Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 115 | Establishment

Of course, other than the officially published ways to gain contribution points, they could be earned by performing an exceptional service for the territory.

For example, when Yu Kai helped Cheng Yang annihilate the Spined Eagle and retrieve the Nirvana Feather. Since it was outside of his official duties, both he and the soldier that initially spotted the Nirvana Feather were awarded contribution points.

For exceptions such as that, a special panel was assembled to decide the exact number of contribution points awarded.

There were two points to consider when assigning individuals to the panel. The first was a potential conflict of interest, and the second was the possibility that the member would be swamped with work and unable to leave the territory.

As a solution, Cheng Yang only assigned members of the Imperial Guard and civilians to the panel. Civilians with everything to lose made a good choice since their very life was tied to the village. As for the Imperial Guard, although they were absolutely loyal, they weren’t machines. They were just as smart and dedicated as any human and were perfectly suited to a task like this.

The panel was named The Glory Institute and had eleven initial members. Five civilians and five members of the Imperial Guard with an additional Imperial Gaurd member named Aleix Lukianov as the head.

The next order of business was a discussion about the future development of Phoenix Village and its affiliated territories. Since Cheng Yang was the only one that knew what the future held, it devolved into him lecturing the rest of the group.

After dismissing the rest of the group, Cheng Yang pulled Liu Hau into a side room to ask him a few questions. As Cheng Yang had hoped, his friend had found the instance dungeon near Joyous River Village.

According to Liu Hau, it was well hidden. Three trees had grown in a ring around it, which blocked it from view.

This time, Cheng Yang intended to let someone else complete the first clear. After all, since Liu Hau was a High-Grade Warrior, if he couldn’t clear it with the help of his Standard-Grade subordinates, there was no point in him surviving the instance.

As for the first clear of the Hard Difficulty, Cheng Yang was going to do it tomorrow. After that, he would also get the first clear for the Sky God Island Hard Difficulty.

After Liu Hau left to complete his orders, Cheng Yang and Liu Wei left the village. It was already past nine in the evening, so he needed to quickly hunt some monsters and collect the necessary materials for practicing alchemy.

There were quite a few alchemists in Phoenix Village, but very few of them had the tools necessary to brew potions. As such, it wouldn’t be difficult for Cheng Yang to hire a few of them to gather the herbs he needed. But, that would cause his skills to develop disproportionally. If he later found a high-level material, he might be able to brew a potion to cure regret but wouldn’t be ready to harvest the ingredients for one.

Besides, it wasn’t a time-consuming task. This was because Cheng Yang only needed to harvest a hundred herbs to have the growth of his Harvesting skill equal to that of his other ones.

After sweeping through the surrounding areas, Liu Wei and Cheng Yang returned to Phoenix Village. Now that Cheng Yang needed to spend six hours each day training, he spent nearly the whole night in the village.

Just that one night of practice cost Cheng Yang nearly three thousand Experience Fragments. IT was a price no one else in the world could afford to pay. Even people like Yuan Jianzhe that monopolized a safe zone would be shocked to hear how much Cheng Yang spent.

Once he was finished training, Cheng Yang brewed as many potions as he was able. Then, he sold them to the manager of the Alchemy Tower. When he received over a thousand Experience Fragments, Cheng Yang couldn’t help but thank the gods for giving him such a profitable trade deal.

One by one, Cheng Yang completed his daily tasks. Next, he cleared the Blood-Soaked Cathedral. Then he paid to start new research for each class change statue. Finally, he began to address specific plans, such as clearing the instance dungeon near Joyous River Village.

Unfortunately, Cheng Yang’s day would not go as planned. As soon as he exited the village, a woman blocked his path.

“Fan Wukong? Why are you here?” Cheng Yang’s mood fell as he saw the woman he sent to watch The Forgotten Grave. Although he knew there was only one reason she would be here, he was hoping it wasn’t the case.

“The army found The Forgotten Grave half an hour ago. There are around two hundred individuals, and all of them appear to be Professionals. I left before they discovered the portal’s location, but they were close enough that it was only a matter of time.” Fan Wukong succinctly reported.

“You made the right choice. By the time I get there, they will probably have found it. Alright, reunite your battalion. They’re officially registering at the barracks today. You shouldn’t miss it.”

“What about The Forgotten Grave?”

“Don’t worry, thrashing the army is within my limits. Still, inform the generals that after they’re finished, they should join me.”

“As you command, my Lord.” Fan Wukong bowed before leaving.

“My Lord,” Liu Wei asked, “Are we changing our plans?”

Cheng Yang nodded. “We need to deal with Yuan Jianzhe before doing anything else.”

Once he said that the two set off for Cloud City’s Southern bridge.

By the time the duo arrived at the entrance to The Forgotten Grave, there was a large crowd. No doubt, it was Yuan Jianzhe’s army.

“Halt! Identify yourselves!” A voice cried out as Cheng Yang boldly approached the instance dungeon.

Cheng Yang chuckled. “Someone like you doesn’t qualify to know who I am much less stop me from going somewhere.”

The man blocking Cheng Yang’s path had leather armor on, but the standard-issue uniform pants he was wearing identified him as part of the army. Although Yuan Jianzhe was frantically buying equipment for his subordinates, it would be months before everyone had a set. Right now, only half of the army had even a single piece of equipment.

“Liu Wei? What are you doing with that guy?” Before the pissed off soldier could counter Cheng Yang, a voice called out from the crowd.

“Do you know that guy?” Cheng Yang whispered to Liu Wei.

“I do.” Liu Wei said with a complicated expression. She owed the man her life but hated him at the same time. “He’s Zhao Xun, a captain in the second militia. He saved me from the ruins but afterward tried to make me his sex slave. If you hadn’t taken me from the safe zone, I probably would have been forced into that position.”

Zhao Xun anxiously watched Liu Wei explain their history. Since Liu Wei was here, he knew that the man beside her was a monster wearing a human’s skin.

When he first discovered that Liu Wei had escaped his clutches, he had vowed to find the man that took her and make him pay. After learning who that man was, Zhao Xun had prayed that he would never see Liu Wei again.

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