Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 98 | Jump Start

At the moment, Cheng Yang’s attack didn’t seem to have gone through any changes. However, its strength was far higher than when he first became a Cryomancer. Tel’ Rosh had plenty of Health and high defense, but in a single strike, the Standard-Grade beast collapsed.

Cheng Yang’s attack was like a bowl of water in hot oil. Loud roars shook the prison complex as armored beasts started to rampage. Every monster on the level desperately tried to attack Cheng Yang and the others.

At the same time, the rows of nostrils on their wedge-shaped heads let out a trill hiss. It was as if a swarm of serpents had entered the prison. Cheng Yang’s group couldn’t help but feel their scalps tingle.

A moment later, Yu Kai shot an arrow towards a Low-Grade Tel’ Rosh, accurately hitting it. Instantly, the monster’s Health reached zero, and it fell to the ground.

Liu Wei decided to finally focus on her class’ position. Instead of attacking, she focused on the Health levels of the party members and healed them when they got low. It was her first time actually using her healing skills, and in comparison to other Priests, they were lackluster.

A few minutes later, the battle ended, Cheng Yang looted a Black Iron leather armor, and dozens of bodies surrounded the party.

Since every person here was the cream of the crop, none of them needed the armor at the moment. As such, Cheng Yang stored it in his Spacial Ring for now.

Now that every monster on the level was dead, a thick iron door slid open, revealing a staircase down to the next one.

“Let’s go.” Cheng Yang said, simply.

The same scene repeated itself on the second floor. The monsters died, a piece of Black Iron equipment was looted, and a door opened. The only difference was that this time, a ring dropped that was given to Liu Chengen.

They continued onwards, all the way down to floor eleven. However, only about a third of the floors had monsters on them. The ones that didn’t were trashed beyond recognition and had huge holes everywhere.

In total, four more pieces of equipment were looted. One for each floor with monsters.

Once they reached the eleventh floor, they were able to see the boss room more clearly. Although it was partially obscured by a weird force field, below the current floor was a single massive room. It had the height of four floors, and in the center was a single device that stretched from floor to ceiling. Based on how it looked, it was meant to restrain a gigantic, six-armed humanoid.

Right in front of that contraption, a massive Tel’ Roth, the size of a whale, was sleeping.

“Here we are.” Cheng Yang whispered. He led the group down the long set of stairs into the final floor. When they arrived, Cheng Yang cast Petal Blizzard, enveloping the boss. “I leave the rest to you, Yu Kai.”

Obviously, Cheng Yang had a better way of dealing with the boss. He could freeze it, cast Sacrificial Blood Cloud, and the boss would be dead by the time the CC wore off.

However, he wanted to let Yu Kai learn as much as possible about the boss’ attack patterns. If he killed it in the faster way, there wasn’t a chance for Yu Kai to learn anything. Wouldn’t that be a waste? Especially if the boss had some kind of skill.

The boss had started to attack before Cheng Yang finished speaking. Once it was hit, it woke up and charged towards Cheng Yang.

Yu Kai didn’t miss the opportunity. An arrow flew out and struck the beast between its eight eyes.

The arrow dealt at least twenty damage, but, its Health was still at least five times that. Even after being attacked by Yu Kai, it continued to focus on Cheng Yang.

Seeing this, Cheng Yang ordered Liu Wei and the others to retreat to the eleventh floor. At the same time, he rapidly retreated to a faraway corner of the room.

Yu Kai felt quite sad. Wasn’t that boss a bully? There was a living person right there attacking it, but it chose to ignore me!

“Patient… patient…” Yu Kai muttered to himself, readying another arrow. The next shot finally caused the boss to focus on Yu Kai.

When he saw this, Yu Kai sneered. Aren’t you a little too late? At this distance, you’ll never reach me before I kill you. At the same time, Yu Kai launched an arrow right into one of the beast’s eyes.

“Last arrow blockhead!” Yu Kai shouted. Even though the boss was only ten feet away, it would be dead before it reached Yu Kai. It was just too slow.

Even so, the Tel’ Rosh continued to charge, as if it didn’t know it was dying.

“Die!” Once the Tel’ Rosh got within three meters, Yu Kai released a held shot that was guaranteed to hit.

However, the rocks on the Tel’ Rosh’s back took on an icy metallic sheen. Once the arrow hit, it bounced right off. Instead of dying, the boss charged forwards with renewed vigor.

Yu Kai was shocked, and for a moment, he hesitated.

In the blink of an eye, the boss collided with Yu Kai, using its wedge-shaped head to send him into the sky. It dealt only a single point of damage with the charge alone, but it wasn’t done! A deafening hiss emitted from its nostrils as the rocky tip of its head shot off like a volcano. Like a homing missile, it hit Yu Kai out of the air, dealing sixty-point of damage.

Cheng Yang was startled. Who knew this boss would have two hidden aces in a Normal Difficulty instance! Thankfully, Yu Kai had over a hundred points of Health and twelve Physical Defense. However, that combo would have been more than enough to kill a Low-Grade Apprentice. This would be an essential lesson for Yu Kai.

After hitting the ground, Yu Kai sprung up. Even with a fist-sized hole in his chest, he drew an arrow and released it.

Having used its trump card, the Tel’ Rosh seemed dazed. The tip of its head didn’t regrow and unable to react, it was hit. Once it was, a soft hiss was released from its nostrils as it fell to the ground, never to rise again.

“Finally, …dead.” Yu Kai sighed, sitting down.

“You need to be more careful next time.” Cheng Yang said as he ran over. “How could you let yourself get distracted at such a critical moment? If that ranged attack had some kind of special property, there was a chance you would have died.”

Yu Kai smiled weakly. “I’m sorry, Yoko. I thought I had him, but he was suddenly able to block my arrow. Fortunately, it wore off after it attacked me. Otherwise, it would have been difficult to deal with it.”

“It would, and it still might. Remember, this is just the Normal Difficulty instance. In higher difficulties, this boss will be even more challenging.” Cheng Yang paused his lecture for a moment. “Anyways, we’ve beaten the instance, so let’s loot it and leave.”

Saying this, Cheng Yang began to search the room. Near the left foot of the massive restraints, he found a chest, which he looted.

This was, without a doubt, the reward for the first clear of the instance.

It was a rock, and if Cheng Yang hadn’t seen a similar one before, he would have cursed the heavens. Right now, though, he regarded it as a top-level treasure.

Statue Lifting Stone (Warrior)

Double any one attribute of the Warrior class change statue.

Sure enough, it was a Statue Lifting Stone. The benefits of finding it was self-evident. The last time he used one, he doubled the number of Priests in the village. If he upgraded the same attribute this time, wouldn’t the number of Warrior slots increase from 560 to 1,120?

Some people might have been disappointed with this reward, thinking it wasn’t worthy of being considered top-grade loot. However, the drop rates for these stones were abysmal. In that sense, wasn’t it nice?

Yu Kai walked up to Cheng Yang and handed him the loot dropped by the boss. It was a Black Iron bow that instantly found itself inside Cheng Yang’s Spacial Ring.

Watching the equipment disappear, Yu Kai couldn’t help but feel envious. “My Lord, when will I be able to get a ring like that? It’s a must-have for a family trip or robbery.”

Cheng Yang chuckled. “When you have enough Experience Fragments to buy one.”

Yu Kai looked like he’d licked a lemon. “How long is that going to take?”

“Soon, if you work hard. With your current strength, earning Experience Fragments is easy.”

Yu Kai just frowned. He knew that even though he was earning more, most of it went towards increasing his training speed. It was hard to say when he would be able to get a Spacial Ring.

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