Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 137 | Taming a Pet

The white tiger struggled to get up several times, but in the end, all it could do was lay on its stomach. That beam attack had used up all its strength.

For both monsters and Professionals, if they used a skill, it would only drain their Mana. Ascendants, however, were outside the gods’ rules, so their skills didn’t act the same. As such, any abilities it used pulled from its own strength, not that which was gifted to them.

The python crept slowly towards the tiger , dragging a trail of blood behind it. Once it reached its prey, it coiled itself around the tiger and started squeezing.

Powerless to resist, the tiger contemplated its mistakes. It had been drunk on its newfound powers and challenged someone it shouldn’t have. It couldn’t have known the python had a dangerous poison skill, but that didn’t matter. It had lost.

At this time, a large icicle flew out of the woods and struck the python on its head.

The python hissed before trying to unravel itself from its prey. When it did, the tiger let out a final struggle, stopping the python from fleeing.

A moment later, a second attack hit the python, spattering its flesh onto the lion’s white fur. It was like a spent arrow after the fight with the tiger , so there was nothing it could do to avoid it.

The python stopped struggling this time. Without a doubt, it was the most powerful monster ever to die in human hands, even if it was only picking up the scraps of someone else’s fight.

The white tiger was at a loss. It didn’t know what killed the tiger and had expected to die soon, but the fatal blow never arrived.

A few moments later, Cheng Yang walked out of the woods and stood in front of the tiger.

“I know you can understand me.” He said in a calm voice. “If you want to live, submit yourself to me.”

In response, the tiger closed its eyes and went to sleep.

“Don’t try and stall for time.” Cheng Yang warned while raising his stave. “I know how powerful your vitality is, so I won’t give you a chance to recover.”

The tiger opened its eyes in fear. Unlike a monster, if you attacked an Ascendants vitals, they would die instantly. If it fought the human in its current state, there was no way it would survive.

“I’m giving you ten seconds, and if you don’t agree, I’ll kill you.” Cheng Yang said. “Even if you don’t become my Pet, I can collect your blood and use it to brew special potions.”

The white tiger shuddered but stayed put.

“One.” Cheng Yang brutally started counting.

“Two.” The tiger still wasn’t moving.

Once Cheng Yang reached nine, the tiger lightly roared then bowed its head towards Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang smiled. Ever since he saw the tiger’s beam skill, he was determined to obtain it as his Pet. Now that it had submitted to him, he was overjoyed. As long as the tiger didn’t die, it could reach the pinnacle of strength with him.

“In the name of Cheng Yang, I take you as my servant and Pet. This contract binds our souls together and…” Cheng Yang started reciting a mantra that the gods would feed to anyone that obtained the trust of an Ascendant.

Of course, if the tiger wanted to, it could have started that process instead. It didn’t because it had hoped Cheng Yang wouldn’t know how. To its dismay, he did. Thus, although he could try and fight the magic binding spell, he could only accept becoming a human’s Pet.

Waves of energy flowed out of Cheng Yang, into the tiger, and back again until suddenly, a hazy image of the tiger formed in Cheng Yang’s mind. As the ritual continued, the image solidified until it was indistinguishable from the real version.

This signaled the successful completion of the taming process. When it finished, Cheng Yang innately understood how to communicate with and command the tiger using the replica in his mind. He could also speak to the Pet as long as it could hear him.

Then, Cheng Yang opened the tiger’s system pane.

Ascendant White Tiger
Owner: Cheng Yang
Approximate Level: Low-Grade Mature Monster

Age8Life Span312
Physical Attack126Magic Attack16
Physical Defense21Magic Defense19
Attack Speed15Movement Speed29

Innate Abilities

  • Ascendant Independence: The creature is outside of the gods system and must use its Stamina to fuel its abilities instead of Mana
  • Ascendant Vitality: This creature can be killed if it’s heart or brain is destroyed but recovers at a rate several times faster than normal
  • Vorpal Attacks: This creature can permanently remove another creatures limbs or kill them instantly through decapitation


  • Spirit Beam (N/A): This creature gathers soul fragments both from itself and defeated enemies before firing it in a single beam attack | Projected Damage: 370 – 410 | Projected Cooldown: 30 minutes
  • Fatal Bite (N/A): This creature will gather its strength into its jaws, overexerting them to deal increased damage | Projected Damage: 120 – 140 | Projected Cooldown: 2 minutes

Sure enough, the tiger had strength on par with a Mature monster. What surprised Cheng Yang was that the tiger had skills since most Ascendants wouldn’t have one.

Not only did the tiger have a skill, but it was also an outstanding one! It almost tripled its damage, which was enough to turn around almost any fight.

Of course, the skills weakness was glaring. If it didn’t kill the opponent, the fight was over.

As for the tiger’s other skills, they were nothing special except for its ability to use vorpal attacks. As long as the tiger was able to land a single well-placed attack, it could kill any opponent.

Against a monster with that kind of ability, even Cheng Yang would need to be careful. If his head was bitten off, it would be game over.

Seeing how strong his new Pet was, Cheng Yang felt pressure to level up quickly. If he ran into another monster like that, his death was guaranteed.

He also wanted to level up the tiger , but it wasn’t going to be easy. It couldn’t progress using the gods’ rules, so it could only rely on slowly building up its strength and experience.

In Cheng Yang’s previous life, only three people were able to level up their Pets. However, it seemed to happen at random, so no one knew the best strategy for leveling up a Pet.

Less than five minutes later, the tiger stood up. It had purged the poison from its body and had healed the external injuries from its battle with the python. It still had some internal injuries, but it could trounce someone like Cheng Yang in this state.

Other than its use in combat, Pets had two additional functions. They could be ridden as mounts. They could also shrink in size, allowing even the most ferocious Ascendants to harness the power of moe.

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TL Note: Moe is a concept of girlish, childlike cuteness. Hence, a tiny, fluffy tiger is moe.

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