Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 114 | Discussion

Of the several upgrade conditions for Phoenix Village, the hardest to complete was the army requirement.

Finding three Low-Grade Scholars was going to be difficult. Even Cheng Yang still wasn’t at that level, not to mention anyone else.

Unfortunately, Cheng Yang couldn’t use the members of the Imperial Guard. Otherwise, the requirement would be a piece of cake.

On the bright side, the other two conditions were much easier to complete. Of the buildings, only the High-Grade wall remained, and that was just a matter of time. As for upgrading the stores, Cheng Yang had enough supplies to finish that today.

Of course, there was one small problem with the High-Grade wall.

Technically, he could build it whenever he wanted to since it just had to be bigger than the second ring. However, since he could make it as expansive as he was able, Cheng Yang was hesitant to build it hastily.

The most massive third ring built in his previous life had a radius of around six thousand meters. The Phoenix Village of his past life had a third ring with a radius of about three thousand eight hundred meters.

In other words, if Cheng Yang wanted to build a wall to match the one Phoenix Village had in his previous life, he would need to pay for nearly 24,000 meters of fencing.

At a rate of four units of wood per meter, it would take nearly 100,000 units to build. Even if the number of loggers in Phoenix Village doubled, it would take almost a month to harvest that much wood.

Not to mention, it would cost nine thousand Experience Fragments a day to buy the wood from the loggers. That wasn’t an expense the territory could bear at the moment.

Cheng Yang wanted to make full use of the High-Grade fence, so he only planned to build it once all the other requirements were met.

Thankfully, the last condition was the easiest. Putting together a hundred thousand Experience Fragments would only take a few weeks if they solely relied on the surplus from the territory’s daily expenditure. If Cheng Yang counted donations from both himself and his soldiers, he could reach that amount in a matter of hours.

During his contemplation, Cheng Yang used most of the village’s resources to upgrade all of the stores. Once he did, they looked much more spectacular. They were garnished with expensive materials and had grown significantly. Most importantly, their list of available wares had expanded.

Cheng Yang didn’t have time to examine the changes to the stores thoroughly since he had called for a meeting among his top military leaders. This included not just the generals but all of their commanders and captains as well.

As such, thirty people were waiting for Cheng Yang in the pavilion of his Mediation Hall.

“Thank you for taking the time out of your day for this meeting.” Cheng Yang said as he entered the pavilion, “I need to discuss a matter of vital importance to the development of our territory. So, with that in mind, don’t hold back your thoughts. If you have an idea, bring it up.”

Cheng Yang paused to see if there were any questions. After a few moments of silence, resumed talking.

“The generals already know this, but leveling up the village made it possible to create a contribution system using the gods’ rules. However, it has been several days, and we’ve yet to institute one. Let’s settle this matter tonight.”

At this point, several people tried to interject only for Cheng Yang to motion for silence.

“The basis of the contribution system is simple. Any contribution to the territory is quantized and then recorded. Some of you might think that serving in the military on its own is enough to warrant contribution points, but that won’t be the case. In fact, our military isn’t operating correctly right now. In the future, eighty percent of the Experience Fragments soldiers own will go to the territory, and the rest will become funds for the military.”

“Since all of their Experience Fragments will be taken away, why would people still want to be in the military?” Liu Hau hadn’t heard of this policy before and was upset.

“That’s because the military does more than just fight monsters. As long as you’re a soldier, you’ll receive Experience Fragments as a payment even if you did nothing but sit around that day. The exact wages will be determined by rank, and I’ll let you decide the specifics. By tomorrow, I want all of you to convert your battalion to official military personnel using the Barracks.”

Although Liu Hau still had some doubts, he simply shook his head and stayed silent.

“As I was saying,” Cheng Yang continued, “serving in the military will not award someone with contribution points. Any exceptional feats among the soldiers during active duty will be rewarded internally. What we need to decide is what actions outside of military service will earn contribution points and what privileges people with high contributions scores will receive.”

Yu Kai immediately stood up and shouted with passion: “My Lord, I humbly request that you make use of the Nirvana Feather a special reward!”

Everyone else in the room gave Yu Kai a curious glance. After which, he excitedly explained the benefits one could receive from using the Nirvana Feather.

“Well, each general has two slots they can fill however they want, and I also have two. I suppose the remaining eight can go to the people with the highest contribution scores.”

Most of the people present were okay with that setup. Even if they weren’t selected by one of the generals, they could still compete for the remaining slots.

“My Lord, I disagree with this setup.” Zhao Chuan voiced unexpected disapproval. “As it is now, the people with the highest contribution scores will always have an advantage since using the Nirvana Feather will make it easier to gain more contribution points. The slots should be auctioned in exchange for contribution points every few days instead.”

Several people present murmured agreements. After a little more discussion, Cheng Yang settled on a slight modification of Zhao Chuan’s suggestion.

“My Lord, I think the right to learn new skills should be restricted as well.” Old Lee suggested. “We want to limit the number of adventurers in the territory so we should charge them exorbitantly if they try to learn new skills from the class change statues. Then, as an incentive, we will allow soldiers to learn new skills for free and even subsidize the Experience Fragment cost.”

Cheng Yang clapped his hands. “That’s a great suggestion, but we shouldn’t limit access to every skill. If we do, the territory will have a hard time attracting immigrants. However, we can still limit access to any special skills we have as well as the highest level ones unlocked.”

As the discussion progressed, several other opinions were evaluated. Over time, the exact list of privileges and rewards was drawn up. They ranged from combat benefits to domestic ones, including the ability to buy a plot of land or move an individual to the top of the list for new class change ceremonies.

After that, the group discussed how to earn contribution points. The easiest was donating Experience Fragments to the territory at a ten to one cumulative ratio.

Other ways to earn contribution points we donating materials or doing government work. Even civilians could earn contribution points but taking up administrative positions or by volunteering to do chores around the territory such as cleaning out human waste, drawing water, or cooking.

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