Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 117 | Tit for Tat

“Commander Yuan, we meet again.” Cheng Yang taunted.

“And you are?” Yuan Jianzhe recognized Cheng Yang but was unwilling to accept that he had lost the initiative.

“Commander Yuan, who knew such a great man had such a bad memory. It’s only been a few days, and you’ve already forgotten me.” Cheng Yang wore a mocking smile.

“I should have realized what you represented when I first saw you.” Yuan Jianzhe gave up trying to pretend he didn’t know Cheng Yang, “Who knew you would become such a thorn in my side. So, tell me, are you a human or an NPC?”

“Naturally, I’m a native of Earth, but feel free to think that’s a lie.”

“In that case, there’s something I can’t understand. Do you think you could help me?”

“Of course, commander.” Cheng Yang replied sweetly.

“What relationship do you have with the manager of the Alchemy Tower? Why was he so polite with you?”

“Money.” Cheng Yang replied. “He may not associate with poor bastards like you, but for someone with my wealth, he would lick my feet if I asked.”

“Is that why-“

“Enough bullshit, don’t you think it’s time we deal with the matter at hand?”

Despite Cheng Yang’s provocation, Yuan Jianzhe’s face remained inscrutable. Even so, Yuan Jianzhe couldn’t help but reevaluate Cheng Yang’s threat level when he saw the tied up soldiers.

“In that case, how should I refer to you?”

“My name is Cheng Yang. My subordinates refer to me as their Lord, but you may use my name.” Cheng Yang declared arrogantly.

“Then, Cheng Yang, did you attack my soldiers because you were attracted to that veil of light over there?”

“Why are you being so cryptic, commander?” Cheng Yang asked. “Everyone knows that’s an instance dungeon, so there’s no need to beat around the bush.”

Yuan Jianzhe inwardly sighed. It seems there wouldn’t be an easy way out of this predicament. “Since you already know, lets cut to the chase. My soldiers discovered the instance dungeon and left some people to stand guard while the rest alerted me. While they were gone, your people attacked my guards. Do you have any explanation for your actions?”

Cheng Yang smiled indifferently. He had seen Yuan Jianzhe send out scouts, and since he hadn’t attacked yet, that meant he was still on guard. In that case, Cheng Yang didn’t mind playing around for a while.

“Commander Yuan, are you implying that the instance dungeon belongs to the group that discovered it first?”

“Of course not. What I am saying is that this instance dungeon is unowned land, and thus as representatives of the state, it belongs to us.” Yuan Jianzhe replied. He wasn’t a fool and knew that regardless of the truth, Cheng Yang would insist that he found it first, but he needed to stall until his scouts discovered the position of Cheng Yang’s forces. ” However, I understand that some people no longer consider the power of the state. In such a case, it would belong to the person that found it first.”

“In that case, you should know all about the instance dungeon, right?” Cheng Yang snickered. “Tell me, what is the instance dungeon’s name? What monsters are found inside? How many are there? What appears in the loot tables?”

The barrage of questions gave Yuan Jianzhe an ominous premonition. Was it possible that Cheng Yang found the instance dungeon a long time ago? Was that how he had access to so many pieces of equipment?

“We haven’t explored it yet.” Yuan Jianzhe replied coldly, “But if you are serious about having found it first, why don’t you answer those questions yourself?”

“I could tell you since I’ve beaten it before, but talk is cheap. How would you know if what I was saying is true?” Cheng Yang asked. “I propose that you send a few people inside to check. While they’re in the instance dungeon, I’ll tell you what is inside and when they come out, they’ll confirm my story. How about it?”

Even though Cheng Yang hadn’t given away any vital information, Yuan Jianzhe was able to confirm that Cheng Yang found the instance dungeon a long time ago.

“I’m afraid I’ll have to decline. An instance dungeon is a dangerous place, and I don’t feel like sacrificing weak soldiers. I’m also not a big enough fool to send in my elite forces with an enemy right in front of me.” Yuan Jianzhe said politely.

At the same time, Yuan Jianzhe’s scouts returned, and an aide whispered something into his ear. Seeing this, Cheng Yang knew that their pleasant chat had ended. It didn’t matter. He had planned to settle this with force from the start.

“Since it’s going to be like that Commander Yuan, I assume you’re going to decline any offer I make you. In that case, why don’t you suggest something?” Cheng Yang said with blatant hostility.

“Do you think I must make an offer still? You’re alone, Cheng Yang. Even if you’re strong, you cannot stand against an army of thousands.” Yuan Jianzhe made his way to the back of his subordinates.

“What of your army?” Cheng Yang said with a sneer. “Can two thousand eggs smash a boulder? Since you want to fight, don’t cry why I massacre your soldiers.”

“Don’t throw your life away, Cheng Yang.” Yuan Jianzhe said. “It’s impossible to resist us, and I could use a subordinate like you.”

“Even if you had a few thousand more soldiers, I wouldn’t feel challenged.” Cheng Yang said with a cheeky grin.

Yuan Jianzhe sighed and gave out his orders. “Place Cheng Yang and his companion into custody. If they resist, kill them.”

As soon as he spoke, hundreds of soldiers formed close ranks. Rangers and Mages were in the back with the Summoners in the middle and Warriors at the vanguard.

“My Lord, will you be okay?” Liu Wei asked. Although she had seen Cheng Yang defeat large groups before, the pressure given off by Yuan Jianzhe’s soldiers was enormous.

“Don’t worry. These people don’t pose a threat to me. Stay out of range while I deal with this.” Cheng Yang replied confidently before whispering. “Follow my plan, and we’ll subdue them in no time.”

Liu Wei’s words only bolstered Yuan Jianzhe’s convictions. He was determined to put an end to Cheng Yang’s antics today. As long as Cheng Yang was alive, he would be a thorn in Yuan Jianzhe’s side, so if he couldn’t control him, Cheng Yang had to die.

“Aim!” Once the army reached firing range, a loud voice rang out. Then, the sound of taunt bowstrings mixed with the chants of magic and the growls of summoned wolves.

“Fire!” A shower of attacks rained down on Cheng Yang like an endless torrent. At the same time, hundreds of wolves charged towards him.

Cheng Yang smirked. Was this how Yuan Jianzhe planned to capture him alive? What a joke. Since the army wasn’t going to pull any punches, why should he?

Just like before, Cheng Yang ignored everything and cast Petal Blizzard. This time, the close ranks made his attack even more effective. The razor-sharp petals around the Warrior’s shield as if they were mere decoration before shredding nearly a dozen people.

At this point, Liu Wei knew it was time to complete her portion of Cheng Yang’s plan. She quickly cast Healing Light and ran away. There was no helping it. If she stayed, she’d either die or become Cheng Yang’s Achilles heel.

Even so, she felt horrible, leaving Cheng Yang by himself. Even if this was his plan, it was because she was too weak to be useful in any other way. She silently vowed to get stronger as soon as possible so she would never be a liability again.

Cheng Yang, on the other hand, was having a wonderful time. There were hundreds of opponents, but how many could attack him at any given time? Only a handful of wolves could reach him, and most of the ranged attack missed. Even when he was hit, his absurd Physical Defense meant only one in every few dozen hits dealt any damage.

All that Yuan Jianzhe’s army had accomplished was making its Summoner’s useless by killing their wolves with friendly fire.

At the same time, Cheng Yang was using Petal Blizzard to harvest lives at a terrifying rate.

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MC is virtually invincible at this moment,
But he delay saving his subordinates family.
I’m surprised no one has thought to rebel against this egotistical human


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