory of Cheng Yang’s past life. Memories of a rumor about a man with abilities very similar to Tan Chao’s.

In that timeline, Joyous River Village was under the control of Lu Chenguang, the second militia head. Supposedly, she had an extremely formidable assassin under her control that could arrive without a shadow and leave without footprints. However, she could only control that assassin because she had their weakness grasped within her hands.

That assassin was only ever rumored. No one could confirm them, and Lu Chenguang always denied them.

However, Tan Chao’s existence confirmed those rumors! With the Erase Presence skill, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say he could arrive without a shadow and leave without footprints.

Although he wasn’t originally going to agree to Tan Chao’s request, he couldn’t resist the temptation of obtaining a powerful subordinate.

“Do you know where your son is being held?” Cheng Yang asked tentatively.

“I do, but that place has dozens of guards. Even though I can get in using my skills, it’s impossible to bring my son out with me without being noticed. If I tried and failed, who knows what they’d do.” Tan Chao said with a forced smile. “Also, I can’t guarantee that the location hasn’t been changed. After all, I’ve been imprisoned for quite a while.”

Cheng Yang wrinkled his brows. That would be a problem.

“Just let me know where he was before you left. If he’s still there, I have complete certainty that I’ll be able to rescue him. Otherwise, I can only promise that I’ll try my best. Also, tell me how old he is and any distinguishing characteristics he has.”

“He’s being kept in room 401 of the apartment building behind the Grocery.” Tan Chao said with a profound sigh. “He’s eight, and other than a mole the size of a currant on the back of his head, he doesn’t have any distinguishing features.”

“Good. Stay here. I’ll take a look at the situation. Then we can talk more.”

After saying that, Cheng Yang left the room, and Yu Kai followed him out.

“My Lord, do you actually believe anything that guy said?” Yu Kai asked after they’d walked an appropriate distance away.

“Yu Kai, when you used Identify on Tan Chao, what did you see?” Instead of answering his friend, Cheng Yang posed a question.

“Everything except his Innate Abilities and Skills.”

“I could see his entire system pane. His name was hidden in the beginning, but after he gave us the name ‘Tan Chao,’ I was able to see it. So, at the very least, he has that much sincerity towards us. Even if the stuff about his son is a lie, my visions can verify that it’s close enough to the truth.” Cheng Yang said. “Alright, you need to stay here and deal with the refugees. I’m going to go to a safe zone and investigate. Since Tan Chao can be considered someone talented, I’ll take the opportunity to do a good deed and force him into service under me. Don’t you think I’m too nice?”

Yu Kai chuckled. Tan Chao must have a really powerful skill if his friend was acting like this.

It didn’t take long for Cheng Yang to reach the safe zone after leaving Silkworm Mountain.

Seeing the chaos, he couldn’t help but laugh. Previously he’d vowed not to bother with the safe zone during this period, but now he had no choice but to join the fray.

He hoped that Lu Chenguang hadn’t moved Tan Chao’s son to a different location. Either way, he would have to hurry.

At the moment, the safe zone was still in lockdown with a Professional standing guard every meter or so. Even Cheng Yang had no choice but to admire that show of force. At least a hundred thousand people were guarding the barrier!

As one could expect, there was a dense crowd of refugees in front of the guards. Although a few hundred thousand people had rushed in earlier, over a million were still waiting outside, and they would keep waiting until Yuan Jianzhe pacified the one’s that had already gotten inside.

Even though there were over a million refugees, the Professionals’ presence was a strong enough deterrent force to prevent a riot. After all, the corpses of particularly rowdy refugees already littered the ground.

Fortunately, Yuan Jianzhe was a considerate man. Even though he prevented the refugees from entering, he recalled the soldiers hunting monsters in the city to come to protect them from any monsters that spawned nearby.

Naturally, this wasn’t an easy task.

Although newly spawned monsters were usually at the Low-Grade level and were killed instantly, too many people gathered here, which attracted monsters from deeper in the city. Among those, there was no shortage of Standard-Grade monsters, and the occasional High-Grade or Elite monster would appear. At those times, loss of life was inevitable.

Even though there were thousands, Yuan Jianzhe could turn a blind eye to the scattered groups of civilians still struggling in ruins. However, it was impossible to ignore the lives of over a million people.

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Doomsday Lord Ch. 183 | The King of Shadows

TL Note: Thank you for your patience everyone and Happy New Year! I’m at a place now where I can promise one chapter a week and hope to provide extra chapter when I can. Thank you again for your support.
Also, because it came up a lot “person with a class” -> Professional

Old Lee promptly acknowledged Cheng Yang’s command. Although it was essential to create a comprehensive system, it wasn’t an easy task. After all, it would involve monitoring tens of thousands of Adventurers. However, so long as he could find some people with managerial experience, it wouldn’t take long.

“Old Lee, I want you to arrange for normal people to become farmers.” Cheng Yang said soon after. “Afterwards, have the soldiers clean up the monsters outside the wall so the Farmers can begin constructing their Farms. The sooner, the better.”
“What about the materials? If we use the wood in the village, I reckon we’ll need to delay construction of the wall again.” Old Lee said.

Surprisingly, Cheng Yang was calm and gave a straightforward reply: “It’s not important since when the number of Professionals in the territory increases, a non-negligible number will become Loggers, increasing our lumber output. As for the wall, it doesn’t matter if it’s construction is delayed a few days since I’m still far from reaching the Low-Grade Scholar level. However, the Farms need to be built outside the range we planned for the High-Grade Wall, so we won’t need to relocate them once that area is needed for residential purposes.”

“I understand,” Old Lee replied, “but I think the Farms ought to be built even further away. After all, Phoenix Village will be our capital in the future, and the population will be enormous. Before the apocalypse, it wouldn’t be a problem for 36 square kilometers of land to house a few million people. After all, at that time, a skyscraper could accommodate over a thousand people. However, the tallest buildings we have access to are the two-story Meditation Halls with a low residential density. Suppose we arrange for each family to live in a Meditation Hall. At most, the village would fit a few hundred thousand people.”

Cheng Yang stated: “That won’t be a problem. The Farms are more like ranches, so the Farmer’s won’t need to leave very often. As for the soldiers, they’ll spend most of their time outside the village anyway. So, in the future, the Inner and Outer Villages’ actual population won’t be that high. The land we have is barely enough.”

Since Cheng Yang was confident, Old Lee didn’t press the issue. The two continued to discuss for a period, but not too long later, Old Lee left to attend to his affairs.

Cheng Yang checked the time. It was only three in the afternoon. After pondering for a while, he left Phoenix Village and made a beeline for Silkworm Mountain.

Following the path, Cheng Yang passed the Cloud City safe zone. He saw that a crowd had gathered outside the barrier as if they had been blocked from entering. Unexpectedly, Cheng Yang knew why.

Yuan Jianzhe had taken similar actions when this happened in Cheng Yang’s previous life. After all, he had a powerful military force at his beck and call, and he could rally support from the other powerful factions in the safe zone. At that time, the number of Professionals in the safe zone had been in the tens of thousands. So, most of, if not all, of the citizens obeyed his orders.

Yuan Jianzhe’s actions were an understandable response to the sudden appearance of a large number of refugees. The safe zone didn’t have a physical barrier like the Wall Phoenix Village has, so nothing stopped the refugees from rushing into the safe zone in that split-second after the gods imparted onto them the knowledge of how to become a Professional.

The safe zone’s light screen barrier had a circumference of barely ten kilometers. As a result, in just that split second, two to three hundred thousand people had rushed into the safe zone because of their advantageous location near the edge of the barrier.

Their arrival caused chaos in the safe zone, and as more people rushed in, it only got worse.
When Yuan Jianzhe heard the news, the refugees had already permeated the majority of the safe zone.

Understandably, Yuan Jianzhe was incredibly perplexed as to where on Earth these people had burrowed out from. How did several hundred thousand people all appear so suddenly? However, when he became aware of the situation outside the barrier, he still didn’t know the actual number of people who hadn’t entered the safe zone yet. In an instant, the safe zone, which had had a semblance of order, descended into a state of unease and disorder.

Fortunately, Yuan Jianzhe was very decisive compared to most people. He knew that if he didn’t appear capable during this crisis, the old and new powers in the safe zone would suppress him. Perhaps in the future, the safe zone would be subjected to a terrible change in management.

Unfortunately, most of Yuan Jianzhe’s soldiers were busy killing monsters in the city. He was forced to inform the safe zone’s several militias as well as a few large regiments of mercenaries under his control using his fastest messengers. As expected, those groups reacted quickly. Immediately after arriving near the barrier, they temporarily blocked the refugees who hadn’t been able to enter the safe zone in time.

At the same time, Yuan Jianzhe sent more than ten thousand Professionals to manage the refugees and their integration into the safe zone. He could not let all those people charge into the safe zone in a disorderly manner. If the refugees incited a large-scale conflict and the original residents were to take part, it would be very troublesome.

But, this is almost a hundred thousand people we’re talking about. It’d impossible to say who will suppress whom. It’s hard to avoid bloodshed during a process like this, and sometimes one must employ violent methods.

It’s only natural that Yuan Jianzhe paid close attention to his orders. Contrary to expectations, he approved for every one of those people who were waiting to enter the safe zone within a few hours. If he hadn’t, because of the grudge both sides would bear, they may end up trying to drive the other out.

To pacify the refugees, Yuan Jianzhe would have to dedicate a lot of time. Then and only then would he be able to prevent these chaotic events from continuing. At that point, however, it would already be two days after the initial event.

Cheng Yang hadn’t paid any attention to the trivial details of the safe zone. Now, he looked forwards to Yuan Jianzhe, once again, being occupied by a few things. By the time Yuan Jianzhe was unoccupied, Cheng Yang would have already settled the subsidiary village’s affairs and would undoubtedly be able to resolve the matter of the safe zone slowly.

If the threat that Yuan Jianzhe represented couldn’t be thoroughly eliminated, Cheng Yang believed that he would probably be cornered. This certainly isn’t an outcome that Cheng Yang wants to see.

Ten minutes later, Cheng Yang had arrived at Silkworm Mountain.

Cheng Yang made a rough guess regarding the village’s state of affairs. Like Phoenix Village, the area surrounding Silkworm Mountain should be teaming with refugees sent there by the gods. However, there should be fewer as compared to Phoenix Village. Maybe only a hundred thousand or so people. Even so, the sudden appearance of a hundred thousand people would bring Yu Kai no small amount of pressure.

Fortunately, Yu Kai didn’t harbor the kinds of suspicions Zhao Chuan had. He thought the refugees were NPCs. After intimidating them with a show of military force, he let them enter the village bit by bit.

So when Cheng Yang arrived, he was the only person outside the wall.

Cheng Yang quickly entered the village. The gate guard recognized him, so he assigned someone to notify Yu Kai after greeting Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang did not stop this as he needed to see Yu Kai as soon as possible.

A few minutes later, Yu Kai ran over and called out: “My Lord, you came just in time! Earlier, a bunch of people showed up outside the wall, and I don’t know what to do. After questioning them, I learned that these people are survivors from cities and towns in the area, so I let them in. However, I don’t have a clue as to how I should handle them.”

Cheng Yang ran Yu Kai through his plan. It was simply to have the majority of the refugees become Farmers and have the rest go to the safe zone to perform class change ceremonies when the safe zone is stabilized.

Yu Kai didn’t have an opinion, but shortly after, he asked: “My Lord, did you come here just to talk about that?”

“Of course not. Didn’t we arrest someone two days ago? Did that guy have any unusual changes?”

Yu Kai let out a bitter laugh.

“It’s as if this guy accepted his fate. We locked him in a Meditation Hall and haven’t noticed anything unusual.”

“Let’s go and take a look.”

“It’ll be the same as before. Apart from eating and sleeping, that guy doesn’t do anything else.”

Cheng Yang chuckled.

“It seems that you’re busy out of your mind. I reckon you probably haven’t had the time to take a good look at your system pane since the gods changed their rules, right?”

“Oh?” Yu Kai was stunned. He quickly opened his system pane. What he saw gave him a pleasant surprise. It turned out that there was an additional reconnaissance skill!

If Yu Kai still couldn’t understand Cheng Yang’s intentions, he really ought to go look for the village missing its idiot.

“Lord, does everyone have this skill?” Yu Kai asked.

After getting an affirmation from Cheng Yang, Yu Kai smiled devilishly.

“Are you planning to use Identify to see that guy’s attributes? Hehe, considering the difference in strength between you and him, I reckon he won’t be able to hide a single thing?”

“I merely want to see if he was lying.” Cheng Yang neither confirmed nor denied it.

Yu-Kai couldn’t read between the lines of what Cheng Yang said. He thought Cheng Yang was spewing hot air, so he didn’t ask and led Cheng Yang towards the Meditation Hall where Dong Sizhou was being detained.

Soon afterward, they arrived outside the Meditation Hall. Two Professionals were still guarding the door. Both were core members of the Fox Hunting Battalion at the Standard-Grade Apprentice level. Otherwise, Yu-Kai, how could Yu Kai feel assured letting them guard that Dong Sizhuo?

“Did that guy have any abnormal behavior?” Yu Kai softly asked after drawing near

One of the guards hurried forward and said, “My Lord, Commander, that guy has constantly been fidgeting in there ever since the gods’ rules changed at noon. I don’t know what the hell is going on.”

Yu-Kai was baffled at first, but it quickly dawned on him.

“This guy might actually have a secret.” Yu Kai laughed with a mischievous smile. “I reckon he’s discovered the sudden appearance of the Identify skill by now. Hehe, He can’t sit still anymore! My Lord, what should we do now?”

Cheng Yang didn’t immediately answer. Rather, he walked in front of the Meditation Hall and asked another guard to open the door. After skillfully using Identify for the first time on Dong Sizhuo, Cheng Yang instantly perceived that guy’s attributes.

He was merely a Low-Grade Ranger. In Phoenix Village, he would be an average individual who couldn’t be a more ordinary Professional. That’s all. However, there was something that differentiated him from others. It laid with his Innate Abilities.

Innate Abilities

  • King of Shadows (Special Ability): As the King of Shadows you have access to the unique skill Erase Presence. The skill allows you to avoid detection by anything other than a unique skill within the same evolutionary stage or lower.
  • Receive 30% higher stat increase in the Movement Speed attribute when you level up


  • Erase Presence (Unique): Negate detection by all mundane and magical means | Cost: 20 MP | Duration: 10 minutes | Cooldown: 1 hour

That guy’s second Innate Ability was unimpressive, but the first one completely defied the world’s natural order! The skill it provided was challenging to deal with.

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Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 182 | Administration

Having so many refugees arrive at his doorstep saved Cheng Yang the trouble of transported them from the Cloud City safe zone himself. Civilians were the backbone of a territory’s agricultural economy. Phoenix Village’s previous population of a hundred thousand civilians wasn’t quite enough to support the entire domain.

That number had suddenly doubled, and although Cheng Yang didn’t know for sure, the other villages should also have experienced explosive population growth. Rather than just satisfying his territory’s needs, Cheng Yang would even be able to export food!

So, Cheng Yang scrapped his plans to obtain laborers from the safe zone. Since he didn’t need it, it wasn’t necessary to risk bringing a spy to the village. A few spies wouldn’t be a huge problem, but it would be a hassle if Yuan Jianzhe tried something.

However, the refugees here would need to visit the safe zone eventually. There weren’t enough quota slots in the village, and it would be wasteful if those refugees were incapable of fighting. To leave a strong impression on them, Cheng Yang planned to force them to switch to the Farmer Profession before going to the safe zone.

That’s why Old Lee and his assistants were registering all of the refugees and current citizens. The registry was more than just a name and an age. The most important part was the individual’s plans for the future. Without a doubt, it was a very time-consuming job.

For those that didn’t want to fight, their only option was to become a farmer or get permission to switch to one of the other Professions. There were many such people. After all, working within the village’s confines guaranteed their safety and livelihood without fighting monsters. They wouldn’t have much, but they’d have clothes, food, and shelter.

Before the apocalypse, most people shied away from manual labor, but now countless people rushed to do it. Even if a soldier’s standard of living is several times higher than a farmer’s, some people will value their lives more. After all, if you weren’t forced to join, who would want to be in the military?

However, there would also be some people that wanted to get ahead. Becoming a soldier was the fastest way to gain power, wealth, and prestige. When the population survey is complete, Cheng Yang planned to take people like that to the safe zone to perform a class change ceremony.

The latest patch also introduced a change in the functionality of class change statues. Two new features were added: Naturalization and Fealty.

Those two functions were designed to allow people who performed their class change ceremony in a safe zone to become a part of a territory officially. The most obvious benefit was that the class change statue research bonuses would affect them.

Of course, there was a difference between Naturalization and Fealty.

Naturalizing an individual consumed a slot from the corresponding class change statue’s and bestowed its full research bonus onto the individual. However, if there weren’t any available slots, Naturalization was impossible.

Fealty allowed an individual to pledge loyalty to a territory and doesn’t require any open slots. The downside is that only half the research bonus will apply. Even so, it was a highly coveted process.

The number of people who could pledge Fealty to territory was also limited to a hundred times the class change statues’ total slots. Presently, Phoenix Village could apply Fealty to a few million people.

Cheng Yang watched Old Lee from a distance until the other man noticed him. When he did, Old Lee dropped what he was doing and walked over.

“My Lord, we have taken all of the refugees into the village for resettlement.” Old Lee said calmly.

“Great. How does it look so far?”

“Our current population is around two hundred seventy thousand, of which we’ve surveyed twenty thousand. Forty percent are willing to become Adventurers while the other sixty percent want to pursue a non-combat career. In general, older people tend towards non-combat positions, and younger people are more willing to fight.”

“That’s about what I expected.” Cheng Yang mused. “In other words, we’ll eventually have over a hundred thousand Adventurers… that’s a lot. Old Lee, come with me back to my place. We need to deliberate on how we want to handle this.”

Old Lee didn’t refuse. At this point, it didn’t matter whether he was here to supervise his assistant or not.

When they arrived at Cheng Yang’s Meditation Hall, they sat down to deliberate.

“Old Lee, our population increased by almost a hundred and sixty thousand people today. It was a surprise, even for me. If all of them performed a class change ceremony, their combat prowess couldn’t be looked down upon. It would increase the territory’s ability to defend itself from monsters, but that many Adventurers will be hard to control with only four thousand official soldiers. Do you have any suggestions?”

Cheng Yang already knew what methods of control worked and which ones led to disaster. The reason he asked Old Lee was to test him. In the future, Old Lee would occupy a vital position in his empire, and he needed to be worthy of it.

“My Lord, this subordinate was pondering on that problem while collecting the survey data. IF you intend to allow every civilian to perform a class change ceremony, we’ll need to expand our military. Otherwise, if there’s an emergency, we will only be able to respond passively.”

“Expansion will be necessary. Anything else?”

“If we examine how the gods’ rules work, you’ll see that Professionals aren’t the only threat to stability. Certain Professions will be an economic danger if they are left to their own devices. Therefore, it will be necessary to strengthen our control of people with Professions.” Old Lee tactfully kept his involvement in military matters to a minimum and focused on how his newly created administrative department could help. “Take Farmers, for example. To better manage them, we can divide them into groups based on their geographic proximity to one another. Managers would be assigned to each group of a hundred farms that we could designate as branches. We could further group these branches into a bureaucratic chain of command leading to you. A similar system could be implemented for other Professions as well. What do you think, my Lord?”

“A hundred is a bit much for a single administrative unit, but it should be fine for Farmers since they only do one thing. The details aren’t important right now, anyway.” Cheng Yang said after a few minutes of rumination. “Which do you think is better: an employment system or a taxation system?”

Old Lee hadn’t thought of that yet, so he needed some time to think about the question.

“My Lord, this subordinate feels it will be better to use an employment system at present. It would give the civilians a greater sense of security and better guarantee that the territory’s interests are addressed. Especially since all of the resources necessary for Farming and the other Professions are provided by us and protected by the military.” Old Lee said. “IF we used a tax system and set the taces too low, the territory will suffer, but if we set them too high, there will be discontent. Better to avoid the situation entirely. Moreover, everything produced, whether it be food, weapons, or other supplies, are strategic war materials. It would be for the best to have the government handle the distribution of those resources.”

Cheng Yang was satisfied when he heard Old Lee’s answer since it coincided with his current plans. A tax system would only be viable once Phoenix Village escaped a state of constant crisis.

“My Lord, how do you plan to handle the Adventurers?” Old Lee asked after seeing Cheng Yang’s expression and knowing his idea had been approved.

“That’s easy. We’ll suppress them with military strength but increasing the quality and quantity of our soldiers. Then, we’ll collect taxes from them. Every transaction they make will be taxed, including their food. We’ll assume people will attempt to evade the taxes and establish a system of punishments. Then, when an Adventuring group breaks the rules, punish them according to the publicized laws.”

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Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 181 | New Rules

The moment the gate cracked opened, the refugees rushed in like crazy. The ones in the front were pushed in by the ones in the back, and if they were too weak from malnutrition, they were trampled upon. It was a chaotic scene that soon filled the air with screams.

“Stop!” Cheng Yang anxiously roared. If he let this continue, the civilians living in the village would get caught up in it. But, whatever authority Cheng Yang once held in their minds was long gone. Anyone that bothered to listen was pushed to the ground as the other continued to rush forwards.

Forced to make a quick decision, Cheng Yang used his authority to force the gate to shut on its own. Once it had closed, there was nothing the people outside could do to open it. Once they realized that, wails of despair replaced the screams from before.

Cheng Yang surveyed the scene with a horribly cold expression.

The chaos had only lasted a few seconds, but dozens of injured people lay on the ground. Most of them were moaning and crying out in pain, but a few laid perfectly still. If they weren’t dead, they would be soon.

“Restrain everyone who just came in.” As soon as Cheng Yang said the order, his soldiers sprang into action.

Aside from the people on the ground, a hundred or so people had made their way inside the walls. Except for the first dozen or so people who had been at the front, these refugees had forced their way inside and were responsible for the injured individuals on the ground. Now they would have to face the consequences of their actions.

Even as the soldiers rushed towards them, the refugees were congratulating themselves on being fast enough to avoid getting locked out. Once the first couple of them were captured, they panicked and tried to escape. However, the soldiers were too fast.. Without exception, the refugees were subdued and restrained.

The refugees didn’t know why they were being arrested, but even an idiot would realize what they needed to do next. Every one of them started crying out for forgiveness and begging Cheng Yang for mercy.

Cheng Yang didn’t bother listening to the pleas of his captives. He had no sympathy for people like them.

“Lock these ruffians into a Meditation Hall. Except for those that were pushed inside, sentence them to a year of forced labor. Let’s see how unruly they’ll be after that.”

It was a harsh punishment. The only jobs suitable for forced labor were those so dangerous that other civilians couldn’t be paid to do it. Furthermore, there was no way Cheng Yang would let any of them become Professionals.

At first, the detained refugees were relieved that Cheng Yang had spared their lives. However, it didn’t take long for them to realize the implications. Once they did, their relief turned to despair. If they were forced to toil while everyone else performed class change ceremonies, they’d be stuck at the bottom for the rest of their lives.

As the detainees were escorted away, Cheng Yang turned his attention to the mob outside the gate.

“You all seem a little too excited. The gate will remain closed for the next half hour. If you still aren’t calm by then, we’ll repeat the process.”

After making his announcement, Cheng Yang jumped down from the wall. Even though the refugees begged him to let them in, he pretended not to hear them. He didn’t want to make the same mistake again.

“Old Lee, keep an eye on the situation here. Don’t open the gate until their able to enter in an orderly fashion. If they want to enter my village, they’ll need to learn to follow my rules.”

As Cheng Yang walked towards the Inner Village, Old Lee got to work cleaning up the mess. He oversaw the healing of the injured and arranged the burial of those that died in the stampede.

He also divided the two battalions into four groups—one at each gate.

All that remained was to wait.

After a while, the crowd outside the gate settled down. They’d been loud and upset at first, but they came to understand that nothing they did or said would force the people inside to open the gates. So, since they had no other choice, they followed Cheng Yang’s instructions.

Even so, Old Lee didn’t open the gate. Cheng Yang said they’d have to wait at least half an hour. So, Old Lee wouldn’t open it any sooner. It was to uphold Cheng Yang’s authority and make sure the crowd stayed passive.

Once the required time had passed, Old Lee opened the gate. At the same time, the other three gates opened as well.

This would have been impossible in the past since there were only three people in the village capable of controlling the gates. Now, however, the gates were controlled with a lever that anyone could use. Of course, Cheng Yang could still control the gates like before.

There were pros and cons to this new rule. The defense system was much more flexible now since the soldiers didn’t need to wait for an approved individual, but the gates also needed powerful guards.

This time the refugees were much more subdued. To make sure it stayed that way, Old Lee had the soldiers standing in neat lines with their weapons drawn. It sent a clear message.

Under the direction and coordination of Old Lee, the refugees were divided into batches and sent to various places in the outer village. There weren’t any houses, but the walls provided a strong sense of security.

The initially crowded village was starting to feel claustrophobic. There were only nine square kilometers of space but enough people for Phoenix Village to count as a small country. There were no tall buildings to make it worse, so everyone had to huddle together on the ground.

While Old Lee handled the refugee crisis, Cheng Yang was using the Barracks’ training facilities.

The patch applied by the gods today introduced far more than just Farmers and refugees. It had fundamentally changed the rules of combat.

Previously, the Mana cost and damage of a skill were set in stone. Today’s patch allowed a person to control the amount of Mana used. The maximum limit was the current amount needed to use the skill, but you could use less if you didn’t need your full strength to kill a monster.

Another combat change was the introduction of friendly fire. Now, even if you were running an instance dungeon together or were part of the same Army or Party, if an ally’s attack hit you, it would deal damage.

However, neither of those changes was the reason Cheng Yang was using the training facilities. After all, he was more used to this new style of combat than the old one.

He was here because he had nothing better to do than hone his skills. It wasn’t worth it to hunt monsters anymore since he made so many Experience Fragments from the Auction House, so he might as well spent time training.

From now on, his schedule would consist of training in the Barracks, governing the villages, and clearing Nightmare Difficulty instance dungeons.

Cheng Yang was a bit of a flake before. Even though he was the Lord, he would spend his time farming monsters and running instance dungeons. He spent less than an hour each day supervising the village.

However, if Cheng Yang hadn’t focused so much on his personal growth, the territory wouldn’t have grown either. It was that work that allowed him to comfortably make money from the Stones of Return and his special potions. Now he had time to focus on the village instead of desperately kill monsters.

He had even less reason to go hunting now that his soldiers had matured enough to do that themselves. Whether it was dealing with hordes or cleaning up scraps, the battalions of Phoenix Village could handle it.

Cheng Yang used the training facility for three hours before leaving the Barracks.

He visited the Outer Village and found Old Lee hard at work.

Old Lee was with several soldiers from the army he hoped to bring into his newly formed administrative department. There was no shortage of soldiers, so a few being diverted from active combat. Their main job was to compile statistics about the refugees and their resettlement.

Cheng Yang said he was lax in his administration of the territory because he didn’t pay any attention to the civilians living there. At the time, they weren’t productive and were only a drain on his resources. Even now, he didn’t want to deal with them, so he passed the burden to Old Lee. Something he excused by saying the majority of the territory administration would come from civilians.

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Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 180 | Accident

After making Old Lee the Governor, he summoned the head of the Imperial Guard to announce Old Lee’s new authority. At the same time, two Imperial Guard members were assigned the duty of escorting Old Lee and acting as his assistants.

Cheng Yang didn’t plan for Old Lee’s new assistants to stay with him for very long since it was a wasteful use of their abilities. Rather, it was a choice made to discourage the civilians from causing a ruckus. Old Lee was well known among the soldiers, but the Imperial Guard was better known among the civilians since they handled public security.

Finally, Cheng Yang wrote and signed a notice of appointment and had someone hold it outside the Alchemy Tower.

It was funny to see a piece of printer paper taped to the door, but Cheng Yang was helpless when it came to choosing a location. Unless the system built it, structures inside the walls would collapse within an hour.

Thankfully that was another privilege that would be included in the next patch. As long as it was strictly above ground, the gods would allow people in the territories to build their own structures. Of course, they would be far inferior to something made by the system.

One of the plans Cheng Yang made with Old Lee was to set up a few temporary buildings to use for administration. First, an office for the two of them and then other facilities like a Health Department, a Logistics Department, a Construction Department, a Department of Public Security, etc.

Cheng Yang was a layman on those matters. In his previous life, the closest he got to helping build something was fetching the tools people needed. After all, as an Adventurer, he’d never been allowed to enter a Lord’s inner circle. Fortunately, Old Lee was very experienced with construction, allowing Cheng Yang to rest easy and leave it to him.

“My Lord!” Suddenly Zhao Chuan ran up to Cheng Yang and Old Lee. “My Lord, something strange is happening outside. All of a sudden, a large group of people showed up right outside the wall. They’re dressed like humans, but they might be NPCs. You should see for yourself.”

At first, Cheng Yang was shocked, but a moment later, everything made sense.

“Don’t worry. These people aren’t a threat to us. They’re refugees that have been living in the wilderness since the earthquake struck. Let them in and help them get settled.” Cheng Yang said, “Old Lee, I’ll leave this task in your hands.”

Old Lee nodded them turned to Zhao Chuan.

“General Zhao, how many refugees are out there?”

“A lot, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more people out there than in the village.” Zhao Chuan said, trusting in Cheng Yang’s judgment. “I didn’t have time to check everyone with my Inspect skill, but I’m fairly certain no one there is a Professional.”

Cheng Yang already knew about the Inspect skill, but this was Old Lee’s first time hearing about it, so he asked Zhao Chuan to show him the skill’s system pane.

  • Identify (Low-Grade): View another creatures system pane with information redacted based on the relative difference in strength | Cost: 5 MP | Duration: 30 sec | Proficiency: 13.4%

“What a convenient skill! It’ll be even better in the future.” Old Lee said with an envious sigh. “My Lord, I’ll go take a look, but… I’ll need the help of one of the battalions if I’m going to maintain order among that many civilians.”

“Find Lu Cheng and have the Righteous Avenger’s battalion help you. Zhao Chuan, have your Snow Lepard battalion help out as well.” Cheng Yang said with a grin. “Oh yeah, you probably don’t know yet, but Old Lee stepped down as a general so he could focus on territory management. However, he still has the same level of authority as you.”

Zhao Chuan wanted to say something but held his tongue. If Cheng Yang had agreed to it, the decision was final. There was no reason to argue.

Then, Old Lee and Zhao Chuan left to deal with the refugees.

After they left, Cheng Yang traveled towards the village’s outskirts and reached it a few moments later.

Quite a few people were milling around the base of the wall. A few of them were scattered about the perimeter, but most of them were clustered near the gate, trying to get in.

The sea of people felt even bigger than the sea on monsters he’d fought a few days earlier. If all of the gates were like this, the previous estimate Zhao Chuan gave him would be far too low.

The other thing Cheng Yang noticed was the noise. Tens of thousands of people desperate clamoring for the gate to open. Most of them begged and pleaded, but a few were less polite with their demands.

Cheng Yang had suspected as much, and now he could confirm that these people were the refugees from the cities without safe zones. Moreover, the satellite villages probably had refugees on their doorstep too.

It was unexpected, but it made sense that this would happen. In his previous life, no one had claimed a Territory Altar yet, so naturally, all of the refugees would be sent to the safe zones. Since safe zones and territories were similar existences, of course, some of the refugees would end up here this time around.

Extrapolating from previous population data, we can guess that there would be around seven million people within the range of the Cloud City safe zone before the apocalypse. Assuming two-thirds died, there would still be three million survivors. Excluding the half-million already in the safe zone and rounding down, there would be at least two million refugees arriving today.

Assuming all the villages under Cheng Yang’s control were in a similar situation, there would be five hundred to seven hundred thousand survivors diverted away from Cloud City.

Even so, with over a million people suddenly appearing in the safe zone, Yuan Jianzhe would have a hard time. The chaos wouldn’t last as long as in his previous life, but the safe zone would be inoperable for at least four or five days.

The safe zone had a lot of advantages in keeping order. Killing was forbidden in the safe zone, and since everyone who passed through the screen of light was imprinted with knowledge about the gods’ rules, they wouldn’t be willing to try anything dangerous.

Suddenly Cheng Yang frowned. He wasn’t worried about Pheonix Village’s ability to control the refugees, but the satellite villages wouldn’t know how to handle the matter. It would be especially tricky for the ones near Yicheng.

While he was ruminating, some refugees recognized that Cheng Yang seemed to hold some authority in the village. When they did, they shouted at him to open the door, causing the rest to join in. Inevitably, some of them crossed the line with their words.

It was no wonder why these people were so desperate. What if a monster appeared?

Realizing the situation would spiral out of control if he stayed silent, Cheng Yang addressed the crowd.

“Be quiet. The gate will open for you soon.” Thanks to his high stats, Cheng Yang’s voice was loud enough to drown out the refugees’ squabbling and stun them into silence.

But, that silence only lasted a few moments before someone shouted back at Cheng Yang.

“Why should we wait? What if a monster kills someone? Will you take responsibility?”

“Why should I take responsibility?” Cheng Yang asked with a cold sneer. “I’m letting you in because I am merciful, not because it is my responsibility. If you don’t want to follow my rules, you won’t be allowed in today.”

After that, no one talked back. Even if they were arrogant, no one wanted to be forbidden from entering the village. Especially since they knew Cheng Yang had the power to stop them.

Cheng Yang didn’t know about it since there wasn’t a similar situation in his previous life, but the refugees already knew all about the gods’ rules since they’d experience the same imprinting of knowledge as those teleported to the safe zones. They didn’t know precisely how powerful Cheng Yang was, but they knew he was at least as powerful as a monster, so they knew he could keep them out if he wanted to.

Not only that, but it was evident to them that Cheng Yang wasn’t the only Professional. Everyone else patrolling the wall seemed to have one too.

Seeing that the crowd was still anxious about the possibility of a monster attack, Cheng Yang decided to comfort them.

“You needn’t worry about monsters here. The area under your feet belongs to my Pheonix Village. As long as you are within a kilometer of these walls, monsters will not spawn. Please rest assured.”

Hearing that, the crowd settled down. Although they only took his words with a grain of salt, they’d been here for half an hour already, so if Cheng Yang were lying, they would have been attacked already.

Although the occasional person still threatened him under cover of anonymity, Cheng Yang ignored them. It would be trifling to kill them, but there was no reason to do so even if they were a thorn in his side. He wanted to give the refugees the impression of a stern Lord, not a bloodthirsty one. They would be his subjects in the future, so he didn’t want to alienate them.

In Cheng Yang’s opinion, a Lord who resorted to murdering their citizens would never win their trust. A Lord like that would need to watch their backs at all times. It wasn’t the future Cheng Yang wanted for himself.

A few minutes later, Old Lee arrived accompanied by the soldiers of his old battalion and Zhao Chuan’s battalion. They built a solid human wall inside the wall, and then the gate was opened.

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Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 179 | Farming

“Alright, I’ll grant your request,” Cheng Yang said without hesitating, “but who’ll be your replacement? Do you have a suitable candidate?”

“If you’ll allow it, I would like my current second-in-command to take over the position.” Old Lee said, having already contemplated the decision. “Lu Cheng is a Warrior with an A-Rank Innate Ability. It’s lower than the other generals, but one of them is a Unique Ability that increases her allies’ defense by twenty percent per level. She also has an affinity for tactics and handled most of the actual strategic duties when I was general.”

Cheng Yang already knew about Lu Cheng’s Innate Ability since he was the person to assign the top positions for each battalion. Still, he’d never heard about her so-called affinity for tactics. If he was going to start replacing the current generals with actually talented individuals, he might as well do it right.

“My Lord, I can see you have some doubt’s but don’t worry. Ms. Lu was a Starcraft grandmaster before the apocalypse, and it seems those skills translated well to the current world’s rules.” Old Lee said.

Those were the best qualifications Cheng Yang could hope for right now, so he approved Lu Cheng’s promotion. However, he did so on the condition that if someone more suited appeared, the position would go to them if she didn’t show promise. She would also need to prove her loyalty to him in the same way the other generals had.

“Old Lee, since you’re going to be in charge of the entire territory from now one, I want to tell you about my visions.”

“Speak, my Lord.” Old Lee knew about Cheng Yang prophetic powers, but aside from his actions being wise in hindsight, Cheng Yang was very tight-lipped about his visions’ actual content. As a result, Old Lee was immensely curious.

“I mentioned earlier that after the gods’ rules change, a Farmer Profession will be added, allowing us to grow our food. That Profession is different from the ones we currently have in that there aren’t any skills. Instead, Farmers have to rely on old-world knowledge to reclaim land and cultivate crops.”

“Are there any differences between Farmers?” Old Lee asked unconsciously. He learned not to think too hard about the gods’ rules since they were often convoluted.

“There are, a Farmer’s efficiency is directly tied to the individual’s level. There might also be crops that have a level requirement, but I’m not sure. The Farmer Profession also allows anyone to obtain it, even normal people. So, I need you to recruit a large number of civilians to start cultivating land as soon as the Profession becomes available.”

“What kinds of crops should they plant?” Old Lee asked, “And where do we get seeds?”

“Nothing in particular, but we can use the grains we have in storage to get seeds.”

“Where do you want it planted? There’s not much room left in the Inner nor Outer Village, and it’s too dangerous for normal people outside the walls.”

“You won’t need to worry about them. Although it isn’t a skill, when a Farmer tills the land, it creates a Farm with a fence around it. It won’t stop a horde, but it will hold out long enough for our soldiers to save them.”

Old Lee suddenly had an epiphany. He’d assumed that the ability to grow food was something that came from the Farmer’s, but instead, the gods fundamentally changed the land, allowing it to produce food again.

“Anyways, create enough Farmer’s to feed the village’s population in four months.” Cheng Yang said. “Our population is only a hundred thousand for now, but we need to plan for the number of months to feed when we harvest the grain we’re planting.”

“Four months? Do all crops take four months to grow? Is there anything faster? Like vegetables or something?” Old Lee asked with a concerned expression.

“Every crop is different and ones with shorter harvest times exist,” Cheng Yang replied, “However, wheat doesn’t have a growing season so it can be planted year-round. Rice is the same. Since its May, most crops won’t have time to mature before the season changes, and the gods’ rules make them wilt.”

“I see. So we have no choice but to rely on grain and rice for now.” Old Lee pondered on Cheng Yang’s words. “My Lord, if we plant what we have, we’ll run out before the harvest is ready. We won’t starve, but only eating meat will affect the health of our citizens.”

Although the gods eradicated most diseases, nutritional deficits would still cause problems. Without access to plant-based food, everyone would start dying from scurvy.

“We’ll have no choice but to buy the things we need from the Grocery.” Cheng Yang said with a sigh.

Old Lee smiled bitterly.

“My Lord, starches won’t be a problem since they’re cheap, but feeding fruits and vegetables to all the civilians will cost a fortune.”

“It can’t be helped, do we even have anything left right now?”

“We still have some root vegetables, but even when rationing it out into a thin soup, we’ll run out in a few days.” Old Lee reported, “Also, everyone’s been complaining since we don’t have any condiments like salt.”

“Buy what you need to. Whether that’s vegetables to keep everyone healthy or salt to keep them from rioting.” Cheng Yang said without hesitation. “It will cost a lot, but people are irreplaceable. Once the season changes, plant some vegetables that take a month to harvest, I’ll give you a list later.”

Old Lee frowned but nodded nonetheless. Even if the problem were resolved in exactly a month, it would be an enormous expenditure. He knew Cheng Yang was a good person, but this choice seemed almost foolishly kind.

Although it was true that Cheng Yang felt for the starving masses, he wouldn’t have made this decision based on that. He was the Lord of Phoenix Village, and his strength was tied directly into the state of his empire. The people of Pheonix Village were resources he had to care for and maintain, so how could he be willing to watch them starve to death?

Moreover, although civilians couldn’t directly oppose him right now, the gods would eventually give them the tools for a rebellion.

“Is there anything else you need me to do, my Lord?” Old Lee asked.

“Once the rules change, the gods will add new buildings that will alleviate our waste management and water supply problems. Make sure you built those when the time comes.”

“Of course, my Lord. This subordinate will handle these matters swiftly.”

“In the future, the number of administrative tasks you’ll need to handle will grow. Make sure to recruit more administrators before it overwhelms you. Even if they’re civilians, give them and their families the same treatment as the soldiers. I’ll let you decide the exact framework and salary details.”

Old Lee internally let out a breath of relief. He’d been worried Cheng Yang had ignored the village’s administrative problems, but it would seem he just hadn’t notified him yet.

After discussing a few other smaller details, Cheng Yang brought Old Lee to the Territory Altar and granted him the Governor position. Unlike the satellite villages, the Governor’s position for Phoenix Village have any for of divine assistance. However, it gave Old Lee unrestricted access to the village’s systems.

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Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 178 | Dismissal

Low-Grade Apprentices could kill a High-Grade monster without casualties, but they’d need twenty or thirty soldiers. So, if even a small percentage of monsters evolved to reach the High-Grade level, it would be a disaster for humanity.

Deaths would be inevitable as soldiers fought to protect their lives. Although no one was surprised anymore when someone died, it was never pleasant. It was the end of the world. Naturally, death would become a part of everyday life. With the gods’ rules in place, who would be able to live comfortably?

The people of Phoenix Village, that’s who. Cheng Yang didn’t want the despair of the apocalypse to reach his citizens. He was determined to take a better route. To achieve that, he needed to keep as many soldiers alive as possible. So, unlike humanity’s other leaders, Cheng Yang was unwilling to sacrifice even a single person. It was a childish dream, but if it succeeded, his soldiers would grow into a pillar that supported the populace safely.

As preparation for today’s mass evolution, Cheng Yang warned the Governors of his villages to get everyone inside the village walls before noon. Only after the event would they be allowed to venture outside and begin hunting again.

More than seventy percent of the soldiers in the five battalions were at the Standard-Grade level. With them leading local forces, the villages would adapt to the change in the monster’s strength.

Despite that, Cheng Yang felt a sense of dread. It wasn’t because of the mass evolution, but the bugfixes the gods would implement.

The growth speed of his soldiers was dependent on their ability to transfer Experience Fragments to each other without limits, which allowed six people to use higher training speeds by pooling their resources. The gods were unhappy with this strategy and would block it today. Cheng Yang was a little surprised it hadn’t happened sooner.

From now on, only Experience Fragments couldn’t be used for training until you’ve owned them for twenty-four hours. With this rule in place, the training speed of everyone in the village would sharply decrease.

Thankfully, not all of the rules implemented by the gods in this patch were harmful. It was the most significant update since the apocalypse’s start, and several important features were added, like the Farmer Profession.

Cheng Yang had mixed feelings regarding some of the other changes, but there was nothing he could do about them. So, when he woke up, he treated today like any other day.

As for the seeds he earned yesterday, it would be useless to plant them until he found a Farmer.

Cheng Yang returned to the village just before noon, where he waited with Old Lee and Zhao Chuan for the gods’ messenger to appear.

It was a pristine day with the sun shining high above the. The scene made it hard to believe the world had become a living hell.

“Humble insects, congratulations on pitifully surviving a month. Your progress has interested the gods, so they’ve made some changes to this world. Go out and discover them, only the lucky survive, so struggle you worms!”

The message was short and vague, but the whole world seemed to freeze in time after the messenger’s announcement as a powerful will descended upon it to tinker with its fundamental laws. Old Lee and Zhao Chuan were terrified, but they couldn’t open their mouths to scream. Even Cheng Yang felt fear grip his heart. He’d felt the presence of the gods’ messenger several times in his previous life, but it wasn’t something you got used to.

Ten seconds later, the pressure disappeared.

“My Lord, should we go hunting now?” Zhao Chuan asked in a shaky voice. “We should be fine, right?”

Cheng Yang nodded. As long as they were careful, there wouldn’t be any real danger. He only reminded the two generals not to spread their teams too thin.

Zhao Chuan walked away shortly after that, leaving Cheng Yang alone with Old Lee.

“My Lord, what’s your plan for adapting to these new rules?” Old Lee asked. Although none of the new rules had been mentioned, Old Lee knew Cheng Yang well enough to understand the limits of his knowledge. This allowed him to guess Cheng Yang’s thoughts accurately. Although Yu Kai was also decent at doing that, Old Lee’s years as a business owner gave him a way with people.

Cheng Yang sighed.

“Out of all the tens of thousands of people in the village, were there a few fit for management positions, Old Lee?”

“There are quite a few, my Lord, but I fear they will not be up to your standards.” Old Lee said, “The people with experience either worked in the government or for large companies. There might be a few closer to my level, but you’ve never bothered to search for them.”

It was a fair criticism. Cheng yang had never focused on the administrative duties that came with his position. His place was on the battlefield, so the most he’d ever done was advise Old Lee using his knowledge of the future.

“Sorry.” Cheng Yang said sincerely. “I should have been more focused on that. Can you try to find some people that would work? The changes to the rules will make a strong administrative body vital to our progress.”

“If you don’t need the managers to have talent, I can make something work.”

“As long as they have experinece, they’ll work.” Cheng Yang said, “Even if they were the manager of a restaurant or club.”

“That’s easy.” Old Lee replied, “I would advise that you allow me to choose managers from either the civilians or the Adventurers.”

Cheng Yang thought about it for a moment. The number of manager positions wasn’t large, but if he prioritized giving the jobs to his soldiers, it would needlessly remove them from an active combat position.

Cheng yang agreed and gave Old Lee full authority regarding the hiring process.

Before leaving, Old Lee had one last thing to say: “My Lord, I have a request to make that I hope you’ll agree to.”

Cheng Yang motioned for Old Lee to continue.

“My Lord, the past month, has allowed me to see that I’m not suitable as a general. My talents lie elsewhere. Since you’re setting up a formal administrative body, I would like to request that my general position be transferred to someone else and that I be given a position as the director of territory affairs.”

“Old Lee, you’re a smart man, so you’ve surely realized the general position is only a way to funnel Experience Fragments towards you for your training. Why would you give that up?”

“My Lord, I understand that this is an act of kindness from you, but I care about the village, and I trust that you’ll keep it safe. That’s why I want to support you to the best of my ability and give my general position to someone that can best utilize it.” Old Lee said, “As long as the village is secure, I have nothing to worry about.”

Cheng Yang groaned. It was a convincing argument. He’d known that assigning positions based on his preferences rather than individual skill would lead to problems in the long run, but he also wanted to cherish the people around he cared for. However, hearing how much Old Lee cared only showed him how stupid that decision was.

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Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 177 | Fire Spirit Fruit Tree Seed

A few minutes later, the battle was over. It was easy to the point that Cheng Yang felt ashamed he had been worrying so much.

Yagni had used a few other skills, but nothing with damage on par with the lava wave. So, Enlai was able to tank those attacks with ease.

When it died, Yagni’s body solidified, then crumbled into jagged heaps of rock. At the same time, the lava lake surrounding them began to flow into an unseen drain. A few seconds later, the remaining magma solidified into softly glowing stone.

“My Lord, what’s going on here?” Jiang Yang asked in fear. To them, this situation was a little too similar to the earthquake that ended the world.

“The dungeon is transitioning into a conquered state. If it didn’t, how would anyone be able to farm monsters here?” Cheng Yang said, “It’s nothing to worry about.”

“That’s true.” Jiang Yang said with a curt nod. “But wouldn’t that make the name ‘Magma Wastes’ a misnomer?”

“If you have the time to worry about the names, tidy up the map you’re making.” Cheng Yang grumbled.

Jiang Yang chuckled but didn’t remark on Cheng Yang’s outburst.

Ignoring that, Cheng Yang walked over to Yagni’s remains. He sifted through the rubble until he found a small red velvet bag.

When he picked it up, Cheng Yang confirmed what was inside: Fire Spirit Fruit seeds. There were eight of them, a higher amount than dropped on average.

Cheng Yang grinned. Thank goodness the reward for conquering the Magma Wastes was the same as in his previous life.

As the name suggested, the seeds would grow into a fruit tree that would produce Fire Spirit Fruits when planted. Although fresh fruit would be a treasure in its own right during the apocalypse, the Fire Spirit Fruits were far from ordinary.

The first open-world dungeon near every safe zone was the Magma Wastes, so the fruit’s properties were well known. They could be used to create powerful potions or supplement someone’s training when eaten raw.

If a Low-Grade Apprentice ate a Fire Spirit Fruit, they would immediately level up. After eating another two, they would level up again.

Fire Spirit Fruits were the kind of treasure people would kill for. Think about it. Others would toil for months to achieve what someone else did by eating a light snack.

Befitting such an item, the Fire Spirit Fruits were exceedingly rare. If there was a way to get them other than defeating Yagni, Cheng Yang didn’t know about it. You also could only eat three before they lost their effectiveness. Moreover, each tree only produced twenty to thirty fruits with each harvest.

Speaking of the trees, it would take quite a while before they had grown enough to bear fruit. Thankfully, the gods’ rules sped up the process significantly. Otherwise, even five years after planting the seeds, you wouldn’t get any fruit.

Since most areas didn’t obtain the seeds until after a few months had passed, the value of the Fire Spirit Fruits diminished significantly in the eyes of the world’s leaders. The fruit would be only marginally helpful to them since they would fill their experience bars by an eighth or less.

However, Cheng Yang would extract far more value from them since all of his subordinates were still low-level.

“When we get back, I’ll give each of you a hundred contribution points.” Cheng Yang announced with a broad smile. This trip to the Magma Wastes had been a productive one.

Jiang Yang and the others were delighted. They’d already earned a large number of Experience Fragments from this mission, so gaining some contribution points was the cherry on top. With this many, they might be able to exchange for the rights to train using the Nirvana Feather.

“My Lord, when will the dungeon be available for normal use?” Jiang Yang asked.

“Monsters will start spawning here at midnight, so you’ll be able to bring a hunting party in tomorrow morning.” Cheng Yang said, “Be careful and come prepared.”

“Don’t worry, my Lord, we’ll let the generals organize the expedition.” Jiang Yang replied.

As they left, Cheng Yang put away Undine’s Tear. After conquering the dungeon, the magma was either dried up or solidified, making the cavern only as warm as a summer day. Those patches of solidified magma would birth new monsters, but they would never flow freely like they used to.

Once they got back to Phoenix Village, Cheng Yang summoned Zhao Chuan to his Meditation Hall.

“My Lord, I was successfully able to acquire the Statue Lifting Stone.” Zhao Chuan said once he arrived. To him, it was apparent what Cheng Yang wanted to know. “In the end, I only needed to spend three hundred thousand Experience Fragments.”

Cheng Yang took the Statue Lifting Stone and the leftover Experience Fragments with a smile. With this, he would strengthen not only the territory but himself as well.

“We’ll have to spend more time browsing the Auction House, so we don’t miss good things in the future.” Cheng Yang mused before ordering Zhao Chuan to handle implementing that.

Once Cheng Yang used the Statue Lifting stone, his Magic Attack attribute nearly doubled. With this, he could deal over 200 damage with a single attack. If you included the bonuses from his skill level, equipment, and potions, Cheng Yang’s attacks had reached fearsome levels.

With a heart filled with excitement, Cheng Yang began the day’s training.

That night, Cheng Yang’s experience bar surpassed the three-quarters mark. He would level up in six days at this pace, allowing him to reach the second stage of evolution.

Then, when the village reached the Pinnacle-Grade level, he would be able to level up again using Divine Grace. He would be able to challenge the Hell Difficulty of the Blood-Soaked Church with the Imperial Guard and clear the Forgotten Grave on Nightmare Difficulty.

Although Cheng Yang hadn’t finished gathering the wood necessary for a High-Grade wall, it wouldn’t be long before he could build one the size he wanted it to be.

When he exited the Meditation Hall, Cheng Yang stared into the deep blue sky. Today was the one month anniversary of the apocalypse. It would also be a day of great sorrow and joy around the world as the gods instituted yet more rules. The gods would save the unlucky survivors in rural areas, but high-Grade monsters would become standard in exchange.

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