Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 138 | Arrival in Yicheng

When Cheng Yang returned to his companions while riding a white tiger, they were amazed. It was a little frightening, but since Cheng Yang was on its back, it was under Cheng Yang’s control, they knew they weren’t in danger.

“Yoko! You’re so domineering! How did you get that thing?” Lau Hui asked, with his mouth hanging open.

Before Cheng Yang could say anything, the white tiger let out a vicious roar, frightening Cheng Yang’s companions. Although it did that, the white tiger was physically incapable of attacking something not designated as an enemy by its owner.

“My name is Enlai. Tell those humans to address me properly. I do not take kindly to being called a ‘thing.'” The tiger said through its connection with Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang snickered. “This is Enlai. He’s very sensitive and can understand human language, so don’t say anything rude.”

Cheng Yang’s warning was just in time to stop Lau Hui from escalating the situation. He had wanted to say something fierce to raise their momentum, but now he could only swallow his words and let out a dry cough.

“Brother Enlai, sorry for my words. I didn’t know you were able to hear me, so I said something I shouldn’t have. Hopefully, in the future, you’ll be able to help me out since you’re so mighty.”

Enlai gave Lau Hui a human-like nod but otherwise ignored his words. Humans were too weak for it to consider equals. If Cheng Yang hadn’t been there, it would have killed Lau Hui without hesitation.

“So, Yoko, what the hell is going on?” Lau Hui ignored Enlai’s contempt.

“Calm down. You’re being weird.” Cheng Yang said with disdain, “Enlai is now my Pet. I told you before, but there are creatures called Ascendants in this world that can be tamed. Enlai is one of them.”

“Tch, why am I never the lucky one?” Lau Hui complained, “I hope I can find Pet of my own someday.”

Cheng Yang was startled. He knew Lau Hui held a grudge since he was the only member of their friend group without something cool, but he didn’t realize it was this strong.

“Don’t do that unless you want to die a quick death. Most Ascendants are found deep in the wilderness and are frighteningly strong. I was only able to tame Enali because I was lucky, so don’t waste your life on a Pet. You’ll get a cool specialty soon, I promise.”

Lau Hui didn’t respond. He just shrugged his shoulders with exasperation.

Although Cheng Yang said he only tamed the white tiger because he had been lucky, he had sacrificed a lot to ensure he got a Pet.

Even if Enlai hadn’t restrained the python, opening it up for an attack, Cheng Yang would have won by using the Bone-Gnawing Bead. He’d already upgraded it to the High-Grade using 110,000 Experience Fragments. If he had enough, Cheng Yang would have boosted it all the way to a Pinnacle-Grade artifact.

Lau Hui and Liu Wei took this opportunity to listen to a retelling of the battle and learn more about Ascendants. Now that they knew getting a Pet was a matter of luck and strength, they were willing to wait.

“All right, enough chatting. We need to reach Yicheng before noon.” Cheng Yang said.

Lau Hui sighed as they walked. He was struggling through the brambles and tree roots, while Enlai nimbly carried Cheng Yang over every obstacle. “Yoko, do you think you can you let us ride Enlai wit-“

Before he could finish, Enlai snarled at him. Lau Hui immediately shut his mouth. Even if he knew Enlai couldn’t hurt him, Lau Hui couldn’t bare to provoke the tiger.

Cheng Yang didn’t try to stop Enlai. Although the tiger was his Pet, he knew not to be too pushy. An unruly Pet could cause a lot of problems even if they couldn’t disobey orders.

However, what if he asked Enlai to carry Liu Wei? Just that should be fine, right? They were already quite close, so even though they would need to squeeze together to fit… Forget it, that was too embarrassing. What if she didn’t want to but felt compelled because he was her boss?

That would be too horrible!

After a few quiet moments of contemplation, Cheng Yang jumped down from Enlai’s back.

“Liu Wei, why don’t we switch places? You have the lowest Movement Speed of the three of us, so if you ride Enlai, we’ll get to Yicheng faster.” Cheng Yang said after coming up with a reasonable justification.

Before Liu Wei could answer, Cheng Yang forced Enlai into a crouching position.

“Just hop on, its for the sake of the people of Yicheng.” Cheng Yang said.

“Well, if you insist.” Liu Wei smiled faintly. With a light jump, she landed on top of Enlai.

“Hey, Little White, you better make sure to protect her. If she falls or you let a monster hit you, I’m going to skin you and turn you into a carpet!” Cheng Yang maliciously gave Enali a nickname and threatened him over their mental link.

Enlai stared at Cheng Yang with bitter eyes. He naturally understood that “Little White” was a shitty name, especially since he already had a good one! Enlai could only hope Cheng Yang would only use it if he was angry.

After that, the three of them continued on their way.

It was much easier with Enlai around. His strength made any obstacles meaningless. Brambles were crushed underneath his paws, and smaller trees were toppled with a single swipe.

Enlai also helped Cheng Yang utterly crush any monsters they encountered. Moreover, no one needed to focus on protecting Liu Wei since she was on Enlai’s back. When a fight started, she just had to hold on tight and Smite anything that came to close.

As for Lau Hui, he hid behind his dire wolf and waited for the fights to finish. He vowed to one day get a Pet of his own. Although he could summon a wolf, it was useless as a mount and barely useful in combat.

A little over an hour later, Enlai had fully recovered from its fight with the python. As long as it wasn’t doing anything strenuous, his body rapidly healed itself. If he had been allowed to sleep, he might not have even needed forty minutes to recover.

Now that Enlai was at full strength, Cheng Yang prayed that they would run into a powerful Standard-Grade Mature monster guarding some priceless treasures. With his team’s current strength, a monster with that level of strength could only obediently get beaten up.

Unfortunately, the gods ignored his prayers. Let alone a Standard-Grade Mature monster, they didn’t even encounter a Pinnacle-Grade Immature monster.

Once they were around a kilometer away, Cheng Yang stopped the group. He didn’t want to go directly to Yicheng since, even if he saved people, they would have nowhere to go. He wanted to claim a Territory Altar first.

“Hold on, everyone.” Liu Wei said from her position atop Enlai. She could see a massive multi-species crowd of monsters in the distance. It was the biggest horde she’d ever seen at over ten thousand individuals. Although she’d hunted some big ones with Cheng Yang, this was on a different level.

“What did you see?” Lau Hui asked as he dropped to the ground.

“A horde of monsters, and it looks like there might be several since there’s a ton of different species.” Liu Wei reported. “There’s too many of them to fight, what should we do, Cheng Yang? Attack them or try to go around?”

“Attack them, of course.” Cheng Yang laughed joyfully. “The only reason several monsters species would intermingle is if they’re guarding a Territory Altar.”

The face of Liu Wei and Lau Hui lit up. They knew what it meant to become the Governor and how that would affect their standing.

“Yoko, you can give this opportunity to Liu Wei.” Lau Hui said magnanimously. “My training speed is quite fast, so I don’t need it. I’ll level up soon even without the Governor position. Besides, how could I leave Pang Sun all alone?”

“That’s okay.” Liu Wei retorted, unwilling to get exiled into the wilderness. “My training speed is several times faster than yours, so you don’t need to be courteous. I’ll level up even faster than you.”

Cheng Yang sighed. “Where am I going to find someone to become the Governor now? You two should have mentioned this earlier.”

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3 replies on “Doomsday Lord Ch. 138 | Arrival in Yicheng”

He says multi times he isnt looking for a relationship [and reason i started this series is that it supposedly has little to no romance] but spoils her to a degree that even he has to find a reasonable “justification” all the time. Either hook up or move on.

Let the girl stand on her own like she wants, then she will be a true strong female unlike the weaker one that rides on your coat tail.


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