Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 164 | Meeting the Enemy

For the time being, Cheng Yang didn’t think about the reason behind the monster siege. He needed to focus on killing monsters.

At the same time, he couldn’t help but curse the person that caused this in his heart. If this wasn’t a natural monster siege, someone was going to pay!

“Yu Kai, stay here and handle the southern area. I’ll handle the rest with Enlai.” Cheng Yang ordered, the next time their paths crossed. Once he’d finished handing out potions, Yu Kai had immediately re-joined the fight.

Yu Kai knew this wasn’t the time to act like a hero, so he obediently stayed on his part of the wall.

At this point, Cheng Yang’s kill count had surpassed ten thousand. His previous choice to save most of the potions he refined was a fortunate one since he’d used enough of them during the battle to make his stomach bloat.

Even so, Cheng Yang was getting tired. Depleting one’s Mana was mentally exhausting, so even with an endless supply, it was impossible to fight without stopping. Not to mention the physical exertion of running around the entire time.

“My Lord, we need to do something about the walls. Their Health has been halved, and although they’ll last for a long time, they’ll break before the battle ends.” The Vice-Governor of Silkworm Mountain, Liu Chengen, reported.

He was right. Less than half the monsters remained, but the momentum of the soldiers had slowed to a crawl.

“That’s not our biggest problem.” Cheng Yang sighed as he looked at the mismatched piles of mushy meat at the foot of the wall. “If you can’t find a way to destroy those corpses, even ordinary monsters will climb over the walls with ease.”

It wasn’t uncommon for monsters to be several meters tall, so using their bodies as a stepping stone was easy.

“What should we do, my Lord? Would the Fox Hunting Battalion be able to clear them away if we covered for you?” Liu Chengen asked.

Cheng Yang shook his head firmly. The Fox Hunting Battalion was far too weak to survive the task. They were right in the middle of their growth phase, so Cheng Yang was hesitant to sacrifice them like this.

Even if they ultimately lost the territory, Cheng Yang refused to lose the people.

“Me and Little White will draw the attention of the monsters. When we do, focus your attacks on the corpses and try to destroy them. Also, have a Priest ride Enlai, so he doesn’t die.” Cheng Yang ordered before jumping off the fence.

Liu Chengen wanted to retort, but Cheng Yang was already gone. With a helpless sigh, he arranged for Cheng Yang’s ordered to be fulfilled.

When he hit the ground, Cheng Yang attracted the aggro of every monster within a hundred meters. He was a far more exciting and delicious target than a wooden fence, so they all rushed towards him.

However, compared to the total length of the fence, Cheng Yang only diverted the monsters’ attention around a tiny fraction. If he wanted his plan to work, he would need to play his role more thoroughly.

By relying on his extreme speed, Cheng Yang acted as bait for the monsters while simultaneously using Rupture Blaze’s knockback to clear corpses near the areas he passed.

It was unfortunate, but he was the only person here who knew the skill. The few others that knew the skill were all at Phoenix Village.

Otherwise, he would be able to use his Sacrificial Blood Cloud to speed up the process. Although it was a great skill, he hadn’t had a chance to use in during this battle. Although it would allow more people to fight High-Grade monsters, unless they had the speed to reach the affected areas in time, it was meaningless.

Piercing through the monsters like a sharp arrow, Cheng Yang allowed monsters far and wide to see him. Soon enough, the number following him was in the thousands. The only ones that could resist chasing him were those that knew they could get over the walls.

Cheng Yang’s actions killed two birds with one stone. It gave the soldiers an opening to destroy the corpses, and also stopped the monsters from decreasing the Health of the walls.

The horde chasing him covered an area of a few hundred square meters. In comparison, Cheng Yang seemed infinitely small. However, the fact that he was still there proved how strong he was.

Enlai was having a much more difficult time. Cheng Yang was small enough to dodge attacks and weave through his opponents, but Enlai could only face them head-on. Anything that came close was crushed to death.

Thanks to the Priest on his back, Enlai could fight in an unrestrained manner. The only thing he needed to be conscious of was letting his lifeline get hit.

Maybe monsters hated Ascendants for being blessed by the heavens, but wherever Enlai went, every monster rushed towards him with intent to kill. Even the ones that could climb the walls.

Since there weren’t any monsters attacking the walls, the soldiers were able to destroy the corpses quickly enough to help Enlai afterward.

Since the white tiger stayed within thirty meters of the wall, it was easy for the soldiers to fire attacks into the horde chasing Enlai. In this way, Enlai was more effective as bait than Cheng Yang.

With Cheng Yang and Enlai supporting the east and west, the pressure on the north side of the wall was increased.

No one could fight a High-Grade monster head-on, so they relied on their numbers and the Priests’ help to defeat them.

Unfortunately, the number of Priests had always been a weakness of the army. As a result, it was impossible for there not to be casualties.

If Cheng Yang wanted to increase the number of Priests under his control, he would need to rely on luck for another to drop from the Blood-Soaked Cathedral.

To alleviate the problem, Liu Chengen pooled the soldiers’ earnings from the battle to buy more potions. Although using everyone’s savings would damage the village’s foundation, it is better than everyone dying.

The soldiers from the east area of the wall also moved to support the north after they finished clearing the corpses.

Cheng Yang and Enlai focused on culling the hordes chasing them after the corpses were cleared. The stress and fatigue were catching up to Cheng Yang, but he forced himself to keep going. If the ordinary soldiers could keep fighting, so could he!

Once he was done, Cheng Yang moved to the north while Enlai went south.

At this point, the end of the battle was in sight. With the appearance of reinforcements, the north improved, and the number of monsters was dwindling. Moreover, the last high-grade monster was already dead, so only the dregs remained.

Ten minutes later, the last monster fell. Nothing was left but a dense layer of blood and flesh coating the walls and everything around them.

In the distance, recently spawned monsters could be seen rushing towards the battlefield, but the walls would be more than enough to hold them while the soldiers rested.

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Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 162 | Monster Siege

TL Note: The Charm skill is based on a difference in level, not in stats. MY mistake.

Killing monsters wasn’t Qiu Yiling’s goal. Her main task was to test her Charm skill and experiment with it.

After nearly a hundred trials, she managed to charm a Graveseeker.

The initially rancorous monster calmed down as soon as the spell took effect and walked over to Chu Yiling. Knowing it wouldn’t hurt her, she got off Enlai’s back and began playing with it.

Since the sun was starting to set, Cheng Yang brought them back to the village. Although they were talented, they were only Low-Grade Apprentices.

When they arrived, Cheng Yang took them to train with the Nirvana Feather. They had earned more than enough to make good use of it.

To accommodate them, Cheng Yang gave Liu Wei and Lau Hui’s slots to them since they weren’t there.

Once they had been accommodated, Cheng Yang started brewing potions.

In addition to his usual Health and Mana Recovery potions, Cheng Yang also made Magic Amplification potions. Since it was a High-Grade potion, it required three Energy to make, and the success rate was a measly forty percent.

Fortunately, Cheng Yang had his Panacea Furnace. The extra level to his skills allowed his success rate to increase by twenty percent, increasing the number of potions he could make.

There was another benefit to having his Alchemy skills increase in level that Cheng Yang didn’t know: it would allow him to learn potion recipes one level higher then he should be able to.

Thanks to countless Alchemist soldiers’ efforts, Cheng Yang had an ample supply of Eight Treasures Flowers. Over the last few days, over three hundred were submitted to the Quest Hall.

Although it was enough for Cheng Yang’s purposes, it was a much smaller amount than it seemed. There were around four hundred and fifty Alchemists capable of harvesting the Eight Treasures Flower, so why were so few delivered? The answer was that no one was willing to waste time searching for them. It was one thing to run across one and turn it in for extra money and another to devote an entire day to searching.

Since each Magic Amplification potion only required a single flower, Cheng Yang didn’t mind the “low” numbers.

Every night, Cheng Yang could successfully refine fifty Magic Amplification potions, enough to make a small fortune.

Even a standard Magic Amplification potion would be valuable, but his had twice the effect, making them treasures in their own right.

It would only last five minutes, but that was more than enough time to turn the tide of a battle. Those potions were life-saving tools.

Once Cheng Yang had amassed 160 Magic Amplification potions, he started selling them on the Auction House for three thousand Experience Fragments. In Cheng Yang’s eyes, the potions were worth much less, but since he was the only person selling them, he could profit from other people’s ignorance.

Of course, Cheng Yang was only testing the water. No one knew the purchasing power of an Experience Fragment yet, so there were bound to be price fluctuations for the next few weeks or even months.

Regardless, the potion only cost him forty Experience Fragments to make, so the profit margins on the Magic Amplification potions were even higher than the Stones of Return.

It wouldn’t be long now before he could unlock even higher training speeds!

Once he was finished with that, Cheng Yang began his morning routine. He trained using the Nirvana Feather, listed the new Stone of Return batch on the Auction House, and cleared the Blood-Soaked Cathedral on Nightmare Difficulty.

Then, he visited Joyous River Village to clear the Abandoned Citadel and clean up any monsters he encountered.

Around noon, Cheng Yang was on his way to the Forgotten Grave when he heard a crisp chime from inside his ring.

After a brief moment of surprise, Cheng Yang realized it was his Transmission Mirror.

“Has an invasion started already?” Cheng Yang assumed the worst-case scenario as he answered the call by using his Mana to prod the runes on the mirror.

“My Lord, something strange is happening over here.” Yu Kai’s panicked face appeared in the mirror. “An enormous horde of monster is heading straight for the village! There’s ten thousand at least. I’ve gathered everyone inside the walls, but they won’t be able to hold against that many monsters. Please come quickly!”

“I’ll be there soon.” Cheng Yang answered as Experience Fragments drained into the mirror at an alarming rate. “You have a scouting skill, right? Use that to see if there’s anyone suspicious around the village.”

After storing the mirror in his ring, Cheng Yang rode Enlai to Silkworm Mountain at top speed.

All the way there, a single phrase echoed through his mind: monster siege.

They were a mechanic that shouldn’t be possible yet, but he trusted Yu Kai not to waste his time with rumors. But, what could have caused it?

Cheng Yang had heard of a few ways to attract monsters in his previous life, but none of them would work on a scale like this. Moreover, none of them had appeared in the Cloud City of the past. But, when there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Either the skill or item that caused this was kept a secret in his previous life, or his actions had caused a butterfly effect that created this scenario.

It took Enlai less than five minutes to reach the Northern Bridge. Along the way, a few monsters were blocking their path, but once they crossed, the entire area was silent.

Every monster was single-mindedly charging towards Silkworm Mountain, even ignoring Cheng Yang to do so.

Cheng Yang frowned.

At this rate, far more than ten thousand monsters would assault the walls fo Silkworm Mountain. Depending on how diligently the soldiers there were in hunting monsters, there could be up to a hundred thousand.

It was a terrifying thought.

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Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 161 | Training

Since his daughter was a part of his personal guard, Cheng Yang decided to add Chu Qiang as well.

His personal guard now had three members, each of whom had an unusually powerful Innate Ability. Yu Kai and Liu Hau also had the qualifications to join, but Cheng Yang needed them to lead his armies.

“Old Chu, Ling Ling, you are Professionals. As members of my personal guard, the safety of the village rests in your hands. You are the last hope of nearly a hundred thousand people.” Cheng Yang’s grave tone was meant for Chu Qiang. He didn’t expect Chu Yiling to understand the significance of their powers.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Cheng. This village is Ling Ling’s home, so I’ll defend it to my dying breath.”

Cheng Yang trusted Chu Qiang’s words. A man who could give up his life over his mother’s death was a man of great filial piety, and as the old saying goes: filial piety is the first virtue from which all others stem.

It was a little after four in the afternoon, leaving Cheng Yang enough time to instruct the father-daughter duo in the art of combat. With Chu Yiling and Chu Qiang riding Enlai, they left the village.

About seven kilometers away, Cheng Yang found a horde with only a few hundred monsters. Just like earlier, the monsters were Venom-Toothed Grey Wolves.

This was Chu Qiang and Chu Yiling’s first time saw that many monsters, so they were both a bit pale.

Before the monsters could reach them, Cheng Yang used the Sacrificial Blood Cloud skill to boost the duo’s Magic Attack.

The feeling filled Chu Qiang with confidence and made Chu Yiling giggle.

“Try using your skills.” Cheng Yang said. “Chu Qiang, even though you’re a Warrior, don’t blindly rush into the horde. Even though you’ll kill them in one hit, they can do pretty much the same. Take these Health potions and be careful.”

Chu Qiang ran a few feet ahead of the group to meet the monsters head-on.

“Ling Ling, do you need a demonstration on how to use Magic Missile?”

“I already know how.” Chu Yiling declared. “I’m a clever girl, and a fairy explained it to me.”

Cheng Yang saw genuine joy on Chu Yiling’s face at the thought that she would fight monsters. It was a sad thought that the child was so desensitized to this world already. Before the apocalypse, children her age would be living a carefree life, but not they had to fight every day just to survive.

Chu Qiang stood to the side with helpless eyes. This was the best outcome for his daughter, even if it was cruel. The cruelty of this new world was irresistible.

With a sigh, Chu Qiang lifted his sword and prepared to meet the monster’s charge. His movements were clumsy and haphazardous, but his momentum was far beyond that of an ordinary Low-Grade Warrior.

With a mighty swing, Chu Qiang beheaded the first wolf, right before they overwhelmed him. At the same time, Chu Yiling raised her stave and fired a Magic Missile into the horde.

“It looks just like a firework!” Chu Yiling shouted in delight.

Although her aim was terrible, she still hit an unlucky monster, killing it instantly.

Her actions attracted the aggro of a large number of monsters that split from the rest of the group and rushed towards her. Thankfully, she was still riding Enlai, so they weren’t a threat.

Every monster that got close crumbled like a porcelain bowl. In less than five seconds, Enlai turned three dozen monsters into corpses.

Cheng Yang grimaced at Chu Yiling’s poor performance. It was to be expected from her age, but it wasn’t very reassuring.

On the other hand, Chu Qiang was doing quite well. His high defense meant each wolf could only deal a single point of damage, whereas he killed them in two hits. One if he used Lacerate.

Even so, there were too many wolves, and his Health was too low. The anxiety of seeing his Health go down proved too much for the man, so every few seconds, he would drink a Health potion, wasting most of its effects.

‘He’s doing well, considering this is his first fight.’ Cheng Yang thought to himself. ‘If I can get him some good equipment, he’ll be able to fight without fear.”

“Ling Ling, try using the Charm skill on one of these monsters.”

“Can do!” Chu Yiling fired a Magic Missile and then began to exude a calming aura.

A moment later, a ring of smoke puffed out of her stave and enveloped a wolf.

The wolf paused, then fell to the ground. A moment later, it jumped up and charged into Enlai’s waiting jaws.

The skill failed!

While waiting for the skill cooldown to reset, Chu Yiling continued to fire Magic Missiles at the wolves. Since there were far fewer targets, none of them hit anything.

Once the cooldown ended, Chu Yiling tried to Charm a monster again but failed.

Cheng Yang had confirmed that the odds of success weren’t high enough to rely on the skill in a pinch. Unfortunately, the skill used her level instead of her stats to determine success. Otherwise, after using Sacrificial Blood Cloud, there was no way the skill would fail twice.

For the next few minutes, this pattern continued. Only after Cheng Yang saw Chu Qiang drink his last Health potion did he make a move. With two uses of Petal Blizzard, the remaining monsters were turned into mincemeat.

Once the last monster died, Chu Qiang was overcome with a feeling of weakness and collapse onto the group.

“Dad! What’s wrong!” Chu Yiling anxiously jumped off Enlai’s back.

“Don’t worry, Ling Ling. Your father’s just tired and needs a short break.”

Chu Yiling nodded and stuck close to her father while he caught his breath.

“Old Chu, what did you think of the fight?” Cheng Yang asked.

“I felt like my defense wasn’t enough. No matter what I did, they kept biting me all over.” Chu Qiang complained.

“That’s because you weren’t using your shield properly. You treated it like a hammer and kept trying to smash the wolves with it.”

“Ah, I was doing that, wasn’t I.” Chu Qiang said after reflecting for a moment.

Cheng Yang didn’t bother saying anything else. He wasn’t a Warrior, so there was a limit to how much he could help. Perhaps the Imperial Guard members would be able to help him train?

They spent the rest of the day moving from horde to horde, slaughtering every monster they encountered. Thousands lost their lives to Chu Qiang’s blade, and Chu Yiling tried really hard.

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Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 160 | Bloodline

Cheng Yang found the father-daughter duo lounging around his Mediation Hall. Once he explained the reason for his visit, Chu Yiling jumped up excitedly. Now that she had changed into clean and tidy clothes, she looked like a lovely little princess.

“Uncle, you said I could become a Mage like you, right?” Chu Yiling asked as Cheng Yang led them to the class change statues. “Is it true that I can be as powerful as you in the future?”

“You will. Maybe you’ll even be better than me.” Cheng Yang promised, unwilling to let her enthusiasm die, “Can you stop calling me uncle? I’m not that old.”

“But…” Chu Yiling tilted her head. “I feel like you should be called uncle!”

Cheng Yang sighed. There was no point in arguing with a child.

When they reached the class change statues, Chu Yiling went first.

Chu Yiling
Phoenix Village Soldier
Class: Mage
Level: Low-Grade Apprentice (0%)

Age7Life Span110
Physical Attack1Magic Attack12.4
Physical Defense2Magic Defense2
Attack Speed1Movement Speed3

Innate Abilities

  • Receive 20% more stats in the Magic Attack attribute when you level up
  • Enchantress: Gain the Charm skill allowing you to dominate the minds of monsters
  • Movement speed is increased by 200%


  • Meditation (Low-Grade): Meditate to absorb experience fragments and level up
  • Magic Missile (Low-Grade): Attack targets within thirty meters with a ball of condensed magic power | Damage: 12.4 | Cost: 5 Mana | Cast Time: 1 sec | Proficiency: 0%
  • Charm (Unique): Force a monster at the same level as you or lower to become your slave. The chance of success is relative to the difference in the Magic Defense attribute. The slave cannot use skills or consumables. | Cost: 10 Mana | Cooldown: 10 sec | Proficiency: 0%


  • Wooden Stave: Status symbol of the mage | No bonuses

When Cheng Yang saw Chu Yiling’s system pane, it was like watching a pie fall into one’s hands.

Although her Innate Ability was technically D-Rank, she was a particular case. Her Enchantress Innate Ability couldn’t be ranked with the same system as ordinary ones.

Relatively speaking, Charm wasn’t a powerful skill. The potion restriction severely limited their usefulness as a long term ally.

The other drawback was the, presumably, low chance of success. Charming monsters a level lower might not be difficult, but if you can’t even reliably Charm a monster at the same level, the skill would be nearly useless.

In general, the skill would be less useful than a stat buff.

However, Cheng Yang had an idea that might give the skill more utility. It needed to be paired with an Enchanter Profession skill, Crystal Bead Creation.

Crystal Beads seal monsters inside of themselves. Then, during a battle, the bead can be shattered, releasing the monster in an enraged state. So, if someone had ten thousand Crystal Beads, they could instantly summon an army of ten thousand monsters.

There were three major downsides to using the Crystal Beads. They were consumables, and the released monsters would instantly die after an hour. Only monsters at your level could be sealed, and the monsters wouldn’t recognize the user as an ally.

If Chu Yiling combined her Charm skill with Crystal Beads, she could bring out the best in both. As long as the Charm skill’s success rate wasn’t too low, Chu Yiling would become a strategic asset.

Cheng Yang also wondered if the skill could be used against Boss monsters? If it could, Charm would be truly overpowered.

He also wondered what it would be like is Liu Wei had the skill along with her other abilities. She could Charm a monster with a 100% chance of success then use it as a meat shield while killing the rest. How amazing would that be?

Of course, that was just wishful thinking. How unreasonable would it be if Liu Wei received so many rare Innate Abilities?

Since Chu Yiling was so powerful, Cheng Yang decided to make her a part of his personal guard. Although it might sound comical to have a seven-year-old guard a college student, her strength didn’t depend on her age.

Cheng Yang allowed Chu Qiang to perform his class change ceremony after Chu Yiling. After seeing Chu Yiling’s system pane, Cheng Yang had no hopes for Chu Qiang to have anything useful. However, he underestimated how much the heavens looked out for the pitiful father-daughter duo.

Chu Qiang
Phoenix Village Soldier
Class: Warrior
Level: Low-Grade Apprentice (0%)

Age37Life Span110
Physical Attack16.2Magic Attack1
Physical Defense4.9Magic Defense2
Attack Speed1Movement Speed3

Innate Abilities

  • Receive 30% more stats in the Physical Attack attribute when you level up
  • Bloodline: You hold the blood of the magically created Bear Beastmen in your body
  • Movement speed is increased by 200%


  • Bear Beastmen (Low-Grade): Add 20% to the Physical Attack and Physical Defense growth coefficients


  • Meditation (Low Grade): Meditate to absorb experience fragments and level up
  • Lacerate (Low Grade): Add magic to your blade making it easier to cut through enemies | Damage: 5 | Cost: 2 MP | Cast Time: 3 sec | Proficiency: 0%


  • Iron Sword: Status symbol of the warrior | Damage: 4
  • Wooden Shield: A wooden shield | Can block physical attacks

Chu Qiang turned out to have a Bloodlines, which surprised Cheng Yang.

There were hundreds of different Bloodlines in Cheng Yang’s past life. Innate Abilities granted most of them, but some instance dungeons provided items to change or strengthen a person’s bloodline.

Bloodlines were often a mixed bag: they would increase some things but decrease others. These bloodlines were considered rather bad but were better than not having one generally.

Chu Qiang’s Beastmen bloodline was an A-Rank Bloodline thanks to its 40% overall increase to his growth coefficients without any downsides.

A person’s growth coefficients came into play once they reached the Scholar levels. When they did, their stats would no longer double when they leveled up but grow depending on their subclass. They would also obtain a certain number of Free Attributes to assign as they pleased.

The bonus to the growth factor would even apply during the Apprentice levels where everyone had a 100% growth coefficient in every stat, meaning Chu Qiling essentially had an SS-Rank Innate Ability.

Without a doubt, Chu Qiling would become one of the pillars of Phoenix Village.

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Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 159 | Lack of Talent

Cheng Yang wandered around the safe zone, looking for Xiao Zheng. He wasn’t going to approach him yet, but Cheng Yang wanted to know where he was.

It was inconvenient to meet with him now since there were doubtlessly spied tailing his every move and reporting it back to Yuan Jianzhe. Even if there weren’t, Enlai wasn’t subtle, so Yuan Jianzhe would find out about any big moves he made.

Unfortunately, Cheng Yang couldn’t find Xiao Zheng and was forced to give up.

After leaving the safe zone, Cheng Yang glanced back through the curtain of light and sighed. Would Xiao Zheng still treat him well on this life despite them becoming strangers?

His next objective for the day was to clear the Sky God Island instance dungeon on Nightmare Difficulty. He already earned the first clear reward for the Sky God Island, so this was just to do his daily run. The other reason was that there was a small chance of obtaining a drop at the end on the same level as the first clear reward.

It was an incredibly small chance, but it was still worth trying. For reference, there were around ten thousand confirmed drops in his past life. Although the real number was probably double, it was far too unlikely.

On his way to Silkworm Mountain, Cheng Yang cleared The Forgotten Grave on Hard, and after clearing the Sky God Island instance, he made a trip to Joyous River Village. Instead of going straight there, Cheng Yang stopped by Phoenix Village.

“Old Lee, the class change statues leveled up recently, so why aren’t all the slots filled?” Cheng Yang had checked the Territory Altar system pane when he got back and saw that there were still hundreds of slots open. So, he went to find Old Lee, who had been in charge of recruitment.

“I’m sorry, my Lord, but there was a problem.” Old Lee said. “Once the Barracks was full, I stopped allowing people to perform class change ceremonies because you hadn’t given me instruction on how to handle the construction of Adventurer groups. I didn’t dare to make the decision in private since it involved hundreds of people and tens of thousands of Experience Fragments.”

Cheng Yang was slightly stunned. He’d forgotten to let Old Lee know about his plans.

“In that case, go and gather the generals. There are some things you’ll need to work together on.


On the other side, arrange for his Vice-Captain to come over since he won’t be back for a while.”

When he was done, Cheng Yang seriously considered finding a few secretaries. He was becoming far too forgetful lately.

His first thought was to turn Liu Wei into his secretary, but was she fit for the job? As a member of his personal guard, it seemed too wasteful. Her skills were combat-oriented, so maybe he could hire a civilian to be his secretary?

His ideal choice would be someone like Old Lee. He was loyal, confident, and a hard worker. Unfortunately, Old Lee was too useful in his current position and couldn’t become Cheng Yang’s secretary.

If he couldn’t find a competent secretary, Cheng Yang needed someone who could take over the administrative portions of his Lord positions. He had managed to handle everything well so far, but it was getting harder to control.

There was a woman in his memories with exceptional administrative abilities, but she wouldn’t arrive in the Cloud City area until the gods saved her. At that time, the safe zone would be too chaotic to track her down.

For now, Cheng Yang would have to put the issue on the back burner. Unless the right person was available, there was no use wasting time thinking about it.

Then, Cheng Yang cleared the Soaked Blood Cathedral on Nightmare Difficulty. With Enlai’s help, the instance wasn’t difficult in the slightest.

When he returned to the real world, Cheng Yang was fiddling with a pair of Purple Silver boots that increased Movement Speed. It was a great piece of equipment, but it didn’t suit him. However, since the Imperial Gaurd didn’t need to move quickly, it was even less suitable.

For now, Cheng Yang decided to switch from his Green-Bronze boots, increasing his Movement Speed by three. Although he was still slower than Liu Hau, he’d reached a milestone similar to the one for Physical Defense.

Usually, even if an attack didn’t draw blood, it would deal full damage as long as it hit. When someone’s Movement Speed was more than twenty-five times that of their enemy, it became possible to dodge an enemy attack. This meant that as long as the attack didn’t hit them directly, they wouldn’t take damage.

Cheng Yang had never experienced dodging an attack before, so he was eager to try it out.

On his own, Cheng Yang left Phoenix Village to find a Low-Grade monster to test his new abilities.

Not far from the walls, Cheng Yang found a Venom-Fanged Grey Wolf. He hadn’t taken monsters like this one seriously in weeks.

When the wolf noticed Cheng Yang, it growled at him, then charged forwards. Its jaws opened up to bit down on Cheng Yang’s neck.

To a civilian, the wolf might seem terrifying, but in Cheng Yang’s eyes, it was moving far too slowly to be a threat. Suddenly, Cheng Yang saw threads reach out from the wolf’s body, aimed at him. It was the trajectory of the attack and, in a sense, a visual representation of his hitbox.

It was a wonderful feeling!

Cheng Yang watched as the threads shifted and responded when he swayed back and forth. Then, he felt a sharp pain as his throat was bitten through.

He’d been so immersed in what he was doing that he forgot to dodge. Fortunately, the wolf was too weak to do any actual damage.

With a grimace, Cheng Yang forced open the wolf’s jaws with his hands and tossed the monster like a sack of flour over his head.

Undeterred, the wolf climbed onto its feet and attacked again.

Once again, Cheng Yang watched the threads of the wolf’s attack draw near. This time, he tried to move out of the way.

“Fuck!” When the wolf glanced his shoulder, Cheng Yang knew he had failed to dodge because the thread turned red.

Twenty-five times, the opponent’s speed was only the bare minimum requirement to dodge an attack, so Cheng Yang couldn’t guarantee that he could.

For the next half hour, Cheng Yang allowed the wolf to attack him continuously until he finally dodged an attack. It filled him with a feeling of satisfaction.

After another half hour, Cheng Yang improved to the point that he could dodge one in three attacks.

At this point, the wolf was in a sorry state. Cheng Yang’s fists didn’t deal much damage, but it was still too much for a Low-Grade monster to handle for a full hour. Thus, once he was done training, Cheng Yang ended the wolf’s pathetic life.

With a happy smile, Cheng Yang returned to Phoenix Village, completely forgetting his original intention to visit Joyous River Village.

At this point, Cheng Yang remembered the father-daughter duo he’d saved and the promise he made with Chu Yiling.

Now that there were open slots, he could allow the duo to perform their class change ceremonies. Now that he had some free time, it was the perfect opportunity.

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Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 158 | Deficiency

Yuan Jianzhe’s acting was perfect. If Cheng Yang hadn’t known they were enemies, he wouldn’t even know the man was hostile to him. Outsiders might even think they were old friends reuniting after years apart. However, the act only put Cheng Yang on guard.

“Commander Yuan, by the looks of things, you’ve worked out the issues from earlier.”

“It was only natural for me to do so. After all, it wasn’t just you affected by the incident. It also hurt my credibility and reputation, so I had someone look into it the moment you left. Care to join me inside for a chat?”

Cheng Yang nodded. Neither he nor the commander was in danger right now, so he was confident there wasn’t a trap. Whatever persona he’d put on for this was just so he could go through the motions.

The villa was a luxurious building made from beautiful hardwoods and marble floors trimmed with gold. It was three stories tall and ha a parlor on the ground floor.

It was in this parlor that five corpses were laid out on the ground. Judging by the lack of decay, they’d only been dead for a day at most.

Cheng Yang frowned slightly. Of the reactions he thought Yuan Jianzhe might have, this was one of the most annoying and effective.

“Commander Yuan, what is this?”

“These mercenary bastards were the ones who attack you, Mr. Cheng.” Yuan Jianzhe said in a voice filled with righteous hatred. “As you know, capturing someone alive these days is far too hard, so when he caught them trying to attack you again, they fought to the death to avoid capture.”

Cheng Yang didn’t respond and appeared to be deep in thought.

The crowd around him anxiously awaited his reply. They were worried Cheng Yang would see through their lie and then slaughter the whole group.

It was indeed an impulse Cheng Yang had but only a short one. If he were to execute the safe zone leaders, the resulting pandemonium would ruin his plans to monopolize the people the gods would save.

His plan needed there to be some semblance of control to work, and even if he exhausted all his efforts to somehow forcefully control the safe zone, the gods would find a way to remove him from power.

“Seeing you work so hard for my sake makes me think I was wrong about you, Commander Yuan.”

After hearing those words, the room let out a collective sigh of relief.

“Commander Yuan, over the next few days, some of my people will be visiting the safe zone. Since your people are visiting my area, I hope we can each turn a blind eye to the other’s presence.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Cheng, I agreed to let you recruit in the safe zone, and I can stretch that to include a few helpers. In fact, I will welcome them. There are still too many people without a supporter in this world, so I hope you can alleviate some of their burdens.”

“Commander Yuan thinks too highly of me. My operation is a small one, and I cannot afford to support too many people. I am just trying to fill some vacancies in my team.”

“When your subordinates arrive, would you like me to send someone to help them?”

“That’s not necessary. My subordinates are competent, so I won’t trouble you.”

Yuan Jianzhe didn’t believe what Cheng Yang said about being a small force, but he was happy with the situation’s conclusion. He had snatched up anyone with even a little talent for service in the military, and there were only a few thousand normal people left, so Cheng Yang would only get scraps.

If Cheng Yang wanted to win over existing forces, he would be similarly stifled. Over a third of the militia and mercenary groups were taking orders from the army. The others were either trash or too arrogant to submit to another group.

Looking at it from his position, Yuan Jianzhe couldn’t see a way to profit off of recruiting in the safe zone. In his eyes, this was a waste of a political opportunity.

After Cheng Yang left, there was a brief silence in the villa.

“Someone make sure these bodies are disposed of.” Yuan Jianzhe’s nice guy act disappeared. “And clean up the bloodstains.”

“Commander, don’t you think he let us off too easily?” Lao Wu asked. “He must have some goal we can’t see.”

“I was worried about that too, but I can’t see any hidden ploy. The only cards he has are that absurd power and a few hidden villages.” Ding Ming interjected, “I almost feel like we’ve been overestimating his intellect. He’s nothing but a college student without the wisdom to use what he’s been given and was probably was too arrogant to think we lied to him and was just happy to see the commander licking his feet.”

“What you’ve said is true, but don’t put too much faith in that judgment.” Yuan Jianzhe responded. “Whatever the reason, he’s been satiated for now. We need to take advantage of the time this bought us.”

“Is it possible Cheng Yang knows something we don’t?” Lao Wu asked. “Maybe he found the equivalent of a game guide? How else could he have grown so powerful so quickly?”

“You’re just paranoid.” Ding Ming said. “There’s no greater intent behind Cheng Yang’s actions; he just got lucky. Once the commander’s plan is finished, we’ll be able to crush him directly. The villages he has aren’t well-staffed, and once we get our hands on them, we’ll obtain everything he has.”

No matter if it was what happened when they first clashed in front of the Forgotten Grave or when Cheng Yang rushed into the safe zone on a white tiger, nothing pointed to Cheng Yang being very clever. He acted with bravado and relied on his strength to accomplish his goals.

If any of them were in his position, they would have eliminated the threat posed by the safe zone when it was still possible to kill people inside it, but Cheng Yang hadn’t done that, and the opportunity passed for good. Even Yuan Jianzhe found it hard to believe that Cheng Yang’s actions held any forethought.

“For now, we can ignore the source of his strength and focus on what he does during his recruitment campaign. Send someone to watch what his subordinates do. If they try and recruit someone, take the opportunity to either bring them to our side, or arrest them.”

“This…” Lao Wu couldn’t understand Yuan Jianzhe’s intentions.

“Do you remember that girl, Liu Wei? When we first clashed with Cheng Yang, a group of elite soldiers chased after her, but none returned. At that time, she had only been with Cheng Yang for a few days. How was that possible?” Yuan Jianzhe asked. “The only solution is if it was her Innate Abilities. My guess is that somehow, Cheng Yang can identify people with powerful Innate Abilities. Maybe its a game guide like you thought or some kind of precognitive ability, but the result is the same. There aren’t many talented people left in the city, so if we can obstruct Cheng Yang, his talent will be useless.”

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Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 157 | Clue

Right before leaving, Cheng Yang found Yu Kai pacing around the pavilion of his Meditation Hall.

“Yu Kai? What are you doing here?” Cheng Yang asked in surprise.

“You didn’t come back last night.” Yu Kai looked like he hadn’t slept.

Yesterday was Cheng Yang’s last day in Copper Tomb Village, so he spent the night there wrapping up loose ends.

“Sorry.” Cheng Yang said. “Did something happen?”

“Someone is trying to infiltrate Silkworm Mountain. I don’t know who, and we don’t even know how many. They slipped in when the class change statues leveled up, and we recruited more soldiers.” Yu Kai explained. “They’re masters of deception and are great at hiding, so they must be from the military.”

“Are you saying Silkworm Mountain has been discovered?” Cheng Yang frowned.

He wasn’t particularly worried since he wanted to finish things today, but Silkworm Mountain was the weakest village in the Cloud City area. It separated from Phoenix Village and had very few high-level soldiers.

“I don’t know yet. We only discovered one person when someone found him wasting money in the Tavern. After some questioning, we realized he was from the safe zone.”

“It probably wasn’t Yuan Jianzhe, so what’s going on?” Cheng Yang mused.

“It wasn’t Yuan Jianzhe?”

“I caused a ruckus in the safe zone a few days ago, so with Yuan Jianzhe’s cautious personality, he would have spent the time I gave him trying to fix the problem instead of creating new ones. Someone else must have done it. Either a military official who went behind his back or an impatient militia captain. Maybe Yuan Jianzhe actually wasn’t responsible for the explosion?”

“What should we do then?” Yu Kai asked. “Should we ask Yuan Jianzhe to help us find the infiltrators?”

“No, why would we do that?” Cheng Yang sneered. “If Yuan Jianzhe wants to fish in troubled water, I won’t stop someone from stirring up silt. Let’s hope he doesn’t disappear under the murky surface.”

“Does that mean you’re planning to s-“

“Yes.” Cheng Yang interrupted. “As the saying goes, one mountain doesn’t allow two tigers. The Cloud City area can only have one ruler, and although he’s a competent leader, he’s proven unwilling to be subservient. As such, he’s unfit to run the safe zone for me.”

“Are we going to take over the safe zone then?”

“With the protection it has from the gods, forcefully trying to control the safe zone is impossible. I plan to fragment the people so that there’s a three-way or even four-way struggle for power. Only a united, safe zone is a threat to us. At most, one of the factions will be our representative.”

Three days from now, the massive influx of people would destabilize every safe zone in the world. Most of the people saved by the gods had at least a few Experience Fragments, so by pooling their wealth, new factions would form and strengthen instantly.

The same forces that prevented Cheng Yang from controlling the safe zone would work against established forces since they wouldn’t be able to suppress these new factions unless they left the safe zone.

At that point, Cheng Yang would only need a little force to make the Cloud City safe zone spiral into chaos. Then, even if he couldn’t control the safe zone, he could manipulate the situation to his benefit.

“Should we send someone to build a new force, or are you planning to buy one of the existing factions in the safe zone?” Yu Kai asked once he understood the situation.

A single man appeared in Cheng Yang’s mind. It was the image of a man with broad soldiers reaching into rubble to pull Cheng Yang out of darkness. Xiao Zheng, the militia captain that had saved Cheng Yang from the ruins of Cloud City in his previous life.

Xiao Zheng was a righteous person, which was rare after the apocalypse started. In his previous life, that kindness had gotten him killed, but if he had Cheng Yang as a backer, things would be different. A benevolent leader would win the hearts of the public, so Xiao Zheng was a great choice.

“Buy an established power. We’ll wait and see if we need to send a supervisor.” Cheng Yang said. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to meet with Yuan Jianzhe.”

“What about Silkworm Mountain? I’m worried that it will be attacked since its existence was revealed. Without reinforcements, we’d have a hard time defending, but if they can infiltrate the village, the walls might be useless.”

“If they attack, let them have the village. It will be the last thing they ever obtain.” Cheng Yang promised. “Take this. It will allow us to communicate in case something happens.”

Cheng Yang handed one of the Transmission Mirrors to Yu Kai.

“How convenient! If I see anything, I’ll call you. With your speed, we would only have to defend for half an hour.”

“I’ll make sure to show myself around the safe zone for the next few days. My presence might be enough to scare the infiltrators into action, so be ready.”

“I will be.” Yu Kai promised. If a conflict was inevitable, he was confident in being able to hold on until Cheng Yang arrived.

After that, Cheng Yang left the pavilion and rode to the safe zone.

Ten minutes later, he arrived. The journey was much more accessible now than the first time he visited Cloud City. All of the monster hordes were gone, and a broad path had been cleared through the forest. Although monsters still spawned, they were only a threat to civilians.

Cheng Yang was infamous in the safe zone. When Yuan Jianzhe was forced to pay a ransom, he spread Cheng Yang’s name far and wide as a villainous man. He claimed that if Cheng Yang’s demands weren’t met, he’d slaughter the entire city. It wasn’t entirely true, but it did help convince people to pay the ransom.

Then, a few days ago, Cheng Yang rode Enlai into the safe zone. The imposing manner had shocked the populace. Seeing the commander humiliated in public only added weight to Yuan Jianzhe’s accusation. Although they knew the murder was impossible within the safe zone, some people believed Cheng Yang might be capable of slaughtering them all.

As a result, instead of panicking when he arrived like last time, everyone ran away in fear. The only people that remained were a few militia members who ran up to him.

“Mr. Cheng, are you here to see the commander?”

“I am, is he here right now?”

“Yes, sir. He knew Mr. Cheng was coming today, so he’s waiting in the main plaza.” The leader of the group said. “If you follow me, I can lead you there.”

Cheng Yang nodded, then followed the group. Along the way, he tried to guess what kind of surprise Yuan Jianzhe had prepared for him.

Cheng Yang walked into the safe zone’s plaza, which was ringed by high-end villas. It was his first time coming here. He never bothered in his past life since these villas weren’t something he could afford.

At the same time, one of the villa’s doors opened up. One after another, the high ranking military officials and militia captains walked out, with Yuan Jianzhe at the end fo the line.

“Mr. Cheng, you kept me waiting!” Yuan Jianzhe walked over with a bright smile on his face.

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Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 156 | Rupture Blaze

The pillars of Phoenix Village were also strengthening at a rapid pace. Even without counting the Imperial Members, Phoenix Village probably had the strongest elite group in the world. There were six people at the High-Grade level with the new additions of Old Lee and Zhao Chuan.

Under the combined effects of multiple training speed buffs, it was far too easy for Cheng Yang’s chosen few to level up to become High-Grade Apprentices. They would only need another week at most.

Of course, the people who could enjoy those benefits were limited. Only the generals were capable of maximizing their training alongside a few high-level officers. Everyone else was at a much lower efficiency. However, that was on par with the elites of an ordinary safe zone.

The situation in the Cloud City safe zone was even worse than average. Thanks to Cheng Yang and his soldiers, the city was free from the threat of monster hordes, and the bridges were cleared. Unfortunately, this meant most soldiers wouldn’t have the chance to earn any Experience Fragments, a problem Yuan Jianzhe exacerbated by mandating that every citizen be allowed to perform a class change ceremony.

Yuan Jianzhe’s direct subordinates were still doing well since they hunted outside the city. Since ordinary people couldn’t bypass the hoard guarding the East bridge, most went full days without earning anything. As such, even if someone had enough Experience Fragments to unlock higher training speeds, they couldn’t afford to use them.

Although Yuan Jianzhe wanted to sift through the population for talented individuals rapidly, he wasn’t foolish enough to allow any new factions to establish a strong foundation. As a result, he fiercely guarded the border between the Eastern and Western halves of the city. Using his contract with Cheng Yang as a precedent, he protected both the secret that the other bridges were unguarded and the military monopoly on better hunting grounds.

Although it would be impossible to stop the conquest of theEast bridge, it would be several days before any attempts succeeded. For now, the situation in the safe zone was in equilibrium.

None of that mattered to Cheng Yang. His goal in signing a non-aggression pact with Yuan Jianzhe had been to buy time for the development of Phoenix Village, but he didn’t need to wait any longer.

With six generals at the High-Grade level and over a thousand Standard-Grade soldiers, Cheng Yang’s army had reached the bare minimum of what he needed to accomplish his plans.

Although he had no plans to become the Cloud City safe zone overlord, Cheng Yang needed unfettered access to the class change statues there. Without them, it was impossible to develop any further.

Take Copper Tomb Village, for example. If you used every quota in the village, you could form a somewhat decent army, but it wouldn’t be enough to accommodate all of the survivors in Yicheng performing a class change ceremony.

So, Cheng Yang needed somewhere to mass-produce Adventurers. If the army was the backbone of society after the apocalypse, then Adventurers were the flesh. Without them, it would only be a skeleton.

Cheng Yang planned to absorb the various people under Yuan Jianzhe’s control eventually, but right now, he wanted to recruit all of the people that would teleport to the safe zone in three days. These would be the people saved by the gods from death in a backwater village or town.

They had no current affiliations, and their appearance proved their abilities since the gods wouldn’t save useless cowards.

As long as Cheng Yang could recruit those people, the population in the villages he controlled would skyrocket, allowing them to become self-sufficient.

Although the villages had been rapidly growing, that was only because Cheng Yang continually poured resources into them. He provided the Experience Fragments necessary to level up and bought hundreds of sets of tools to enable rapid growth in their lumber and stonecutting industry.

However, without a large population of combat capable individuals, the villages would collapse. Joyous River Village could afford to rely on the Phoenix Village army, but the other three were too far away to reach if there was an emergency.

The two villages near Yicheng were in particular danger, but until Cheng Yang completed his plans, they would have to rely on their walls to survive. There was too much to do, so Cheng Yang couldn’t stick around, forcing him to put the protection and development of those two villages on the backburner.

He had even less reason to stay since he’d taken every first clear reward for the Shattered Midnight Forest and couldn’t find the other instance dungeon. He’d searched daily while protecting Loggers from monsters, but he’d never had the chance to explore the area thoroughly.

In the end, he could only post a reward for finding the missing instance dungeon and be content with the rewards from the other one: a Mage skill and a pair of special items.

Rupture Blaze
Using the Fireball spell as a baseline, Ancient Orcish mages developed a spell that when cast by archmages was capable of shattering the bodies of adult tarrasques.

Grade: Black Iron
Requirements: High-Grade Apprentice Mage
Cast Time: 2 seconds
Range: 60 meters
Effect: Deal 40% of the Magic Attack attribute to enemies within 4 meters
Effect: Knock back enemies near the impact point
Cost: 400 Experience Fragments

Transmission Mirror
Among the various communication methods developed across the lifespan of the empire, the best were the Transmission Mirrors. Each on carried a unique imprint which allowed instantaneous communication across the vast reaches of the Empire so long as it was known.

Effect: Allows tele-video communication between any two Transmission Mirrors
Cost: 10 Experience Fragment per minute per kilometer

Both rewards were useful items, but since Cheng Yang only had two Transmission Mirrors, the Mage skill inheritance bead was better.

The Transmission Mirrors also had a prohibitive cost. If he wanted to use it as a phone, Cheng Yang would go broke in less than a week, but it was somewhat useful as a strategic item. When Cheng Yang spent more time traveling outside the village in the future, the Transmission Mirror would show its worth.

With that, Cheng Yang had claimed every first clear reward he could. He still had the missing instance dungeon to get rewards from, but after that, he wouldn’t get anything good unless he challenged one on Hell Difficulty.

Back in Phoenix Village, Cheng Yang was preparing to confront Yuan Jianzhe in the safe zone. Three days ago, Cheng Yang issued an ultimatum, and now was the time to follow up.

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Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 155 | Battle Master

Early the next morning, when Cheng Yang left his Meditation Hall, he found Liu Hau waiting in the pavilion.

“You’re fast, Koko.” Cheng Yang greeted his friend. The night before, he’d sent someone to fetch Liu Hau to transfer to his unique class. “You must have started walking before dawn.”

“A little after actually. I was lucky not to run into any monsters.”

“Let’s go see how awesome a Battle Master is.”

The two walked over to the Warrior Class Change Statue. Then, Cheng Yang sacrificed the Battle Master’s Blade to the statue. After a brief flash, the statue’s original weapon was replaced by a shining steel sword.

Once Liu Hau switched to the unique subclass, Cheng Yang checked his system pane.

Liu Hau
Phoenix Empire Official
Joyous River Village Governor
Class: Warrior
Subclass: Battle Master
Profession: Blacksmith
Level: High-Grade Apprentice (52.1%)

Age19Life Span150
Physical Attack36.2Magic Attack6.9
Physical Defense24.6Magic Defense6.9
Attack Speed17.1Movement Speed32.1

Innate Abilities

  • Receive 40% more stats in the Movement Speed attribute when you level up
  • Receive 30% more stats in the Attack Speed attribute when you level up
  • Movement speed is increased by 200%
  • Warrior Spirit: Movement Speed and Attack Speed increased by 30%
  • Two-Weapon Fighter: Replaces the Shield equipment slot with another Sword equipment slot


  • Meditation (High-Grade): Meditate to absorb experience fragments and level up
  • Extricate (High-Grade): Using a Mana imbued blade deal increased damage to both your target and their equipment | Damage: 52.3 | Cost: 4 MP | Cooldown: 3 min | Durability Damage: 5% | Proficiency: 14%
  • Spirit Shield (Standard-Grade): Rouses your spirit and uses your Mana to reduce damage taken | Damage Absorption: 10 | Cost: MP proportional to damage taken | Duration: 3 min | Cooldown: 3.5 min | Proficiency: 32%
  • Disabling Strike (Low-Grade): Sprint forwards at 200% speed for twenty-five meters and stun the target when you attack | Damage: 36.2 | Cooldown: 34 sec | Stun Time: 2.5 sec | Proficiency: 34%
  • Warden’s Wall (Low-Grade): Quadruple the size of your shield, doubling its Damage Reduction at the cost of your Movement Speed | Penalty: Movement Speed becomes 0 | Penalty: Cannot use weapons | Proficiency: 0%


  • Bloody Long Sword (Black-Iron): This blade has survived thousands of battles and as a result is permanently bloodstained | Increases Physical Attack by 2 | Durability: 29/60
  • Adamantium Armor (Black-Iron): High-quality armor made from solid adamantium | Increases Physical Defense by 5| Durability: 57/60
  • Gladiator’s Helmet (Green-Bronze): Designed for use by gladiators, this helmet mildly affects the wearer’s adrenaline levels | Increases Physical Defense by 2 and Physical Attack by 1| Durability: 34/50
  • Sky Wizard’s Boots (Purple-Silver): Although these boots were originally designed by the Sky Wizard Sprad to walk on air as if it were solid ground, the millennia have degraded them | Increases Movement Speed by 3 | Durability: 67/80
  • Star-Spotted Gloves (Black-Iron): Gloves made from the hide of a star spotted deer, which are famed for their sturdy leather | Increases Attack Speed by 2 and Physical Defense by 1 | Durability: 34/60
  • Ring of Dexterity (Green-Bronze): A classic ring often made by novice Enchanters as a right of passage | Increases Movement Speed by 1 | Durability: 45/50
  • Healer’s Ring (Green-Bronze): Distributed to war-time medics, this ring increases the wearer’s natural healing processes | Increases Health Regen by 2 | Durability: 46/50

Cheng Yang was filled with admiration when he saw Liu Hau’s attributes.

After becoming a Battle Master, Liu Hau’s Movement Speed was increased to the extreme. Even Enlai wouldn’t be able to catch up with him. It was so high that it began to affect not just his speed when running but also his body and even his mind. With a little training, he would be able to dodge every leaf in a windy forest.

When you considered his absurd Attack Speed as well, he became a monster in close combat. His control of both his body and weapon pushed beyond human limits, allowing him to unerringly strike his opponent while they hit nothing but air.

It was, without a doubt, a powerful subclass. The only major downside was the relatively low damage. If he and Cheng Yang were to fight, Cheng Yang would only win thanks to his superior equipment.

The subclass also removed the Warrior’s flaw as a damage dealer by replacing the shield with another weapon. The change was similar to the assassin subclass but with two swords instead of dual-wielded daggers.

Once Liu Hau adapted to the Battle Master fighting style, he would become, and remain, one of the world’s powerhouses.

“Yoko, thank you so much!” Liu Hau smiled sincerely.

“Why are you acting like that? We’re friends! Brothers even!”

“Even so, I’ll repay this favor by defending the empire you’ve built. Even if a dragon attacks our territory, I’ll stand firm in my defense!” Liu Hau declared.

“Careful what you say, I’ve seen a dragon, and you’d better pray it doesn’t come anywhere near us.” cheng Yang chuckled at the thought of Liu Hau valiantly facing the dragon only to be defeated by a single sneeze. “Since you can use two swords now, get yourself another when you return to Joyous River Village. If you can’t find a light enough one, wait until you can smith one yourself.”

“As long as its not a heavy weapon, I can still reluctantly use a longsword.” Liu Hau mused, “I’ll also need to find someone to give my old shield to. I’ve gotten attached to it, so don’t like giving it up, but there’s no helping it.”

“You’ve only had it for ten days, and in a month, you’ll need to switch out your swords for better ones. Are you planning to horde every piece of equipment you’ve ever used?”

“It’s just a habit from when I played MMOs.” Liu Hau dismissed Cheng Yang’s concerns.

Before Liu Hau left, they had a chat over tea. When they were done, Cheng Yang prepared to visit Copper Tomb Village.

Before he could leave Phoenix Village, he found Pang Sun blocking his path. It was only then that Cheng Yang remembered his promise to bring her with him.

Pang Sun was worried about her boyfriend ever since he left, so when she heard Cheng Yang was in the village, she immediately confronted him.

After a short explanation, Cheng Yang had Enlai carry her to Copper Tomb Village with him.

After three days, Copper Tomb Village developed into a suitable base of operations. With Cheng Yang’s there for guidance and protection, everything proceeded smoothly.

Every night, he would return to Phoenix Village using a Stone of Return to train using the Nirvana Feather.

Phoenix Village was also developing smoothly. A large number of soldiers leveled up recently, allowing the territory’s income to exceed ten thousand Experience Fragments.

After leveling up, they had more Experience Fragments to spend, which filtered back to the territory through taxes. The Bank also made significant taxed gains as ordinary soldiers took out loans for equipment.

Fortunately, the taxes paid by the Bank were calculated based on its profits. If it weren’t, Cheng Yang might find his investment drained away.

Thanks to his sale of the Stones of Return, his account had a balance of nearly two million. As a result, of the Bank’s profit of twenty-thousand Experience Fragments a day, Cheng Yang received almost a tenth as interest.

Of course, the money wasn’t all of Cheng Yang’s assets. He had a million Experience Fragments on his person and six hundred thousand distributed among his generals and officers.

He had no plans of retrieving those funds, which allowed his officers experience bars to fill rapidly.

More than three hundred people leveled up in just a few days, and that number increased hourly. In addition, on the twenty-sixth day of the apocalypse, May 9th, the class change statues underwent a qualitative change as they leveled up.

With that, the total number of soldiers in Phoenix Village exceeded seven thousand. If you counted the soldiers in the satellite villages, Cheng Yang had a total of thirteen thousand soldiers under his control. Although this was an order of magnitude less than those under the control of Yuan Jianzhe, each one was far more powerful thanks to the class change statue research bonuses.

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Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 154 | Eight Treasures Flower

After Cheng Yang left the safe zone, he rode straight to Silkworm Mountain. He wasn’t worried about Yuan Jianzhe attacking Phoenix Village in his absence since he would be too worried about the consequences.

Once he arrived, he found Yu Kai and a priest. Then, he challenged the Sky God Island Nightmare Difficulty.

The run ended just like the Abandoned Citadel one: complete victory. At the end, Cheng Yang obtained a unique Warrior subclass.

Battle Master’s Blade

Giving this blade to a Warrior class change statue grants access to the unique subclass Battle Master

It was precisely what Cheng Yang wanted. He put it into his ring and then left the instance dungeon.

Of course, the instance dungeon provided other benefits as well. Five pieces of purple equipment dropped. Of which, Cheng Yang took a ring and a pair of boots. The other went to Yu Kai for distribution. Until a large number of Blacksmiths were trained, this was the only source of good equipment.

On their way back to Silkworm Mountain, Yu Kai and Cheng Yang engaged in small talk. It quickly devolved into Yu Kai pestering Cheng Yang about his decisions. Although he knew he couldn’t change Cheng Yang’s mind, Yu Kai wanted to make sure his friend knew what he was doing.

“How is your training going, Yu Kai?” Cheng Yang asked once they were back.

“I’m about halfway to leveling up. I’ll probably only need another ten days.” Yu Kai said, “The Experience Fragments you gifted to me were really helpful.”

Cheng Yang nodded. It was a satisfactory amount of progress. Yu Kai was among the very peak of humanity. The combination of near-endless funding and the Nirvana Feather granted the Phoenix Empire’s leaders a tremendous advantage.

“Make sure to focus on your training even more than before. We need everyone to take hold of this opportunity.” Cheng Yang said. “If we can assemble a team of Pinnacle-Grade soldiers, we’ll be able to sweep across the entire Cloud City area.”

“We could do that now, couldn’t we?” Yu Kai was confused by Cheng Yang’s warning. “The soldiers in the safe zone hardly pose a threat to us.”

“I’m not talking about just the safe zone but the entire Cloud City Area, including nearby cities, villages, counties, and townships.”

Yu Kai was stunned. As someone who led soldiers on the front lines every day, he knew all too well the dangers posed by the wilderness. Although Pinnacle-Grade monsters were impossible to find near the villages, once you got ten kilometers away, they were as common as maggots. Not to mention that the Standard-Grade monsters almost outnumbered the Low-Grade ones.

If Cheng Yang wanted to dominate the entire area, it wouldn’t be easy.

“I’ll try to make sure everyone focuses on training.” Yu Kai said tentatively.

“That’s all you can do. We can give them everything they need, but if some idiot wants to waste their potential, there’s no way to stop them.” Cheng Yang sighed. “At the very least, once we only need an army of High-Grade soldiers to completely ignore the Cloud City safe zone. It would be for the best if we didn’t need to come into direct conflict with them.”

Although Cheng Yang was vicious when dealing with his enemies, he saw no reason to exterminate weaker opponents. Although he would be marginally safer, enough people were dead already. There was no reason to increase the body count.

After that, Cheng Yang began his return journey to Phoenix Village. This time, Cheng Yang had Enlai guard him as he collected various alchemical components. Since the Experience Fragments for monsters killed by a pet went to their master, this was killing two birds with one stone.

As soon as Cheng Yang returned to the village, he isolated himself in his Meditation Hall and started brewing potions. Tonight, Cheng Yang would become a High-Grade Alchemist and obtain the qualifications to make Magic Amplification potions.

After the fiasco with the Bone-Eating Ants, Cheng Yang had become less greedy with regards to selling his potions. Now he only sold the twenty percent promised by the contract between him and the Alchemy Tower manager in the Cloud City safe zone. Of course, his latest source of income helped him overcome the temptation to oversell.

It was almost to the point that Cheng Yang considered nullifying the contract since the profits were small. However, he knew better than to antagonize someone related to the gods. It was always better to be on their good side.

Once he had expended all of his Energy, Cheng Yang’s Profession was on the verge of leveling up. Then, after midnight, his Energy was replenished.

Once he used half of that, Cheng Yang became a High-Grade Alchemist.

Once he did, he took the Magic Amplification potion recipe out of his ring and used it. The scroll dissolved into light as a new option appeared under his Alchemy system pane.

The Magic Amplification potion had thirteen ingredients. Twelve were rather common, and Cheng Yang would only need an hour or so to gather a large supply. The last one was somewhat more difficult. It was called the Eight Treasures Flower, and it was considered a High-Grade Ordinary material.

Although it was harder to find that the other ingredients, that didn’t put it on par with once in a century Natural Treasures. It wouldn’t be a problem for someone to find one or two a day if they focused on searching for it.

However, that was unacceptable for Cheng Yang. Thankfully, he wouldn’t need to gather them personally. A person’s Harvesting skill only needed to be at the High-Grade level to harvest the flower perfectly. Even with a Low-Grade skill, a person would succeed fifty percent of the time.

Cheng Yang visited the QuestHall and posted a fetch quest for Eight Treasures Flowers. Each one could be exchanged for ten Experience Fragments and ten territory contribution points. Since he was the Lord of Phoenix Village, rewarding contribution points was a unique privilege he held.

He also had the option of using his Adventurer points from when he completed the God Quest. However, Cheng Yang had no desire to part with them. He wanted to raise his Adventurer Rank, so they were too important to squander.

Once he’d sorted out a supply chain, Cheng Yang began training

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