Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 6 | Timely Rescue

Cheng Yang wasn’t surprised when he heard the gods’ declaration.

At this point he was looking curiously at the newly flattened summit. Nearly a square kilometer of trees had completely disappeared, not even leaving a hole where the roots would have been.

Just a little over a hundred meters away the Territory Altar and surrounding statues had been completely unearthed. Seeing that both the altar and statues were exactly the same as his memories Cheng Yang smiled.

“Come with me!” Cheng Yang shouted the moment the wind stopped blowing. Then Cheng Yang rushed towards his territory.

It wasn’t until Cheng Yang was only ten meters from the Territory Altar that Yu Kai and Liu Hau followed him.

Seeing that Cheng Yang appeared to know things they did now Boss Lee and his employees rushed to Cheng Yang’s locations.

Once Cheng Yang arrived at the altar he pulled up the system panel and chose to build the wall.

At that moment, several of the transport trucks by the river dissolved along with their cargo. As they did a wall appeared around the Territory Altar section by section quickly completing a loop. When the wall passed over the river it added a wooden grate underneath allowing the river to flow through the territory.

Seeing this the others were shocked, they had never seen something so fantastical before.

“Mr. Cheng, what the hell is going on?” Mr. Lee was older and more stable than the others so he was able to quickly ask Cheng Yang a question.

“Right now I’m short on time and can’t give you a thorough explanation.” Cheng Yang said, “For now lets just say that disaster affected the whole world and caused it to become a video game. These four statues allow you to perform a class change ceremony to become a Professional. When you pick a class you’ll become like a game character!”

These words shocked Boss Lee who was a veteran gamer. Boss Lee simply couldn’t believe Cheng Yang’s words, they were absurd!

He had seen how that wall was erected however, there was just no scientific explanation for it.

Although the earthquake earlier had shaken Boss Lee’s spirit he knew he needed to make a decision.

“Yoko, this means I can get a class right?” Liu Hau asked with excitement.

“Naturally,” Cheng Yang said pulling out his stave, “You will need to wait a bit though. The class change ceremony requires Experience Fragments so I can’t let you do it until I go out and save Ox.”

Boss Lee hesitated for a moment before stepping in front of Cheng Yang’s path, “Mr. Cheng,” He said respectfully, “Would it be possible to allow me and my employee’s to pick a class as well?” Boss Lee was smart and realized that this was a huge opportunity.

Cheng Yang smirked in his heart. As expected, he had found his first group of followers.

“I’ll allow it,” Cheng Yang announced to the anxious men, “but understand one thing. This is my territory. Those are my class change statues. If you want to use them you need to pledge your loyalty to me. I won’t ask anything terrible of you but my rules must be obeyed.”

Perhaps it was because of his calm attitude but there was something about Cheng Yang that made those present trust in him. Thus, when they heard this magical land belonged to Cheng Yang no one tried to bargain with him.

They didn’t know it yet but even if they tried to sneakily use the class change statues they wouldn’t be able to as they were under Cheng Yang’s direct control. This was a tool that allowed Lord’s to exert their power over others.

“Yoko, what should we do now? Should we follow you to rescue Ox?” Liu Hau said looking upset with the gradually darkening sky.

It wasn’t just Liu Hau, Yu Kai and the others were also distressed. The day’s events had greatly unsettled them especially after hearing Cheng Yang say that the event was global.

The world they knew was gone, so what would they do now?

“No.” Cheng Yang shot down his friend, “I’ve already become a Mage so I have the power to save Ox but until you get become a Professional you’ll only be a burden. In another seven or eight minutes monsters will start to appear and I need to get to Ox before they do. Otherwise he is as good as dead. He was close when the earthquake happened so I should be able to make it.”

Once he finished Cheng Yang didn’t wait for a reply before moving to leave the territory.

As Cheng Yang neared the northern gate he used his authority as the Lord to fling the doors open as he sprinted past. Once he left the gate automatically shut again. As the Lord of Phoenix Village Cheng Yang was in complete control of every building with his territory.

Cheng Yang followed the road praying that Lau Hui would be alright.

He ran four times as fast as a normal person. However, he was a Mage and thus couldn’t run for as long as Warriors or Rangers.

Cheng Yang was like a gale and in just five minutes he had traveled six kilometers. His speed had already blown away every previous record from before the apocalypse.

At this point he saw a group of three people next to an overturned taxi. One of those people was Lau Hui!

“Yoko! What are you doing here? Are you okay? Where were you during the earthquake?” Lau Hui shouted seeing Cheng Yang running towards him.

Change Yang didn’t answer. “If you don’t want to die Ox, quickly come with me. I don’t have time to explain but its dangerous out in the open.”

Cheng Yang grabbed Lau Hui’s hand and started to drag him away.

“Wait!” Lau Hui countered quickly, struggling to break Cheng Yang’s grip, “I can’t leave Pang Sun.”

Cheng Yang looked over at the other two people and saw a pretty girl about his age. Maybe this was Lau Hui’s girlfriend that Yu Kai mentioned.

“She can come but she needs to keep up.” Cheng Yang didn’t want to abandon someone special to his friend.

Seeing that his girlfriend was about to argue with Cheng Yang, Lau Hui said, “Let’s go with him Pang Sun, Cheng Yang wouldn’t lie about a matter than could bring me harm.”

For a while now Lau Hui had an ominous feeling that the earthquake hadn’t been so simple.

At this point Cheng Yang rushed towards Phoenix Village followed by Lau Hui and his girlfriend. Of course Cheng Yang had decreased his speed so that they could keep up.

The taxi driver hadn’t realized just how much the world had changed but hearing the urgency in Cheng Yang’s voice he couldn’t help but fear for his life.

People are social creatures and in the absence of security they follow the crowds. Seeing the everyone else start running the taxi driver followed after them. When he thought back on this decision later he would think it was very wise.

A chilly breeze whistled through the ruins of Cloud City.

The earthquake had stopped and the wind had vanished. Those that had survived the disaster had begun to search for their loved ones. There was a lot of tension after the announcement made by god. Since everyone had heard it no one was able to refute it.

Most people were able to realize this hadn’t been a normal earthquake.

Even so no one knew what to do next.

The voice had said it would give them a chance to evolve but what did that mean? Would they have to fight each other? If so that meant martial artists would be the most powerful in the world.

Since no one knew what the voice had meant they focused more on their future plans and finding others. Would the government be able to help them or were they on their own.

The government of Cloud City had already begun to act however without electronics their ability to gather people was limited. Luckily the paramilitary police were already assembled for a training drill that day. They started from the city center and moved outwards stabilizing the situation.

In addition the government sent people to explore Cloud City. Military personnel were quite paranoid and never would consider an event like this to be so simple. They had picked up on a crucial detail in gods announcement. Evolution meant killing!

What did they need to kill? What did evolution mean? Why evolve at all? The government desperately wanted the answers to these questions.

It wasn’t just the government that wanted this information. Ambitious groups around the world were searching for the key to evolution.

At this point those with even half a brain had realized that this was a global phenomena because there was no way to disable so many electronic devices that wasn’t at a cosmic scale.

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Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 5 | The Apocalypse

Cheng Yang left his friends and headed towards the truck at the front of the convoy as he had seen Boss Lee from the lumber mill in the passenger seat. It seemed that he really valued the deal and had made the trip himself.

When Boss Lee saw Cheng Yang approaching he jumped down from the truck and surveyed his surroundings. “Mr. Cheng what exactly are you planning to do with this wood? Build a house? The foundation isn’t even flat yet!”

Cheng Yang laughed, “Don’t worry, it will be flat in a few minutes.”

Boss Lee laughed as well. What a joke! Although Phoenix Slope wasn’t a cliff to level it enough for construction wouldn’t take just a day or two. You would need several weeks and lots of heavy equipment.

“Boss Lee don’t worry about the land and just unload the wood by the side of the road. After that is finished I’ll go back with you to finish the deal.” Cheng Yang explained.

Boss Lee looked at Cheng Yang and sighed, “All right, you’re the buyer so I’ll listen to you.”

Boss Lee turned around and ordered the twenty muscular workers he brought with him to start unloading the cargo. The diameter of each log was over half a meter wide and five meters long with a weight to match the size. This was exactly what Cheng Yang had wanted since the game system didn’t recognize wood much smaller than that as usable.

When Cheng Yang returned to his friends Yu Kai had a bitter smile on his face, “Yoko, please tell me you didn’t spend all our money on that wood.”

Cheng Yang gave him a wry smile, “I’m sorry but I spent the money you lent to buy this wood.”

That bitter smile of Yu Kai’s never left, “Yoko, if the apocalypse is coming shouldn’t you be buying food? Can you eat logs? Also, why bring us to the middle of nowhere? What was the point of that?”

“Don’t worry,” Cheng Yang replied calmly, “You’ll understand after the end of the world.”

Although he said that Cheng Yang had grown apprehensive over time.

If he was wrong and the apocalypse wasn’t going to happen… what then? Would he have to gather the rest of the money to pay Boss Lee? Or would he just take his wood back and keep the deposit? Either way he would have wasted all of his friends savings. These thoughts were a heavy weight on Cheng Yang’s shoulders.

However, if the apocalypse did come and he hadn’t prepared it would be a disaster for him and his friends. This was a matter of life and death. thinking this Cheng Yang threw away all of his worries.

When Cheng Yang glanced at his watch it was already 4:50 and Lau Hui hadn’t arrived yet.

Worried for his friend Cheng Yang called him to find out that Lau Hui had only been on the road for a little while now and had just gotten out of Cloud City. This situation really made Cheng Yang feel like yelling at his friend. Lau Hui really might die now!

Cheng Yang urged Lau Hui to tell the cab driver to speed as fast as possible to Phoenix Slope and that he must arrive by 5:00!

Cheng Yang’s heart felt heavy. If Lau Hui had just left the city getting to Phoenix Slope by 5:00 was basically impossible!

Cheng Yang only had a few seconds to make his decision.

“Koko, Hiroko,” Cheng Yang turned to his friends, “Whatever happens at five don’t panic. Stay in this area for as long as possible. I’ll tell the boss of the lumber mill the same thing so stay together.”

Cheng Yang ignored the questions his friends asked and darted towards the trucks. “Boss Lee, why don’t you let your workers sit down on the grass and rest awhile? When doing physical work taking a break is necessary to ensure accidents don’t happen. They have just taken a long drive so let them smoke a cigarette or two.” At that moment Cheng Yang took out his personal pack and handed it to Boss Lee, “Here, it’s on me.”

“Mr. Cheng!” Boss Lee exclaimed happily, “Well, since its early I won’t turn down your hospitality. Everyone, come on down and rest for a few minutes.”

Watching the burly men jump off of the trucks one by one a smile spread on Cheng Yang’s face. As long as they weren’t by the trucks those men should be able to survive the earthquake. If they did wouldn’t he be able to recruit them easily? Cheng Yang didn’t want to see one of his future subordinates get hurt.




Time kept moving second by second. Lau Hui wasn’t going to make it.

Cheng Yang’s started to sweat. Yu Kai and Liu Hau also looked nervous but Boss Lee’s group was happily relaxing in the afternoon sun. Occasionally they would look over in confusion seeing the stiff expressions on Cheng Yang and his friend’s facing.

Suddenly a massive wind started to blow directly downwards causing the trees to creak. Normally wind didn’t blow downwards so everyone looked towards the sky to find the source. When they did they saw the originally blue sky turn grey, almost as if the entire world was being covered with a layer of wool.

“Wha-” Boss Lee tried to call out but stopped when he realized that the ground was shaking slightly and it was getting more violent by the second.

“It’s an earthquake!” One of the workers shouted causing the others to panic.

Cheng Yang stayed calm and murmured, “It’s finally here!”

Even though the world was ending a second time there was no hint of bitterness in Cheng Yang’s eyes.

“Yoko… this can’t be… is this what you told us about?” Liu Hau said voice trembling.

“This is just the beginning.” Cheng Yang calmly replied.

The earth shook increasingly violently but thankfully the trees on Phoenix Slope had deep roots preventing a rock slide. Even so several large branches were ripped off by the wind and thrown through the air.

“Everyone stay put!” Cheng Yang yelled seeing that Boss Lee’s workers were making for the trucks, “This clearing is safe but there’s no guarantee that you will live if you run off!” Although the it was hard to hear him over the howling of the wind Cheng Yang’s message still faintly reached the workers.

Cheng Yang was right, at the very least nothing would fall on them if they were on the hill.

Even after five minutes the ground continued to shake like a sieve making Cheng Yang and the others struggle to stay on their feet. Boss Lee and his people who hadn’t known anything beforehand were terrified by the earthquake that continued to increase in magnitude. This was a disaster! How many buildings would be destroyed in Cloud City? How many people would die?

To the west they could see a passenger plane get blown to the ground with the naked eye.

Cheng Yang knew that Cloud City would be in utter chaos right now. As powerful as humanity was they were helpless when faced with a natural disaster of this scale.

Millions of people would flood out of skyscrapers around the world. Too scared to take the elevators huge crowds would flood the tiny halls of emergency stairwells.

Skyscrapers wouldn’t collapse in this earthquake, at least not yet, giving the vast majority of those inside the chance to live. Perhaps this was a small act of mercy by the god behind all this.

The real danger of being in a skyscraper was the stampedes the earthquake caused. Nobody would ever know just how many perished in that way since there would be bigger problems soon.

Ten minutes later every skyscraper in the world would simultaneously collapse. The towering cities of humanity would be no more. The only thing left to mark their previous locations would be massive piles of rubble and the people living in them.

People would then stand in the streets and attempt to contact others on their phones only to find they were dead. What is this? They would wonder. How could an earthquake cause my phone to turn off? If it was just them it might be that the battery was dead but if it was everyone’s they would find it very strange.

The earthquake wouldn’t stop however and that mysterious wind would continue to blow.

As time passed every person, no matter how rich or powerful they were, would be filled with a feeling of helplessness. The only thing on their minds would be a desire to survive the disaster. Even then they would just think its a terrible earthquake.

The Cloud City government wouldn’t sit by and let the populace panic but with an ongoing earthquake what could they possibly do?

Cheng Yang’s friends were currently lying face down on the ground. It wasn’t that they wanted to be there but rather they had been thrown to the ground. Even if they were to stand back up again keeping their balance on the steep incline of Phoenix Slope was difficult. Even so they didn’t dare to stand on the road lest they be thrown into the river and drown.

“Look!” Boss Lee’s pointed towards the summit of Phoenix Slope, “What in the world is happening?!”

In front of everyone’s eyes the entirety of Phoenix Slope was sinking into the ground like a man in quicksand.

Aside from Cheng Yang everyone present panicked. “Are we going to be sucked into the ground?” Yu Kai asked with a pale face, “Yoko, I think we should run…”

Cheng Yang shook his head firmly, “This is our chance, we can’t leave! Also, I can absolutely assure we wont be trapped in the ground!”

Cheng Yang’s friends trusted his words but how could the workers who didn’t know him do the same. Several of them got up and ran as best they could towards the road.

“Come back here!” Boss Lee who had managed to calm himself down shouted towards the fleeing men. Sadly his voice wasn’t strong enough to be heard above the wind.

While the group of workers was cowering on the road the ground underneath one of the trucks gave out causing it to flip over. The unsecured logs poured out of the truck towards the workers. Although everyone tried to run, two of them didn’t make it and were crushed. They didn’t get back up.

Fear spread like a plague among the remaining workers after the sudden deaths.

Ten minutes later the previously hundreds meter high hill was flat ground. Even Cheng Yang who knew it would happen was in awe, he didn’t realize how imposing the scene would be in person.

After half an hour the ground finally stopped shaking. Just when the people of the world thought the tragedy was over a voice rang our in their heads, a voice even the deaf could hear.

“Lowly vermin of earth!” The voice boomed, “Your lethargy has angered the gods! The universe is supposed to evolve through constant fighting! Although they are angry, through their infinite mercy they have granted you the perfect environment to evolve.”

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Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 4 | Final Preparations

Yu Kai glanced nervously at the others in the room before helplessly nodding his head.

Even though they had only known each other for less than a year Cheng Yang’s friends understood him very well. He was a stubborn person and if he set his mind to something no one would be able to change his decision.

Yu Kai immediately took out a debit card and said, “Yoko, there should be over ten thousand dollars on this card. It’s the money I’ve saved up since I was a boy so try to leave me a little.”

None of Yu Kai’s friends were surprised he had so much money since it was well-known in the dorm that his parents were nouveau rich. Cheng Yang’s other two friends didn’t have much money and their combined savings only amounted to one thousand dollars.

Cheng Yang grabbed their money and left the dorm room.

“Koko, Hiroko, do you think we should go poke around?”Ox asked with a bitter smile.

“Forget it.” Yu Kai said, “Yoko is a reliable person, we should trust him.”

Cheng Yang walked out of the school and took a taxi directly to the suburbs.

With the driver’s recommendation he was able to find a lumber mill and negotiate a purchase of 300 cubic meters of timber from the boss. During the apocalypse a cubic meter of wood was considered one unit.

The money Cheng Yang had was only enough to pay for a third of the wood and promised to pay the rest upon delivery. Even though he didn’t have the money, Cheng Yang wasn’t worried since his debts would be cleared by the apocalypse. He directly handed the boss of the lumber mill his almost twelve thousand dollars as a down payment and requested for the wood to be delivered to Phoenix Slope before 5:00 the next day.

Since Cheng Yang had ordered such a large amount the boss didn’t care too much about the strict delivery requirements especially with such a large down payment.

When Cheng Yang concluded the deal he checked the time. It was currently 1:00 in the afternoon and not a soul in the world had noticed that the apocalypse was drawing ever closer. Not even Cheng Yang would be able to tell that the world was about to end if not for the memories from his previous life.

That night when Liu Hau and the others were asleep Cheng Yang began training.

Cheng Yang had done this for over a year in his past life so naturally he was familiar with the method. It was actually quite simple, you only needed to use the Meditation skill.

No matter their class, a person would receive the Meditation skill. The skill could only be used for four hours a day however, this was an iron rule of god that no one could violate.

After a night of practice Cheng Yang was less than 1% closer to becoming a High-Grade Apprentice level. The meditation skill was very inefficient without Experience Fragments and it would take him 100 days to reach the High-Grade level at this rate.

That night was the best night of sleep he had gotten in a year.

The next day Cheng Yang arrived at Phoenix Slope and although he had hidden the statues perfectly he was still worried that someone had discovered them. If it was just the tip of the Territory Altar no one question it but four obvious human heads would attract a lot of attention. What if someone thought it was an ancient artifact and attracted a huge crowd of people who wanted to see them.

When Cheng Yang arrived at the summit it was the same as yesterday. Nothing had changed allowing him to put his mind at ease.

Cheng Yang calculated that there were still seven hours until the apocalypse so he decided to try and find the precious object he gave up on yesterday.

He was searching for a portal that led to a different world. Using game terms it was an instance dungeon.

Cheng Yang quickly went to the stopping point of his search yesterday and on the way noticed a strange stone. It wasn’t a strange rock but Cheng Yang was able to detect something since he was a Mage. There were faint magical undulations surrounding the stone.

What was this thing? Cheng Yang didn’t know as he hadn’t seen a similar object in his past life. Even so, he could still tell it was an important object.

Since it would likely bring him benefits Cheng Yang didn’t hesitate to claim the stone. It was a disk a quarter meter in length and barely 9 kilograms. Since the Physical Attack attribute also increased a person’s strength Cheng Yang was able to easily carry it.

Cheng Yang had carried the stone disk with him on the rest of his search before returning to Phoenix Village. Although he didn’t find the Instance Dungeon he had gained something at least.

Cheng Yang made a trip to Cloud City at noon to stock up on food. He bought large bags of crackers and high energy snacks like chocolate.

He got back at 3:00 and called Yu Kai telling him to bring Liu Hau and Lau Hui to Phoenix Slope in his car.

Cheng Yang’s friends weren’t natives of Cloud City and didn’t know how to get to Phoenix Slope. but with help from Cheng Yang’s directions they were able to find it. Although they came they didn’t know why Cheng Yang would call they outside the city.

Cheng Yang didn’t give them an explanation over the phone and simply said that they would find out when they arrived.

Now all Cheng Yang had to do was wait. Although there was only an hour left Cheng Yang enjoyed every second since he didn’t know when he would have the chance to just sit like this without worrying about danger again.

As the final hour before the apocalypse started Yu Kai’s car pulled over to the side of the road. When the car came to a stop Liu Hau jumped out of the car and ran over to Cheng Yang.

“Yoko, what the hell are you doing? What are you doing all the way out here?” Liu Hau sat down next to Cheng Yang who was watching the river. “You don’t want to jump into the river do you?” He asked in shock.

Cheng Yang rolled his eyes, “Do I look suicidal? Why would I drive four to five kilometers to find a river to jump into? It’s not like there isn’t a river downtown.”

“That’s fair.” Liu Hau conceded, “But why are you acting like this?”

“Don’t worry about that, by the way where’s Ox wasn’t he with you?” Cheng Yang asked.

“Ehehe, looks like that scoundrel has been hooking up with a pretty girl these days.” Yu Kai laughed, “They were on a shopping date when I called him earlier. He said he’d come over once they were finished but that it would take a while, maybe thirty more minutes or so?”

Cheng Yang doubled checked the time. Half an hour should be okay but it would be cutting it close. In order to avoid a tragedy Cheng Yang still texted Lau Hiu telling him to arrive at Phoenix Slope by 4:50 at the latest.

Lau Hui texted back confused but Cheng Yang didn’t want to tell him about the apocalypse over the phone.

Then Cheng Yang said, “Koko, do you remember the question I asked you yesterday in class?”

“You said a lot to me yesterday, what was the question?”

“I asked you what you thought would happen if the world became a video game.”

“Yeah, yeah, I remember now.” Liu Hau said with absolute certainty, “I don’t think that’s what all this is about though you rascal.”

“Your right, it’s not about me, it’s about what’s going to happen. In a little under an hour our world is going to change dramatically and a massive earthquake is going to sweep the globe. When it does the world will become like a video game and all of humanity will have to play it or die.”

A few seconds after Cheng Yang finished his speech Yu Kai silently squatted down and put his hand on Cheng Yang’s forehead. “Huh, you don’t have a fever so why are you saying that crap?”

Cheng Yang swatted Yu Kai’s hand away, “You don’t believe me? That’s okay, you don’t have to cause the apocalypse will come in an hour either way. The only reason I told you this was so you could give your families a chance to get somewhere safe before it happens.”

The fact that Cheng Yang had said all this with a calm expression made his friends tremble. Perhaps Cheng Yang was serious?

“Yoko you can’t be telling the truth? Really, how could that happen?” Liu Hau refused to accept the apocalypse would happen.

“I’ve said what I needed to say. If you wont believe me I don’t blame you, I would act the same way in your place.” Cheng Yang said, “As for informing your families, that’s for you guys to decide. I just hope you don’t regret your decision.”

Yu Kai looked at the doubtful Liu Hau then to Cheng Yang who was engrossed in the scenery. Since when did Cheng Yang enjoy looking at nature?

“Or… lets believe him for now.” Yu Kai said, “If the world doesn’t end we wasted an hour of our families time, but if its true…” Yu Kai shuddered. Yu Kai hadn’t said anything but Liu Hau understood the implications perfectly.

Liu Hau was hesitant to believe his friend but Yu Kai’s idea was reasonable. In the end he decided to call his family.

“Tell them to stay close to the city center and find a park to hide in. If we manage to visit their city, we’ll find them.” Cheng Yang promised.

Relieved that they had taken his advice Cheng Yang took out his phone to call the few family members he had left. After convincing their families they hung up one after the other.

“Yoko, I staked my character on this. If you lied to us my dad is going to laugh about this for the rest of my life.” Liu Hau said trying to lighten the atmosphere.

Yu Kai looked towards the sky, “I really hope you lied to us Yoko.”

“Why are you worrying so much?” Liu Hau asked, “There’s only twenty minutes left. If Yoko is lying or not… well just have to wait and see.”

When facing the end of the world, in addition to panic these young men felt a little bit of hope that it wouldn’t happen.

Of course, they still didn’t truly believe Cheng Yang’s words, for now however, they were willing to wait and see.

Ten minutes later a caravan of twenty trucks drove down the road headed from Cloud City stopping at the foot of Phoenix Slope.

Cheng Yang checked the time, 4:45. That lumber mill boss sure was punctual.

“You guys stay here, I ordered some lumber so I need to go pick it up.” Cheng Yang whispered to his friends

Yu Kai suddenly understood why Cheng Yang had borrowed so much money. There was enough wood to build several houses on those trucks and even if it was the worst quality wood the price would still be at least thirty thousand dollars. At that moment Yu Kai believed Cheng Yang. He knew his friend very well and as long as he hadn’t gone insane he wouldn’t dare to put so much money into a joke and right now Cheng Yang’s eyes were very clear.

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Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 3 | Rapid Level Up

Cheng Yang pushed those thoughts out of his mind. What didn’t happen doesn’t matter. He was the Lord of Phoenix Village now, and he would be able to view the Territory Altar system panel.

He went to the altar and was able to open the system panel as expected.

Phoenix Village
Level: Low-Grade Village
Experience Fragments: 0

Owned Buildings

  • Warrior Statue (Low-Grade): Produces Warriors (0/20)
  • Mage Statue (Low-Grade): Produces Mages (1/20)
  • Ranger Statue (Low-Grade): Produces Rangers (0/20)
  • Summoner Statue (Low-Grade): Produces Summoners (0/20)

Available Buildings

  • Ringed Wall (Low-Grade): Build a circular wall with a radius of 650 meters around the Territory Altar | Durability: 1300 per meter | Damage Reduction: 6.5 | Cost: 100 units of wood
  • Meditation Hall (Low-Grade): When inside, it improves the efficiency of the meditation skill by 13% | Occupancy: 6 | Durability: 650 | Damage Reduction: 3.9 | Cost: 10 units of wood


  • Lord’s Innate Ability: All building attributes increased by 30%
  • Fast Soldiers: Grants 100% increase in movement speed as an Innate Ability

Upgrade Conditions

  • 100 soldiers
  • Raise the level of all four class change statues to Standard Grade
  • 1000 Experience Fragments

The village system panel was pretty basic since there were very few buildings you could construct in the beginning.

The class change statues came with the village, which only left the walls and meditation halls to build. The importance of each building was obvious, so they needed to be constructed as soon as possible!

The Territory’s Experience Fragments were even more important since they were used to upgrade the class change statues and village level. In fact, you needed to use Experience Fragments just to perform the class change ceremony! Luckily, these Experience Fragments didn’t need to come from the territory but could be taken from the person performing the ceremony.

This rule was the same in the safe zones. Only Lords could become a Professional without spending Experience Fragments. Everyone else could only borrow Experience Fragments from a Lord or god. The class change ceremony cost 10 Experience Fragments, which would automatically be deducted after the ceremony starts. If you borrowed Experience Fragments to pay for the ceremony, the total cost could easily exceed twice the initial cost if you took too long to pay it back.

Lords had a lot of autonomy in this regard. They could lend out the Experience Fragments they wanted to, set the rates of interest, and if the loan needed to be paid back at all.

There were two ways for the Territory Altar to gain Experience Fragments. The first way was to ask for donations from the citizens, but this option wasn’t available until the village was upgraded to Standard Grade. The other way is that when citizens killed monsters within one kilometer of the village walls, the Territory Altar would gain several experience Fragments equal to the amount gained by the citizen.

The Innate Ability of Phoenix Village seemed fairly simple, but Cheng Yang knew that this wasn’t the case. Phoenix Village was only at the Low-Grade right now but if he continued to upgrade it the Innate Ability it granted would grow as well!

Aside from the properties panel, there were two other system panels for the Territory Altar. One was the citizen panel which tracked those who had done their class change ceremony in the village. Right now there was only his name on the panel followed by the title Lord. On this page, you could assign citizens to be managers and grant privileges.

The final panel contained the exclusive ability of Lords, Divine Grace.

The ability sounded very imposing, but its effects unmistakably lived up to the name. It allowed the Lord of a village to directly level up each time the village leveled up. Since the village had just been constructed, Cheng Yang could only use Divine Grace once.

There was a restriction on the usage of Divine Grace, however. The usage of Divine Grace granted by a Low-Grade village would only be effective when the Lord’s strength was below Pinnacle-Grade Apprentice.

Without any hesitation, Cheng Yang immediately activated Divine Grace choosing immediate benefits in preparation for the apocalypse.

At that moment, mysterious energy escaped from the Territory Altar and burst into his body.

After multiple messages flashed in front of his eyes, Cheng Yang felt filled with power.

Cheng Yang
Phoenix Village Lord
Class: Mage
Level: Standard Grade Apprentice (0%)

Age19Life Span150
Physical Attack2Magic Attack13
Physical Defense2Magic Defense2
Attack Speed2Movement Speed4

Innate Abilities

  • Receive 30% more stats in the Magic Attack attribute when you level up
  • When Lord of a territory, all building effects are increased by 30%
  • Movement speed is increased by 100%


  • Meditation (Standard Grade): Meditate to absorb experience fragments and level up
  • Magic Missile (Low-Grade): Attack targets within thirty meters with a ball of condensed magic power | Damage: 13 | Cost: 5 MP | Cast Time: 2.9 sec | Proficiency: 0%


  • Wooden Stave: Status symbol of the mage | No bonuses

Cheng Yang’s attributes had doubled, showing definite growth. In his previous life, it had taken him two months to reach this point after becoming a Professional.

Under normal circumstances, it’s exceedingly difficult to fight someone of a higher level. To do so at lower levels is even more absurd. When the army took Phoenix Village in Cheng Yang’s first life, the reason they paid such a high price was exactly this difference between levels. At the time, most of humanity was still at Low-Grade with a few at Standard Grade while their opponents were a Pinnacle Grade Immature monster which were at the peak of the first stage of evolution.

Cheng Yang, however, had achieved the same rank as those elite fighters after less than a single day. As they say, as long as you keep walking when you are one step ahead, then the gap between you and your opponents will inevitably widen.

It was just about noon when Cheng Yang finished planning his future moves.

He now had two choices: go back to Cloud City to buy wood or wait until after the apocalypse and gather it on his own. The latter would certainly take longer but getting wood wasn’t an urgent issue because as long as Cheng Yang was alive, he could always gather more.

The other item on his agenda would be to look around for the precious object in his memory that would be beneficial to his development.

Not to mention the other benefits it offers just by finding it. It would allow Liu Hau and his other two buddies to perform class change ceremonies.

Cheng Yang was able to become a Professional by relying on his position as the Lord, but his buddies could not. He wanted to allow a few people to become Professionals, so it was necessary to gather some Experience Fragments.

Regarding the precious object, Cheng Yang wasn’t confident in finding it. He wasn’t even sure if it would appear before the apocalypse and even if he found it now, locating it again would be difficult. This was because the earthquake that signaled the apocalypse would make much of the terrain unrecognizable. He was able to find the Territory Altar only because he was able to rely on the rumors from his last life and his luck.

After a long while, Cheng Yang decided to try his luck once more.

After walking in the direction from his memories for two or three kilometers, he still hadn’t found anything and had to turn back. It seemed his luck had all been used in finding the Territory Altar.

Cheng Yang decided to return home until he bought wood. He then gathered dead leaves and twigs to cover up the statue heads, made sure the Territory Altar was alright, and then went down the hill.

On his way down, Cheng Yang considered announcing that the world would end. Eventually, he gave up on the idea. Even if he did tell everyone, no one would believe just words, and he might even be charged with inciting lawless action. He considered displaying his powers as a Mage, but that could turn out disastrously for him.

He decided not to release the information and instead work to save those he wished to protect. As for the others? They would have to rely on their luck.

Cheng Yang’s parents were already dead, so he didn’t need to worry about them. The only other people he cared about were his three friends from university. Although he had only known them for a year before the apocalypse, they were all good and trustworthy friends.

The one thing that didn’t change during the apocalypse was that it is impossible to succeed alone. To fulfill his plans, Cheng Yang would need helpers. If possible, he would get tens of thousands of people to work under him. However, Cheng Yang knew his limits, he had no such following right now.

So he decided to save his precious friends and help himself in the process.

Cheng Yang had made this vow to himself after a long period of thought.

When he returned to the dormitory, Cheng Yang happened to run into Liu Hau on his way back from the basketball game. The two talked on the way back to their room.

Cheng Yang’s other two friends Lau Hui and Yu Kai were in a different year and were playing computer games when he returned.

“Koko, Ox, Hiroko, how much money do you have?” Cheng Yang walked in and directly asked.

All three of them, including Liu Hau, were stunned. “Yoko, what’s wrong?” Liu Hau asked, “You seemed like something was on your mind in the classroom, but I didn’t force the issue. Why don’t you tell us what’s wrong?”

Lau Hui and Yu Kai stopped playing games to look at Cheng Yang with concern.

Cheng Yang said calmly, “I can’t tell you what’s wrong, but I need money. As much as possible and I was hoping you’d lend it to me.”

“Of course you can have the money,” Yu Kai said sincerely, “Please tell us what happened though. Your worries are our worries.”

Cheng Yang said, “I really can’t tell you, but you’ll find out what tomorrow afternoon. You can wait that long right?”

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Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 2 | Claiming the Territory Altar

Phoenix Slope was relatively flat. The road went right down the hill parallel to a small river.

Cheng Yang remembered very clearly that almost two kilometers downstream there was a town of 10,000 called Huimin.

When the driver left, Cheng Yang tried to guess where the altar would be, then climbed down Phoenix Slope.

No one lived on Phoenix Slope, and aside from a trail leading to the top, there were no other paths.

Relying on the memories from his past life, Cheng Yang went to the summit and found a clearing with a radius of one or two hundred meters. Cheng Yang began to search the clearing inch by inch. He estimated that the Territory Altar must be at the top of this hill.

Ten minutes later, Cheng Yang’s eyes flashed with excitement. He had found a regular looking rock the same color as Territory Altars. The exposed part stuck out of the ground by about a quarter meter and was shaped like an arc.

Cheng Yang jogged over to the rock. The familiar feeling he got when he ran his hand over the rough surface assured him he had found it.

The Territory Altar!

The excitement Cheng Yang felt couldn’t be described with words. If he could successfully claim this Territory Altar, he would be able to change his fate.

After a long time, Cheng Yang was able to calm down. He quickly went over the procedure to claim a Territory Altar in his head and gently placed his right hand on the rock.

“In the name of Cheng Yang, I claim this Territory Altar!” He declared.
A weak white light came out of the stone and went into Cheng Yang’s body. At that instant, he felt a deep connection made between him and the Territory Altar.

There was also a considerable change in the area. Faint curtains of lights could be seen on the ground about thirty meters away from the four cardinal directions around the Territory Altar.

Each curtain of light solidified into a set of statues surrounding Cheng Yang.

However, just like the Territory Altar, the statues were buried in the ground, and only their heads could be seen.

Just based on the size of the parts that were above ground, the statues were easily three meters tall.

“Success!” Cheng Yang murmured.

Looking at the familiar statues, Cheng Yang was filled with euphoria.
He knew that when the world ended, there would be four statues just like these but even taller in the city center of Cloud City.

Each statue represented a different class that you could change to.

According to his memories, they looked like this: a bulky man staring at the ground covered in heavy armor while holding a sword and shield, a robed woman in a pointed hat that was holding a wooden stave topped with a glowing gem, a lithe sharp-eyed man holding a bow, and an ordinary-looking woman with a tiger next to her that gave off a sense of ferocious power.

Cheng Yang quickly collected himself and grabbed the hat of the mage statue that was poking out of the ground with his right hand.

“Okay.” Cheng Yang did not hesitate to start the class change ceremony.
For a second, a multi-color curtain of light appeared around Cheng Yang and wrapped him up.

After several messages scrolled through Cheng Yang’s mind, the curtain of light dissipated. When it did, he found himself holding a wooden stave in his right hand.

With a thought, a transparent panel appeared in front of Cheng Yang. He had gone through the class change ceremony once before, knew that this was his system pane, something only he could see.

Cheng Yang
Phoenix Village Owner (Will become the Lord in one hour)
Class: Mage
Level: Low-Grade Apprentice (0%)

Age19Life Span110
Physical Attack1Magic Attack6.5
Physical Defense1Magic Defense1
Attack Speed1Movement Speed2

Innate Abilities

  • Receive 30% more stats in the Magic Attack attribute when you level up
  • When Lord of a territory all building effects are increased by 30%
  • Movement Speed is increased by 100%


  • Meditation (Low-Grade): Meditate to absorb experience fragments and level up
  • Magic Missile (Low-Grade): Attack targets within thirty meters with a ball of condensed magic power | Damage: 6.5 | Cost: 5 Mana | Delay: 3 sec | Proficiency: 0%


  • Wooden Stave: Status symbol of the mage | No bonuses

Aside from his innate abilities, the rest of his system window was identical for all Low-Grade Apprentice Mages. No one was special, and if you wanted more power, you could only rely on hard work.

The only thing that surprised Cheng Yang about his system pane was his Innate Ability. It had changed!

His Innate Ability only gave a 10% bonus to his Magic Attack in his last life, so why did it suddenly triple in this life? Cheng Yang thought about this for a long time but could not find a solution. It must have just been a side effect of his reincarnation.

An S-Rank Innate Ability! This was a huge advantage!

Moreover, Cheng Yang was confused by the title below his name. Phoenix Village Owner? Am I not yet the Lord?

In his previous life, Phoenix Village had been discovered two months after the end of the world. At that time among the monsters surrounding the Territory Altar was an Elite High-Grade Immature monster. Since people didn’t know what the Territory Altar was at the time, they avoided it lest they provoke the beast. A month later, when they realized the value of a Territory Altar, the monster had evolved into an Elite Pinnacle-Grade Immature monster.

The military had to sacrifice dozens of soldiers during the twenty-day battle to claim the Territory Altar.

Cheng Yang had learned about the events after the fact since Phoenix Village was already under the control of humanity when he arrived. Thus he didn’t know about the one hour waiting period before becoming a Lord.

There were several Territory Altars around the city of Cloud City, believe it or not. There were two reasons why Cheng Yang chose Phoenix Village.

1) It was the only Territory Altar he knew would be above ground before the apocalypse.

2) There was a precious item nearby that was important for his future plans.

In his past life, Cheng Yang conducted his class change ceremony in the Cloud City safe zone. The four class change statues there were even taller than the ones found in villages. Unlike Phoenix Village, however, Cloud City wasn’t considered a territory. A human couldn’t become the Lord of a safe zone as they belonged to the gods.

Some people might think there were more residents in the safe zones than the villages, but this was not the case.

Under the rules of god, safe zones only provided the most essential things for human survival. The difference between performing a class change ceremony in one of the safe zones and a village was that some villages granted a unique, Innate Ability. Thus people from territories were stronger than those from the safe zones.

In addition to granting an Innate Ability, several attributes could be buffed by completing research for the class change statues. This would directly increase the power of those that had performed class change ceremonies there.

These were advantages that the safe zones just didn’t have. That’s why in his first life, Cheng Yang had traveled to Phoenix Village to do his class change ceremony.

Of course, there were additional advantages to being the Lord of a village. Every time the village level increased, the Lord was able to level up, ignoring the experience requirements directly. Although the advantage was small at lower levels, the gap it created at higher levels was insurmountable.

Safe zones weren’t useless. The main benefit was a safe zone that monsters couldn’t enter and that the class change statues didn’t have a limit to the number of Professionals they could create.

Thus if you wanted to build a village, you needed sufficient personal strength to fight off monsters continuously.

Although Cheng Yang wasn’t powerful now, he believed that by relying on the memories of his past life, he could gain a foothold in Phoenix Village and gradually upgrade it to a town.

The Innate Ability that Phoenix Village granted was, of course, the 100% increase in Movement Speed.

If Liu Hau performed his class change ceremony at Phoenix village instead of Cloud City, his power would be incomparable to what he had in Cheng Yang’s past life. When he gained both buffs to his Movement Speed, those that could catch up to him in this world would be far and few between.

As for the other three Territory Altars around Cloud City, Cheng Yang didn’t bother with them. He had chosen to become a mage after much deliberation. As for the other classes, although they each had their advantages, none of them suited a Lord the way the Mage class did.

After becoming a Professional, Cheng Yang tried to open the system pane of the Phoenix Village Territory Altar, but it didn’t work. It seemed that he could only access the system pane after becoming the Lord.

Why did he need to wait an hour, though? Was there a test?

Suddenly Cheng Yang remembered a rumor he had heard. When the army had first captured Phoenix village, there had been a large-scale siege of monsters. Luckily at that time, humanity had become quite powerful and was able to fend off the waves of monsters.

Was there going to be a siege this time too? Cheng Yang instantly felt some fear.

While Cheng Yang waited, there was no sign of monsters appearing. An hour later he became the Lord of Phoenix village.

Now that he thought about it, how could there be a siege of monsters if monsters didn’t exist yet?

It seemed that Cheng Yang had dodged a bullet. If he had waited until after the apocalypse to claim the Territory Altar, there’s no telling whether he would have been able to fend off a horde of monsters.

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Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 1 | Bizarre Rebirth

Through dazed eyes, Cheng Yang watched as one of the flying monsters that filled the sky dived towards him.

He saw countless other humans struggling under the talons of those demonic birds as a talon the size of a tire crushed his head.

“Where am I?” When he opened his eyes, Cheng Yang was shocked by the scene in front of him.

More than twenty students sparsely filled a large classroom, almost half of them asleep on their desks. The teacher at the podium didn’t seem to notice as he continued to lecture on a concept from the textbook vividly.

That’s right! This was one of his freshman college classes. The reason there were so few people was that the teacher didn’t take attendance.

Sincere shock and surprise flashed through Cheng Yang’s eyes as the nostalgic scene caused him to realize that he had reincarnated. He had escaped that bloody massacre and was in a peaceful classroom instead.

Cheng Yang comforted himself. Maybe the end of the world was just a dream?

Suddenly, a feeling of unease filled his body. If he remembered correctly, when the world ended, it happened without warning on a tranquil day like this.

If you wanted to call something a sign, on that day a ten-minute earthquake that utterly destroyed everything, acted as the precursor to the end of the world.

Cheng Yang instantly pulled out his smartphone to glance at the time: 9:32 AM, April 12th 20XX.

When he saw the date, Cheng Yang’s body started to tremble, and a layer of cold sweat covered him. He remembered quite clearly that the world would end tomorrow afternoon at five. There was only a little over twenty-seven hours left until the end of the world.

Will the apocalypse still happen tomorrow? Cheng Yang didn’t know because he couldn’t tell if the horrible scenes in his memories were dreams or reality.

“Yoko, what’s wrong with you? Did something happen?” Liu Hao, who was in the seat next to Cheng Yang, stopped playing mobile games when he saw that Cheng Yang was in a state of panic. His chubby face looked so naïve, untainted by the horrors of the apocalypse.

Cheng Yang’s body jolted upon seeing Liu Hau. His buddy that had sacrificed both arms to save him in the apocalypse was now sitting right beside him. At that moment, Cheng Yang’s nose crinkled from sorrow and guilt.

“It’s nothing, I was just daydreaming.” Cheng Yang whispered. Before he figured out if those scenes in his memory were real, he didn’t intend to tell anyone about them.

Liu Hau looked at him suspiciously but did not press the issue, only saying: “We still have a basketball game tomorrow and if you’re sick or something we’re going to be one short.” When he was finished, Liu Hau picked up his phone and went back to playing games.

Cheng Yang’s stomach dropped, and the panic in his eyes became more visible. In his memories, he had played basketball with Liu Hau at noon the day before the apocalypse.

“Yoko, are you really okay?” Liu Hau looked at Cheng Yang’s slightly pale face, “Is this about that girl? Did you get rejected?”

Chang Yang shook his head.

“Koko, what do you think it would be like if the world became like an RPG?” Cheng Yang suddenly asked.

Liu Hau put down his phone again, gave Cheng Yang a strange look and said: “You don’t have a very good imagination, do you? How could this world become an RPG?”

Cheng Yang sighed deeply. “I was just asking.”

Liu Hau smiled and said: “Well, even though you’re not as obsessed as me, you’re better at RPGs so for us wouldn’t the world becoming a video game be a good thing? Fighting monsters, killing the BOSS, leveling up… Wouldn’t that be great?”

Liu Hau was caught up in his fantasy of good times. Truly ignorance is bliss.

After giving his answer, Liu Hau went back to his mobile game, leaving Cheng Yang deep in thought.

As it was now, Cheng Yang thought there was an eighty percent chance that the apocalypse would arrive. In that case, Cheng Yang figured he should start preparing himself or wouldn’t he be wasting his second chance?

Cheng Yang had spent a whole year in the apocalypse. It wasn’t long, but those memories of what happened were as precious as gold now.

Although the world had become a video game, for the people living through it, it was hell. That’s because this game wasn’t like a video game. When you took damage, it actually hurt, and when you died, there was no chance of resurrection.

An RPG where death was permanent. Who would want to play such a game? Nobody. Humanity had no choice, however, as this was forced upon them.

People would have to become Professionals, fight monsters, and level up…

Thinking about those dark days, Cheng Yang looked at Liu Hau. In his previous life when Liu Hau became a Professional, he had a godly Innate Ability: when he leveled up, his movement speed and attack speed would increase by an additional 30%!

In the game world, when humans went through a class change ceremony and became Professionals, their hidden potential would unlock an Innate Ability. These Innate Abilities were ranked by how many extra stats they gained when leveling up.

The worst E-Rank Innate Abilities would increase the amount a single Attribute grew by 10% each level. Every tier above E-Rank would increase that bonus by an additional 10%. The most significant buff a single Attribute could have was only 30% thus the best Innate Abilities were the 60% dual Attribute increase, which was considered S-Rank.

Not all S-Rank Innate Abilities were equal, however. For instance, if there was an S-Rank Innate Ability that increased both Physical Attack and Magic Attack Attributes, although the total increase was 60%, only one of those Attributes can be used by a class, and therefore the actual Innate Ability would be considered C-Rank.

Innate Abilities like Liu Hau’s, where both bonuses were useful, were called God abilities. With the help of his Innate Ability, although he was fat, Liu Hau had godly speed.

Sadly when Liu Hau saved Cheng Yang from the claws of a monster, the bastard ripped Liu Hau’s arm off! Although Liu Hau survived, he had become useless. Cheng Yang had always felt guilty about that.

In his past life, Cheng Yang was just a student and couldn’t fight his fate. He lived for a year in the apocalypse before dying to the talons of a magical bird.

Although he didn’t know why he had been reincarnated, the reason didn’t matter. It was enough that he was back, God had given him a second chance! In this life, he would be able to repay Liu Hau and increase his power as well!

In this death game, everyone would be turned into fighters, but some people would be exceptional, the Lords. They weren’t just powerful fighters but also the owners of cities that controlled the lives of millions.

In his last life, it wasn’t that Cheng Yang’s Innate Ability was trash, he just didn’t get the chance to properly utilize it because his Innate Ability affected an Attribute only Lords had. B-Rank Innate Ability: increase the stats gained for the magic attack Attribute by 10% and increase the effectiveness of all territory buildings by 30%.

It wasn’t a top-notch gift, but during the apocalypse, only ten percent of people had B-Rank Innate Abilities or above.

Moreover, Innate Abilities that affected Lord Attributes were exceedingly rare, and the most significant bonus he knew of was only 20%. Therefore Cheng Yang’s B-Rank Innate Ability that increased a Lord Attribute by 30% could also be considered a God ability. Cheng Yang didn’t dare tell anyone about his Innate Ability, however, as it was a massive threat to any of the current Lords. The owner’s of Lord Innate Abilities that weren’t already Lords were killed.

In his previous life, Cheng Yang was considered E-Rank trash, but in this life, he vowed to be someone of value.

Suddenly Cheng Yang had an idea. He hurriedly took out his phone to check the news.

“……found in the outskirts of Nanchang, scientists have been unable to determine the composition of the stone even after a week of study……”
The following was a story about a strange stone that included a few pictures. The stone was three meters tall, cylindrical, and had a rough black grey surface.

When he saw the article, Cheng Yang was thrilled since he was all too familiar with that stone. It was the prerequisite to becoming a Lord, a Territory Altar.

After the apocalypse, people speculated that the world’s gamification didn’t happen in a single day but over time instead. The Territory Altar on the news was the best proof of that theory as it indeed existed before the world ended.

Right now no one knew what the stone would be used for and the leading theory was that it appeared after a natural phenomenon similar to a sinkhole. The only problem was that sinkholes cause the ground to fall, not protrude.

Only two months after the world ended, would humanity first discovers the use of Territory Altars.

A Territory Altar wouldn’t just appear outside Nanchang but across the country and all over the world. Most of the altars were currently buried underground, but after that violent earthquake, they would rise to the surface.

Cheng Yang wasn’t excited about the Territory Altar found in Nanchang but because he remembered that there was a territory altar in Phoenix Slope just five kilometers south of Cloud City where he lived. In his previous life, the Territory Altar was claimed by the military three months after the apocalypse.

Right now, that altar was completely buried except for a single corner that people would assume was an ordinary rock. When the people who lived near Phoenix Slope found out that the seemingly ordinary rock was a Territory Altar, they were all green with envy.

During the apocalypse, there was a theory that a Territory Altar could be claimed before the end of the world, but no one was able to verify it.
Now that Cheng Yang was granted a new lease on life, he was determined to claim that Territory Altar as his own.

After class, Cheng Yang made up a reason to separate from Liu Hau and traveled to Phoenix Slope alone.

If he hadn’t known the apocalypse was coming, the $10 fare would have dissuaded Cheng Yang from traveling to Phoenix Slope, but now he didn’t care. After the apocalypse, money would be worth less than toilet paper.

When the taxi arrived at the destination, it stopped at the side of the road.

Cloud City was surrounded by hills, and Phoenix Slope was no exception, however, the area from Cheng Yang’s memories was one with very little elevation change. Cheng Yang shuddered as he thought of the earthquake that would level the hills and change the terrain the next day.

TL Note: Yes, I am aware that there are several translations of this already. Most of them were poorly edited and left out a lot of information. I’m starting over so that I can have a consistent translation quality instead of everyone reading 140 chapters of drivel before reading mine (which I would like to think are better)

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Novel Announcement: Doomsday Lord

Name: Doomsday Lord

Author: Wishing For A Pillow To Sleep With

Synopsis: The world goes through an apocalypse and transforms into an RPG with city building elements. The protagonist Cheng Yang transmigrates back in time to the day before the apocalypse and uses his memories to become a city lord.

TL Note: So the old MTL died of “have no money” disease. I’m going to pick up the translation of the novel. I’ll be starting from the beginning just so I can get my translation skills up since this is my first time doing MTL. I’m also a bastard so I’ll be making changes to the story so as to make it (in my opinion) better.

Example Change: The novel states that everyone without exceptions must pay 10 points to gain a class but the MC didn’t need to. Added a line that states why he is an exception that fits with established canon.