Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 108 | Avian Monsters

“We should use our head start to clear every single one of the higher level Instance Dungeons first.” Yu Kai said, his voice filled with longing. “That way, everyone else in the world could only cry out in despair.”

Since his hour was up, Cheng Yang walked out of the Tavern, ignoring his delusional friend.

“Ah, wait up!” Yu Kai snapped out of his daydream when his friend walked away.

“My Lord, what should we do once the military finds The Forgotten Grave?” Yu Kai asked after he caught up.

“What else can we do but make sure they know it’s ours? There might be a fight, but we can’t just give it away.”

Yu Kai smiled. “I knew you’d say that. We found it first, so we absolutely can’t let anyone take it from us. Its a great source of items, and if we give up this Instance Dungeon, we won’t be able to defend the other ones we control in the future. I think we should send some people to defend The Forgotten Grave. Even if we don’t kill the people from Cloud City, we need to give them a vicious send-off.”

Cheng Yang smiled. Unconsciously, Yu Kai had gone from your average college student to a soldier that saw death as normal. Even if it was false bravado born from an easy time in the apocalypse, Cheng Yang was happy to see his friend’s mindset change. In this world, it was better to have fake bloodlust than genuine mercy.

“How many people?” Cheng Yang asked with a chuckle. “Are you going to ask Liu Hau to defend it? Are you going to do it?”

“Cut me some slack. It was just an idea. I haven’t thought that deeply about it yet.” Yu Kai threw up his hands in defeat. “How about we bring all our elite soldiers for the first defense? If we had something like a hundred Standard-Grade soldiers, we would send the military packing!”

“That’s so unrealistic! We have nowhere near that many Standard-Grade soldiers, and by the time we did, the military would already have taken the Instance Dungeon from us.” Cheng Yang countered. “To stop Yuan Jianzhe and the military from occupying The Forgotten Grave, I’ll have to deal with him personally. We’ll station a single soldier near the portal, one of our fastest ones. Once the military discovers the entrance, our soldier will report that to me. Before that, the lookout will claim that we already own the Instance Dungeon. The military will relay that back to Yuan Jianzhe, who, since its a precious thing, will rush over immediately to secure it. Then, me and him can have a good talk.”

Yu Kai immediately understood what Cheng Yang meant by that last sentence. If they could talk it out, they would. If they couldn’t, then they would use other means.

When faced with the prospect of fighting the People’s Liberation Army, Yu Kai was surprisingly more excited than nervous. In his mind, the rise of Phoenix Village wasn’t something that could be stopped by anyone. He had always known that Phoenix Village was developing quickly, but after spending some time on the World Module, he realized that everyone else was in the stone age compared to them!

“If Yuan Jianzhe is too self-righteous, we’ll destroy him, my Lord. If he’s not willing to submit, let’s replace him with one of our guys.” Yu Kai said.

“Self reflect for a moment before talking like that. Anyways, since you had the time to worry about refugees, does that mean you finished killing the monsters near Silkworm Mountain?”

“My Lord, you think too highly of me. The ones within two or three kilometers are dead, but if we’re talking about further than that, then I’ve made zero progress. We’ve only got a few elite soldiers in the village, and kiting tactics are time-consuming. But, that does remind me, I was only helping refugees cause I needed to visit you anyways.”

“You needed to visit me? What for?”

“When I was hunting last night, I found a flock of monsters that had established a lair. I saw some treasure, so I decided to let you know.”

“Treasure? Why didn’t you get it yourself? Your strength should have been more than enough even if there was a High-Grade monster there.”

“I wanted too, but those monsters weren’t something I could beat on my own. They’re some kind of bird, so every time I tried to hit one, it would fly out of my range. That’s why I need your help. I figured you might know how to beat them.”

“That could fly? Some kind of bird?” Cheng Yang’s body tensed up.

“Yeah, I’m not sure what kind, but they were definitely birds. Big enough to make raptors seem like chicks.”

Once Yu Kai confirmed his fears, Cheng Yang’s body convulsed as images of his death flashed past his eyes.

“Yoko, are you okay?” Yu Kai looked at his friend with concern.

“It was nothing.” Cheng Yang said, forcing himself to calm down. “Aerial monsters are powerful but not undefeatable. Their advantages are obvious, but they have quite a few weaknesses as well.”

Cheng Yang paused, giving himself a few moments to fully recovered from the vivid memories that forced their way into focus.

“Aerial monsters don’t spawn very often, so you were right, they’re probably guarding something. If they are, it’s bound to be high-level loot. Plus, since they’re so close to Silkworm Mountain, we need to exterminate them as soon as possible. If we don’t do that soon, bad things will happen.”

“My Lord, did you mean to imply that they’ll attack the village?”

“Its a possibility. Once a horde of monsters reached a certain power level, they’ll start actively hunting for food. Aerial monsters are more dangerous since walls are meaningless to them.”

“I see.”

“For now, head back to Silkworm Mountain and take some building materials with you. You’re going to need it when your village levels up.”

“That’s not going to happen for a while, but I suppose taking what we need now wouldn’t hurt.” Yu Kai said, “The biggest problem is Silkworm Mountain doesn’t have a goldmine like Phoenix Village does. Paying for the upgrade will be pretty tough.”

Cheng Yang looked at Yu Kai contemptuously. “It’s just twenty-thousand Experience Fragments. Since Silkworm Mountain is a subsidiary of mine, I can directly transfer funds from Phoenix Village’s coffers.”

Yu Kai smiled. “I knew I could count on you.”

Phoenix Village really was an abnormal money-making machine. The combination of the Imperial Guard and the Blood-Soaked Cathedral was just too powerful. It could easily support the growth of all three territories under Cheng Yang’s control.

Cheng Yang clicked his tongue. “So you were hoping for that, huh? Well, take what you need, but after that, I’m going to let Phoenix Village accumulate Experience Fragments for a while. I’ll make Liu Hau wait a day or two before leveling up Joyous River Village.”

Yu Kai’s smile widened when Cheng Yang said that. Right now, Silkworm Mountain was lagging behind Joyous River Village. Liu Hau’s territory only needed to build two shops before reaching the level up conditions. But now, Silkworm Mountain would level up first since they had secured funding earlier!

Even if Yu Kai was only the Governor in name, how could he let Silkworm Mountain fall behind its competition?

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Yeah I hope u are well and having a great life , any clue on a rough time frame for the next chapters would be nice to know but in the end it’s not a problem if I don’t

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Hey, sorry about sitting on this for so long. Short story is I was having a bad one.
I’m doing better now so I apologize for the delay. I’ll have more chapters out soon. 🙂


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