Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 107 | Snooping

What thing in Cloud City had enough value to make the military move in full force?

“Follow me.” Cheng Yang had a sudden idea on how to find an answer to his question.

“Where are we going?” Yu Kai asked.

“The Tavern!”

Cheng Yang sat down at the bar with Yu Kai as he ordered a Tianshui Pure Brew for each of them. Since Cheng Yang wanted to access the World Module, he paid a full fifty Experience Fragments for each drink.

“Wow, its pretty fancy in here.” Yu Kai said, his formal act dropped since he was alone with his friend.

“It’s nice, but it costs as much as it looks like it should.” Cheng Yang laughed. “The fee we paid is only enough for us to spend an hour here.”

“Shit! That’s expensive!” Yu Kai looked around and counted the chairs around him. “It looks like there’s enough room for at least a few hundred people, and that’s just counting the first floor. At a rate of just ten Experience Fragments per person, won’t this place have a profit in the thousands every day?”

“Not a chance, who has that much extra money these days? Maybe it will when Phoenix Village is more stable, but until then… oh, here come our drinks. Open up the forum. Maybe we’ll be able to find something important.”

At that time, a waiter brought out two fine crystal glasses on a tray, which he swiftly placed in front of Cheng Yang and Yu Kai.

“Probably not? There’s no way a military commander would let their soldiers post about their operations online. Unless a donkey kicked that commander’s head or something .” Yu Kai commented before taking a sip of the beverage in front of him. When he did, Yu Kai grimaced. “You said this cost fifty Experience Fragments, right? This is just some cheap fruit wine!”

“If you can handle the cost, whiskey costs seventy-five.” Cheng Yang said, happily sipping on his drink. “Or maybe you’d like to pay even more for some good food?”

Yu Kai chuckled. “Nevermind, fruit win works for me.”

Cheng Yang turned his attention towards his terminal while cursing the gods in his heart. The reason he needed to buy two drinks was that each terminal was only visible to one person. Otherwise, he and Yu Kai could have shared.

Putting that aside, Cheng Yang opened up the World Module. The atmosphere was on a totally different level there. The Cloud City Area Module was deserted, but the World Module was filled with people.

Cheng Yang was almost thankful that the World Module only updated once a day, or it would be impossible to navigate it.

The most populated threads were one that discussed how various areas of the world weathered the apocalypse. One of the more common types of poster was a person seemed almost excited by this new world.

It may seem counterintuitive, but if you thought about it a little, it made sense. If you were a homeless beggar in the old world, after the apocalypse, you had a chance to become a new person. It was the classic story of a crow becoming a phoenix.

Other threads detailed theories for what happened to the world or tutorials on how to fight monsters effectively, or become a Professional while being an normal person.

Cheng Yang looked through page after page of threads before finally finding the message he needed to solve his mystery.


Andrew Wilson | We found a portal outside the safe zone of New Orleans that lead to a dungeon. We aren’t willing to share the exact details but we felt the need to warn people about the Boss at the end. It was a High-Grade monster and we only won because we were lucky. If you find a portal somewhere, be very cautious before entering.

An American posted the thread, but Cheng Yang could still read it even though he didn’t understand English. It was another one of the gods’ small mercies that, at least on the forums, there was no longer a language barrier.

The message itself wasn’t very striking, but over forty people were declaring that they found a similar portal in their city.

Anyone that saw this thread would be able to figure out that the information was accurate. Yuan Jianzhe must have seen it as well, which lead him to send out the military to search for the portal in Cloud City.

From now on, it would be impossible for Phoenix Village to monopolize The Forgotten Grave.

Even so, there was absolutely no way for Yuan Jianzhe to beat The Forgotten Grave without losing at least half of the people he brought in. Some Instance Dungeons were possible to beat with a party of Low-Grade individuals, but The Forgotten Grave wasn’t one of them.

Since he couldn’t beat the Instance Dungeon, Cheng Yang didn’t care if Yuan Jianzhe found The Forgotten Grave. However, if Yuan Jianzhe wanted to monopolize the Instance Dungeon, he would come into conflict with Phoenix Village when they tried to get the Hard Difficulty first clear. At that point, Cheng Yang would have to abandon his plan to develop without Cloud City noticing.

Cheng Yang could only hope that Yuan Jianzhe would be willing to share. Otherwise, he didn’t mind purging the safe zone.

Despite having resolved the matter he was worried about, Cheng Yang didn’t leave immediately. Since he’d already paid the Experience Fragments needed to access the World Module, he was going to make the most of his time.

“Yoko.” Yu Kai looked over at his friend. “There’s a Tavern like this one in every safe zone, right?”

“Yep, every single one.”

“In that case, if I posted on the forum, wouldn’t my parents be able to see it?”

“It would work in theory.” Cheng Yang said honestly. It was a common tactic in his past life. “But, even if we use the Continent Module, there will be thousands of new threads created every day. Yours would be buried by then, so your parents probably won’t see it.”

“Still, they might!” Yu Kai protested. “I also saw a feature that allows me to pin my thread to the top of the module. If I paid for that, it would work, right?”

“It probably would, but do you think your parents would be able to handle the exposure? Pinning a thread is expensive, so anyone willing to do so would be someone rich. If someone finds out who your parents are, they would be able to threaten you and receive a ransom through the Auction House.”

“Then, I’ll just make a normal thread.” Yu Kai said after hesitating. “Even if the chances of my parents seeing it are low, its better than nothing.”

“Don’t worry. I’m sure your parents are doing well.” Cheng Yang tried to comfort his friend since he was in distress. “You were able to warn them, so they definitely survived the earthquake. Even if they didn’t manage to reach the safe zone before monsters started spawning, they would be close enough to be rescued first.”

Yu Kai nodded and, despite his melancholy mood, started to type out a thread.
“Yoko, did you manage to find what you were looking for?” Yu Kai asked when he was done.

“I did. It’s highly likely that the military is searching for The Forgotten Grave.” Cheng Yang said. “They’ve probably already found it.”

Yu Kai chuckled. “who cares, we’ve already gotten the first clear, and the military couldn’t beat the Hard Difficulty even if they sacrificed all fifty people that went in. Although, with so many groups trying to clear Instance Dungeons, there’s no way we’ll be able to get the first clear for all of them.”

Cheng Yang rolled his eyes. “Of course they will. There are so many different Instance Dungeons in this world that wanting to get the first clear of each one is childish. Moreover, our new goal will be getting as many first clears on Instance, Dungeons for people in the second stage of evolution as we can.”

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