Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 116 | Prisoners

“Liu Wei… Ms. Liu. What are you doing here?” Zhao Xun asked while tripping over his tongue.

“It would seem you’ve learned how to address someone respectfully since we last met, Captain Zhou.” Liu Wei coldly replied.

On the surface, Zhao Xun didn’t react, but internally, he was furious. “How dare she talk to me like that just because she’s latched onto some man! That horse-faced bitch!”

“Ms. Liu, there’s no need to exaggerate like that. I may have been slightly disrespectful, but that was just the stress of rescuing you and the other civilians from the jaws of monsters.” Zhao Xun replied, careful not to aggravate Cheng Yang and die pointlessly.

Liu Wei snorted and was about to reply when Cheng Yang cut her off. “Don’t bother arguing with someone like him. Hey, you’re the Zhao Xun she was talking about, right?”

“Yes, that’s correct, sir. You should know-” Zhao Xun shivered in anger but forced it down. When had he, a senior executive of the Lu Gaofeng company, had to grovel in front of an arrogant punk? Even if the company was dead, everyone should still treat him with basic respect! Maintaining a calm facial expression, Zhao Xun soothed his anger. Otherwise, he was confident Cheng Yang would kill him. “What is it you want, sir?”

Cheng Yang pulled a bundle of rope he picked up early out of his ring and threw it to Zhao Xun’s feet. “Tie yourself up. Right now.”

Zhao Xun’s friendly face cracked. “Sir… This, why are you going so far?”

Cheng Yang’s eyes shone with cold anger. “Why can’t I do what I want? I’m warning you; if you wait too long, I’m going to do it, and if I do, I can’t guarantee your safety. You can rest assured that I won’t kill you. After all, I need you alive for what I want to do.”

By now, whispers about Cheng Yang’s identity had reached the rest of the army. At first, the soldiers were curious why their captain would act so cowardly, but when they learned about Cheng Yang’s power, it seemed reasonable. Once they knew, they considered Zho Xun’s behavior as the model of flexibility.

At the same time, a cold sweat covered Zhao Xun. If he didn’t obey Cheng Yang, he would die, and a worse fate would follow if he did obey. Even if Yuan Jianzhe rescued him, he would lose his position as captain. And that was assuming Yuan Jianzhe cared enough to feud with Cheng Yang just for him!

“Last chance. I won’t ask again.” Cheng Yang broke the awkward silence.

Forced to the brink, Zhao Xun threw caution to the wind. “Sir, we’ve never had any problems between us, have we? So why are you pushing me this far?”

Cheng Yang smirked. “Does it hurt to have other leverage their power over you? How ironic. As for a reason, seeing your face pisses me off.”

“Your strong, but what does that matter! There are over a hundred soldiers here, so think about your position carefully.” Zhao Xun snapped. “You might survive, but what about that bitch next to you?”

Cheng Yang’s mouth stretched into a hollow and sinister smile. “Can I interpret that as a threat?”

“Maybe it was, but you could also see it as advice from your betters.” Zhao Xun screamed.

“In that case, I won’t hold back.” Cheng Yang shot forwards like a loosed arrow. The few dozen meters between the few parties seemed more like a few steps to Cheng Yang, who reached Zhao Xun in an instant. Then, Cheng Yang kicked Zhao Xun’s knee, shattering it.

Even though he was a Mage, Cheng Yang’s simple kick hit with more force than a sniper rifle. Against monsters, this didn’t mean much, but against humans like those in Cloud City, Cheng Yang was a god of war.

As soon as Zhao Xun crumpled to the floor, Cheng Yang crushed his windpipe and lifted him into the air with a single hand. Although Zhao Xun couldn’t suffocate to death, that didn’t stop him from experiencing it.

As he choked on his own blood, Zhao Xun came to the terrifying realization that Cheng Yang was a Pinnacle-Grade Apprentice. Each attack dealt three damage so, by subtracting his Physical Defense and accounting for the penalty for unarmed attacks, Zhao Xun was able to calculate that Cheng Yang had eight Physical Attack. And that was as a Mage! Zhao Xun didn’t even dare to estimate how much damage Cheng Yang would do if he used his skills.

Zhao Xun’s subordinates weren’t a part of the army for show. Even though Cheng Yang showed absolute strength, dozens of attacks had already been prepared. Then, the army peppered Cheng Yang with light and arrows.

Cheng Yang just stood there, watching them with cold eyes. At the same time, Cheng Yang pointed his stave at the Warriors charging towards him.

Then, a bloody bouquet bloomed as Cheng Yang’s Petal Blizzard skill tore eight of them to ribbons.

Previously, even though the army knew Cheng Yang was strong, they thought numbers could overwhelm him. Now, all they fear was fear.

“Surrender.” Cheng Yang stared down the rest of the army as he spoke. “Lie down with your face on the ground. If you try to run, I’ll kill you.”

Although they were hesitant, one by one, the soldiers put down their weapons and laid on the ground.

Cheng Yang pulled even more rope out of his ring and threw it at one of the Warriors. “You know what to do. Don’t blame me for punishing you if you’re not fast enough. My patience is wearing thin, and I don’t need all of you alive.”

A few minutes later, all of the soldiers were tied to each other with their hands bound. As for Zhao Xun, Cheng Yang hung him from a piece of rebar with a noose. Despite the pain he was in, Zhao Xun couldn’t even scream.

“My Lord, why did you spare them?” Liu Wei asked.

“They’ll be more useful alive when Yuan Jianzhe comes to bargain with me.” Cheng Yang replied with a slight smile. He was happy that Liu Wei was adapting her mindset towards one that suited the current world.

“Are you going to threaten Yuan Jianzhe with their lives?”

“Their lives?” Cheng Yang laughed, “Yuan Jianzhe won’t care that much about them. They’re just a way to get my foot in the door.”

Liu Wei nodded in understanding.

Less than half an hour later, Yuan Jianzhe arrived with an army of two thousand. Of course, this army was composed of civilian militia members as well as former soldiers.

When he first heard that the instance dungeon had been found, Yuan Jianzhe was ecstatic. However, he wasn’t a fool. If he had found it, the other force hiding in Cloud City most certainly had as well. As such, before leaving, he assembled as many of the Professionals in Cloud City as he could.

Once Yuan Jianzhe saw his soldiers tied up, he knew he had made the right choice. Since there were only two people present, he sent a few people to search the ruins for the enemy’s reinforcement and then walked over to meet Cheng Yang.

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