Doomsday Lord

Doomsday Lord Ch. 141 | Taking Root

Only after the group was over a hundred meters away did any of the survivors voice a complaint.

“Captain Hu Zhuang, are you really going to bring everyone over to that guy?”

“Of course, there’s nowhere left for us in Yicheng, and life is only going to get harder. The last scraps of food are disappearing, and too many people died the last time we hunted a monster to eat. With what we have now, everyone will be dead in less than a month.” Hu Zhuang, the burly man, said.

“I know, but…” The man couldn’t find any words to refute Hu Zhuang.

“Circumstantial evidence proves most of what he said is true. We heard that voice, and when we killed monsters, we got Experience Fragments. Moreover, no sane person would dress like that guy unless there was a benefit. Our only hope for survival is to become a Professional like him.”

“But if he’s lying to us or has evil plans for us, what’s to stop that tiger from eating us?” A man in a red shirt said.

“Nothing. That’s why if that man wanted to force us to do something, he could have. At the very least, I believe he wasn’t lying when he said he would find someone else if we didn’t agree.”

The rest of their group was hidden around three hundred meters, so it didn’t take long for the group to return to Cheng Yang. Once they did, Cheng Yang smiled warmly.

“Now that you’re all here let set off.” Cheng Yang took the initiative.

Although several people wanted to say something, Cheng Yang didn’t give them a chance.

Cheng Yang led the way while his companions, Liu Wei and Lau Hui, covered the rear. Since they had to defend over a hundred people, a loose ring was formed around the densely packed survivors. Enlai and Lau Hui’s wolf prowled the surrounding area while the humans finished off any monsters that got close.

After traveling for a few minutes, Hu Zhuang decided to get some answers from Cheng Yang, no matter the cost.

Cheng Yang was rather indifferent, but since he knew Hu Zhuang would have a useful Innate Ability, he humored the man. If he had an answer, he would provide it. The only things he hid were details regarding the state of Cloud City.

After a half-hour of conversation, Cheng Yang learned quite a bit about Hu Zhuang. He was an ex-soldier, and after being discharged, he started a security company with his former squadmates. He continued to hire ex-soldiers until the company had nearly two hundred employees.

With their prowess, they fared much better than ordinary people during the apocalypse. Even so, of the original group, only half of them were left.

Cheng Yang’s group had cleared all the hordes earlier that day, so there wasn’t any danger. However, Hu Zhuang and the other survivors were able to see the power of Cheng Yang’s group clearly. They already knew they were strong from watching them earlier, but it was different seeing it up close.

After arriving at Crane Summit, Hu Zhuang and the others were deeply shocked by the class change statues. They were incredibly life-like and didn’t have any signs of being worked on.

“This is the village, and those are the class change statues. In the future, there will be a wall and wooden buildings. However, those buildings need resources. So, for the next few days, it will be your job to collect the necessary wood. Do any of you know of any places with a stockpile of lumber nearby?”

“I know the location of a few lumber mills nearby.” Hu Zhuang said.

“In that case, hurry up and perform your class change ceremonies. Afterward, get to work.”

Although they didn’t have many Experience Fragments, everyone had a few. With some teamwork and wits, a large group could kill a monster without casualties.

For those with less than ten, they borrowed some Experience Fragments from Cheng Yang.

Hu Zhuang was the first to perform a class change ceremony. After this, Cheng Yang eagerly checked his system pane.

Hu Zhuang
Crane Summit Soldier
Class: Warrior
Level: Low-Grade Apprentice (0%)

Age41Life Span110
Physical Attack5Magic Attack1
Physical Defense3Magic Defense1
Attack Speed1Movement Speed1

Innate Abilities

  • Receive 20% more stats in the Physical Defense attribute when you level up
  • Iron Wall (Special Ability): Increase the Physical Defense of you and your allies by 30%


  • Meditation (Standard Grade): Meditate to absorb experience fragments and level up
  • Lacerate (Low Grade): Add magic to your blade making it easier to cut through enemies | Damage: 5 | Cost: 2 MP | Cast Time: 3 sec | Proficiency: 0%


  • Iron Sword: Status symbol of the warrior | Damage: 4
  • Wooden Shield: A wooden shield | Can block physical attacks

Hu Zhuang was the perfect meat shield. His Physical Defense was fifty percent higher than usual, which was ideal for a frontline tank.

In Cheng Yang’s previous life, Hu Zhuang had twenty-four points of Physical Defense, enough to make most of his enemies despair. As a result, he became one of Yuan Jianzhe’s generals.

At present, only Hu Zhuang and Zhou Jie had general-level Special Abilities. At least with regards to Cheng Yang’s forces.

Those two needed to work hard inside an official army position before their Innate Abilities were useful to anyone else. That’s because the gods’ rules only recognized someone as an ally if they were in the same military unit or adventuring party.

Once everyone finished performing their class change ceremonies, Cheng Yang had Liu Wei relieve Lau Hui of his Vice-Governor position. In his place, Liu Wei assigned the job to Hu Zhuang.

“Mr. Cheng, why did you make me the village’s Vice-Governor?” Hu Zhuang was notified when the position was passed to him.

“Because you already have the trust of the citizens that will be living here. Since my companions and I will be leaving soon, I need someone who can run the village more than someone who has absolute loyalty to me.” Cheng Yang explained. “It’s also impossible for you to directly rebel since you have this position, so loyalty isn’t a big deal at the moment.”

As Hu Zhuang prepared to protest, Cheng Yang checked his watch. It was around three in the afternoon. He needed to hurry.

“Instead of complaining, put your energy into gathering wood. For now, I’ll guide you back to Yicheng, so we can gather enough wood to build two Meditation Halls. They won’t be as good as a Wall, but they’ll keep the civilians safe for now.” Cheng Yang said.

The group once again prepared for a long trip, but this time, the survivors were in high spirits. They had obtained the key to unlocking their own destiny. There was no longer a feeling of despair weighing down on them, and a sense of freedom had bloomed in their hearts.

Any monsters they encountered during the journey were dealt with by Hu Zhuang and his companions. Although they were worried at first about fighting monsters without using traps, it didn’t take long for them to adapt to their new abilities.

Hu Zhuang led the way to a lumber mill, and when they arrived, they pulled massive logs from the rubble and carried it back.

On the way back, there was almost a disaster. They ran into a horde with a Pinnacle-Grade leader. Fortunately, Cheng Yang was able to detect the monsters before the two groups collided. As such, he was able to rush forwards and ensure there weren’t any casualties.

When the survivors caught up to Cheng Yang, all that was left of the horde was a few scattered monsters and blood-soaked corpses. In their eyes, he seemed invincible.

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