Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 121 | Ghost Hunter

“Damn! That guy was tough!” Liu Hau swore as he tore the arrow out of his chest, “You really can’t underestimate Hard Difficulty instances.”

“Have you been training with Xue Yu like I asked you too?” Cheng Yang scolded Liu Hau. “His skills are even better than mine, so it would do you some good.”

“I haven’t gotten around to it yet.” Liu Hau replied with a cheeky smile. “Now hurry up and open the loot chest. I’m looking forward to what’s inside!”

“It’s going to be something for Rangers, so there’s no need to get excited.”

“Maybe not for this instance dungeon, but the sooner you finish up here, the sooner you can clear the one near Yu Kai’s village. Mine gives us items for him, and his gives us items for me.”

Ignoring his friends babbling, Cheng Yang went over the flagpole in the center of the roof and pulled a small, beating heart out of the nearby chest.

Hskad’s Heart
Giving this heart to a Ranger class change statue grants access to the unique subclass Ghost Hunter

Cheng Yang was extraordinarily happy with this reward. Ghost Hunter was a fantastic subclass that was even better than Cheng Yang’s for certain activities. Once Cheng Yang allowed Yu Kai to obtain this subclass, he would become a core pillar of strength for Phoenix Village.

After Liu Hau heard what the first clear reward did, he cursed the heavens. “Yu Kai better get me something just as good from his dungeon!”

“Don’t worry. You’ll get a nice subclass eventually.” Cheng Yang teased his friend as they left the instance.

“Koko, try to level up your village today. I’ll transfer you the funds you’ll need later tonight.” Cheng Yang said once they were back in Joyous River Village. “That should help you earn municipal funds on your own.”

Right now, there were only a few square miles of where the territory would earn money from monster kills. This amounted to around a thousand and two hundred Experience Fragments per day. Once the village leveled up, that area would more than double, and so would the territory’s income.

Cheng Yang soon left for Silkworm Mountain but decided to stop by Cloud City safe zone on the way.

Due to the agreement he made with Yuan Jianzhe, he couldn’t take Liu Wei with him. As for why he was going, naturally, it was to collect the debt owed of him.

As soon as Cheng Yang passed through the curtain of light, a terrified soldier recognized him. Shortly afterward, Yuan Jianzhe came out to meet Cheng Yang.

Yuan Jianzhe personally handed over the two hundred thousand Experience Fragments in the first installment with a smile on his face. This was, of course, a facade. If he could, he would have torn Cheng Yang limb from limb.

Cheng Yang smirked when he saw that. He was very aware of Yuan Jianzhe’s character and knew he was counting down the days until he could get his revenge.

After getting his money, Cheng Yang left the safe zone. Although he had bargained for the right to recruit civilians, he was busy today.

It was late, but Cheng Yang still had to clear the Hard Difficulty of Sky God Island before returning to Phoenix Village. While he was there, he would pick up Yu Kai so he could become a Ghost Hunter.

The Hard Difficulty wasn’t very different from the Easy except that the boss took a little longer to kill. It only took Cheng Yang ten minutes to blaze through the instance.

As expected, the first clear reward at the end was a valuable item for Warriors. However, it seemed that Liu Hau would have to wait a while longer to get a unique subclass.

Warden’s Wall
This is a skill modeled after the thick hides and hardy constitution of a species that lost their intelligence long ago but were famed as outstanding warriors. It was mass produced for use by prison guards and sealed in crystals.

Grade: Purple Silver
Class: Warrior
Requirements: Standard-Grade Apprentice
Learning Cost: 200 Experience Fragments
Effect: Increases the size of your shield by four times
Effect: Doubles shield Damage Reduction
Penalty: Movement Speed becomes 0
Penalty: Cannot use weapons

It was another inheritance gem. This one, however, increased the ability of an army to stop charging monsters.

“Damn, Liu Hau is too lucky!” Yu Kai complained. “He already got a bonus skill, and now he has this as well.”

“Are you kidding? This skill is totally unsuited for Liu Hau. His strongest point is his speed, so this skill is nearly useless to him.” Cheng Yang said with a chuckle. “Besides, you’re even luckier than him, check this out.”

Cheng Yang took out the Haskad’s Heart and handed it to Yu Kai.

“This is awesome!” Yu Kai cheered after he read the system pane.

“We also got a Ranger skill, so come back with me to Phoenix Village.” Cheng Yang said. “Let’s have you become a Ghost Hunter.”

They quickly returned to Phoenix Village, and when they arrived went directly towards the Ranger statue.

Cheng Yang first allowed it to absorb the inheritance gem before forcing Hskad’s Heart into it. With a bright flash, it melded with the statue, and the outline of a brightly glowing heart could be seen even from outside the statue.

Once Cheng Yang was done, Yu Kai powered himself up.

Yu Kai
Phoenix Empire Official
Silkworm Mountain Governor
Class: Ranger
Subclass: Ghost Hunter
Profession: Woodworker
Level: High-Grade Apprentice (13.2%)

Age19Life Span200
Physical Attack66.4Magic Attack6.9
Physical Defense10Magic Defense5
Attack Speed8.6Movement Speed13

Innate Abilities

  • Receive 40% more stats in the Physical Attack attribute when you level up
  • Attack Range increased by 30%
  • Movement speed is increased by 200%


  • Meditation (High-Grade): Meditate to absorb experience fragments and level up
  • Longshot (High-Grade): Increase Attack Range by 40% | Passive Skill
  • Quantum Phantom(Low-Grade): Split into two possibilities, once one is attacked, it shatters and when only one is left you fully become that possibility. Every copy can attack with a 50% damage reduction penalty | Cost: 20 Mana | Cooldown: 9 minutes | Duration: 10 seconds | Proficiency: 0.0%
  • Spectral Arrow (High-Grade): Imbue your arrow with magic causing it to flicker in and out of existence and deal an additional 120% of your Magic Attack attribute | Damage: 74.7 | Ignore Armor Chance: 10% | Cost: 4 Mana | Cast Time: 0.6 sec | Proficiency: 53% | Ignore Armor Chance: 10%
  • Demonic Watcher (Low-Grade): Contract an invisible creature from the abyss that can share its senses with you to spy on living creatures near you | Cost: 50 Mana | Range: 2 kilometers | Proficiency: 6.4%
  • Burning Soul (Low-Grade): Using your soul as fuel increase your damage | Damage Increase: 15% | Cost: 2 Mana/Second | Cooldown: 90 seconds | Proficiency: 0.0%


  • Golem’s Heart (Black Iron): This bow is carved from a single piece of living stone that has long since died | Increase Physical Attack by 4 | Durability: 65/80
  • Void Python Bag (Black-Iron): This quiver was made using a baby void python and can hold 200 arrows| Spawns one arrow every 45 seconds | Durability: 78/80
  • Gloves of the Boxer (Green-Bronze): Originally a mundane set of hand wraps, they were transformed by the fighting spirit of their owner | Increase Attack Speed by 1 | Durability: 53/60
  • Loyal Spirit (Green-Bronze): A product of black magic, this ring has a human’s mana node set into it | Increase Mana by 20 | Durability: 47/60
  • Noble’s Shield (Green-Bronze): This badly damaged ring was commissioned by a noble with many mages as enemies | Increase Magic Defense by 1 | Durability: 60/60
  • Zephyr Stone (Black-Iron): This necklace contains a friendly wind spirit that can guide arrows to their mark | Increase Attack Range by 5% | Durability: 49/80
  • Forlorn Prisoner’s Boots (Green-Bronze): A prisoner fashioned these boots in order to escape but died trying | Increase Movement Speed by 1 and Physical Defense by 1 | Durability: 52/60
  • Studded Stygian Leather (Black-Iron): This armor is made from the tough hide of a dangerous bird | Increase Physical Defense by 5 | Durability: 56/80

No doubt about it, Yu Kai was a real powerhouse after becoming a Ghost Hunter. His damage had increased, and his skills combined themselves more fluidly. The signature skill of the Ghost Hunter, Quantum Phantom, was especially powerful. It allowed him to confuse and disorient his enemies, and every time he leveled it up, he could produce an additional clone. Maybe in the future, Yu Kai could be a literal one-person army.

Yu Kai’s Demonic Watcher was an upgraded version of the Ranger’s Spirit Eagle skill. It didn’t improve his abilities directly, but it had enormous strategic significance. In an era without GPS, remote detection and pathfinding were only possible using these skills. Its range was short right but doubled every time the ability leveled up.

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