Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 53 | Skeleton Warriors

The team Cheng Yang brought into the Forgotten Grave were all from that initial group of soldiers. After several days of constant fighting their combat sense had gradually improved. Although there was a big gap between them and Cheng Yang, they no longer made rookie mistakes.

Lau Hui was the fastest to react. His summoned wolf rushed in between the columns of skeleton warriors.

The wolf was maniacal, crazily attacking skeletons. Each attack ripping a bone off of the skeleton’s body before it was crushed between its jaws. Each shattered bone the heirloom to a moment of infinite prestige.

Once the wolf started attacking the skeletons, their previous imposing formation broke down. Instead of orderly soldiers, they became a sea of chaotic bones that the wolf ground to pieces.

None of the other were idle. Cheng Yang’s five Mages were akin to a mobile artillery unit, every time they released a volley of Magic Missiles almost half a dozen skeletons were returned to dust.

The Mage’s Mana was limited so after crazily shooting seven or eight Magic Missiles they would run dry. To compensate, they would chug potions like water, using only the immediate rejuvenation and ignoring the regenerative effect. Cheng Yang had given them a stipend to stock up on potions before leaving so none of them hesitated to consume as many as they needed.

The other ranged fighters didn’t have the same luxury. Even though they tried to keep up, when they ran out of Mana their only recovery option was to Meditate.

When Lau Hui’s wolf died the horde of skeletons rushed towards the group instead. The Summon Wolf skill had a long cast time so Lau Hui wasn’t able to summon another yet.

Fortunately, there were several Summoners in the group. When one wolf died, the next would rush forwards. In this way the majority of the skeletons were delayed from attacking.

Now that the skeleton warriors were in a frenzy, it was impossible for the new wolves to do much damage. When it arrived, it would near instantly be killed.

“My Lord, is this supposed to be difficult?” Lau Hui couldn’t help but groan, overcome with boredom.

“You’re going to eat those words soon so stop whining.” Cheng Yang reprimanded his friend.

In just forty seconds over a hundred skeletons had been turned into bone meal. When the last skeleton collapse the canyon was deathly silent. The battle had ended.

“That’s it?” Liu Hau said incredulously, “I haven’t even gotten a chance to play yet!”

As a soldier Liu Hau didn’t get a chance to participate since the wolves were able to hold the skeleton warriors back for the duration of the battle.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get your chance.” Cheng Yang chuckled, “This was just the first wave.”

Sure enough, the ground began to shake with magical undulations once more. Eighty meters away a second, larger, skeleton army was formed.

“Attack!” Cheng Yang roared once the skeletons entered the group’s firing range.

Lau Hui had already used his Summoner skill so by the time the army entered firing range, his wolf was ready to block them. This time, the wolf was nothing but helpless prey. The lead skeleton killed the summon in just two hits without losing a single bone.

“My Lord, that one at the front is a Standard-Grade monster!” Lau Hui was very familiar with how much Health his wolf had. Since that skeleton was able to kill it with just two attacks it definitely wasn’t an ordinary soldier.

“All Mages fire at the skeleton in the feathered helmet!” Quickly issued instructions and with a wave of his stave sent a Magic Missile towards the Standard Grade skeleton’s head.

“Pfft…” As usual, his attack was right on target but the helmet covered skull hadn’t been shattered. The empty eyes sockets of the skeleton flashed with green flames as it began to sprint towards Cheng Yang.

At this time, the other five attacks arrived creating a beautiful light show. The green flames were extinguished and the skeleton collapsed into a pile of bone fragments. Even if it had been a Pinnacle Grade monster, that combined attack would have annihilated it.

With that high level skeleton taken care of, the wolves were able to stall the rest with ease.

However, because Lau Hui’s wolf had died so suddenly, a gap had been created where a wolf wasn’t available. Using this gap, the army was able to slowly advance.

The battle lasted a full minute and at the end, not a single skeleton remained.

The last dozen or so skeletons had reached the group’s front line, injuring the defending Warriors. Luckily, none of the wounds were serious so the group was able to conserve their Health Recovery Potions.

Mere seconds after the last skeleton was killed, a new army was being formed.

“Shit, this wave wasn’t over?” Yu Kai shouted. He had originally intended to meditate to restore he Mana but he was forced to stand up and drink a potion instead.

“This is actually the third wave.” Cheng Yang replied, “Each wave spawns a minute after the last one, relentless. Watch out, this wave won’t just have a single Standard Grade monster.”

Those Standard Grade skeletons actually had a special name, the Skeleton Officers.

This sentence surprised the group but when they looked closely, there were indeed two skeleton’s with feathered helmets. They were exactly the same as the one killed earlier!

During the second wave, a Skeleton Officer had instantly killed Lau Hui’s wolf creating an opening for the army. This time they were able to prevent such a gap from appearing.

As soon as the Skeleton Officers entered Magic Missile range they heroically blocked the attacks with their bodies, dying.

This skeleton army was even bigger than the last one, the number of soldiers reached about two hundred and fifty.

In the face of this situation, it was impossible for the summoned wolves to stall all of them. The group was forced to contract their formation, letting the soldiers and wolves form a circle around the ranged attackers.

With the skeletons unable to reach them, Cheng Yang and his Mage unit began to crazily unleash attacks.

By the time the battle ended, the total number of skeletons killed by the group exceeded five hundred. In comparison, they’re side had only lost a few potions. In this respect, humans had an enormous advantage over monsters. Without potions it was hard for a soldier to kill just two monsters at the same level but with the help of potions thirty five people were able to defeat two hundred and fifty monsters without a single casualty. Although Cheng Yang’s mobile artillery unit had played a significant role, you can’t deny how powerful potions are.

“My Lord, please tell me that was the last wave!” Liu Hau wailed as he plopped to the ground.

“Weren’t you just complaining that you didn’t get to fight enough?” Cheng Yang teased.

“Is that something I said?” Liu Hau asked bitterly, “I was a fool, fighting with such intensity at the front is so tiring!”

“A fool indeed. There’s still one wave left.”

Liu Hau looked up and saw the bones covering the group rapidly swirling about as new skeleton soldiers were created. Their tight formation sending a chill down his spine.

“What’s the highest level this time?” Yu Kai had spotted quite a few feathered helmets and a unique breastplate. Once he did, he immediately knew that the situation wasn’t good.

“They’re going to be led by a High Grade Skeleton General and three Standard Grade Skeleton Officers.” Cheng Yang replied calmly.

“Well shit. What’s the plan?”

“Just hit them till they die. The first target will be the general. It’s Health should be around a hundred and twenty so three Mages, you and I should be able to instakill it. The other two can instakill and officer and then we’ll only have the other two officers to worry about. They aren’t very fast so we’ll have time to launch another volley and kill them before they reach us. The real danger will be the three hundred normal skeletons. We’ll just have to rely on the Warriors to defend us.”

“That’s the only way huh?” Liu Hau laughed brazenly then raised his shield high above his head. “What do you say Warriors? Can we hold the line?”

“Yes!” The Warriors shouted, clanging their swords against their shields.

In the distance the skeleton army had already begun marching forwards, following the lead of the Skeleton General. The army slowly advanced, step by step into the group’s attack range.

“Fire!” On Cheng Yang’s everyone unleashed a fierce group of attacks. Five bright streak of light spiraled towards their target, the Skeleton General!

The group eagerly awaited the scene of the two high level skeletons collapsing into bones. When the projectiles approached the Skeleton General its eyes flashed with an explosion of green flames creating a protective cover around itself that swallowed up the five attacks.

Although the targeted Skeleton Officer died, when the green flame shield dissipated the Skeleton General was revealed fully intact!

The soldiers were dumbfounded. What the hell? Was this guy immune to damage?

Even Cheng Yang was shocked. Although he had cleared this instance dungeon in his past life, it was with a team of fifty High Grade soldiers. They had cleanly swept through the entire instance without giving the skeletons the slightest chance to resist. Why was it able to ignore their attacks?

The scene was shocking enough that the skeleton army was allowed to advance to the ten meter mark. It wasn’t until Cheng Yang began yelling that the soldiers resumed their attacks.

“Pfft… Pfft… Pfft…” Three successive attacks landed on the Skeleton General that continued to charge forwards.

At the same time, another Skeleton Officer was destroyed.

In that single round of attacks the entire skeleton army had reached the group. Now the real battle would start.

TL Note: You know how lot’s of Chinese translators turn 杀 into “Kill!”, well it can also be translated as “Attack!” so idk why so many people choose the less grammatically correct one.

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