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Doomsday Lord Ch. 90 | An Unnatural Combination of Innate Abilities

Similar to Joyous River Village, the newly founded Silkworm Mountain didn’t bestow its soldiers with an Innate Ability.

It wasn’t that rare for a territory to do so if it was a Territory Altar deep in the wilderness. But, if it was one of the starting territories near the safe zones, finding a territory that bestowed an Innate Ability was nearly impossible.

Cheng Yang sighed when he looked at the brambly clearing around the Territory Altar. When he claimed Joyous River Village, the gods had kindly built a road for him, but they weren’t so generous this time. Getting civilians and materials to the village was going to be a massive logistics problem.

Without a road, Silkworm Mountain’s development would lag behind the other two territories under Cheng Yang’s control.

Cheng Yang forced himself to stop dwelling on the issue. It was enough to have three territories! Be content!

Cheng Yang then went back and brought Yu Kai and the others to the clearing.

Just like everyone had expected, Cheng Yang made Yu Kai the Governer of the village. As for the Vice-Governor, it was one of Yu Kai’s former Vice-Captains, Liu Chengen, a Warrior with an S-Rank Innate Ability.

Cheng Yang directed Yu Kai and his soldiers to guard the village while he returned to Phoenix Village alone.

In the future, Cheng Yang would need to send another group of soldiers to Silkworm Mountain to deliver wood and civilians. Without both, Yu Kai’s group would constantly be on edge without a wall, and the army wouldn’t expand. But, even if Cheng Yang mobilized the entire Phoenix Village army, he wasn’t sure that there would be enough soldiers for a successful journey.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a better option, so Cheng Yang would have to rely on the Imperial Guard to protect the village until the army returned.

Cheng Yang’s journey home went smoothly, and he only needed forty minutes to traverse the thirty-kilometer distance.

It was noon when Cheng Yang arrived.

At the moment, most of the soldiers had gathered in the Inner Village for lunch, which saved Cheng Yang from the trouble of trying to gather his forces.

Just as Cheng Yang was about to call out to them, Old Lee ran up and grabbed Cheng Yang’s arms. “You’ve really picked up a treasure this time, my Lord!” He said while laughing excitedly.

“What treasure?” Cheng Yang asked.

“That young lady you brought back from Cloud City. This morning when I was looking for people that had an aptitude for the Priest class, Pang Sun asked me to examine her friend. When I did, I found that she was suitable for the class, so since she was your guest, I immediately performed her class change ceremony.”

Cheng Yang cut him off, “I’m busy right now, so get to the point.”

Old Lee smiled. “My Lord, that girl’s Innate Abilities are heaven-defying. There’s no point in me explaining them. You need to check them for yourself.”

Cheng Yang doubted it was important enough to delay his plans, but he trusted Old Lee enough to check anyways. As such, he immediately walked over to the Territory Altar and checked Liu Wei’s status pane.

Liu Wei
Phoenix Village Soldier
Class: Priest
Level: Low-Grade Apprentice (0%)

Age19Life Span110
Physical Attack1Magic Attack8.6
Physical Defense1.7Magic Defense1.4
Attack Speed1Movement Speed3

Innate Abilities

  • Gods Apostle (Special Ability): As the Gods Apostle you have access to the unique skill Smite. This skill allows you to target an individual with the higher of the Physical Attack or Magic Attack that is lower than the amount healed by your Healing Light skill with the Gods’ wrath. There is a percentage chance based on the difference to instantly kill the individual.
  • Absolute Luck (Special Ability): All effects have a 100% activation rate
  • Movement speed is increased by 200%


  • Meditation (Low Grade): Meditate to absorb experience fragments and level up
  • Healing Light (Low Grade): Send a ray of holy light down to heal a target| Heal: 22.9 | Cost: 5 MP | Cast Time: 1 sec | Proficiency: 0%
  • Smite (Unique): Call upon the gods to kill your enemies | Cost: 10 MP | Cooldown: 2 sec


  • Infinite Knot Pendant: Status symbol of the priest | Used to cast healing spells

“What the fuck is this!” Cheng Yang couldn’t help but swear after seeing Liu Wei’s Innate Abilities.

In terms of her actual attributes, Liu Wei was weak, but she did have two Special Innate Abilities. Although Special Innate Abilities are always versatile, neither of Liu Wei’s Innate Abilities were particularly well suited to the Priest class.

Although Absolute Luck was powerful, Priests didn’t have many skills with optional effects. As for the Smite skill, it was an instant death skill, so its chances of activating were probably low. Since that was the case, as a Priest, her Mana would be better spent healing others.

However, since she had both skills, it created a shameless combination.

A scene played out in Cheng Yang’s mind. A powerful warlord confronted a beautiful woman on a field, then she said, “It is the gods’ will that you die.” and the warlord’s heart stopped. How fucking cool would that be!?

As long as Liu Wei raised her level high enough, she would be unstoppable! She would become Phoenix Village’s secret weapon! If she stayed in Phoenix Village, of course.

“My Lord, isn’t Miss Liu special?” Old Lee asked with a knowing smile after watching Cheng Yang’s reaction.

After hearing the question, Cheng Yang sunk into deep contemplation before giving his opinion. “I don’t think this combo is as good as it looks. Since Smite only works on enemies at the same level as you, if she runs into someone even a single level higher than her, she’ll be powerless, especially since she doesn’t have a single normal Innate Ability. In the end, she’s nothing but the world’s only person with an F-Rank Innate Ability.”

Old Lee was stunned, and although he wanted to refute Cheng Yang’s words, he couldn’t.

“Of course,” Cheng Yang continued, “that would only be if she didn’t have Phoenix Village backing her. As long as we’re willing to invest everything we can into power leveling her, she’ll become a powerful card we can play. She’ll also be able to attack some higher level monsters thanks to the research bonuses applied by Priest statue. By the way, how many people know about her Innate Abilities?”

“Just me, Liu Wei, and maybe Pang Sun. When I saw her status pane, I decided to keep it a secret until you came back and asked Liu Wei to do the same.” Old Lee replied.

Cheng Yang nodded with satisfaction. “That’s good. We need to handle this carefully since she won’t be useful to us until she levels up a few times. If an enemy of the village finds out about her abilities, she’ll definitely become a target for assassination.”

“Don’t worry. Even if someone held a knife to my neck, I wouldn’t tell them a thing.”

“That’s good to hear, but you’re my right-hand man. In the future, which bastard would dare to threaten you like that.”

Old Lee gently smiled when he realized how much Cheng Yang trusted him.

“By the way, which brigade did you assign Liu Wei to?” Cheng Yang asked.

“I haven’t given her an assignment yet.” Old Lee sighed, “I was hoping you would be willing to make her a part of your elite guards. That would allow you to accelerate her growth and protect her secrets. If we allow ordinary soldiers to get to close to her, there’s no guarantee someone won’t find out.”

He had the same idea, so Cheng Yang agreed to follow through with Old Lee’s proposal.

“Shall I call Miss Liu over?” Old Lee asked.

During the expedition to Silkworm Mountain, there were bound to be several large scale battles. If Liu Wei participated, she would be able to adapt to the life of a soldier quickly. As such, Cheng Yang ordered Old Lee to bring Liu Wei before him.

Shortly after, Liu Wei’s charming voice caressed Cheng Yang’s ears. “What can I do for you, my Lord?”

Cheng Yang smiled. “There’s no need to be nervous. You’re one of my soldiers now. I’ve called you here because the army is going to be transporting supplies to the newest village I’ve captured, and I want you by my side. I want you to become a powerful fighter as soon as possible.”

“I am at your disposal, my Lord.” Liu Wei was vividly aware of her situation. Since Cheng Yang was willing to treat her well, she was determined not to become a simple tool.

Cheng Yang nodded. Then, without drawing attention to Liu Wei, he organized the army to prepare for the journey.

After the expedition was underway, Cheng Yang summoned Liu Wei to his side. “Liu Wei, are you aware of what your Innate Abilities represent?”

“I do, my Lord. I actually used to play games like this in the old world. My Innate Abilities have incredible potential, but if I can’t level up fast enough, the only use will be clearing out cannon fodder.” Liu Wei answered.

Cheng Yang was impressed. It seemed like Liu Wei wasn’t a delicate flower. If she hadn’t died so early on in his past life, she would undoubtedly have become a prominent figure in the area.

“From now on, stick close by my side, okay?” Cheng Yang said directly.

If Cheng Yang had said this before the apocalypse, a mob of Liu Wei’s admirers would have rushed forward to beat him to a pulp. Even Liu Wei would have ridiculed him. But now, Liu Wei didn’t even laugh. She even found his words somewhat endearing.

Although Liu Wei wasn’t sure if this was a proposal from Cheng Yang, she didn’t think he was the kind of person to abuse his power to take advantage of women. Everything she had witnessed since entering Phoenix Village indicated that he was a morally upright person.

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