Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 59 | Imperial Guard Pavilion

Cheng Yang was thrown more than ten meters away by the Imperator Sarcosucus’ attack. With a thud Cheng Yang hit the pavement. His whole body ached from the strong impact of the attack. Had he been an ordinary person every bone in his body would have shattered. With just that one attack he had lost a significant portion of his health.

However, that didn’t matter in the slightest, escaping possible encirclement had turned the tide of battle.

Cheng Yang chuckled. Even after creating so many opening, the commanders were unable to kill him.

With a flash, Cheng Yang shot an Icicle Blast towards the commander that had attacked him. With such a large body, how could it possible avoid his attack.

As it screamed in pain, the other Imperator Sarcosuci poured out of the alleyways, covering the road in a sea of black scales.

Now that he had confirmed that the commanders trap had been broken Cheng Yang ran backwards at a slow pace. Hitting the commander with a second Icicle Blast, Cheng Yang began to kite the horde.

Watching the commanders charge towards him Cheng Yang sneered. These two were doomed the moment their trap failed. After being hit by a third Icicle Blast, the commander that had attacked Cheng Yang fell to the ground, never to move again.

The Imperator Sarcosucus tanking abilities were truly impressive. Most High Grade Monsters would be killed in just two shots.

At this point, the Imperator Sarcosuci in the alley had completely devoured the Grave Seekers. Even though they were the same level, the Grave Seekers were unable to deal enough damage to be a challenging opponent.

Once he resolved his grudge, Cheng Yang began targeting the other commander. As for the other Imperator Sarcosuci, they were over a hundred meters away now. After being suppressed for so long, Cheng Yang’s speed advantage finally showed itself.

Not too long later, the second commander died.

Since he had the opportunity, Cheng Yang decided to farm Experience Fragments off of the remaining low level monsters. This time he made sure to properly survey the area for other hordes as he searched for a place to cast Petal Blizzard from.

Cheng Yang considered calling Liu Hau and the other soldiers over to help but ultimately decided against it. Not only would they be useless except for the five he buffed with Sacrificial Blood cloud, they should be somewhere else collecting the treasure these monsters guarded.

Finally, he spotted a wonderful hiding spot, a building that had collapsed in such a way that there was a gradual slope leading into the basement. What made it amazing was that three perfectly intact concrete slabs had landed on top of the entrance to the basement. Without a High Grade monster, the Imperator Sarcosucus wouldn’t be able to break in and they were too big to fit normally.

Since both commanders were dead, with enough time he would be able to massacre the entire horde.

Cheng Yang quickly rushed in side to confirm that there was at least one other exit. When he saw that there was one, he prepared to face the horde.

“Icicle Blast!” Cheng Yang shouted. Although a few of the Imperator Sarcosucus had followed him over, it was necessary to stir them into a frenzy in order to maximize the effectiveness of Petal Blizzard.

In just a dozen seconds, the entrance to the basement was swarming with mouths.

Like clockwork, Cheng Yang cast Petal Blizzard. Nothing was more pleasant than mindlessly increasing the number of Experience Fragments he had.

There was a decent number of Standard Grade monsters left in the horde but Cheng Yang didn’t even notice. After all, they would just survive the Petal Blizzard one more time than the others.

Ten minutes later, few tens of Imperator Sarcosucus were still alive.

It was at this point that Liu Hau and the other soldiers entered the battle. With their strength, clearing out the remaining monsters was trivial.

“Hey, where were you when I was in danger?” Cheng Yang called out to the soldiers, “Don’t think I didn’t notice you waiting to mooch off my hard work.” He scolded.

“My Lord, how could we dare to mooch from you? We simply saw you fight and were inspired to come help!” Liu Hau said with bravado. “Besides, with the amount you have whats a couple dozen lost Experience Fragments.”

“What a smooth talker you are. Did you grab what they were guarding?”

“Not yet. We saw that the monsters were trying to surround you and were worried so we wanted to stay nearby in case we had to get you out of there.”

Cheng Yang was touched. With their strength Liu Hau and the others would only have plunged to their deaths if they really tried to help him. Even though he knew most of them wouldn’t have actually tried to help it was still nice to hear. After all, in the apocalypse it was far more common to find people who wanted to back stab you.

“In that case lets go find it. I bet your pretty interest right?” Cheng Yang grinned.

After a short walk through the site of Cheng Yang’s battle, the group reached the area the monsters had been guarding. Bathed in a soft glow, Cheng Yang found a scroll stuck in between two pieces of concrete. He had found two similar items before but each one was a skill scroll. He knew, from his past life, that what he had really wanted all this time was right in front of him. An architectural blueprint

Aside from the safe zone in the center of the city and the first clear of the Forgotten Grave, this was the most valuable object in the entire city!

Imperial Guard Pavilion Blueprints
Allows for the creation of the Imperial Guard Pavilion.

This building allows the Lord to create an Imperial Guard.

In his past life, the Imperial Guard Pavilion was obtained by one of the other territories surrounding Cloud City but the effects were well known in the area.

Each of the guards hired would be the same level as the Lord of the territory but there was a very strict limit on the number that could be hired. A Low Grade village could only hire ten guards and at least until it reach High Grade, that number would increase by ten every level.

The role of these NPC guards couldn’t be underestimated. They were willing to die in the line of duty and were completely loyal to the Lord. So long as they were alive, a territory’s safety could be assured.

Due to god’s rules it was almost a guarantee that the Lord of a territory would also be the strongest fighter. This meant that every single guard would be a level higher than the normal soldiers of a territory. How powerful would a whole team of them be?!

Once the Imperial Guard Pavilion was built Cheng Yang would obtain a loyal soldier that were just as powerful as he was. More importantly, he would have twenty of them!

The only restriction being that these Imperial Guards were incapable of leaving the territory. Those overpowered soldiers could never be used offensively but in exchange they would become his territories unbreakable shield!

“What is that thing? A skill?” Liu Hau asked, looking over Cheng Yang’s shoulder. After getting a powerful skill yesterday, he couldn’t wait to get another.

“Nope. This is an architectural blueprint. With this we’ll be able to secure a spot in this world for Phoenix Village!” Cheng Yang declared.

“Is it really that powerful?”

“It really is!” Cheng Yang then explained the power held by the Imperial Guard to his soldier.

“Those damn Imperial Guards are so lucky! We have to work hard everyday to achieve anything where as they, without even trying, can reach the same level as you? This is so unfair.” Liu Hau pouted.

“Are you saying you’d prefer to never set foot outside the village again?” Cheng Yang teased.

“Well… no.” Liu Hau admitted. For him, being cooped up in a single place was a fate worse than death.

Today’s main goal had been accomplished so all that was left was to search a few more rescue points before five. In the end, only one soldier’s family was rescued.

By the time the group returned to Phoenix Village, it was already dark.

The today number of refugees saved today had decreased slightly, but Cheng Yang was satisfied with the current population growth trajectory.

When he got back, Cheng Yang rushed over to the Territory Altar.

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