Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 139 | Crane Summit

“All right, I’m just messing with you.” Cheng Yang said with a laugh, “But seriously, one of you needs to be the Governor. Even if you’re going to level up soon, you need to use it now since Divine Blessing doesn’t work if you’re a High-Grade Apprentice.”

“Couldn’t you just give the position to someone from Yicheng?” Lau Hui asked.

“Nope, as the core soldiers of Phoenix Village, it’s more important for me to strengthen my pillars. The territory here can’t contribute anything else to us.” Cheng Yang explained. “Moreover, you won’t waste the Divine Blessing since it gives you the exact number of Experience Points needed to level up as if you’d never trained. So anything else contributes to the next level.”

Although both Lau Hui and Liu Wei understood Cheng Yang’s intentions, neither of them stepped up.

“All right, we’ll make a decision later. Let’s conquer the Territory Altar now.” Cheng Yang said. “Ox, wait here. There are too many monsters. You’d just be a burden.”

“That’s a little harsh, but I understand.” Lau Hui said. “I never expected to be more than a mascot today.”

Cheng Yang would clear out large numbers with Petal Blizzard while Enlai rampaged, tearing monsters apart with his powerful swipes. In the meantime, Liu Wei cleared up the leftovers.

Although the horde was vast, the strongest were only Pinnacle-Grade Immature monsters. As such, the slaughter only lasted ten minutes before Cheng Yang, Liu Wei, and Enlai to finish.

Once the battle ended, Liu Wei agreed to become the Governor of Crane Summit and, since there wasn’t anyone else around, Lau Hui became the Vice-Governor automatically. She had reached the Standard-Grade the night before, so when she used her Divine Blessing, she leveled up to become a High-Grade Apprentice.

This level up made Liu Wei the strongest person on the planet. Even Cheng Yang would be killed in an instant if Liu Wei wanted him to die. Unless the opponent was at the second stage of evolution, their power was useless in front of her.

As for the new village, Cheng Yang was facing a dilemma. He didn’t have the materials to build a wall, and without one, he couldn’t defend people living in the village.

One option was to leave since monsters wouldn’t destroy the Territory Altar. However, Cheng Yang did want to help anyone that was still alive in Yicheng.

Although a group of them could perform a class change ceremony, the village would become a meat grinder if even a single High-Grade monster showed up.

Cheng Yang deliberated for several minutes but ultimately decided to find a way to defend the village. He reasoned that if he waited until he could bring a force to occupy the village, the golden window of growth could be missed. The tutorial was almost over, and it would be much harder to develop a village at that point.

Defending the village and developing it would also allow the people in Phoenix Village somewhere to flee to if Yuan Jianzhe somehow managed to capture all of the villages near Cloud City.

For now, Cheng Yang would leave Liu Wei and Lau Hui to defend the village. With them around, there wouldn’t be any problems before the wall was built.

When Cheng Yang explained his plan, both of the others were disappointed. However, they didn’t object and agreed to stay.

“Don’t worry. I’ll come back tomorrow.” Cheng Yang promised. “When I do, we’ll find enough wood to build a wall, and you can both come back.”

“Well…” Liu Hau said with a guilty expression. “I wouldn’t mind staying here permanently. As long as you bring Pang Sun tomorrow, we’ll be able to set up our own place. It’ll be like a honeymoon of sorts.”

Cheng Yang almost spit blood. Why didn’t he mention that before he made Liu Wei the Governor? More importantly, he’d only been dating for a month and a half! Now wasn’t the time to be getting married!

Doing his best to suppress his anger, Cheng Yang ignored Lau Hui and left the village riding Enlai.

The group traveled East for half an hour before reaching Yicheng. Unlike Cloud City, Yicheng had neither a safe zone nor bottomless chasms. Since the gods’ rules forbid nature to reclaim cities,
Yicheng looked like any city would after a major earthquake.

“Hey, Yoko. Why aren’t there any trees here? I remember when Huimin looked like this, but now it’s so overgrown hard to find a single brick.” Lau Hui asked.

“Why would I know that? Maybe Huimin wasn’t big enough to receive protection from nature? My best guess would be that since everyone evacuated from Huimin, it no longer counted as a city.” Cheng Yang replied.

“That makes sense. The gods want us to evolve, not die, so they wouldn’t want to destroy the small amounts of food and shelter left.” Lau Hui said. “Since there aren’t any trees, that means there are still people, right? How many do you think there are?”

“Yicheng had a population of three hundred thousand before the earthquake, so maybe a third are still alive? That’s an optimistic guess, though, considering most of the survivors will probably die without medical aid within the next day or so. Liu Wei is going to be busy once we start resuing people.”

“That few? Nearly half of the people in Cloud City survived.” Lau Hui was shocked. “Although, without a safe zone, I can understand why the death toll would be so high.”

Cheng Yang shook his head. “It’s not the safe zone that matters. It’s not very hard to survive the first month or so of the apocalypse in a city. There will be a lot of casualties, and you’ll dance on the edge of a knife every day, but it would take a month or two before the last quarter of a city dies.”

“Wouldn’t food be a problem after a few weeks?” Liu Wei asked.

“Not really, once the population is that low, you can scavenge enough to last for two months or so. You can extend that by another few months by hunting monsters for food.” Cheng Yang said. “The real problem will be that no one cleared out the monster hordes. Since Cloud City had the military nearby, there were only small groups of monsters left after the first week.”

“Even if they could last a month or even three months, I don’t think Yuna Jianzhe would have the strength to reach Yicheng in time.” Liu Wei said. “Since he can’t, most safe zones are probably in a similar situation. In that case, what are people in cities like Yicheng supposed to do?”

Cheng Yang sighed. “There isn’t anything they can do. Most will starve to death once the easy food runs out. The rest will get eaten by monsters. There might be a few hundred die-hard survivors in each city, but that would be it.”

Liu Wei and Lau Hui were silent after that. Although they were worried, what could they do? Now that the gods controlled the world, there was no use worrying. They were truly the luckiest among lucky people to be able to live in Phoenix Village.

As they walked through the ruins, the group was able to spot signs of survivors. There weren’t very many monsters here, but there were still hordes of up to a hundred that roamed the ruins. As such, they didn’t see anyone in the open.

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