Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 122 | Armed Forces

“Yoko, check out my system pane! Aren’t I awesome!” Yu Kai proudly declared.

“I could kill you in two hits.” Cheng Yang stated.

“Hey, who asked you to compare us?” Yu Kai was annoyed by his friend’s abrasive words. “Aside from you, I’m the best in the world.”

“What about Liu Wei?” Cheng Yang asked. “Once she levels up, she could kill you with a single word.”

“Well, if I’m not second, then I can settle for third.” Yu Kai said with a laugh.

“You’ll have to compete with Liu Hau for that position.” Cheng Yang sighed. “I’m just trying to make you understand that your not invincible just cause you have a few new skills.”

Yu Kai seemed to be contemplating Cheng Yang’s words. Contemplation and fear were written all over his face.

“Do you really think Liu Hau’s going to surpass me?”

Cheng Yang sighed in response. “Maybe. The Sky God Island Nightmare Difficulty might have a unique subclass as the first clear reward. If that happens and Liu Hau gets a unique subclass, it will be hard to say since he’s faster than you.”

“That rat fucker!” Yu Kai swore.

Although he seemed upset, Yu Kai was secretly happy for his friend. He put on a strong front, but he knew his life was only this easy thanks to Cheng Yang’s protection. Anything that helped the people he cared about survive was a good thing.

Cheng Yang left Yu Kai to play around with his new skills. He had lectured his friend on the dangers of arrogance, but truth be told, it would be hard to find anything capable of killing Yu Kai. Ghost Hunters were world-renowned for having one of the best escape abilities.

He walked over to the Territory Altar and checked the Experience Fragment balance. It was 340,000.

That number shocked Cheng Yang. What loophole had he found?

A few moments later, Cheng Yang discovered the source of the village’s wealth: he had forgotten to set up the military payroll since he was in a hurry to deal with Yuan Jianzhe.

Speaking of the military, Cheng Yang figured he should review the rules surrounding its structure.

Although the military had a few hundred soldiers currently enrolled, each army could only have a maximum of ten people right now. This was because a Private First Class couldn’t form anything bigger than a Low-Grade Army. Cheng Yang chose to model the previous squad system off the same numbers in preparation for this moment.

The main benefit of the Army system was a telepathic link would be created between members of the same army. Right now, each battalion was composed of several armies, but in the future, generals will be able to command hundreds of people fluidly.

As for the salaries, Cheng Yang’s general set the rate at the higher of either the soldier’s military rank or level times fourteen plus twenty. Thus, a Private First Class would receive thirty-four Experience Fragments per day.

Their salary was half of what they could earn before, but their position came with the benefit of subsidized skills, potions, and equipment. Most importantly, they were given paid time off to train and relax. Right now, it wasn’t very often since the military was busy, but everyone could expect a day off once every two weeks.

The generals had also decided on what salaries to provide to officers and other high-ranking military officials. Squadron leaders were paid twice as much, captains three times as much, and generals eight times with deputy positions given twenty percent less.

This meant Yu Kai, Liu Hau, and the other generals had a base salary of two-hundred and seventy-two Experience Fragments. Yu Kai and Liu Hau, in specific, would get four hundred and ninety-six since they were High-Grade Apprentices.

Although it seemed like a lot, nearly the entire paycheck would go towards training consumption. However, now that they had access to the Nirvana Feather, even that wouldn’t be enough.

It could be said that Phoenix Village was too generous with paying its officials. However, this was the deliberate result of Cheng Yang’s original military structure.

He made sure to place everyone with high-rank Innate Abilities in officer positions even at the expense of less talented but potentially better commanders. This was because the commander role wasn’t crucial in the early stages of the apocalypse and because he needed to ensure that the individuals with the most potential received the most care. The system created earlier today was a way to make that unfair process “fair” and official.

Once Cheng Yang paid his soldiers, over a third of the territory’s funds disappeared. Unfortunately, there were still more expenses to deal with; each battalion needed operating expenses covered.

Cheng Yang gave each squad three hundred Experience Fragments for buying potions, which would be paid weekly. Thankfully, the gods’ rules allowed Cheng Yang to set up a recurring transfer directly to an Army instead of a weekly one to the officers.

Cheng Yang grimaced when he saw less than eighty-thousand Experience Fragments remaining. It was heart-wrenching to see his money fly away even if he knew it was necessary.

However, he still wasn’t done. There was one thing left to do: build the Bank and transfer initial capital.

Cheng Yang wanted to build the Bank days ago but didn’t have the surplus Experience Fragments necessary. Now, however, the territory had sixty-thousand Experience Fragments it didn’t need.

A few minutes later, a palatial stone building appeared inside the Inner Village in a flash of light. The Bank was located in between the shops and the Meditation Halls and was detailed with gold, granite, and other precious materials. Its name, “Phoenix Village Money Farm,” was emblazoned on a large polished stone gate using glimmering red gems.

As the territory’s Financial Manager, Wang Lu sense the Bank’s existence as soon as it was created. It wasn’t long before she and Cheng Yang were standing together in the Bank’s lobby.

“My Lord, now that you’ve set up the bank for me, should I start working?” Wang Lu asked in a timid voice, fearing that if she spoke too loudly, she might discover that this was all a dream. Having a safe office job that allowed her to escape the constant fighting of the apocalypse was her ideal life.

“Of course.” Cheng Yang replied with a nod. “I’ve even transferred some Experience Fragments to the Bank so you can start issuing loans tomorrow.”

“My Lord, would it be possible to assign some helpers?” Wang Lu asked with a worried face. “There are several hundred people in the village who might take out loans, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to handle the workload on my own.”

“You already have all the help you could ever need.” Cheng Yang laughed as he gestured towards the numerous well-dressed attendants in the lobby. “Just let the assistants take care of all the work. You only need to review the Bank’s transaction history and handle any unusual situations.”

“It’s that simple?”

“Did you think it was going to be complicated?”

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One reply on “Doomsday Lord Ch. 122 | Armed Forces”

Well, although I didn’t have any extravagant hopes for MC’s naming sense, this bank’s name is just so cringey for me. Firstly, his ambition is to build an empire with Phoenix village eventually evolving into the capital city. So I fail to see how naming it a village money farm nice. And who TF names a bank a farm? It’s just too stupid and immature. Even literally naming it Phoenix bank would be better than this.


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