Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 112 | Nirvana Feather

For a monster to deal that much damage to Cheng Yang was horrifying. He had an abnormal number of defensive buffs, but even so, the flurry of attacks tore him apart.

Cheng Yang was used to pain, however. So, even with talons digging into his flesh, he sent an icicle flying through the bird’s eye. At the same time, Yu Kai fired into the bird’s chest.

Cheng Yang didn’t know whos attack finally killed the leader, but, after their combined effort, the monster was dead.

Glancing towards the corpse, Cheng Yang found that the Spined Eagles weren’t so scary anymore. That one was at least a Pinnacle-Grade monster since it dealt so much damage, but even so, Cheng Yang had bested it easily.

It wasn’t as if Cheng Yang hadn’t killed Pinnacle-Grade monsters before, but this was the first time he really felt it. Understood just how powerful he had become. Other than him, which person had such a perverted collection of skills?

Honestly, it wasn’t that big of an achievement to kill a monster at the same level. The stats of humans and monsters grew at the same rate when they were in the first stage of evolution. So, with the help of equipment and other items, humans could beat a monster of the same rank with ease.

However, that wouldn’t always be the case. Once they reached maturity, the rate at which a monster’s stats grew increased exponentially. Fighting against them, the only way to win was teamwork, skill, and exceptional items.

Some people tried to argue that humanities skills were better, but most Standard-Grade Mature monsters had even more perverted skills than Cheng Yang. Some were even better than Liu Wei’s!

In other words, although this was the apocalypse, it wasn’t yet the end of the world. The current era could be considered a tutorial before the real apocalypse — something designed to allow humanity to adapt to their new world before truly throwing them into hell.

Moreover, once a monster reached maturity, they became smarter. Not as smart as monsters like Orcs but enough that they couldn’t be tricked. They learned how to hunt and to be patient. They became far more dangerous.

When Cheng Yang died in the past, all it had taken was a single strike. Remembering that was enough to sober him up. If he had been fighting the Spined Eagle from back then, perhaps he would be the one bleeding out on the ground right now.

Thinking about the battles to come, Cheng Yang refocused himself. Fighting spirit wouldn’t help here. His only strengths would be cunning and determination.

Then, Cheng Yang brought himself back to reality. The leader was dead, but hundreds of Spined Eagles remained.

Even with just three people, with the leader dead and the cover provided by the shallow cave, they were unbeatable. Every one of them was able to kill a Standard-Grade monster instantly.

Cheng Yang also had the Physical Defense necessary to act as a tank. Although the leader was able to deal massive damage to him, monsters under High-Grade were utterly useless in front of him.

Even if he took damage, his cheat-like skills regarding potions allowed him to stay in peak condition.

A few minutes later, Cheng Yang’s fear of spined Eagles was cured. Hundreds of bodies were strewn across the hillside while blood and feathers decorated the trees like some demonic holiday festival. To Cheng Yang, the scene held a certain beauty to it. It was an illustration of the strength he had built up from nothing. A promise that in this life, he would not suffer the fate of helplessly dying to a random mob.

“Hah, these fuckers weren’t so strong!” Yu Kai chuckled while kicking his way through corpses.

Cheng Yang was speechless. “Have you already forgotten about almost dying?”

“That incident?” Yu Kai asked with a grin, “Total fluke, if I hadn’t been distracted by someone sprinting past me, it wouldn’t have happened. Anyways, we have treasure to find!”

Cheng Yang nodded. Although there might be a few Spined Eagles left somewhere, the primary threat had been eliminated. As such, it was time for them to collect their rewards.

Once they reached the summit, Yu Kai pointed towards the leader’s tree. “The treasure I saw was up there, my Lord.”

“Stay here. I’ll go up and take a look.” Cheng Yang replied.

Although the tree was enormous, the gaps between the bark were large and sturdy, making it easy to climb.

A few minutes later, Cheng Yang pulled himself over the edge of the nest and finally saw the treasure Yu Kai told him about.

It glowed red like the evening sun, everlasting and unreachable. It regally floated above the refuse and clutter of the nest, giving the impression that it resented having to exist in such an impure world.

Cheng Yang had seen a lot of treasure across his lives but nothing at this level. Not only was it outside of a chest, but it was floating! There was no way this was an everyday item.

Once Cheng Yang got closer, he recognized the item as a feather seemingly made from flame. Then, with a strong leap, he grabbed the feather from its lofty heights.

Nirvana Feather (Low-Grade)
Every time a phoenix dies, it leaves behind a single feather. Placing it in a position of honor within a house will allow the inhabitants to strengthen their bodies.

Effect: Increases training time by two hours
Upgrade Condition: 1 drop of phoenix blood
Upgrade Condition: 1,000,000 Experience Fragments

Once Cheng Yang read the items system pane, his brain stopped functioning.

Never between his two lives had he heard of such a heaven-defying item. The ability to increase the amount of time someone could train just was just that unnatural. It broke the most fundamental rule that the gods imposed on humanity.

Of course, Cheng Yang would need to spend more Experience Fragments each night and have less time to gather them. However, it was well worth it since he could level up thirty percent faster.

Moreover, the Nirvana Feather wouldn’t just help him, but everyone that used his Meditation Hall. That meant twenty people could reap the benefits of the Nirvana Feather every day!

The only downside was that the upgrade conditions it mentioned were impossible to fulfill. At least in Cheng Yang’s eyes. Nevermind phoenix blood, even getting a million Experience Fragments was enough to stop him from ever upgrading it.

However, since he was a Lord, there was no way he would let people use his Meditation Hall for this. As such, he planned to construct a new High-Grade Mediation Hall once he returned to Phoenix Village.

Cheng Yang put the feather into his ring and then climbed down.

“My Lord, what was up there?” Yu Kai asked with an expectant smile.

In response, Cheng Yang tossed the feather to Yu Kai.

“Holy shit! No way am I going to stay and train at Silkworm Mountain! I’m going to come back every night so that I can train with this.”

“Do as you please.” Cheng Yang smirked. “I’ll make sure you have one of the twenty training slots.”

“Twenty? That’s not a lot.” Yu Kai said nervously. “You’ll take one, another will go towards Liu Wei for sure, and the generals will get one. What are you planning to do about the other thirteen slots? Do you think you could give my battalion some special treatment? After all, we found the Nirvana Feather.”

Cheng Yang was helpless in front of his friends, pleading. “We’ll talk about it when we get back, but I promise the Fox Hunting Battalion will be properly compensated.”

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