Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 43 | Taking the Commander’s Head

Cheng Yang wanted to fire again instantly, but he needed a second and a half to charge up another Magic Missile. His Attack Speed bonus was quite small so all he could do was wait.

Luckily, the commander had no choice but to keep moving forwards in order to use its minions as meatshields. This allowed Cheng Yang to land another hit on the Blood Gehenna.

Cheng Yang didn’t have a skill that allowed him to view another creature’s status, so he could only estimate how much Health the commander had left. Normal High-Grade monsters would take four hits for him to kill but since the commander was a Blood Gehenna, it could take as many as eight if it absorbed enough blood. He would need to hit it with a Magic Missile at most four more times.

Right now, Cheng Yang didn’t even have time to make a single attack. The tree was entirely unable to withstand the combined attack of five High-Grade monsters and was easily felled. There weren’t any other tall trees around so it fell directly to the forest floor.

In the process of fallingm Cheng Yang kept a tight grip on the tree, sending a Magic Missile from out of the leaves at the commander.

Thanks to his finely honed battle instinct, Cheng Yang didn’t even need to look back in order to make a shot from so close. At the same time, the tree hit the ground, Cheng Yang started running again with the monsters in close pursuit.

He climbed up the nearest tree, which was only six meters tall. If this tree were to be felled too, he would fall right into the jaws of the monsters.

Why would Cheng Yang choose to do that instead of running? He wasn’t a fool but rather this was a calculated move.

Seeing that, the Blood Gehenna flashed a look of scorn towards Cheng Yang on its human-like face. In its mind, Cheng Yang was already a dead man. Although his health was low, his opponent was just a mage. Now that he was surrounded, what could he do? He could just sit back and watch Cheng Yang get torn apart.

Cheng Yang saw the commander shielding himself with the large branches of the tree he had been in earlier, ready to dodge or block any attack he made. Below him the tree was already starting to tilt. It was time for Cheng Yang to make his gamble.

Cheng Yang fired at the thin branch below him, snapping it and sending the Magic Missile into the monster below him. As he fell, Cheng Yang was already preparing another attack.

The group of monsters leaders didn’t hesitate to swarm towards Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang landed on the back of the Graveseeker leader that had knocked down the tree and slammed his stave into the back of its head. At the same time he fired the charged Magic Missile, blowing its skull apart. The monster fell to the ground, deader than dead.

The other three leaders attacked all at once. The most vicious was the attack of the Venom-Toothed Wolf leader who directly ripped out Cheng Yang’s throat.

Cheng Yang tried to scream but only gargled blood. Although he knew that unless his Health reached zero he wouldn’t die, even if his throat was ripped out, the impact was just too strong. Even with the experiences from his past life, Cheng Yang cried as a whole was created in his neck.

Cheng Yang tried to dodge the other two attacks but since he was held by the neck by the wolf, he wasn’t able to. A scythe like arm slashed open his stomach and a horn gored into his back.

Cheng Yang’s Health bar instantly lost 38 points. Although the rules of god prevented Cheng Yang from dying, the pain from them wasn’t reduced in the slightest. His Physical Defense numbed the pain a little bit, but Cheng Yang still felt like he was dying all over again.

If not for having already died once, he probably would have fainted from the pain, sealing his fate. Tears leaked from his eyes as he quickly calculated the current situation.

It seemed very grim. He wouldn’t be able to escape without the leaders killing him from behind. More importantly, they tightly encircled him, unwilling to give him even the slightest opportunity to run away.

However, Cheng Yang never intended to run away. Forcing himself through the pain he uncorked a bottle and drank the liquid inside into his mouth. Instantly his wounds sealed themselves and his Health was restored in full.

This was his hidden ace, Health Recovery Potions!

The Standard-Grade Health Recovery Potion he had could restore 30 points of Health, an effect doubled by his Perfect Medicinal Body. As long as he drank one, he could instantly pull himself from the jaws of death.

Although it was wasteful to drink a bottle to restore just 38 Health, Cheng Yang didn’t mind at all. Potions were just a commodity worth a few Experience Fragments, nowhere near as valuable as his life. Even if it was a Pinnacle-Grade potion, he still would have downed it without hesitating.

Even when he was writhing in pain, Cheng Yang hadn’t forgotten to begin casting Magic Missile. As he drank the potion, he struck one of the leaders without even needing to aim.

Without giving him time to breath, Cheng Yang’s body was shredded once more by the monsters. Cheng Yang had already prepared another potion and thew out a second Magic Missile, killing the wolf.

Cheng Yang’s body was completely drenched in blood. If not for quickly ingesting the potions he had brought, his Health would have reached a measly twenty five.

A short distance away, the Blood Gehenna was frowning. Why hadn’t that human died yet? Even if his body was intact, he should still be on the brink of death after three round of attacks. It was after that last double attack from the remaining leaders that the Blood Gehenna noticed the shine of glass in Cheng Yang’s hand.

Cheng Yang continued with this unique fighting style. It could only be achieved by him who had money, a powerful Innate Ability, and incredible willpower. One after another, the two leaders attacking him died.

The commander had realized that the bottle allowed his prey to survive but even if it was cunning, a monster wouldn’t be able to understand the use of it. Seeing its remaining subordinates die, it grew nervous. It grabbed a large branch and charged towards Cheng Yang, intending to deal a killing blow.

Cheng Yang watched this happen unconcerned. He began to cast Magic Missile, waiting for when the monster would drop its shield. In the blink of an eye, the commander pierced Cheng Yang’s heart with its sharp claws. At the same time, Cheng Yang had thrown a Magic Missile through its guts. It died unable to comprehend why Cheng Yang was still alive.

Cheng Yang collapsed to the ground, panting. He wiped the tears and blood off his face before drinking his last Health Recovery Potion.

He watched the corpse of the Blood Gehenna commander bleed out on the ground. If he had been any slower in taking his potions or if he hadn’t been able to kill them all before running out of potions, he would have been the one lying dead on the ground.

Cheng Yang let out a long sigh before getting up off the ground. He was already used to living so close to death and only needed a short amount of time to return to his optimal mental state.

He would have time to rest when he was dead. Right now, he still had to face a thousand strong horde of monster that was hot on his tail. Despite the situation, Cheng Yang let out a light laugh. Killing the leaders of the horde hadn’t been very cost effective so he looked forwards to making up the deficit by slaughtering Low-Grade monster

He started leisurely jogging back towards the bridge.

The monsters in the horde didn’t know that Cheng Yang had already killed all of their leaders so they continued blindly charging forwards.

The difference in speed between the normal monster and the leaders was great enough that there was a significant gap between the two even after the commander died. Cheng Yang quickly intercepted them, insta-killing the monsters in the front.

A difficult fight had turned into a one way slaughter. Cheng Yang kited the large horde, throwing Magic Missiles into it without even aiming. Sometimes a Standard-Grade monster would try to fight him, but why would Cheng Yang feel pressured by something so weak?

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I’ll be the first to say that this fight scene was translated very liberally. In my defense, the google translated raws give me very little to work with. Hopefully this feels more satisfying that the same fight in previous translations.

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