Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 125 | God Quest

Cheng Yang reached an empty terminal then checked the time.

It was nine-thirty in the morning.

A few days ago, Yu Kai had raided a luxury store while rescuing civilians. Inside were numerous expensive mechanical watched, one of which was given to Cheng Yang. Most watches stopped functioning after the earthquake, but anything without a battery still worked fine. As such, watches slike Cheng Yang’s were the easiest way to keep track of time.

“Just half an hour.” Cheng Yang muttered to himself. Half an hour was valuable to him, but it wasn’t long enough to justify going out to do something. By the time he started, it would already be time for him to return to the Quest Hall.

Ten minutes…

Twenty minutes…

Twenty-five minutes…

Time passed slowly, but eventually, ten o clock arrived, and with it came a familiar booming voice.

“Detestable worms, it would seem you’ve become far too comfortable after receiving the gods’ gift. They righteously allowed you to transcend your limits, but what did you do with it? Fight each other in pitiful mortal power struggles? They have deemed your actions abhorrent and sent me to deliver your punishment! No longer will your growth outpace the monsters surrounding you! However, the gods are also merciful. They have provided a way to quickly grow stronger for any mortals brave enough to grasp it! Do not disappoint them again!”

Everyone in the Quest Hall had a morbid face. Every time that damned voice appeared, something horrible happened. I had announced the apocalypse, then a monster mass evolution occurred, and now it declared that they would level up faster than humans!

Before anyone could react, a bright light blinded them as a new screen appeared at the back of the Quest Hall.

It was big enough that everyone present could easily read it. The title at the top identified it as the God Quest board. Cheng Yang had been waiting here so that he could quickly accept and complete one of the God Quests he knew would appear.

Regular quests were generated based on the rules created by the gods. As such, they were procedurally generated based on the location you received them. Quests in a territory were usually related to kingdom building, whereas those in the safe zones would be related to special events if there were any.

Now, however, safe zones would also get fetch quests. Originally safe zones weren’t upgradable, but the latest system patch by the gods changed that. The only way to do so would be to complete a nearly endless number of fetch quests. The benefits of doing so weren’t great compared to territories, however. It would only increase the space inside the safe zone a little and provide some housing bonuses.

Unlike regular quests that were procedurally generated, these God Quests were handed to humanity directly by the gods. This meant that each God Quest could only be completed once, and everyone in the world had the opportunity to try and complete it.

New God Quests would be posted every month and expire after six. Completing one provided you with an absurd number of Advancement Tokens and a priceless treasure.

Of course, these quests were difficult to the point of absurdity. For example, the first of three God Quests on the board right now was to annihilate an Orc Stronghold completely. It was never completed in Cheng Yang’s past life.

Right now, two of the three God Quests were group activities, but there was one that could be done alone.

Crazy Counterattack
Prove your bravery,strength, and perseverance by slaughtering one thousand Standard-Grade Immature or higher monsters in a single day.

Reward: 10,000 Advancement Tokens and a special item

Just the ten thousand Advancement Tokens were enough to make anyone go crazy. It would be enough to raise someone at least three or four ranks in the military.

For adventurers, it would directly turn an F-Rank Adventurer into an E-Rank Adventurer. This would allow them to take harder missions and increase the rewards from easier ones.

Cheng Yang, however, was focused on the special item he could earn. Once the screen had appeared, he rushed over and accepted the Crazy Counterattack quest. Then, he sprinted out of the Quest Hall and into the wilderness.

Cheng Yang didn’t have time to waste. Although it was easy for him to kill a Standard-Grade monster, he wasn’t sure he could kill a thousand in just one day. Not because he wasn’t strong enough but because he might not be able to find a thousand monsters at that level.

At first, Cheng Yang wanted to visit the various instance dungeon’s under his control and farm monsters there. The Forgotten Grave would have been especially suitable for that task since it had several dozen Standard-Grade monsters in the Normal Difficulty alone. Unfortunately, when he accepted the missions, Cheng Yang learned that the monsters had to be naturally born. It was a revelation that filled his heart with resentment for the gods.

Fortunately, the gods’ punishment raised the spawn rate so that 20% of any monster horde would be at the Standard-Grade. As such, Cheng Yang only needed to slaughter five hordes with a thousand monsters.

If this were still the earliest days of the apocalypse, finding monster hordes that big would be easy, but now it would be hard to find even one if you weren’t trying to. That’s why Cheng Yang was frantically rushing into the depths of the wilderness.

Cheng Yang might consider running into a horde with a thousand monsters lucky, but anyone else would consider it to be a calamity. For them, the new Standard-Grade monster spawn rate would be an unprecedented disaster.

Even when only five percent of each horde was at the Standard-Grade, any horde with more than a few dozen monsters was horrifying. Anytime a group fought without the advantage of numbers, they would suffer casualties as they gradually whittled away at the monsters’ numbers.

Once they found out about these new changes, they would undoubtedly worry about whether they could still earn a living. The leaders of each safe zone, however, were worried about something else.

There were only two changes, but everyone in the safe zones immediately became aware of them.

The first change was that it was now impossible for one human to kill another in a safe zone. If they tried, the person would be restored to an undamaged state.

The other was the introduction of a poll. Near the class change statues at the center of the safe zone, underneath the God Quest terminal was a pair of lists: the List of Honorable Mortals and the List of Wicked Fiends.

Everyone in the safe zone was on one of the two lists based on the opinions of the other people in the city. Although it was called a poll, there wasn’t a way to vote. Instead, the system would passively monitor the levels of hatred and goodwill in the city then rank each list appropriately.

If someone was in the top five of either list at the end of each week, there were consequences. For those on the List of Honorable Mortals, the top five members would receive five thousand Experience Fragments each. For those on the List of Wicked Fiends, the top five would be expelled from the safe zone and forbidden from ever entering again.

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