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Doomsday Lord Ch. 79 | Bank

Cheng Yang brought Wang Lu over to the Territory Altar and said, “I hope you don’t mind, but you won’t be getting a choice of what class to become.”

“I won’t have a choice? I’ve heard people say picking the right class for yourself was important.” Wang Lu replied.

Cheng Yang wanted to tell Wang Lu not to ask questions but swallowed his rebuke. “It depends on what class benefits most from a person’s Innate Ability. Let’s test your inclination first.”

Cheng Yang then spent a few Experience Fragments to perform an aptitude test on Wang Lu.

Twenty seconds later, a symbol still hadn’t appeared. This caused Cheng Yang to sigh with relief. Thankfully her Innate Ability hadn’t been changed in this life.

Wang Lu noticed that nothing had happened and worriedly asked, “My Lord, what class am I most suited for?”

“None of them.” Cheng Yang replied bluntly, “Or all of them if you want to look at it that way. It doesn’t matter since the only option you have right now is to become a Summoner.”

Although it sounded terrible, Wang Lu wanted to perform a class change ceremony more than anything else, so she didn’t care. As long as she was able to become a Professional, it didn’t matter which one it was. Since Cheng Yang said her only choice was Summoner, she would choose to become a Summoner.

A moment later, Wang Lu’s class change ceremony was over, and she found a wooden staff in her hands.

Wang Lu
Phoenix Village Soldier
Class: Summoner
Level: Low Grade Apprentice (0%)

Age27Life Span110
Physical Attack5Magic Attack1
Physical Defense1Magic Defense1
Attack Speed1Movement Speed3

Innate Abilities

  • Financial Genius (Special Ability): Allows you to become a “Financial Manager” and set up a bank in a safe zone or territory
  • Movement speed is increased by 200%


  • Meditation (Low Grade): Meditate to absorb experience fragments and level up
  • Summon Wolf (Low Grade): Summons a wolf with stats equal to the summoner | Duration: 10 min | Cost: 10 MP | Cast Time: 45 sec | Proficiency: 0%


  • Wooden Staff: Status symbol of the summoner | No bonuses

After Wang Lu took a look at her stats, she asked: “My Lord, what does it mean by “Financial Genius”?”

“It means you’re valuable to me.” Cheng Yang said, unable to hide the smile on his face.

What Cheng Yang didn’t say is that Wang Lu’s ability was far more than “advantageous.” For a territory, it was like winning the lottery. Not just for the Lord but all the citizens as well. Al because someone with the Financial Genius Innate ability could build a Bank.

As the name suggested, a Bank was a place where you could store and borrow Experience Fragments. According to Cheng Yang’s memories from his past life, there were two types of Banks.

The first was those founded by individuals when they had enough initial capital. The second type were those that were under the control of a territory. Although it was a part of the territory, the money that ran through it wasn’t the Lord’s but rather that of the Territory Altar.

Under normal circumstances, there was no way for the Lord to access the territory’s Experience Fragments, but Banks changed that. The Lord could allocate a portion of the territory’s savings for use by the Bank. This would allow for the citizens of the territory to take out bigger loans and enrich the bank owner faster.

To the extent of Cheng Yang’s knowledge, he knew that people with the Financial Genius Innate ability were pretty rare. Although it wasn’t a unique Innate Ability, there were only about two thousand people that had it. One of those two thousand had set up a Bank in the Cloud City Safe Zone in his past life, but now he was determined to have that Bank in Phoenix Village.

Since Cheng Yang had gone through the trouble of bringing Wang Lu to Phoenix Village, he wouldn’t accept her setting up a Bank somewhere else or in her name. As long as the Bank was founded under the territory’s name, it would vitalize the whole community.

Cheng Yang also more or less understood how Banks functioned under the god’s rules. It would begin as a Low-Grade Bank then have a level cap that is the lower of either the territory level or the Financial Manager.

“Erm, how do I build the Bank it mentioned?” Wang Lu asked while scratching her head.

Cheng Yang smiled, “That’s easy. Just walk over to the Territory Altar and open the system pane. Then apply for a Bank to be built in the territories, and I’ll take care of the rest.”

“Amitabha Buddha. Why do you feel like a wolf deceiving little red riding hood?” Cheng Yang’s heart cried out to him.

When Wang Lu heard Cheng Yang’s explanation, she didn’t doubt him in the slightest. Without hesitating, she approached the Territory Altar and followed Cheng Yang’s instructions.

At about the same time, a familiar voice echoed through Cheng Yang’s soul: “Respected Lord. There is a pending construction application in your territory, “Phoenix Village.” Please deal with it promptly.”

It was the first time Cheng Yang had heard the god’s messenger give someone a hint. It seems the gods were fond of the human Lords.

Cheng Yang immediately opened the Territory Altar system pane and opened the domain management page. Sure enough, there was an unread message from Wang Lu.

Once Cheng Yang opened the message, he navigated through several options.

“Will you approve of Wang Lu’s request to establish a bank in your territory?”


“Please select a Bank model.”

“Full Possession.”

“Since you have selected “Full Possession,” all material and Experience Fragment costs will be covered by your territory. In addition, 10% of the bank’s profits will be paid to the territory’s Financial Manager. Do you agree to these terms?”


“Please input a name for the Bank.”

“Phoenix Village Money Farm.”

Cheng Yang felt uneasy when he finished the process. This was the king of all money makers, and he was forced to give up 10% of the profits. Even so, how could he disagree? He already felt bad about taking advantage of Wang Lu, and ninety percent was already an astronomical amount of Experience Fragments. Besides, Wang Lu deserved to get something out of this.

Now, the Bank was available to build in the system pane. 

  • Bank (Low-Grade): Allows for a portion of the territories savings to be allocated for wealth generation | Cost: 500 units of wood and 50 units of stone

Checking the costs, Cheng Yang breathed a sigh of relief. Although five hundred units of wood was a lot, the territory could stay pay that much. It would also only take a day or so for fifty units of stone to be collected.

“Is that everything, my Lord?” Wang Lu asked when nothing appeared.

“For now.” Cheng Yang replied, “We need to wait for some raw materials to be gathered, but by tomorrow you’ll be the manager of Phoenix Village’s Bank.”

“I was a financial manager before the apocalypse, so with the Bank in my hands, you can rest easy, my Lord.” Wang Lu earnestly declared.

Cheng Yang nodded the resumed the day’s activities. The first up was to start new researches. Although it should have been done last night to minimize the time it would take to upgrade the statues fully, he had no choice but to wait since there weren’t any Experience Fragments available.

This time Cheng Yang researched the Physical Defense boost for each of the four primary statues and the Magic Defense boost for the Priest statue. Right now, all of the Priest attributes directly related to healing had been upgraded, so he had to focus on the less essential parts. Since the statue was a level lower than the other four, the Priest statue could start another research before the others finished.

When he was finished, Cheng Yang brought Wang Lu back to the small pavilion in front of his house.

None of the people who had visited earlier had left yet. Upon seeing Cheng Yang return, they stared at him with curious expressions that seemed to say: “We won’t be satisfied until you explain yourself.”

“When Wang Lu performed her class change ceremony, she obtained a special Innate Ability called “Financial Genius,” which allowed her to establish a bank in the territory. In the future, all of the territory’s excess Experience Fragments will be put into the bank to be loaned out. We’ll also be able to put our excess Experience Fragments in the bank.” Cheng Yang said.

None of the people in the pavilions were fools, they knew how important a bank was. In an instant, their confusion disappeared.

“Ox, Wang Lu is going to be working with you for today. Teach her the basics of combat. Although she’ll be spending most of her time managing the bank in the future, she can’t put aside learning to fight. After all, in this world, fighting for your life every day is the new normal.”

Lau Hui agreed at once.

After that, Liu Hau and the other generals left the Meditation Hall to gather a few soldiers like Cheng Yang had asked them to earlier.

They were all looking forward to hunting with Cheng Yang. After all, their farming efficiency would shoot through the roof when Cheng Yang used his Sacrificial Blood Cloud skill.

Ten minutes later, the generals returned to the pavilion with their soldiers. Then, they followed Cheng Yang out of the village.

“Where are we going today, my Lord? Are we going to go find a large monster horde?” Liu Hau asked as he walked side by side with Cheng Yang.

“Is that all you want to do? Do you spend all day thinking about finding trouble with monsters?” Cheng Yang asked.

“My Lord, who are you to say that?” Liu Hau pouted, “You’re already a Pinnacle-Grade Apprentice while all of us are stuck at the Low-Grade level. How could we not think about how to kill a few more monsters? Especially since it seems like monsters are the only thing left in this world. With our difference in strength, I would say its less that we’re looking for trouble with monsters, but rather they’re looking for trouble with us.”

“All I can say is that you just want to kill monsters, but I want the treasures those hordes guard.” Cheng Yang replied with a snort.

“You found something good again?” Liu Hau was stunned by his friends luck.

Cheng Yang smirked. “It’s a secret. You’ll have to wait until we get there to find out.”

Liu Hau grunted in disapproval but ran to catch up to Cheng Yang none the less once he realized what direction they were going in. The other generals caught on just as quickly and started running. Cheng Yang was leading them to Cloud City.

At the moment, most of the area between Cloud City and Phoenix Village was considered part of the territory. Thus, there were very few monsters to fight on the way there. This was something that only changed once they entered the city proper.

This time, Cheng Yang found a new path instead of following one they had used before.

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So uh, surely he should prioritize getting more villages right? Since when he levels them up he also gets a level up for free… He said he can deal with thousands of mobs easily, and he has crystals he can turn into the new town for a power level..No?


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